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A.R. Building Company

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unfair treatment
I moved to Estates at Seven Fields after the loss of my wife in 2011 to breast and spine cancer. I was 71 at the time. I found the complex to be safe,quiet,nice neighbors, and friendly office staff. It felt good being there. A little pricey but to supplement my SS I drove a school van to pay the rent and was always early doing so. Everything was going great until March of 2018 when I was diagnosed as having Stage 4 aggressive bone cancer. I was also a diabetic. I continued driving throughout the year but in time but began experiencing difficulty in walking and body balance. In the spring of 2019 the problem intensified to the point that I did the responsible thing and no longer drove the van. I began paying the rent from my savings In September of 2019 I requested a handicap parking sign as walking and mobility worsened. The leasing office (great people) readily complied. They were becoming aware of my condition In December of 2019 I spoke with them to explain that my savings were dwindling and with the increasing medical expenses, paying the rent would become increasingly difficult. Rather than face inevitible eviction I would have to (not my choice) move in with family. I was advised to have my doctor to send a letter referencing my condition and ability to continue living here which I did. With that I was advised I would not be bound to the remainder of the lease. In mid February 2020 I advised leasing office that I would have to leave in March. I was told to add $175.00 to my rent payment. On Feb. 25 I wrote a check for March rent for $1450.83 including carpet cleaning. My apartment was always maintained in move in condition. I vacated on March 6. I was also told at the time that I was a good tenant and would be missed and good luck. After living with family for a year and gaining some mobility through therapy I had the opportunity to a senior low income housing unit to gain some independence again, After completing the paperwork I found I was denied due to actions taken by AR BUILDING COMPANY IN MARS PA. That was the first time in my 81 years to experience something like that. I had always met my obligations. That was very unfair, cruel and lousy thing for them to do as I was a good tenant for years. I am not even sure of the legality of that action. I did not choose to be diabetic or have Stage 4 Cancer. A CLASS ACT BY AR BUILDING IN MARS PA. cc..Lazaroff [email protected]


Poorly ran company and apartment owners
I lived at a community of AR in Indianapolis for a few years. If I could have given 0 stars that would be more appropriate! The apartment I was shown to get was not the apartment I got. The floor plan for the apartment I had was not on the website. If I had been quicker to the punch I'd gotten them for false advertising. The floor plan I had is on there now, but I was immediately dismayed with the apartment I had. They acted like they didn't want me to see the place until after move in. The apartment I lived in was literally the size of a shoe box and paying way too much for it. And their lease saying that they can raise rent 4% every lease term is ridiculous. If I had lived there for 10 years or longer, I'd be paying almost or over a grand for a shoe box apartment and that's ridiculous! Their current property manager is incompetent, rude, condescending and doesn't like to work with tenants. She's not a people person and doesn't know how to talk to her tenants! They had 1 good maintenance man in the time living there and the current property manager ran him off by treating him horribly. Parking was horrible there. Only tenants were allowed to park in front of the buildings, but other tenants allowed visitors to park where they shouldn't be. The property manager did nothing about it, even going as far to tell tenants to call the tow company for cars to be towed and they never came out when called. Many times I had to park in visitor parking due to visitors parking in resident parking. They had 2 different tow companies in the time I lived there. Neither made but less than a handful of random checks for cars parked where they shouldn't be parked. The property manager told them to not tow between the hours of midnight and 8am, though it was supposed to be 24/7 towing coverage. This place was a nightmare! Cars broken into, no security, no care from the office. AR owns tons of properties across the country, and residents have no way of contacting AR directly to report issues. We were expected to report them to the property managers, but they did nothing about anything! I Googled and scoured the internet for a way to connect AR, they seem to have had a contact page on their website at one time but it was removed. No phone number found or ways to contact anyone with AR. Very poor way to run a business if consumers can't report issues directly to the owners of properties in my opinion! Worst decision made moving into that community! The apartments are very basic, not well kept as they hate to have outside contractors come in to fix stuff their maintenance can't fix right. None of the apartments are worth what we pay for. Heard from several tenants issues they experienced and I was disgusted by what the property manager was trying to do to other tenants. Between one tenant being told that he was going to have to pay an extra 25$ a month for new carpet to another not being told their apartment had flooded several times and etc, communication is very lacking! I feel sorry for the next tenant to get my old apartment! They're also forcing tenants to have a specific TV and internet provider that is added to their lease payment. No option to opt out, they charge you for it regardless if you use it or not. Definitely glad I no longer live there! I've lived in some crappy apartments before and they were ran so much better and better taken care of than this place was. Don't waste your time and money, avoid AR owned properties at all costs! Also the phone number listed for them on this site is not their corporate number, it's one of their properties in PA and they won't give you the actual corporate number to call them.


AR buildings are a ripoff they charge extreme late fees and charges this company are like sharks. This pracademic has put everyone out of work and having to depend upon unemployment and the government. You would have thought that they would have been understanding to there tenants. But no they have become just as inhuman as they always have been. There needs to be some changes made with this company. I hope that this company never goes through anything. But you will loose good tenants that I can tell you there are so many that are not renewing there leases and I am one of them. If I had to give a rating it would be a zero and no stars


Please, please save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with such a manipulative company. I was warned by a few of my friends before moving here (they experienced similar instances as I did) but unfortunately I decided to give them a chance. I truly can only hope I can reach out to some of you to save you from making my same mistake.
While a number of things happened WHILE we lived there (for example, maintenance coming into our unit without notice, then proceeding to break our sink, wreck our bathroom, and attempt to "clean" it up using my towels), I am going to focus on the scam we had to deal with when we moved out, and are unfortunately still dealing with today.
I'll keep it short, as this situation was insanely messed up and wrong and I'll end up going out of character limit writing a novel about it. I am furious and disappointed, to say the least. Management and corporate know what happened - I don't have to go into detail about that. They have my countless emails and voicemails. They know how many times we went into the rental office wanting answers. They have my letters and after a certain point, my legal action threatening letter from my lawyer. BUT, sadly, they still do not care.
Basically, we were scammed out of $1200 upon move out. Deposits and itemized lists of damages already in the unit at move in will do you NO good living here, I promise. They will lie, cheat, and ignore you to no end to pocket your money, that is exactly what they did to me and several of my friends that have lived here previously.
I am still working with my lawyer on this as they've now sent the bill to collections, but I will get justice. This is wrong and manipulative and I can't believe it.
I just wanted to make sure I can reach out to as many people as possible regarding my horrific experiences, to save you from making the same huge mistake I did. DO. NOT. MOVE. HERE.


Dear,On January 18, 2016 this consumers check for $4,445.75 was posted on theiraccount to pay this account in full. This consumer has not been reported to theCredit Bureau for this debt as it is paid in full.At no time had this company been contacted about any misunderstanding...

Iconfusion concerning the letter they had received or the check that they had mailedto pay this account in full.We do consider this consumers debt and this matter resolved.Thank you,AR BUILDNG COMPANYLEGAL ACTION DEPARTMENT

Mr. [redacted], For your records, I have attached a copy of your Final Account Statement (FAS) and a copy of your main lease contract. As you can see in you lease on page 3, Paragraph 22. Military Personnel Clause, it states “After you deliver to us your written termination notice, the Lease...

Contract will be terminated under this military clause 30 days after the date on which your next rental payment is due.” You provided the property a copy of your orders and your notice on December 1, 2017. With that being said your lease would terminate 30 days after you next rental payment, which was due January 1, 2018. Please know that A.R. Building Company does honor the military clause as we have demonstrated with your move out. The cancellation fee on your FAS is equal to the dollar amount of January rent, because you moved out and turned your keys in on December 29, 2017. We do appreciate your service and your residency with us. Kindly, Jes C[redacted]Property ManagerVineland Carriage Homes[redacted]

Review: I rented a town home for 6 1/2 years with this company.I moved to Texas due to job relocation, During the move out I was asked to pay $ 4,445.75 for damages in spite of our request to consider wear and tear charges. We promptly sent a check from Chase bank for the amount of $4,445.75 and the AR building company also deposited the check on 1/7/16 in their account. On 1/12/16, AR Building company legal department is threatening me with a letter that if I am not paying the $4,445.75 by January 28, they will report my SSN to the credit bureau and also threatening that I will not be able to rent/own/lease any other property in the future. This is clearly a rip off and unethical business practice from AR building company and trying to intimidate their innocent renters.Desired Settlement: A letter from AR building company stating that they have received the amount into their account and there is no more pending charges from me. Also, not to send anymore threatening letters from their legal department



Dear,On January 18, 2016 this consumers check for $4,445.75 was posted on theiraccount to pay this account in full. This consumer has not been reported to theCredit Bureau for this debt as it is paid in full.At no time had this company been contacted about any misunderstanding Iconfusion concerning the letter they had received or the check that they had mailedto pay this account in full.We do consider this consumers debt and this matter resolved.Thank you,AR BUILDNG COMPANYLEGAL ACTION DEPARTMENT

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