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Per Ms [redacted]s request, we put our response back to her in writing;  an offer to settle with her agreed price was sent to her on 1/26/16. We are waiting to hear her response. If you need copies of the documents mailed I can easily send them to you, please let me know if that is desired.Thank you for your assistance with this matter

We hired Archer Restoration after a small chimney fire left smoke damage throughout the main level of our home. The owner came out the day I called him and assured us that although it was a weekend, they would be out the next day, a Sunday, to begin cleaning. We thought this was really wonderful and hired them over another company. They did show up the next day, about four hours late and the cleaning crew was the owner, his wife and his two very disgruntled sons. They cleaned for about five hours and left three huge air scrubbers in our living room. Then they disappeared. Three weeks later, after multiple calls, I finally got a hold of them. The rest of the project needed to be completed and we were living in a chaotic mess. Where were they?!? After numerous other problems that were never resolved, our insurance agency finally refused to work with them any longer. We had to fire the company mid project and have the rest completed on our own. They billed us a huge amount for the services we received and we paid them, by check immediately. Then, the owner lost our check. After multiple phone calls and some "past due" letters, they finally found the check. We are still waiting for a receipt. Not only was this a terrible experience from the restoration stand point, we spent countless hours trying to straighten out the messes this company made. It has been a very frustrating experience. Our insurance agency has stated that they will discourage others from using this service as well.

Review: Archer came in to texture our ceilings, we have a very small open house with now very different textures from one section of or ceiling to the next. The ceiling has beams on it so there are 8 sections with at least three very different ceiling textures going on. It looks like a handy man with no experience did it, archer came out and said it is within the scope and realm of what he expected. I have had our insurance come out as well as another inspector look at it, neither party thought it was within any professional scope or realm. Archer is unwilling to accept our complaint, while we will pay for their office work, it is unreasonable to charge for a service that we need to have redone. Also, they left our home in complete disarray over a long holiday weekend... They completed the wok in July and just now sent us their bill dated September 29th, which we got in the mail today. We have called archer and left messages with no luck hearing back.Desired Settlement: Archer should charge at minimum half of their current bill, as we stated all services they supplied need to be redone and all clean up was done by us, the home owners as it was an unsafe environment for our young sons to be in.



Response to complaint

This is a very unfortunate complaint that [redacted] and [redacted] are making.

This home is [redacted]. It is a [redacted], the garage is connected to the home with a breeze way, the garage and breezeway has been converted into living space. The kitchen and living room are open with a vaulted ceiling. The homeowners state that they had to remodel/repair much of the home, that they had bee’s living in the walls when they bought the home. The homeowners have customized the home to suit their taste. The yard has several sculptures and the inside of the home is colorful and uniquely laid out and designed. The homeowner is very artistic. The home was clean on organized.

April 25, 2013 Archer received a call from [redacted] to look at what it would take to clean up and repair damage from a 4 foot lava lamp explosion. The site was inspected April 29, 2013 by [redacted]. Areas affected were a living room where the lamp was located, floor, walls and ceiling, lower level basement ceiling and wall. A repair estimate was completed and sent to the insurance adjuster for approval.

May 10, 2013 the customer called with concerns about sub floor and tile adhesive, and wanted this inspected for damage. May 22, 2013 the subfloor and tile were inspected; the sub floor had signs of delamination. The customer wanted to know if they could go from tile to a wood floor, they were advised to contact the insurance company. May 30, 2013 the insurance company had me ([redacted]) revise my estimate to include a wood floor. June 5, 2013 Archer sent a revised estimate to the insurance company. June 10, 2013 the insurance company and Archer came to an agreed price of $21,400.84 to repair the home.

Monday, June 10, 2013 [redacted] called to find out when we could start the ceiling; she also wanted to know how it would work if they did some of the work and informed me that they were thinking of doing the hard wood floor themselves. I told her that we would issue a credit to the insurance approved estimate for work not done, and suggested that we meet to go over the scope of work and cost. At that time she was told we could start the following week.

Thursday, June 13, 2013 [redacted] and [redacted] met [redacted] on site to go over the scope of work. [redacted] inquired about changing from a popcorn texture to a knock down; she was told there would be a cost increase to go from popcorn to knock down. It was explained in detail that there were going to be variations in the texture between the different sections of ceiling. The ceiling is vaulted and the drywall was possibly uneven (she had told me that when they bought the home they had bee’s living in the walls) – I was very specific about this and [redacted] was there with me and can attest that she was told the finished product would have variations. Because [redacted] is an artist I was extra specific about the variations and what she should expect with texture. Drywall texture is an art form, they are never alike. I sent an email to [redacted] verifying the approved dollar amount of $21,400.84, the credits for the wood floor of $10,828.86, and the addition amount to go from popcorn to knock down $588.67, and sent a work authorization.

Friday, June 14, 2013 [redacted] called and negotiated a lower price for the upgrade to a knock down to $266.20.

Saturday, June 15, 2013 [redacted] signed and sent back our work authorization.

Monday, June 17, 2013 we started the project in the afternoon – work was started in the lower level – drywall replacement, lava goo removal, texturing, painting, cleaning – our project lead was [redacted] (he has been painting and texturing since [redacted]), he has been with Archer for several years.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 [redacted] and a helper were on site to mask, scrape, and prep the lower level, they started to mask off the upper level.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 [redacted] and a helper were on site to texture the lower level ceiling. [redacted] applied a light texture and showed [redacted] ; according to [redacted] she was satisfied with the texture on the ceiling (later [redacted] and [redacted] state the texture is too light - at the time if she was not satisfied we could have easily added more texture, [redacted] is trained to do this – [redacted] is an artist and we wanted her approval on work before we moved forward). After the lower level was textured [redacted] moved upstairs and was going to start texturing the upper level vaulted ceiling, and the hopper malfunctioned. He purchased a new hopper, this also malfunctioned. [redacted] sent an email stating that her table was moved - the e-mail said, “Hello, just to let you know, my kitchen table got moved – I didn’t think to tell them it couldn’t be moved. I will look it over to make sure it didn’t crack. I thought I’d give you a heads up just in case it did.” [redacted] spoke to [redacted] and he said that [redacted] was there when they moved the table to cover the floor and they only moved it as much as they had to. [redacted] claims we damaged the table but cannot show any damage. [redacted] and [redacted] also had to move the table when they put in the wood floor.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 [redacted] called and was not happy with the knock down that was started on the vaulted ceiling, stating that it looked like a handyman did the work and not a professional. [redacted] told [redacted] that he would be out in the morning to inspect the work and he will go through the process with [redacted] to see what can be done to resolve her concern. [redacted] had an equipment malfunction – the knock down was not completed.

Friday, June 21, 2013 [redacted] could not make it to the site in the morning, so he called [redacted] and explained that we had an equipment failure and that the texture was not a finished product. [redacted] called with a family emergency. [redacted] called at 11:30am wondering where we were ([redacted] had a family emergency and [redacted] was told this). It was explained that due to the family emergency we had to move people around and [redacted] would be on site within the hour; and so we changed the project lead to [redacted] (who has over 15 years experience in texture work). [redacted] skim coated the ceiling with plans to texture on Monday. [redacted] made it on site and went through the job with the homeowner. [redacted] was not happy with the removal of the lava lamp debris on the wall in the basement. At that point, we had not finished the basement, we had only completed a drywall repair on the ceiling, textured the ceiling, and attempted to clean off the lava lamp goo and some painting ; there was more work to do – more goo was scraped off and another coat of paint was needed. By the end of day Friday [redacted] was thought to be feeling good about the progress. [redacted] inspected the table and could not find any damage.

Saturday & Sunday, June 22-23 No work (weekend).

Monday, June 24, 2013 [redacted] was not on site due to a doctor appointment. [redacted] called [redacted] to inform her that no one would be on site and we would continue on Tuesday. We receive a call from the adjuster who got a call from [redacted]’s father or father in law stating that everything is polyed off and nobody is working. [redacted] had a doctor appointment [redacted] was made aware of this. [redacted] got a voice mail from [redacted] that she will be finishing the basement by herself today because she wants someplace for the kids to hang out.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 [redacted] called in the morning and said no one is on site; we let him know that [redacted] is approximately 15 minutes away – [redacted] told [redacted] that she finished the basement. [redacted] and a helper continue scraping, skim coating and sanding the upper level ceiling. [redacted] states that she was very happy with the work that was being done, [redacted] left a message that she had received our invoice and we had electrical charged on it, and she was going to have a friend do the electrical. [redacted] sent [redacted] an email stating that she had to clean and paint in the lower level and would like to go over charges that she completed. She stated that the guys on site are great and do nice work.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 [redacted] with Archer called [redacted] and apologized for sending out the invoice, it was sent before work was completed she did not know about the credits for additional work done by them. [redacted] went over the work she did in the lower level over the weekend she was very concerned that she was going to have to pay us for work she did. She was told that she would not have to pay us for work that she did. [redacted] continued to work on the texture, applied knockdown on ½ the main level, and repaired damaged drywall on the other half. Due to high humidity outside [redacted] was having complications with the mud and texture drying – will have to continue work tomorrow, they did as much as they could until the mud dries. [redacted] was happy with the day’s work.

Thursday, June 27, 2013 [redacted] called at 12 pm and said he is not happy with the texture. He stated that the first time he looked at the ceiling was in the morning. On Wednesday, [redacted] was only able to do ½ the ceiling texture and some drywall repair; he was limited with what he could do because the texture and mud were not drying. What [redacted] saw in the morning was only ½ finished from the day before. [redacted] was not on the job site when he called, and [redacted] was happy on Wednesday? [redacted] continued with texture. [redacted] was on site giving directions to [redacted] with her father-in-law and mother-in-law; she was telling him how much texture to place on the ceiling and when it looked good, they dictated the look of the texture. [redacted] was not allowed to stop until they were all happy with the texture. [redacted] from our office called [redacted] to make sure [redacted] was in communication with him, [redacted] said yes, he also said that [redacted] had sent him a text stating that things are looking better after the work that was done today. [redacted] brought up that [redacted] had to do work downstairs and that he should not have to pay for work that [redacted] did. [redacted] called [redacted] at 1:30pm and left a voice mail asking about the ceiling, [redacted] called back and said the ceiling looks much better – [redacted] said the father-in-law was inspecting all of his work, he made sure everything was done perfect and the father-in-law is happy. [redacted] said [redacted] was very happy with our flexibility and quality of work and agreed that the ceiling was ready for paint the next day. A dehumidifier was used (as a courtesy) and an air scrubber were brought back to shop (we did not charge for the dehumidifier – the dehumidifier use was to help speed the drying process).

Friday, June 28, 2013 [redacted] was on site to paint the ceiling and unmask the walls. The cleaning was limited because [redacted] wanted the paint to dry before final cleaning and touch ups. Final cleaning and touchups were scheduled for Tuesday, no work Monday. [redacted] stated that everyone was happy. Dawn form Archer called at 12:45pm, the phone rang, no one answered and there was no voice mail. [redacted] called at 3:58pm and said that the floors were left dirty. She said she knows the work is not done but she had to clean the floor because she has a little child running around. She wanted to make sure that we clean the walls on Tuesday.

Saturday & Sunday & Monday, June 29-July 1, no work scheduled.

Monday, July 1, 2013 Dawn from Archer called and left a voice mail at 1:16pm asking if [redacted] had any questions. [redacted] called back at 3pm asking if we can be done, she would rather do the cleaning herself. [redacted] said that her curtains had some over spray and she was told that Archer would take care of the over spray, she said she now has to patch walls due to tape on walls. [redacted] called her and asked if he could come out and inspect – [redacted] said yes.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 [redacted] went on site, [redacted] wanted to finish the final punch list items. She said that we were dirty and that we would not do the final cleaning work as good as her.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 [redacted] stopped at Archer shop with paper work for the mortgage company. She needed us to sign forms so she could declare Archer as her contractor in order for them to release the funds, which included the contractor overhead and profit. [redacted] said she wanted [redacted] to stop by and inspect the ceiling. [redacted] was not able to schedule inspection of the ceiling prior to going out of town until July 30, 2013. Since July 9, 2013 several attempts have been made to resolve this dispute to include several emails and two site visits by [redacted].

September 27, 2013 we received a note from [redacted] along with $9,376.74 joint payable insurance check to [redacted] & Archer Cleaning & Restoration: “Happy New School Year! Please sign and send back along with your bill. I didn’t know if you’ve sent one and our neighbors are holding out J Just kidding, they don’t hold out, but our mail does tend to get del all over [redacted]…I know life is crazy with kids, school, etc., if you have q’s or comments don’t hesitate to call. Thanks [redacted] & [redacted].”

October 1, 2013 we prepared final invoice for work completed and issued final customer credits, the paperwork was mailed with a cover letter and the joint payable check (which we did not sign). A copy of the letter is referenced at the end of this response.

October 2, 2013 [redacted] leaves a vm after hours with the answering service that she is calling about a bill that we sent her, she has questions. Please call in the evenings.

October 3, 2013 [redacted] with Archer leaves [redacted] a vm 7pm inquiring about the questions she has about her invoice, asking her to call back office number, cell number, or to email back. She has not responded. This was the same day that we received notification of [redacted]’s complaint with the

To summarize our position…work started June 17, 2013 and completed June 28, 2013. Final cleaning and touchups were scheduled July 2, 2013 and the customer chose to complete final cleaning themselves. Please note that no holiday weekends fell within this timeframe. The delay with receiving their final bill is due to their claimed dissatisfaction and changing scope of work, they wanted to do more work as the project progressed. The purchase price started at $21,400.84 (insurance approved dollars), plus upgrade from popcorn to knock down. We credited back the basement work because the customer wasn’t happy. The charge for the upgrade from a popcorn texture to a knock down on the main level has been removed. Construction cleanup charges were not applied, per [redacted]’s request we did not do any final cleaning of construction debris. After multiple site visits and attempt to amicably resolve things, we finally invoiced for work that we felt was justified and sent this paperwork to [redacted] along with the cover letter at the end of this response. The total of insurance approved estimate less customer credits for work that we either did not do or conceded and removed is $5,116.35. Our original agreed amount has been reduced by $16,550.69. If the customer feels the work needs to be redone it is on them. The original work was dictated by them if they want to have the work redone they have $16,550.69 to do it. I am charging for work that was performed and done well-within acceptable construction industry quality standards. The customers’ satisfaction was a moving target and changed continuously.

In viewing the upper level ceiling I do see variations in texture between the individual sections. When we met on June 13, 2013, prior to starting the project, both [redacted] and I explained that there would be variations in the texture. What I saw as a finished product is what I expected to see. There is no perfect texture; by its very nature it is imperfect. Anyone who does a texture on the ceiling will have variations in the texture. The home owner’s complaint on the ceiling texture is subjective at best.

The purchase price was not $5,116.35 it was $21,400.84 plus $266.20 for the conversion from popcorn to knockdown. This was agreed on June 13th it was also agreed that the customer would do the wood floor and we would give credit of $10,828.86 off of the original agreement/estimate for work not done by Archer. Archer would keep the profit and over head charges from the line items to cover company administrative cost.

We have removed a majority of our profit and overhead charges on our final invoice.

We are not charging for clean up – if the home owner thought it was an unsafe environment they should have gotten a hotel – the insurance company may have paid that cost. This was a construction project, dust is expected. Archer did more than most to protect the property.

This is very unfortunate, we feel we are being taken advantage of and we will pursue collection to the fullest. Archer did the work in good faith and under the direction of the homeowner. We did not ask for money down, we financed the project and addressed all reasonable concerns. This customer is enriching themselves with the insurance proceeds. What the customer is doing is unethical and may be viewed as insurance fraud.

Below is the letter sent to the customer with our final invoice. We are going to pursue a lien on the property and a personal judgment if needed; per our agreement we will also pursue any incurred collection costs.

Respectfully submitted,


Thank you for meeting with me and [redacted]. I have adjusted the invoice paperwork, which is enclosed.

All charges for work performed in the lower level have been removed. Our staff did perform services in the lower level. The services were not finished by our staff, however we did supply materials and we are not charging for them. The technician that applied the texture stated that at the time of the texture application the texture was acceptable; had he known that it was not acceptable he could have easily added more. What I saw was a very light texture that did not match the adjacent room.

An Archer service technician moved the table to cover and protect the floor; the table also had to be moved by someone other than an Archer technician to install the new wood floor. When I inspected the table I did not see damage that could be directed to Archer. I did see damage to the finish -- I saw some dull spots that are from general use, possibly something hot was placed on the table or during the initial installation.

I do not know why your computer is not working. I will not take responsibly for your computer not working.

Please pay the enclosed invoice for services performed. Keeping in line with our normal accounting procedures I am enclosing the joint payable insurance draft for you ([redacted]) to endorse and return to Archer for deposit and then we will refund the remaining monies back to you along with the paid statement.

I always strive to have happy customers; it was a pleasure meeting both of you. I hope with the concessions made we can close this file and move forward.



Response: complaint reply 2

Everyone here wanted to make this customer happy. We address any complaint as promptly as possible. It is very disheartening that we could not make this customer happy with the service. The customer does not want to pay for services provided.

The aesthetics of the home did dictate the work. Because the home is very unique and customized to the homeowners’ taste the home owner had to dictate and approve the work.

When I had our pre job meeting with our [redacted] it was made clear that the homeowner had to be part of the process. Our team was aware that the customer had the final say and would say when work was done to her satisfaction. According to our project lead on Thursday the homeowner along with two relatives were on site and approving the texture as it was applied to the upper level ceiling. The home owner and her relatives had the complete say where and how much texture was applied and how the finished product looked.

Unfortunately we did have a piece of equipment malfunction on Wednesday the 19th it took until Friday the 21st to get this resolved. No work was done over the weekend, the home owner finished the cleaning and painting in the lower level over the weekend. On Monday our service technician had a doctor appointment. Thursday and Monday we were not on site that week -- other than these two days we were on site, but we did have daily communication.

As a company we do have processes and different people control different parts of the process. When we had our site visit at the home I introduced [redacted] to [redacted] our [redacted] and let her know that [redacted] would be her main point of contact for production related work. I was not gone for the entire month of July, I was gone for two weeks. Her complaint initially was on production so she was dealing with Brain, then her complaint was with money so at that time she was dealing with me. Our records show that we were very responsive throughout the project.

[redacted] did say that she wanted the ceiling redone, I did agree to redo the ceilings, I told her that the texture would be different but the end results would be the same and to expect variations. She did not want us to redo the ceiling if the results would be the same. We do texture on a daily basis, I do not think that her ceiling looks ridiculous; It is not my ceiling, to [redacted] it looks ridiculous, to me it looks like a ceiling with a knock down texture with expected variations.

They did say on a daily basis that they were not satisfied and in good faith we addressed the items daily.

[redacted] has stated that it took two months from the last sight meeting to get her bill. I had my first site visit on August 3rd, we agreed to meet again. Because they were both back to work we worked with them and they set the date and time. The last site meeting was on August 22 at 6pm. The invoice was revised and then had to go through our review process and was sent out on October 1st. It was hard to make a decision on what to do, we did the work, we did what we said we were going to do, the results were what we expected, yet we had an unhappy customer, who dictated the work and we had ongoing approvals as it was done.

We did not charge for the upgrade to a knock down, cleaning or any work in the basement – I was hoping that would bring an end to this.

I do not recall the end of our meeting ending the same as [redacted], I do recall saying that I would revise the billing and I would not charge for any work in the lower level. I do remember saying that I need to get paid for the work that was done and if I do not get paid I will not like what I will have to do. I never want to pursue collection all it does is drive up cost. I like doing the work to make the customer happy, to get paid, and move on and hopefully get future referrals from the customer.

An unbiased person will see a knock down texture with variations on the ceiling. I am saying that Archer applied a knock down texture to the ceiling under the direction of the home owner and any variations in the texture were acceptable at the time of the application and variation was expected. Is an unbiased person going to really help or just prolong the process?



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: To whom it may concern:

I recently received an invoice for services from Archer Restoration in St Croix falls WI. Invoice # 8508. I have some concerns regarding the charges. We had water damage from a sump pump failure and archer was contacted on my behalf by the insurance company. They arrived with an adjuster to assess the damages. I had minimal expectations and a limited budget but the ultimate goal was to dry out the basement. Two archer employees arrived eager to be hired. Even with the limited expectations, I instantly felt like the sales tactics used were very dramatic. I was told that I needed to start something immediately or else “mold would explode and I would have more problems. I was told that I needed “mitigation” because that’s what we do”. Then in the same sentence they backed off and stated “ But you can do whatever you want, it’s your choice and we really don’t need any extra work. We are very busy.” Mitigation simply defined means to prevent further damage and loss. 95+ % of the mitigation was done by my husband and I before Archer’s arrival.

The estimator told me that we had a significant loss and that is would be at least $3000-6000 dollars and that I should not be too focused on the lower number. I was told that an estimate could not be complete until the dry out was complete and that the damage was assessed. I made several attempts to obtain a price from them. They were very evasive and made it a point to keep the charged confidential. By this time it was 2pm on a Friday evening and I was in a time race with mold. I reluctantly agreed to hire archer with the stipulation that it would be the bare minimum service. I was told they could be back later that evening to set up. Archer told me to return 3 industrial fans that I had already rented from the hardware store as they would be replaced with Archer’s equipment. My only regret was not investigating the company more aggressively.

Three techs returned at 1530 and began to plug in machines. I made another attempt to understand how much I would be charged but was told by the tech, “I don’t deal with the price stuff”. The lead tech then informed me that I could simply rent the machines for a few days from the company, ‘’ but it’s really expensive”. By 1700 on Friday. I had 10 fans and 3 dehumidifiers running. Later that evening still feeling very uncomfortable with the impending charges. I informed Archer via email that I only wanted to rent the equipment for 24 hours. (see email) On Saturday morning I called the technician who was planning on coming to check the “dry out” and told him that I wanted to only rent the equipment and he could cancel any service call for the day. (see phone record) He showed up at my house despite the call. I explained my concerns to him and he asked “Why are you so worried, the insurance company is paying for it? Plus it is required by them that we do this.” I was then asked to call Dawn at Archer who agreed that I could simply rent the machines. But there is a one week minimum charge. I also asked her about the rental fees at that time but she states she did not have the price sheets in front of her. I received several calls that day from the other techs. I was told that weekend rates would apply if they picked up the equipment. And that there would l be extra fees for pickup because rental options usually involve customer, drop off and pick up. I was also told that I would need to cover labor costs. It seemed that the rules kept changing every time I asked a question.

I arranged for a third party to meet archer for the pickup on Monday the 23rd from 1400-1430 as archer was unavailable to meet me prior to 5pm that day.

I received the invoice # 3508 with a lump sum amount of $2869.59. It clearly stated on the invoice that it was for rental of equipment with no monitoring and labor only. I have multiple concerns and I found multiple discrepancies. Some of which could constitute insurance fraud. I have attached the document and I will detail the concerns below.

1. The dates are incorrect, pickup was on 11/23/2015

2. I had 3 humidifiers ( unknown size) and 10 fans, I was charged for 11 fans

3. I was asked to return the rented fans I had at my home which were replaced with lower powered fans.

4. Holes were drilled in my sheetrock on an inside wall that did not need to be flood cut. The holes were made above the trim and the sheetrock needed to be repaired. No claim of responsibility was made. ( See photo)

5. The amount of the invoice was a lump sum amount and not itemized for rental costs. I made an anonymous call to archer on 12/17/15 and inquired about cost of rental for equipment. I received the follow in information from the staff.

rental cost for: FANS $52.50/week per unit

Dehumidifiers $175-280 depending on size/ week per unit

Delivery/ pickup fee within 20 miles $150

My calculations assuming I had the largest dehumidifier and that I was charged correctly make the rental costs including delivery $1665. That is a difference of $1204.59. I asked for a 24 hour rental and have that documented in writing. I was never informed of any minimum charges.

6. Labor costs

The labor calculations that were billed are equally disturbing and fraudulent



DR -4hr

AS 4.25hr

Three technicians arrived at 1530 and work was completed at 1700. = 1.5 hours.


DR 3.25 hours billed including drive time

I called and cancelled any service prior to techs arrival and have no intention of paying for drive time or labor that was cancelled. I am being charged delivery fees as well. Tech came from St Croix, WI. (15 miles) in company van.


JV - 1.5 hr

CJ- 1.5 hr

Pick up time was 30 minutes. 1400-1430. I had a third party present to open and lock doors.

As you can see there are many concerns and discrepancies that cannot be disputed. They could be considered insurance fraud. They are written in black and white. I am dissatisfied with the deceitful serviced I received and would not recommend Archers services to anyone at the present time. I will be withholding any payment until an appropriate agreement can be reached.

I specifically asked to rent the equipment for 24 hours. I am willing to pay for the time I rented the equipment.

I have forwarded a copy of this letter to my insurance company and the

Awaiting your response,Desired Settlement: I am willing to pay rental fees for 24 hrs as requested.



January 18, 2016 To Whom It May Concern: We have been made aware of the complaints filed by Ms. [redacted] with the We take customer satisfaction very seriously in our business and we have every intention of trying to settle this dispute with the customer. Members of our staff have reached out to her on January 11, 2016 and again on January 13, 2016 in order to attempt resolution with her, she has not responded to us as of today’s date. We will continue to attempt to reach out to Ms. [redacted]s and will update your records accordingly. Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention. Sincerely, [redacted] Owner/Member Goulet Companies LLC d/b/a Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services



Per Ms [redacted]s request, we put our response back to her in writing; an offer to settle with her agreed price was sent to her on 1/26/16. We are waiting to hear her response. If you need copies of the documents mailed I can easily send them to you, please let me know if that is desired.Thank you for your assistance with this matter

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