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Area Waterproofing and Concrete

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me if it gets fixed as planned. 

I hired this company to install 10 steel beams in my basement to support a wall that had a horizontal crack. The installation was done by early afternoon. I went into the basement later to clean up the mess left from the installation. While doing this, I came across several things that concerned me. First, an electrical "pipe" that was supposed to have been secured to the beams was found to be hanging away from the beams and unsecured in a large section. It appeared to me that this could be a hazard and was definitely not secured as had been explained to me. Secondly, I found damage that had occurred during the job. A linoleum floor in a basement bathroom had an 11" gouge with some black marking that could not be removed. Next, I found what appeared to be a rust mark on a carpeted area that the workers would have carried the beams across. Finally, when I came back upstairs to my kitchen I noticed a 1/4" chip in one of my kitchen cabinets. I called [redacted], who was my company contact - the person who I had discussed the job with and entered into the contract with. He did not answer so I left a message at a little before 5 p.m. I explained what I had found and asked that he call me to discuss. By 1 p.m. the next day I had not heard back so I called [redacted] again. That time he answered; he claimed he had not received my message so I explained first the issue with the pipe. He immediately became defensive rather than even possibly entertaining the idea that there might truly be a problem that needed correcting. He said that he had not been on the site when the work was done, so he didn't know what he could tell me. He also stated that they were not electricians and that I must have misunderstood what he had said they would do. Told him he was clear when we had previously talked that the pipe would be secure, even though it would no longer be flush against the wall. He never mentioned even the possibility of needing an electrician for part of the work. I told him the issue was that only part of the pipe was secure; a large section in the middle was hanging and away from the beams. He repeated multiple times that he was not on the job when work was done and he didn't know what he was supposed to do. I told him it looked like a definite hazard to me. At some point, he finally said that he could send someone back out to look at the pipe and see what they could do about making it more secure. I also brought up the damage I had found while cleaning up. He again stated that he was not there so he did not see what happened and questioned how one would know if the damage was truly caused by the workers. I told him while carrying the beams in, I heard a bang and the worker said "oops". I thought he hit the ceiling, but looked and didn't see anything. What he had hit, however, was the kitchen cabinet that I did not see until later, but obviously the worker knew where he had hit and chose not to mention it to me or his supervisor. I told him it was clear that the beams had caused the rust stain on the carpet and the gouge in the bathroom - I knew that damage was not there previously. I told him I tried cleaning the rust stain/dark mark and did get most of it off, but enough of a mark remained that you could see where it had occurred. He then tried to explain that with the size and weight of the beams accidents are going to happen and there is nothing he can do about that. If that was true, maybe he should be warning customers of that before the work is done. Obviously he is not going to do that because customers would not accept that. If the likelihood is high of these types of accidents occurring, why haven't they figured out to prevent these types of issues? How about having two workers bring the beams in so that they can have an extra set of eyes and arms to prevent drops and collisions? How about covering the ends of the beams with something like the furniture companies do? As the conversation continued, I was able to talk less and less because of the ranting that [redacted] was doing. He asked if I expected not to pay for the work that was done. I was insulted and told him that I wanted to pay for the work done but that I also did not expect to have my house damaged in the process. He stated at one point that he was not replacing a bathroom floor; I told him I never asked him to do that; in fact I never asked for anything specific. Silly me, I thought he would want to know what had occurred on the job and would be concerned about what could be done to prevent these kind of issues in the future. Clearly that was not a concern. So what was I expecting when I called? I expected [redacted] to be as kind and courteous as he was when he quoted the job. I would have expected that he would have offered to come look at what I was talking about and then decide if any remedy was warranted, instead of trying to dismiss and excuse the issues I was raising. I would definitely expected an apology, not excuses for what had occurred. He said when he sent someone out to take care of the pipe they could look at the damage, but that did not occur. I mentioned the damage before the workers left, but they would have walked out the door if I hadn't brought it up. The worker said he would talk to [redacted] about what I had said, but I never heard another word from anyone and that was almost 2 weeks ago. Why would I - they had their money. What did it matter if damage was done and I was unhappy? The tone that [redacted] took with me on the phone was unprofessional and rude. It just made a bad situation even worse. I would bet that some customers would have demanded that they replace the floor. I did not; probably ignorant of me. Poor, poor, customer service, to say the least.

I will not recommend this company to anyone. It takes many months for them to do the job. This job has a warranty of 20 yrs. I paid more than the other estimates because he offered the warranty. A few months after the job, there was a problem, so I called them multiple times. Each time I was given multiple excuses as to why they haven't been able to make the repair. It is now almost 7 months and still no repair done. There were 5 times when an appointment was made to come and each time it was a no-show, no phone call. I suggested that he refund a partial amount so I can get someone else here to finish the job. He refused saying it would only take an hour. But it still remains unfinished. Apparently warranties mean nothing.

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