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• Jul 06, 2021

"Normal Usage"
Waited 6 months for the item to arrive, after 3 months of minimal usage paint started to chip. The company claims it's not covered as this is due to normal usage and I should repair the item on my own.
'Normal Usage'
'Normal Usage'
'Normal Usage'

• Jun 09, 2021

Poor Concierge Service / General Poor Customer Service
I saw a picture I really liked at Arhaus. It was approximately $599. $199 shipping was added when I went to check out online. An Arhaus store said they would order the picture for me and ship direct without the large shipping charge. The person who did so displayed a great attitude and was very helpful, and placed the order for me (the only person that displayed a friendly and customer service oriented attitude at the company). After the picture was overdue to arrive, I called the store. They said it would arrive the following week. The week came and passed and no picture. I eventually called them and they said there was a delivery problem. They couldn't tell me what the delivery issue was. I was perplexed as someone was at my home all that week. They did notify me about the problem. Their tone was condescending as if I wasn't good enough to talk to them as if they can access a person's wallet over the phone and rate them by their own snobby standards (about my wallet they would be wrong). I usually experience their concierge staff as very condescending; there isn't any sense of customer service. I wasn't emailed when the problem occurred; I had to call them and spend my time to inquire. They couldn't even tell me what the delivery problem was. I finally learned that the picture was broken which wasn't their fault, but they are taking an inordinate amount of time to remedy the issue and can't even tell me if the picture needs to be reordered and when it will arrive. They have charged my card. I get passed from person to person. I ordered this for an event and want to get the process of remedying this started. I have talked to 6-7 people at their company about when I can have my picture. No real answers. They don't seem to me very organized. I am glad I didn't order anything major like the set of office furniture and cabinets I was interested in. I have since read all the others reviews and realize I don't want to risk overpriced, pseudo high end furniture with some design flair but questionable quality. I can't really attest to the quality of their stuff as I haven't received anything -- but that is exactly the problem.

I also asked a question once and it took them a month to respond.

You may have good luck with them. My opinion: I like some of their designs, but the customer service is not very good (the word "concierge service" is a joke applied to the level of service they provide. In my experience with them, I had the second worst customer service experience in my life. The only other customer service experience that I had that was worse was when I was working with a major appliance company on repairs to new high-end washer and dryer that was under warrantee and they didn't show up for the first two appointments I took off from work for; the third time they showed up and damaged my floor. They are out of business now. Arhaus: maybe give them a try, but be wary and remember there are other companies that produce high pieces that have style and have great customer service. Look at their site to gleam ideas but consider ordering elsewhere.

• Jun 09, 2021

Ha! I was so mad writing this review I couldn't type. BTW: I am a person who have never left a negative online review in my life.

Upholstered furniture is not up to par!
After waiting almost 6 mos. for a sofa the cushions on the back were not made properly. The stitching is not straight across the top. I recover furniture for customers. This would never be acceptable for any customer. I tried to fix the problem but they will not straighten out. I was told by customer service this is normal and they are comfort wrinkles. The issue is not the wrinkles it is the seam lines. $3000.00 for a sofa that looks like Rooms To Go quality. Shame they are not a quality company who stands by what they sell people. I would never have bought a sofa had I been shown this defect as their normal quality. C.S. is zero help. If the sofa falls apart with minimal use guess that's normal quality too. BUYER BE WARE!
Upholstered furniture is not up to par!
Upholstered furniture is not up to par!
Upholstered furniture is not up to par!

• Mar 09, 2021

Avoid purchasing upholstered furniture
We bought a sofa from Arhaus in late 2014 after a year the fabric was not wearing well and looked ragged. I figured it was a lose weave and I chose the wrong fabric. We gave that to our son in 2019 for his first apartment after college. Okay 2019 we purchase another sofa from Arhaus, worked with a sales associate, chose a nice smooth velvet fabric without a weave and it looked great. Fast forward maybe 5 to 6 months and the fabric is wearing you can see where it is wearing on the arms and seat. I flip the cushions routinely like you should, we do not have any children in the house it is just my husband and I. I went to the website and filed a warranty claim, received an email back asking for pictures. Sent pictures the next day which was the end of October. Not a word not an email. Sent another email in December and January again nothing. I finally call at the end of January and what do they say, they do not guarantee the fabric regardless of how long you have it. Horrible service and I will never buy from them again.

Arhaus does not stand by the products and make the problem right with the customer. I've had a similar problem.

• Jan 06, 2021

Broken mirror
I ordered a mirror from Arhaus late November, it took until December 22nd to arrive. Upon arrival it was completely smashed and broken when I opened the box. I called customer service and promptly emailed the pictures and they asked. They wanted to give me what they called a "prompt" response. It is now 16 days later and I have not heard anything despite many follow up emails and phone calls. Terrible customer service!
Broken mirror
Broken mirror

Poor Quality and Customer Service
We Are Very Disappointed with Arhaus quality and customer service. We are also Disappointed in the Taylor Sofa comfort and performance.

We purchased a Taylor couch set with love seat, chair and three person/long couch. The retail prive was around $6,000.

The couch bent in the middle and was closer to the floor than the ends. The wood could be seen pressing against the black cloth on the bottom. Essentially the couch was breaking in half.

Note that the vertical cushions fall down when you lay down and its very annoying.

For the quality problem, I contacted the store and was sent on a wild goose chase, passed back and forth between a scheduler company, the warranty company and the store. Numerous conversations. Numerous phone menu navigations. Finally the technician came examined the couch and said the front main beam was made of two pieces held together by staples. The staples were bent. He said he would take it apart, remove the staples and use screws to secure it better if was authorized to repair it. Why didn’t Arhaus use screws in the first place? He said he would put in a report to Arhaus and they would contact me about next steps.

Arhaus responded by email, unapologetic and stated the set was purchased as a floor model and it wasn’t covered under warranty. If the sofa is not covered under warranty, why was I sent through the warranty system?  Why was I speaking to Warranty people?  Why was I speaking with schedulers?  Why did a technician visit?  As soon as I called the store they should have told me there was no coverage...I wasted ALLOT of time and energy managing this issue FOR Arhaus.

The furniture is supposed to be a higher quality piece of furniture and did not make it past ~3 years of use.  It is amazing to me that any couch can bend in the middle...let alone one from Arhaus Furniture.

And no apology initially (she apologized after I complained they didnt).
 I would have hoped even for a canned apology statement in en effort to try and keep us as Arhaus customers, not to mention it's there right thing to do.

Other companies have offered sincere apologies and turned a negative to a positive. At the moment it is all negative regarding this issue.

In summary, based off this one experience: Poor customer service. Poor quality. Our last Arhaus purchase.

Seems to be standard practice with Arhaus and their customer service. I can't echo the above complaint stronger. BUYER BE WARE! There are other retailers to purchase from chose another and save your self a headache.

I bought an antique looking mirror on sale for $900 a year and a half ago. It weights a ton and sits in the corner of our living room. The mirror appears to be rot iron, but this is a facade that is now peeling off onto the floor (yes, where my baby crawls). I called to complain about the horrendous quality of this expensive piece and they basically responded that it's not their issue - they told me to call a company to fix it. I guess they are OK with selling terrible quality overpriced merchandise? I will never shop at Arhaus again.

A Manager from our Concierge Department, Carrie D, contacted the Customer today to attempt to resolve the complaint The Customer was agreeable to having Arhaus re-make the piece Additionally, it was agreed that a Manager would work with the Customer going forward The Customer is satisfied with the resolution at this time

Customer placed order(s) back in March at the time he was having his home remodeled When delivery was attempted to be scheduled, the Customer repeatedly requested that Arhaus call him back the following month, pushing out the delivery The customer had month financing so the balance would have needed to be paid off 9/10/ The customer didn’t call in to cancel until July 20, The customer signed all necessary paperwork that explained the financing charges clearly (see attached) The customer has disputed the charges through [redacted] Bank (the credit card company) and [redacted] found in Arhaus' favor stating that the Customer had agreed to the terms and failed to pay/cancel within the time frame

The customer paid $1,for the chair And although an error was made when entering the customer's order, the customer has already been given a refund Her delivery fee of $was credited back to her yesterday (11/28/16) As an additional accommodation, Arhaus is willing credit her an additional $ If that is acceptable to the customer, we will process the credit immediately (the total of the two credits would be $528.43)

Unfortunately, the connectors that hold the pieces together are on backorder - they should arrive by 10/24/ The items are ready to be delivered, but the unit can't be installed (delivered) without the connectors We can deliver the Tremont desk now, but the other items will need to wait until the connectors are received As an accommodation to the customer, we will waive the delivery fee ($199) and offer a 5% discount off the total order

A new Gift Card has been issued and is being sent today to the Customer at the address in the complaint

I am rejecting this response because: I did not accept an exchangeI want a complete refund

very disappointed with the store manager Mike
he has no time to revert and return a call
he promised to give tax saving and additional discount when launched at the time of placing the order
only thing I was getting its getting done when delivery happens but now he is refusing to take cals today when I called joy the lady picked up kept me holding and made a story their is an expiation at the store and he is busy left a msg but no call yet
I m going to stop making payments if I don't get the credit asap before my next payment is due on November 30 th
hopeless service post sales can corporate look into it
my no is 4693470255.

Our offer stands as is

I am rejecting this response because: the response is not satisfactoryIt took them months to even contact me and over the time the couch has further deterioratedThey did say they would refund my money upon receipt but pending condition of the couchThey will not further clarify what that means so there is no guarantee I will receive restitutionI submit the couch is damaged which is the cause of the complaint in the first placeI would need a better assurance that they will refund my moneyThe damage to the couch is from a defect not from wear and tear, damage started months after receiving.They will also give me no warranty that if the movers do damage to my apartment that they will be responsible in a reasonable and sufficient timeframeThey are not reliable and don't want to have another issue with their companyI feel very bullied and that they in no way stand behind their product but rather continue to take advantage of clients.thank you for your attention

A complete refund was given for all of the items that were returned, (chairs, seat pads and table for a total of $1,860.27) The client kept an iron coat stand ($384.30) The coat stand, tax and delivery fee are the difference between the entire first charge and the refund

Arhaus did not state that it would refund the customer "pending the condition of the couch." Arhaus will credit the refund upon receipt of the couch Additionally, Arhaus cannot warrant or guarantee that its delivery personnel will not damage her home If they do however, Arhaus will address the damage, if and/or when it occurs

Arhaus has agreed to pick up the merchandise and will refund the customer upon pick-up

Client received delivery on 4/and the delivery driver called in to report a scratch on the side Client had to leave the home and was unable to speak with Customer Service at time of delivery Customer Service called back on 4/and left a voicemail to discuss the options of either an exchange once item was back in stock (eta early June) or whether to send a technician to attempt repair of the pieceCustomer Service called and left another voicemail to discuss options on 4/ Customer Service did not hear back from Client, so they set up an exchange on 5/ Item arrived in stock and the Client was emailed the following: From: [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 3:PM To: ' [redacted] Subject: CUSTOMER # [redacted] CUSTOMER # [redacted] Hello, Please call Arhaus Concierge at your next convenience to schedule your delivery Client emailed Customer Service Rep late last week stating that she wanted 20% off to keep the piece as-is This discount has been approved by a Customer Service manager Customer Service rep, Ashley W, will reach out to the Client to process the discount

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