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Arizona Pulmonary Specialists

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A customer brought in a lift punp off of a boatHe brought us this lift pump because it was not working and asked to receive an estimate on itWe proceeded to take the lift pump motor apart and inspect it in order to find issues causing it not to workOnce we opened up the lift pump motor we saw
that the brushes were badly worn, and the armature also was worn and warpedTo see ifthe armature is salvageable, as it was not working, we must machine the commutator end on the lathe back straight and smooth to see if there is enough material left to salvage itAfter taking a few cuts on the lathe we looked at the armature and there wasn't enough material left and it did not test wellWe do not want to put an armature back into any sort of motor with the commutator not performing well, which was the case with this armatureIf a lift pump motor such a!i this one only needed brushes and bearings, they cost anywhere from $to $If the armature and or coils/magnets go bad in them the price increases accordinglyIn this certain situation, the customer's lift pump needed an armature and brushesAfter getting an estimate on an armature, brushes, and labor needed to repair this pump motor we concluded that it would be a better decision for the customer to get a whole new lift pump, as it would be cheaperWe then called this customer back and explained to him what was all wrong with his lift pump (armature and brushes) and explained that we could get him a whole new unit for $200, as it was not worth rebuilding this one for what a new one costHe then informed us that he could buy one somewhere else for $We explained that we couldn't beat that price, which happens from time to time, and that his other option was probably better as it was cheaper than oursHe said that he would come pick it up.When the customer arrived to pick up his lift pump he asked again what was wrong with it, and we explained again how the armature was not savable and that the brushes were almost completely worn outHe told us again how he could go buy a new unit for $and made it very clear that was what he was going to doThe customer then asked how much he owed for looking at this lift pumpThe employee waiting on him explained it would be $for all of the time we spend baking at it and trying to make it workHe then was very rude and angry declaring that he was not paying the $because us looking at his lift pump motor was not worth $He then grabbed his lift pump off the counter and walked out the doorWe did not pursue the $further because we didn't want to have any incident with this disgruntled customer.We then received a few calls from him starting about months later, and he was now very angry on the phoneThis customer called and claimed that the armature was ground on in one spot and destroyedThe second time he cal/ed, he claimed that there were now two marks on the armature, dremel tool marks, and threatened to call the cops as he claimed that we destroyed his propertyThere were more phone calls consisting of this same customer harassing us, without allowing us to try to discuss the issue with himFinal/y, I told him I didn't have any more time to listen to his harassing because I was losing time every time he would call and even though I tried to have a conversation with him because it consisted only of him harassing on the phoneHe informed me that he put brushes in this motor last winter, so my question was how didn't he see these huge dremel marks in the armature back during last winter, and why didn't we get a call months earlierHe changed the subject immediatelyIf you put brushes in a motor t hat has some large dremel marks in the commutator you are going to see them very dearly and right away, as the brushes are installed on the commutatorAlso I don't understand why a person would spend money and time putting brushes in a motor when we informed him that the armature was bad in itAnother question is why would the customer repair a lift pump when they clearly stated he could buy a new unit for only $180.This customer, in one of his many phone calls, claimed that he had called the sheriff and would meet me the next morningI told him what time I would arrive at work and said I would meet him the next morningThe next morning at approximately 8:am I received a call from Officer Cleven from the Brown County Sheriff's Deptasking about the situationI discussed it with him just as am now writing a letter to youOfficer Cleven said that this customer was sitting outside of our front door pestering the cops, wanting them to comeHe told me that he explained to t his customer that he was not coming because it was not a legitimate complaintHe did take both of our stories down and then called this customer and tried to talk to him.Another half hour or so after receiving a call from the police, I receive yet another call from this personAfter the police didn't do anything for him he informed me he was going to some auto parts stores to get an opinion on the armature.The employee t hat worked on this lift pump has been with this company for more than years and has been working on electrical products for many more with other establishmentsWe would not intentionally destroy another's property, as a small business we don't have the time or need to do this.The customer brought this lift pump because it was not workingWe gave him an estimate after spending time looking at t hi s pump and trying to save it as we do with everything we work onWe gave him the estimate of $We explained to the customer that the lift pump motor needed brushes and an armatureHe picked up the lift pump without paying and harassed an employeeThe customer left with intentions of buying a brand new unit somewhere elseHe called us to months later, disgruntled, because he couldn't fix it with only installing brushesThere was much time wasted on our end being harassed on the phone, talking with the police, and now writing this letter to the on our time when it could be spent helping other customers with their products that need to be fixed.We did not destroy anyone's property here at Badger State RebuildersWe haven't been in business for over years by destroying other people's propertyWe are in the business to provide the best services we can offer for the community around us.Sincerely,*** ***

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