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A.R.S Services, Inc

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I need to file a complaint against ARS Restoration Specialist and Manuel Labor Inc. On June 25th Manuel Labor Inc - a contractor for ARS began work inside the house. The work was to remove plastered ceiling and put up sheetrock flat ceiling - prime and paint ceiling and walls in two kids’ bedroom. On day one June 25th, I came home to unprepared bedrooms - no floor covering/protection and dust and debris everywhere in both rooms. The next day, I met with [redacted] (Manual Labor Inc) and showed him that the floors were not protected and that the furniture was still in the rooms unprotected and that my treadmill in the sunroom was covered with dust and debris. He lied and told me that the workers must have pulled off all covering before leaving for the day. However the proof was present. He assured that this would not happen again. I notified [redacted] (ARS) of my discontent with the way the furniture, floors, and other items were treated. He told me that the furniture was to be moved from the room and all items and floors should have been protected prior to demolition and that he's responsible for addressing the damages. Also he has a crew that he will send to address all damages. On Wednesday the 27th, my son notified me that the workers were doing textured ceiling. I immediately notified ARS by telephone. I Spoke with [redacted] and he said that the work order would be zero out and that as expected the ceiling should be flat in both rooms. The next day my son notified me that the workers were attempting to scrape the ceiling. I immediately contacted [redacted] again and wanted an explanation on the zero out work order. I asked him to start from scratch instead of scraping, but he told me that replacing the sheetrock was not necessary and that the end result would be a flat ceiling in both rooms. The next day, [redacted] called me at work and notified me that the workers broke my son's one of the under-bed storage units which should not have been in the room and that he will attempt to repair it. Unaware of the severity of the damage I asked him if it was possible - he said yes - I notified him that I want it back the same way as purchased. Many attempts to flatten the ceiling were made in the following weeks - to no-avail.

Simultaneously ARS and Manuel Labor Inc wanted to perform work in other parts of the house. The bathroom - replace ceiling, replace bathroom fan/light, remove molded grout from wall tiles, paint window and door trim. We are agreed in order to keep the workflow going. The work in the bathroom could not be done as expected as well. A one inch space was between the fan casing and the sheetrock ceiling - upon complaint it was repaired. No electricity for Fan/Light - I was told the electrician will come once to do all electrical work at the completion of work in all rooms in the house - hence live in the dark. Clogged drain in the bathroom due to ceiling removal - prior to installing new roof. Roofing debris failed in toilet and sink.

As they attempts to flatten the ceiling in the bedrooms, ARS wanted to keep the work going and wanted to address the hallway. So we agreed to proceed to the hallway. The work order was to remove old ceiling, put up sheetrock - flat ceiling, prime and paint ceiling and walls. The flat ceiling was sub-satisfactory in the hallway after a few fixes, however the workers removed two hanging light fixtures and smoke detectors and did not put them back up. No electrician to perform the work. The light fixtures were thrown in a box with missing parts.

The hallway floor scratched, missing door trim molding, and a window screen with slight tear. All items brought to ARS and MLI's attention.

ARS/MLI convinced me to keep the work going and asked me to agree for them to work in the kitchen. I agreed under the condition that the work in the bedrooms and all areas on the second floor would be finish. I took a week off from work to monitor the work (July 2nd thru 6th). On Monday the 2nd all work on the second floor was abandon. Noticing that the mess was escalating and we had no place to store our furniture and Items, I asked them not to touch the dining room. The week of the 9th thru the 13th MLI had one worker attempting to flatten the ceiling in the bedrooms and address wall paint problem. I came home to find the second side of the under-bed storage was damage and an amateurish repair attempted for both sides.

My sons are sleeping on the floor in the family room for almost a month (was told only one week), no light in master-bath, no lights in hallway, and the kitchen in disarray. We agreed to refocus our attention on completing the work on the second floor (2 bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, and sunroom). On the July 12th, I contacted [redacted] and again express my discontent. He told me that he and [redacted] would be by on Monday the 16th to go over what needs to be done to address all my concerns. On Monday morning both [redacted] and [redacted] came for a walkthrough. At which point we went room by room pointing out things that need to be done. The hallway and bathroom needed lights- so electrician for bathroom Fan/light and hanging light fixtures in the hallway and clean for completion. The sunroom was satisfactory - must be clean. The bedrooms needed the ceiling flatten, address paint issues on wall do to chemical in putty, and scratched floor and carpet. I was very firm on starting from scratch in the bedrooms to avoid the more delays. However, I was being steered to skim coat over satin finish ceiling. I explained that I was not comfortable with that process as I've seen flaking and cracking over time in such methods. They wanted me to sign a paper which I refused. The same day I left [redacted] a voicemail to call - no call back. The next day (July 17) a worker and [redacted] showed up and again I express my discontent with the propose solution to address the ceiling. [redacted] contacted [redacted] to explain my concerns. [redacted] called me - I again expressed my discontent and expectation per contract at which point [redacted] mentioned that if his service no-longer needed. I said that his is needed - if we are on the page and if not - no. He contacted [redacted] - [redacted] packed up his tools and left.

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