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A.S.E. Auto Tech, Inc.

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While driving along my pickup stalled, I thought I had run out of gas. I put gas in the tank and could not start the pickup. I took the truck to a garage and was told the rod that operates the mechanical fuel pump was bent and could not be removed. He did not feel he could make a repair. It was at this time that I contacted ASE Auto Tech and had them tow the truck to their garage for the repair. I told them what the problem was but they still charged for a diagnosis. The garage contacted me to tell me what the problem was and that they would like to install an electric fuel pump. I authorized the work believing my fuel issue would be resolved. After the repair I made payment and took the vehicle home. My fiance test drove the truck after work and stated it wasn't running smoothly and did not have much power. I returned to the garage the following day and relayed what my fiance stated. The mechanic stated I needed the carburetor rebuilt. I again left the vehicle at the garage and was told they would keep the vehicle overnight so as to soak the carburetor. The following day I again paid for the repair and that same evening my fiance took the vehicle for a test drive. He stated again that the vehicle doesn't have any power. We have just spent $674.28 and our vehicle doesn't run as well as it did prior to the initial stall. We are very disappointed. About a week later we drive approximately 15 miles and the truck stalls. The fuel pump is pumping fuel very sporadically and we are unable to get the vehicle to run and drive for a full block. We have two small children and are stranded in the heat. We call ASE Auto Tech to tow the truck back to their garage. We feel that the work performed is under warranty. The garage informs us we have to pay for the tow. My fiance did not share their sentiment and stated that the fuel pump they installed isn't functioning properly therefore the tow should not be our expense. The garage relented and didn't charge for this tow. My fiance asked if this pump was adequate for the size of our engine and carburetor. They assured us that it was. So we again leave the truck overnight and the garage moved the fuel pump closer to the tank stating that perhaps there wasn't enough pull from the pump being too far from the gas tank. I picked the truck up and took it home. My fiance did not test drive the truck, but did start it in the driveway and watched the fuel filter get the same sporadic bursts of fuel as we saw when we stalled the day before. I return to the garage and ask why the pump is doing this. They stated that they didn't know. I asked if this could be a problem within the gas tanks themselves. They stated it is possible but could not quote prices on a repair so I took the truck to another garage for this service. I've done some research online and found that the pump working intermittently is an indicator of a pump going bad. Not uncommon for this type of fuel pump. Upon further research I found that more than half the people that have written reviews on this pump are very displeased with its performance, many people stating the pump fails after 2 weeks. As mentioned earlier, we've spent $674.28 on repairs and we are left with a vehicle that we can not drive around the block. I discovered that I needed to rebuild the carburetor after being told by two separate individuals that the carburetor on my truck is filthy and in desperate need of repair. Now, despite not being able to drive the truck, I did not want the truck just sitting in the driveway without ever being started. So every week I start the truck and let it run as long as the fuel pump will allow. But, in order to get the truck started I've had to dump gasoline into the carburetor, an activity that began after the repairs made by ASE Auto Tech. This is not a normal activity for a newly rebuilt carburetor. I took the carburetor off the truck and went back to the garage and [redacted] did state that the carburetor needed to be rebuilt. I stated that his garage did rebuild it and that I would like a refund. He stated he didn't know that this was the carburetor from the truck and declined to come look at the vehicle minus the carburetor. I have replaced the fuel pump with a working fuel pump and I've had the carburetor rebuilt. I've dropped both gas tanks and found them to be free of contaminants and debris. I am requesting a refund of what I paid to ASE Auto Tech. They installed a faulty pump and they failed to properly rebuild the carburetor which I have pictures to verify. I have receipts to show that I have indeed purchased a new fuel pump along with a rebuild kit from [redacted]'s, a local supplier for high performance parts. It should be noted that a retailer online states that the fuel pump supplied by ASE Auto Tech is not intended for modified or high performance. I can return to ASE Auto Tech their faulty/failing fuel pump.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service

Address: 10001 E. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, Arizona, United States, 85120


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