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Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway

11521 Bluegrass Pkwy, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40299-2351

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Buckle up because this is long winded. I never write reviews, but I am furious and want to spare others from the issues I have experienced.
I purchased a dresser from my local Ashley Outlet in Louisville, KY on 08/23/20. Delivery was set for 09/12/20, but I never received a confirmation delivery window timeframe. I attempted to call Ashley on countless occasions (more than 20) with no answer. Finally, the night before my delivery, I drove across town to the store. The clerk (very friendly) told me that my dresser was received but damaged and they would need to reorder it and it would not be available until October 25th. This would not have been an issue (I understand things happen), but I never received an email or call regarding the need for reorder or rescheduling. Had I not driven up there I would have sat around all day waiting for a delivery that would never come.
I accepted the Oct 25th delivery date and even requested off work to be present. On 09/24 I received a text that my order had arrived and could be delivered sooner. I selected the option for Friday October 2nd and again took off work to be present. Again, I never received a delivery window. I called countless times waiting on hold for over an hour numerous times with zero answer each time. I drove across town to the store for a second time. I explained the situation to the manager (Amber) and she said my delivery date got changed to Saturday 10/3. Again, no one communicated this to me. I was scheduled to be out of town and would unavailable for the incorrectly scheduled date. I inquired about why no one ever answers the phone and she responded “well I’m the only one back here and I’m dealing with customers 98% of the time so I can’t be in two places at once. I get to it when I can”. I am also a customer. One who has spent thousands of dollars at your store.......
I was then asked if I could just pick up the furniture instead. I had paid for delivery services because I do not have the means or physical capability to carry a dresser up stairs. She seemed extremely put out. I requested that she make a call to the delivery company and ask if they can deliver ANY day after 3pm as I work in a clinic Monday to Friday. I waited for 40 minutes. After coping a nasty attitude, she said she had arranged delivery for the upcoming Wednesday and verified it would be after 3pm. I received a delivery confirmation 72 hrs before delivery date with window for 9-noon.....I cannot be present for this delivery. I emailed the manager THREE times with zero response.
I tried calling the customer service line and wasn’t able to reschedule because the store had confirmed my delivery time slot.
I drove up to the store for a THIRD time. The same manager was literally asleep at the desk. Honestly, she seemed intoxicated (drowsy, pin point pupils, slow slurred speech). She did not seem to care about my difficulties. I was informed that I was rescheduled for 10/14. Again....No. One. Called. Me. I rescheduled for Oct 17, but if I have one more issue I’m cancelling my order.
This entire process has been an absolute nightmare. Time consuming, frustrating, inconvenient, zero communication. I will NEVER purchase from Ashley ever again.

They sent me a faulty mattress

On 5/19/20 we ordered 9 pieces of furniture totaling $4,096.79 with a delivery estimate of 6/24/20. By 6/24/20 no one had contacted us about delivery. We called and were told that none of our furniture was ready and wouldn't be ready until mid-late July. By 7/18/20 we still hadn’t heard from Ashley about delivery so we called again and were told that only 4 pieces were ready. They offered partial delivery for those items and we said yes. They scheduled delivery for 7/31/20. On 7/29/20 no one had contacted us to schedule a time so we again called. We were told there was no delivery scheduled and only 3 pieces were ready. They offered partial delivery on those on 7/31/20 again. On 7/31/20 no one showed up to deliver anything. We called a 4th time and were told then that none of our pieces were ready. On 8/1/20 we went to the store and asked to cancel our order and receive a refund of $3,460.82 (we had previously received a $635.97 refund). We were told that we'd get a refund in 10-14 business days. On 8/13/20 we got a message to schedule delivery so we knew our cancellation had not worked. On 8/15/20 we went back to the store and were told that they couldn’t give us a refund (even though they told us on 8/13/20 they’d processed it) and they’d have to file forms and wait on the company to refund us in 10-14 business days. It’s been 14 business days and we have received no refund. So it’s been over 3 months and we got none of our furniture and still not received $3,460.82 of our refund.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Sep 15, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to Ashley HomeStore to allow us to attempt to resolve your concerns. We have reached out to the guest in an effort to discuss his concerns but was unable to reach. We left a voice mail with contact information.Our records do show that the refund has been completed.

The 1 star rating is ONLY because there is no option on having a negative 10 star review which is what it should be. I will NEVER shop at or spend a dime at any Ashley Furniture/Homestore ever again! I purchased a couch the first week of May 2020. Received a text confirmation for the delivery in June (picked a time and took of work) it was never delivered. Contacted them only to hear my couch is on back order! SO WHY THE TEXT VERIFYING A DELIVERY TIME??? The end of June exact same thing happened, receive a text, verify a time, took off work and NO DELIVERY, AGAIN!! Contact customer service and the salesman who sold me the couch about my concerns and frustrations and was told for sure my couch would be delivered on August 14th. After MANY messages I left for the salesman who never returned my call I contacted customer service on August 13th trying to get my delivery time confirmed. I was told my couch order has been CANCELLED!!!! Naturally I am beyond mad, frustrated and angry. I did NOT cancel my order so how was it cancelled? I spoke with (on the phone and through text) the salesman on July 19th who assured me my couch would be delivered on August 14th so there would be no reason I would have known my order was cancelled unless I contacted them. According to the CSR my order was cancelled on July 9 and refunded to my card... 1. I DID NOT CANCEL MY ORDER! 2. I was NOT told my order was cancelled until I actually went into the store on August 13th!! 3. Why was I not notified my order was cancelled? 4. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! They say it can take up to 7 to 10 business days for the refund but its been OVER A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel cheated, lied to, betrayed and I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond pissed off at this point. I feel I deserve some sort of compensation for all the long, drawn out process of a still unresolved process and If I ever hear of anyone even thinking about buying from Ashley I will absolutely tell them my story in hopes they take their business elsewhere.

and I purchased furniture on May 7th, 2020. Delivery of the items was scheduled for June 13th, 2020. Not all the items were delivered so we called and realized that visiting the store with our concern would render more fruitful results. At the store we spoke with a manager by the name of *** and Mrs. *** (finance person). *** explained that some items were on back order due to the pandemic and that we should return on another day when Mrs. could remove some items we no longer desired. On our third visit to the store *** assisted us by removing the items that we no longer wanted to wait on, and informed us that the remaining items would arrive by some new expected dates of arrival. The items never arrived, so at this juncture I contacted Mrs. via telephone and explained the issue. I informed her that we no longer wanted the remaining items and to please remove them from my original purchase order. *** then goes to the store personally and talks with Mrs. a few weeks later because we notice that the items have not yet been removed. Mrs. was able to take off the remaining items from our order via her database and she also realized that we were being charged for a mattress that we never received and did not want in addition to a delivery fee which was previously waived. Mrs. confirmed that she took off the mattress and the delivery leaving us with a balance of approximately $380. The issue is that we are still receiving statements claiming that we owe $888.47 instead of the $380-ish. We called numerous and countless times to the Ashley store and the Ashley Customer service line and absolutely no one answers our calls. *** and I are being completely ignored at this point and we need genuine resolution. How is it that this company has supposedly removed these items of furniture and we are still being charged for them? I have ran out of options and that is why I need assistance from the

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Sep 15, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to Ashley HomeStore to allow us to attempt to resolve your concerns. We have reached out to the guest in an effort to discuss his concerns but was unable to reach. We left a voice mail with contact information.

Customer Response • Sep 16, 2020

I have attached a photo of the voicemail message that *** (Ashley Furniture rep) has left me. I have called her 3 different times and have left her detailed voice messages each time asking her to call me as soon as possible. I have yet to receive a subsequent call from this individual. My issue still remains alive and well, with absolutely no resolution in sight.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


I purchased a bedroom set in the closeout section of *** Furniture. This sale took place today 15 Aug 2020. The sales person explain it was a close out which was final. It was a floor model. I asked if they could take it apart so I could take it with me. They agreed so I made the purchase. When I went to pick up the merchandise I was told by the warehouse person that the headboard was made of fiber and if he took it apart it would break. I said to take it back and I'll speak with the salesperson. The store refused to give any relief. Although the sale was 5 minutes old and the product was not receivable they were not willing to work with me. In fact their main concern was my face mask wasn't fully covering me while I spoke.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Aug 23, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to *** Furniture Homestore in regard to Mr. concerns. We would very much like to try to assist the guest, however, we are unable to locate the guest account with the information provided. Could you please provide the phone number and named associated with the account?

Customer Response • Aug 26, 2020


I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID

The text of their response is: "Thank you for reaching out to
*** Furniture Homestore in regard to Mr. concerns. We would
very much like to try to assist the guest, however, we are unable to locate the
guest account with the information provided. Could you please provide the
phone number and named associated with the account?"

This is not an offer. This is a request for more information. I want to be clear that I am NOT accepting an offer I have not received. In response to what they wrote, here is my account information:

Customer#: ***. The name on the account is ***, ***. The phone number associated with the account is ***.

The sales person used this account to expedite the sale as my wife has done business with *** in the past prior to our marriage.

I am the purchaser. My phone is ***. My Name is ***. I have attached a copy of the sales receipt.


Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Oct 05, 2020

Update on this guest –I have spoken with the guest and We have cancelled his order and will be refunding him the amount of the headboard to his method of payment.Thank you

Customer Response • Oct 13, 2020

FYI – Ashley has contacted me and offered a refund as I asked.I am satisfied with their action but I don’t see where I can state that on the website.If you are able to change it to satisfied please do.Thanks again for your help

I purchased a sectional sofa from Ashley Furniture in September of 2019. It was not delivered until late November that same year. In July, my friend sat on one side of it and the frame completely broke. I went to Ashley Furniture and spoke to *** a couple days later. She finally got a repair company out there after about two weeks. The guy who came represented *** who is apparently the company Ashley uses for their repairs. The guy came and put a flimsy piece of wood behind the broken section of the frame and screwed it on and left. The second somebody sat on it again it went right back to the ground. It wasn't even close to a satisfactory resolution. I immediately emailed the picture of his work and a demand that it be properly repaired or replaced to *** and the *** feedback email. After a week of them both responding saying they are trying to reach some "escalation team" I am fed up. At this point I either want a new section replacing the section of our sofa that is broken or a complete refund. This company should not have any standing with the as they have been completely awful to deal with ever since they toom my 7k dollars in September.

Customer Response • Aug 12, 2020

Yes the sofa is under a 1 year warranty

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Sep 15, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to Ashley HomeStore to
allow us to attempt to resolve your concerns. We have reached out to the guest
in an effort to discuss his concerns but was unable to reach. We left
a voice mail with contact information. We did cancel the service request and have entered an exchange for the left arm facing sofa. The piece is showing available to customer date of 9.22.20.

I paid for my couch and loveseat in full the day of purchase (required) in May, received my loveseat in July, called to confirm delivery of couch and told me August 4th. Received 2 texts saying August 4th and 1 text saying August 13th, I call to confirm, they say my order was canceled (I NEVER canceled!). With nothing but attitude and very poor customer service from this location, I call cooperate numbers numerous times and get nothing but more attitude from girls that apparently working from home, 1 phone call a baby crying in background and then to have the girl cuss me. Now they are telling me I won't get couch til December! They had no problem taking my $3,000 now I want my couch on a rush order. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had! I only want my couch or my money back without waiting 6- 8 weeks to get money back, I should NOT have to wait that long to get one or the other

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Aug 23, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to Ashley Furniture Homestore and making us aware of the guest's concerns. Our records show that we were able to deliver the guest on 8.14.20.

Customer Response • Aug 26, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


We placed an order on June 17th and was told it may be able 4-6 weeks for delivery, every week we got a text from Ashley's pushing our delivery date out further. I received one recently stating that estimated delivery was mid October and when I called to inquire about that I was told it would be late October at the earliest. I asked for a refund so I could go elsewhere, because honestly... who is ok with paying almost $5,000 up front for furniture and waiting 4 months or longer to receive it, I was told I must go to the store to get a refund. I went to Ashleys in Louisville (J-Town) and of course, they tried to talk me out of it, then said they had to charge me a 10% restock fee, FOR FURNITURE THAT ISN'T EVEN BUILT YET! I argued this and "***" ok'd the full refund. I call today to see if my refund has been started and how long it would take and was told that it doesn't even show my order being cancelled and that I again, have to contact the store I purchased from! I have tried to call the store numerous times yesterday and today with long waits and no answer. I want my $4,505.36 back ASAP and will be posting everywhere until it is completed. Ridiculous customer service!!

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Aug 20, 2020

Thank you for contacting Ashley HomeStore and for making us aware of *** situation. We deeply apologize for this experience. Our records show that the order was cancelled on 8.10.20 and the refund was completed.

We purchased a bed and the bed cracks, pops, Squeaks, and is very loud. It wakes up our newborn every time we roll over in the night. We’ve had them come out and replace the rails, footboard, sideboards, and tighten up the headboard. Nothing has fixed the problem. We call customer service to get a replacement and they agreed at the price of the bed and now saying 3 months later that the amount has dropped. The store employees are rude and unprofessional hanging up on us and saying it’s not their job. *** is the person we spoke to and she is the worst and does not help. We asked to speak with a manager and they are in meetings all day everyday.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Aug 25, 2020


This store sold me a piece of furniture for $2000, a month later when it was supposed to be delivered I get a message that it is delayed until July 10, which ok fine, that's not too bad. But then a other text message comes and now it is Aug 13. I call to find out why and I'm told it is out of stock. Then another text now saying Aug 20. This is 12 weeks past the day I bought it. I ask for a refund and they want to keep 10% of my money?? The sold me something out of stock, don't tell me about it until I call to find out about the delay, then they don't want to give me a full refund??
It is one thing if it was in stock and I just cancel before it arrives, but it was OUT OF STOCK all along and not in production. They owe me a full refund since it was sold to me and is out of stock and cannot even tell me when it will be available. It is wrong to take someone's money when you do not have the product. This is fraud. This is especially wrong in these covid times where we are struggling to work full time. I needed this couch for my apartment. Thank you for you help.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Jul 13, 2020

THANK YOU FOR REACHING OUT TO ASHLEY FURNITURE HOMESTORE - After researching this claim - our records show that refund was completed on 7.7.20 and was not charged cancellation fee.

Last year on Cyber Monday we purchased a sectional when scheduled for delivery we were told over the phone there was frame damage. I asked not to deliver and bring us one that does not have damage. They said we will need to reschedule when the pieces come in. Then after the 4th attempt to get our full sectional after I investigated by asking questions I was told this sectional was discontinued and I would not get all of the pieces. Mind you this was due to the manager placing the incorrect layout for the couch and the chase was wrong. Then in February of this year I. Told you will get a credit for a new couch but there was nothing we could even come close to at 1100 so we had to pay an additional $500 we might like. We finally get this scheduled and they deliver they give us the wrong configuration again. Brought an ottoman instead of the wedge that goes with the sectional. They also brought 2 pillows when there should have been 6. They gave us no discount for our troubles. We were told we would have $300 deposited back into our account for our troubles and never received it. The customer service is beyond ridiculous and there is no quality in their process. I’ve attempted to reach out to Ashley and ask about our $300 and have not received a return call. The root cause ended up being the manager ordering the wrong configuration and assuming the particular pieces I ordered instead of looking at the description and information on the sectional and customer order to confirm what myself the customer order. Finally received our couch in late April almost 6 months later.

In March I purchased a couch and it was said to me it would be delivered within 2 weeks. I had the couch purchased for my new home and I didn't want to risk damaging the product so I chose to have it delivered. Upon delivery one of the pieces had a tear. I notified the company and they stated they would replace the damage product. Her we are in July, and they have attempted to deliver 3 pieces that were not acceptable and damaged as well. All while damaging my door frame in the process. They stated they could give me a discounted rate for the damage but would not accept a return. The couch has never been used since it is in a second living room! They stated that they could not guarntee furniture with no damage and they could only offer me a discount of $60.00 for the damage. I did not shop in the discounted section of the store, I shopped in the new furniture sections and feel that I should either get a new undamaged piece of furniture or my money back. Each time they deliver furniture I have to also take off of work, therefor I am also losing additional money. I can understand one mishap but 4 is ridiculous.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Jul 28, 2020

We apologize for the delayed response. We've been in contact with *** and we are working on a resolution.

We received delivery of our furniture order on October 16, 2019. The delivery included a damaged coffee table (***-*), in which we were instructed to call service to have it fixed. At that time the parts needed were discontinued so I was sent to someone else to find the needed parts. Service came out roughly 2 months later to attempt to fix the table, with no success (little did we know the service tech removed rivets, causing a safety issue for our youngest child who is special needs). Ashley has tried to redeliver the table 2-3 times, and the new tables have been worse than the first. At this point we requested an exchange of the damaged coffee table and the matching end tables. Ashley will not consider making this issue right, as we have visited the store and called the customer service number. We just want to exchange the three pieces for a set that doesn’t pose harm to ourselves or kids.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • May 27, 2020

I have left a message for the guest. We are exchanging the table on 5/30.

Customer Response • May 28, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Caller left invalid call back number.


Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Jun 03, 2020

I have left a message for the guest. We have an exchange in the system for the defective table.

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Table that was attempted to be delivered was also defective. I just want the table and matching end tables exchanged for a different style.


: Good afternoon, it’s been almost 6 months since we placed our order Cyber Monday and received the incorrect side chase with the other 2 pieces. Three different more times we were scheduled for delivery and the same incorrect chase was brought to my home. So much time wasted. Then we were told sorry in March our couch was discontinued and their is no left side chase and we would need to exchange for a new couch. I thought we could get something comparable around the same price with the same quality. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. We ended up purchasing a different couch costing $600 more. Now for the 5th time we are asked to confirm delivery on 04/21 and the incorrect configuration is entered in the or. I believe the Quality process needed to be revisited. There appears to be a a systemic deficiency in your operation where no one is reviewing the problem from the time the order is generated to the time the warehouse picks the item to be delivered. I am a Quality analysts and if you need someone to audit and recommend solutions to this systemic issue that cost money ore time and money for your back company please contact me.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Apr 20, 2020

I have left a message for the guest.

Customer Response • Apr 21, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I spoke with *** from Ashley Furniture who stated once I receive all pieces of my order she will see how we can be compensated. We received our partial order again today. We received 2 pillows instead of 6 and no wedge with our 4 piece sectiona. Estimated delivery *** says is early May.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Apr 27, 2020

I have left a message for the guest to schedule the delivery of the wedge..

In 7/13/2019 I bought an expensive mattress Adapt Med queen at Ashley stores .Unfortunately, the mattress was way to firm, after 90 nights of sleep and I had it exchanged using the 90 night comfort guarantee in 11/23/2019. Based on the ashley seller Mr *** I choose the Elmhurrst lxupept Queen mat. The new mattress was placed over the same tempur pedic box spring bought at 07/13/2019 and after 1 week of usage I notice the mattress started sinking in its middle part and ends. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and back pain. I took some pictures of the mattress and headed to the store on 12/05/2019 where I explained the situation to the Manager *** who saw the pictures and agreed there was clearly something wrong with it. He said considering the price I paid for the mattress I should not be having a bad night of sleep. A complaint ID was created to have a person to come and verify the mattress. On 01/09/2020 he mattress personnel from Saw Enterprise came to my home to check the mattress, made measurements, took several pictures and explained me that clearly the mattress had a manufacturing defect and I would be covered by the warranty.
About 10 days latter, I contacted the stores and was told that Ashley stores would not do anything about my defective mattress it was not covered by the warranty because the mattress was not placed over the box spring during the technician visit. I read all papers I received on the purchase day, there is nothing mentioning I had to have the mattress placed over a box spring to be able to use its warranty. Clearly Ashley stores does not want to take responsibility for the defective mattress.I am still paying for this expensive defective mattress, Ashley not only sold the mattress but also promised that any problem wold be covered an solved.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Apr 13, 2020

I have left a message for the guest to get more information.. I can't find them in our system by the name or the phone number on the complaint.

Definitely not even a one star. This place is a joke. Atleast the bluegrass one. I was told upon ordering my kids bedroom sets (feb 18) that I would get them on feb 20th. I called the 20th to see when they were going to be delivering the furniture and they said the pieces haven’t even gotten to the warehouse yet & I did not have a delivery date. Hmm.. ?? she then asked me if I wanted to set one up. The soonest one she had was the 2nd of March. (Meanwhile kids are on pallets in the floor of our new home). So I said ok if that’s the soonest you have. Then the 2nd rolls around and a delivery guy calls me to tell me he’s on his way and that he doesn’t have my kids mattresses. Asks me if anyone had informed me.. umm no? Sure haven’t. What the heck am I going to do with two beds with no mattresses??? So then I get the beds delivered and the head board is all chipped off on the connecting leg. I tell the man and he calls the store and tells them and they tell him they will be in touch within the hour. No one ever called me. Called the next day and they tell me they’re bringing a new one on March 12th with the back ordered mattresses. March 12th is here and guess what?? No one brought a headboard. Call a manager she says it won’t even be in til the 19th then after me telling her I’m going to just say forget it she refunds me one of the mattresses. Which was nice and I was greatful. The guys show up with the mattresses.. for my two boys.. and they’re both bright pink. I ordered TWO BLUE MATTRESSES. Then they want to take back the pink ones.. absolutely not! My kids need a mattress to sleep In their beds. So the representative said I can keep the pink ones til the blue ones come in. NEVER going to this store ever again!! No one knows what the *** is going on and no one will communicate with you but they will sure take your money!

We purchased a sleeper sofa, a reclining sofa and a matching chair from Ashley furniture and before we purchased the sleeper sofa we asked them if it would fit down the hallway and they said yes they could get it in the room. But when they showed up with the delivery it would not fit and we told them we didn't want it but they would not take it back. So we went back to the store and they said they would send it to corporate but corporate denied it, so they will not come and get the furniture. They are telling us that we might not get the chair as well because they don't have any in stock and they not sure so if we don't get the chair we don't want the reclining sofa either due to they are a set. They won't allow us to buy the one off the floor. This store is not working with their customers at all they don't want to work with you to for customer satisfaction. Today they said because the furniture is in our house we have to keep it, even though we have had the furniture for two days now.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Mar 06, 2020

I have spoken with the guest.. She signed at the time of purchase that once the furniture is delivered in the home it can't returned. The recliner is on back order but should be delivered in late April..

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Went in to the Bluegrass Parkway location on February 16, 2020 and purchased a bedroom suit for almost $7000. I was promised delivery on 2-27-20 and I took off of work to accommodate the time of their delivery. We were told to have the room clear for setup of new furniture so we had our old furniture hauled off the night before. We receive a call the day of delivery stating all items were not received and wanted to know if we wanted what they had. Having clothes everywhere we said yes. The delivery guys were very hard on the furniture as they moved it in and tore the closer to my storm door out of the jamb of my door. Then they proceeded to demolish a 1000 piece puzzle my 4 and 8 year old had been working on for weeks that was no where near where they needed to be to deliver. When I asked why they did not call the day before the delivery driver says and I quote “They were probably afraid you would cancel your order.” I was also told I was being took for buying bunkie boards for a platform bed. When I called the store to figure out when the rest would be delivered I was told March 13th. I asked why so long and was given an I don’t care attitude and you need to call the store where you bought this. Apparently the phone number gets you to several areas depending on what number you pick. After choosing option 3 and asking to talk to the general manager or owner, I was told the owner doesn’t talk to anyone and the general manager was out of the country. I was told this is the best you get and that they could make decisions. They promised a faster delivery time of March 3rd and told me they would check on getting us compensated for having to take off of work twice. On March 3rd, they canceled the delivery due to damaged product....only problem here is they didn’t even bother to call and tell us. After taking off of work and calling back the best I can get is we will deliver on March 12. Again was told we could not speak to a manager and the owner doesn’t care. I asked to have what they delivered picked up and my money back and they said all sales final. This store is awful and I only hope this review saves someone else the pain that they have caused me and my family.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bluegrass Parkway Response • Mar 16, 2020

I have left messages for the guest..

Customer Response • Mar 16, 2020

I’m not sure what they mean they have left messages for the guests. I have not received so much as a call, text,or email. They did finally deliver and put together the rest of my furniture only to leave all the garbage in my driveway, foam and all blowing all over my yard and down the road. One guy told my wife they would dispose of and the other said we don’t have time for that. I have never and I mean never seen worse all around service. How this place is in business is a miracle.

My husband and I came in February 16, 2020 to purchase a king bedroom suite. We found one we loved and were assisted by Andre (who was great) who informed us that his computer told him the suite we wanted might be unavailable for an extended time. To ensure it wasnt just a system glitch, he brought over his manager Shanna Pine. Shanna informed us that we would be fine and that we could proceed with the sale because it was just a system glitch. She was more than happy to proceed with the sale (for her commission I'm sure) even though she knew the bedroom set would not be made or delivered for a long time. Upon paying, she ensured me she would call me personally after talking to corporate and if there were any issues she would let me know. I never got a phone call so I assumed all was well. We get a text that the mattress and box springs were being delivered on 2/29/20 but when I called to inquire where my bedroom suite was, they tell me it turns out the box spring is out of stock and all I'll be getting is a mattress. What am I supposed to do with just a mattress? No one was going to call and tell me my box springs weren't available?? I then find out my bedroom suite is in fact unavailable too and they have no date it will be available. After going back and forth, I visit the store. They inform me my pieces "may be available mid april" but are still unsure on a date. I ask to speak with Shanna (who they claim is with another client) when I look up and see her walking around the store alone. I am very disappointed in the customer service and lack of integrity of this store. I noticed several similar reviews on Yelp and now I know its protocol for them to sell items that are unavailable and lie to customers faces. The other manager still has no exact time frame for my pieces and admitted that someone should have called and told me my box spring and other items were not being delivered. Why does no one have a confident answer for me? Days later and I am no closer to knowing a date that I can expect an order that should have never been sold to me! I removed all of my bedroom furniture as I expected these items to arrive on 2/29/20 or at least be told in a timely manner (as I was promised by Shanna) that my pieces will not be made or arriving and I have the option to cancel my order. Just Awful! They dont care about you, they care about the sale. I will never shop here again.

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