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Ashley HomeStore

210 Promenade Blvd, Flowood, Mississippi, United States, 39232-8026

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• Oct 15, 2020

First of all, I purchased 2 recliners from Ashley and they were supposed to be delivered September 1st. I called and called and no one would answer the phone at the store. My chairs finally arrived around the 25th of the month. One of the chairs was damaged. Immediately called and no one would answer the phone at the store. I made multiple calls to the customer service line and sat on hold for over 30 minutes each time. They assured me someone would contact me in a few days and schedule for a technician to come out. Never heard from anyone. Called several more times and finally got through again and they told me the technician would be here on October 8th. Still haven't seen a technician. I stayed on hold for over an hour last night and couldn't talk to anyone. Finally I got someone to answer at the store this morning. He said he couldn't make me any promised but he would start working on this tomorrow. This is completely unacceptable!

Ashley HomeStore Response • Oct 15, 2020

We have an exchange for the recliner on order, it is delayed to mid- November. When the recliner becomes available this guest will be contacted to schedule delivery.

• Oct 13, 2020

I purchased a recliner for $267 on august 24th at the Ashely’s in Flowood. About 3 days later I requested a refund to cancel the order. It has been almost 2 months since I’ve received a refund for my recliner that I canceled and I’ve pretty much gotten the run around from the managers and associates at the store I purchased from. I then tried to take matters higher by contacting customer service and I was still unsuccessful with getting my refund. I am requesting double for my refund simply for having to wait this long. I needed that money more than they will ever know which led to me having to borrow money I didn’t have to pay some bills. I shouldn’t have had to go through this and I feel that they were in the wrong for making me wait this long.


Ashley HomeStore Response • Oct 14, 2020

I called this guest left a message regarding picking up the sofa chaise, once that is picked up we can submit for refund. I also emailed guest so they will have my contact information.

Customer Response • Oct 14, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I want to go ahead and payoff my balance. I've tried reaching out to the company for the past week and no answer. When I bought the furniture I had to get a protection plan. I didn't use my protection plan and I was told if I didn't use it then I will have to use the remaining funds to purchase something in the store. I don't want anything from Ashley Furniture due to the furniture is trash and so is the Sales. I would like for the amount of the plan to be deducted from my payoff amount. Please help me with this!! I just want to pay this off and have no affiliation with this company. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Ashley HomeStore Response • Sep 16, 2020

I have sent correspondence to the store to cancel the protection plan off your account, they will pro-rate it since you placed your order on 12/9/2018.

I have been calling over the past week and talking to customer service representatives and managers at the Flowood location where I made the purchase to cancel an order. I have been given the run around and everyone tells me it’s someone else’s responsibility to cancel the order. The delivery date has been pushed back from what I was told originally when I purchased the furniture. I just want this order cancelled and my refund.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Sep 02, 2020

Contacted guest and informed her we are getting her order cancelled, submitting refund and she should see that on her statement in 7-10 business days.

Customer Response • Sep 02, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


The salesman *** misled me at the time of purchase. I specifically asked prior to purchase of a living room suit that I will only purchase the furniture if delivery men will take away my old furniture when they deliver the new furniture to my home. I asked him 3 times before purchase and he assured me there would be no problem. I had to refuse the furniture when the delivery came because they said this was not true. The store manager stated it was not true however stated that despite being misinformed by the salesman he will charge me 10% for cancellation. He stated it was a corporate policy but upon calling corporate they stated the particular store sets that policy and referred me back to him (***). The manager said it was not his duty to talk to the salesman on his floor (***). I was misinformed to get. Purchased and then charged $379 to cancel without the manager or salesman taking ownership of misinforming me about delivery at the time of purchase.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Apr 24, 2020

We are sorry we were unable to fulfill guest's needs and expectations. Refund requested with no cancelation fee. Please allow 10-14 business days to see credit on your statement.

Hope we have the opportunity to serve guest in the future.

I made a purchase on Black Friday November 2019. Total order cost was $3800 for mattress, box springs, table and chairs. We received partial order in December along with damaged box springs. We called to do and exchange on box springs and find out when delivery of mattress would be expected. At first they didn’t want to give an exchange for damaged box springs because they claim it had been too long from purchase date, , but we didn’t have our mattress so we never opened it until the anticipated delivery of mattress. They changed delivery of mattress 4 times since November.. finally after the 4th push back on mattress delivery, we asked to have it cancelled and refunded. We returned the damaged box springs and still to this day have not received our refund of $2400. We have called several times asking why it’s taking so long, no one can give any answers. Spoke with corporate offices and local offices, and local manager ***.... several times and we can never get a straight answer. We have visited the local store in person twice asking to speak with management, the only answer we get is they are looking into the matter. We are extremely frustrated and just want our refund. We’re going into February almost and we still to this day Wednesday 1-29-20 have not received our refund. I will never shop at this furniture store again and do not recommend them to anyone.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Jan 29, 2020

The Store has started the process and I am now working with them to assist in bringing this to resolution.

We are sorry for the delay and I will respond again when I have an update.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Jan 31, 2020

The store has requested refund and appropriate adjustments. They tried to reach guest and left a voice message.

Please allow 10-14 business days for the refund to post to the account and give ample time for the correct amount to show charged to financing.

Thank you

Company will not stand by manufacture warranty or 5 year protection plan that was purchased at time bought. I have been unsucessful at getting mananger to call back and resolve problem. This has been going on since this past summer and furniture was delivered 1st of May. Customer service with protection plan will not cover due to it being under 1 yr warranty. Furniture is defected. They will not even come look at. I need help

Ashley HomeStore Response • Dec 14, 2019

We are sorry that Ms *** is unhappy with the furniture purchased. However, the information and photos available show a combination of use and damage issues that would not be covered under Ashley warranty or Furniture Care Protection. The furniture shows that is was picked up so guest would not be eligible for in-home service visit by Ashley unless that was paid for. However, this would not be a viable option since the photos display non-covered issues.

Attached is a word document that includes photos, along with a copy of the FCP contract. It includes what is covered, and what is not. See below a summary of what IS covered:
WHAT IS COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT: New Fabric, A&P Leather, Wood and Vinyl upholstered residential furnitureCOVERAGE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FROM A SINGLE INCIDENT:On Fabric or Microfiber? Household food and beverage stains? Stains from human and pet saliva, urine, stomach fluid, or blood? Accidental burn or singe marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat? Accidental ballpoint pen ink, wax crayon, facial cosmetics, nail polish, or finger nail polish remover? Color transfer from denim jeans or newspaper? Accidental puncture, cut, tear or ripOn A&P Leather or Vinyl? Household food and beverage stains? Stains from human and pet saliva, urine, stomach fluid, or blood? Accidental burn or singe marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat,? Accidental ballpoint pen ink, wax crayon facial cosmetics, nail polish, or nail polish remover? Color transfer from denim jeans or newspaper? Cracking or peeling of top grain leather in seating areas? Cracking or peeling of all leather and vinyl in non-seating Areas? Accidental puncture, cut, tear or ripOn Wood? Household food and beverage (product stain- excluding accumulation)? Accidental singe or heat marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat? Fading from sun exposure? Accidental damage from finger nail polish or finger nail polish remover? Failure of assembled joints? Water or household beverage marks, stains or rings? Accidental scratches penetrating through the top coat finish? Accidental dents, gouges or chipping penetrating through the top coat finish? Peeling of the finish of solid wood or veneer surfacesMechanical and Structural breakdownsto Fabric, A&P Leather and Vinyl Upholstered Furniture as a result of:? Breakage of frames, panels or springs? Breakage of mechanisms including sleeper mechanisms, reclining mechanisms, and heating, power and vibrating mechanisms*Coverage on frames, panels, springs and mechanisms may be used only upon expiration of manufacturer’s warranty and may not be used in lieu of manufacturer’s warranty.

Customer Response • Dec 16, 2019

My furniture fall within the warranty as the molding came off the arm right after purchase. The frame/ material is pulling away as indicated in a picture! The whole STARTED with the romba which is inder warranty..I do not understand the problem

Ashley HomeStore Response • Dec 18, 2019

Per the FCP warranty provided, if the damage started with the Romba, that would need to have been reported to FCP as a single incident within the specified time period in the warranty. The existing damages are accumulative and some also appear to be pet related which is not covered. The separation in the arm would not fall under Ashley warranty for manufacturing defects. If it was manufactured this way it would have needed to be reported within 72 hours of pick up and returned for repair.

Unfortunately there is nothing more that we can under either warranty.

I purchased a bed, mattress, loveseat, sofa, and recliner on December 8th 2019. First,I didn't receive it until over a month later. I specifically gave them a date that I was moving into my apartment and I asked the salesman if they could deliver at the end of the month. He assured me my furniture would be delivered by then. I received my bed around January 19th and the rest was delivered around the 26th. I had to sleep on the floor over two weeks with my bad back.

After a couple of months the bed broke. I called the salesman to let him know the bed had already broken after just 4 or less months. He had an attitude toward the issue. Of course, he reminded me of the warrant we have to pay in this case, which is $500 and I feel like this should be optional. I figure for them to charge this fee, the company is aware of the poor quality of furniture they are selling. When I purchased my furniture, the furniture in the store was a better quality then what I received. In April, I noticed I was itching and I thought it was the sheets I bought. In May I noticed bugs in my headboard. I had never had bed bugs before so I didn't realize it until I googled it. I have proof that my last apartment didn't have bed bugs and that the apartment I moved into didn't have them either. I didn't bring any furniture to my new apartment. I called Ashley Furniture again about this issue and the manager was not there. I spoke to a young lady and she assured me she would get with the manager and call me back. This was about a month or two ago and I haven't heard from anyone yet. I feel like I should be reimbursed for the 642.00 I had to pay to get rid of the bed bugs and that I shouldn't have to pay $500 fee incase the furniture break. Something needs to change with this company policy and the quality of the furniture.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Jul 10, 2019

I am not sure who was contacted at our Flowood HomeStore but apologize if no attempt was made to reach you.

In reference to your concerns, one of Ashley Industries Corporate officers has done extensive research on bed bugs. Due to multiple reasons, we take no responsibility for the presence of bed bugs in your home. I have provided some of the research on bed bugs below.

As far as your broken bed is concerned, you purchased the Furniture Care Protection which is intended to protect you in the case of accidental damage. Hopefully you reached out to them since you paid for this service. Their contact # is 888-***.

There is no credit of any kind available to you for either of these issues.

1) Research shows that bed bugs do not burrow into wood. They have piercing moth parts.

a. ***: Bed bugs do not have a preference for wood or metal. They hide in narrow harborages close to where the potential host sleeps. This might be anywhere within several feet of the bed (baseboards, dressers, nightstand). Often we do not see them because they are in hiding during the day and only come out at night to feed, on you! Bed bug control is very difficult and time consuming.

b. There are lots of insects that bore into wood--termites, carpenter ants, etc. Bedbugs can puncture skin but they don't bore into wood.

Extensive research also confirms that bed bugs may travel with a person in luggage, clothing,…returning from a hotel stay, etc. it may also take time for the bed bugs to nestle into an area as they search for their victims position in the bed.

Customer Response • Jul 11, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: The bed that I have is not metal or wood headboard, it is the Ashley Willenburg Linen Cal. king upholstered sleigh bed. I have pictures of the headboard with bed bugs hiding in it. I have proof that bed bugs was not there when I moved in the apartment( which was in my attachment)and also proof that when I left my old place they weren't there either. If you can honestly tell me that you have not had any issues with your furniture having bed bugs, I will understand but I know that you have had issues with this. I will continue to contact someone to get this resolved because I had to pay money I didn't have to get this resolved. I have bought furniture from other companies and never had this problem. I would like for you to looking into this issue again.


Ashley HomeStore Response • Jul 11, 2019

While we sympathize with your experience with bed bugs, we remain firm that we take no responsibility for your infestation and have had no past known issues with bed bugs originating from our funiture.

Please also note the timeline in your experience. You were delivered in January and document itching in April. As stated in previous response, there are multiple sources bed bugs can originate from and if you google it again, you will find multiple ways they can reach your home.

This is our final response.

I purchased a bedroom suit on or about March 25, 2018. This date is approximate. The very net day I went in to have the purchase refunded because after a careful review of the bed frame it was broken with no way to fix it correctly since the store had tried to do it unsuccessfully.

I have waited for the refund of my money for over a month. I have been told every week they are waiting for the owner to sign the check. To date I am yet to receive my funds.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Apr 29, 2019

We apologize for the delay and frustration. Accounting confirmed that the check was mailed out today.

Customer Response • May 04, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: although I received a response stating the check had been placed in the mail, to date I have not received the refund requested over a month ago


Ashley HomeStore Response • May 08, 2019

It can take 7-10 business days to get the check. Hoping she has it by now. Thanks...

Customer Response • May 09, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


On 12/1/18, I purchased and paid cash for a leather sofa and love seat and 2 matching leather recliners with a purchase price of over $5,000.00. After many calls to Ashley warehouse, it was finally delivered on February 2, 2019, which took 9 weeks to get delivered, and I was told 4 weeks. Upon inspection at delivery which was almost 3 hours late,, the leather couch was torn badly at the top right back side. Also, one of the recliners was torn on the left arm and there was no right arm for the recliner, so part of one recliner is missing. Now it's almost March, and I've been out a whopping $5000. cash since December 1, 2018, and I am absolutely not satisfied. The warehouse called me Friday, 02/22/19, and said that they would be coming out Thursday, 02/28/19 to repair couch. A brand new leather couch, and they can only repair it. All I want is a full or partial refund for the slowness of service, and I will never be satisfied with this furniture or the way that I, as a customer, have been treated through this whole process which is still going on 3 months later. I will never buy anything else from Ashley Furniture and will never recommend them to anyone. This whole purchase from start to finish has been a nightmare.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Feb 26, 2019

We are sorry to hear that guest is unhappy. As far as arrival dates on furniture goes, we don't guarantee the date, rather give our best estimate as we are at the mercy of the manufacturer's inventory availability.

As detailed in our retail purchase agreement, we are committed to providing her with furniture in showroom condition and as such are replacing the leather back on her sofa, not repairing the leather. Furniture is constructed with many different components, and this is one of them. We do not provide discounts for doing so.

We are also replacing the recliner and look forward to the result being that guest is provided with both items in showroom quality condition. We wish our best to her and hope she will reconsider doing business with us in the future.

Customer Response • Feb 26, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I signed paperwork on February 2, 2019 for a bedroom suit. Before signing I was told delivery could take up to 4 weeks. I called February 19th to check the status because salesman *** didn’t give me any further information on how they would contact me or when. I’ve sold my previous bedroom set because I was under the impression my furniture would be here sometime next week. When I called on the 19th I was informed to call back and ask to speak to my salesman. I spoke with him and he put me on hold. He had someone else break the news that it may take up to 10 weeks to receive my furniture. He stated he would call me back and never did. I called again to see if there was a way to cancel my order since it’s a breach of contract for him to tell me it would take up to 4 weeks when the girl up front informed me that they always tell clients 3-10 weeks. That’s not what I was told. *** was on lunch so the girl said he would call me back and see what we could do. No call. I called and asked to speak with a manager. She put me on hold and told me the manager was at lunch but now I could talk to *** and that he would call me right back. No call. I was lied to so that he could ensure I signed the paperwork that day and didn’t even apologize for misinforming me.

Ashley HomeStore Response • Feb 22, 2019

The HomeStore Manager said he has spoken with guest and is working to take care of her needs. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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