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Aspen Exteriors, Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me as long as the paint repairs from the first re-roof are madeAspen has agreed to this in a separate email dated 10/17/Payment in the amount specified will be made upon successful completion of the new re-roof and the proper clean up of our property has occurred.Thanks to Aspen for resolving thisWe just wish that it didn't have to take this long and entail so much effort.Thanks to the for supplying this venue.*** *** *** ***

I am rejecting this response because: We feel we paid for a roof to be put on the house right, they never said it would take months for it to lay right, if they had I would have waited for summer! I do not pay thousands of dollars for bad work and then feel safe with a warrantyThe warranty is only as good as the work that has already been doneThere has been much wind and rain and now I have to think about mold getting a start because it's getting under the tilesThank you for your help, *** *** *** ***

I am rejecting this response because:The roofing on the metal building is not just cosmetic There are leaks where the screws go that we never had before the hail damagethe skylights are broken with holes We store equipment and vehicles and horses in this building therefore when winter comes the snow will come inWe already have had rain come in and soak thingsI hope I answered to the right place*** ***

In response to ID *** *** * *** ***Spokane WA 99207 I spoke with our internal staff and our roofer who have apologized for the unacceptable instance of a crew member urinating in yard I have also personally spoken to her regarding that issue and
apologized We are also crediting homeowner $for the chicken coop I addressed the billing with Mrs*** and she did not understand that the increase from original estimate from insurance was that there were wood shakes under the asphalt shingles and also required the roof needed new sheathing Insurance approved the costs and included needed items in the revised estimate She now understands the bill is correct and she is to mail final payment less $credit by or on July 11th 2016.Respectfully,Joseph ***Vice PresidentAspen Exteriors Inc
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

We  acknowledge receipt of Mr. [redacted]’s complaint. We have been in contact with the homeowner,  as well as the city inspector, who has expressed that he needs to meet with us. Mr. [redacted] notified us that he’d be out of the country & asked that we contact his son. Our office has since...

made several attempts to contact the younger Mr. [redacted], as we need to schedule a time for the city inspector to meet with a representative from Aspen Exteriors & a representative for Mr. [redacted]. Appropriate weather and a roof which is free of snow will be required in order for this meeting to take place. As soon as this can be coordinated, Aspen is eager to make any corrections that are needed. In the mean time however, Mr. [redacted] is still responsible for his outstanding balance, as outlined in his contract with Aspen Exteriors.

There has definitely been some miscommunication within our company that led to the delays and also to the incorrect product being installed. By no means was this done intentionally, and our installer is scheduled to complete the gutter work correctly within the next 3 weeks. I spoke with the...

customer immediately after being notified of the complaint, and apologized profusely for the miscommunication and lack of communication by our staff. With my word that this work will be wrapped up correctly within a few weeks, the customer agreed to contact the and remove the complaint entirely. I will ensure that this is corrected as quickly as possible for the customer.

I am rejecting this response because:
I did receive several phone calls from Aspen, they have
agreed to credit the remaining balance due on my account for the chicken
coop.  I was told they could do nothing
but apologize for one of the crew getting caught urinating in my yard, as it
did not cause a monetary value. (It was a three-day job and none of any kind was
a port-a-potty on the job site). The last
call from Aspen, I was told, I will be getting a final bill with the remainder adjusted
for the chicken coop, and if it was not paid in-full by the next billing date
they will take action and send to their legal dept.  Sure feels like retaliation.
Should it not be
required to have a facility for your workers to go to the bathroom on the job
I say, shame on you Aspen for not taking responsibility for
a job unprofessionally done!

Aspen Exteriors Inc called for a final roof inspection 11/27/17.   H/o called us on 11/30/17 to say inspector wanted to meet Aspen rep with a ladder.   I called city and they scheduled for us to meet 12/5/17.  City called that morning to call inspection off as it had just snowed and to call back when snow is off the roof.  I spoke to inspector and he said we could brush snow off roof areas he wanted to look at but would like to have Aspen rep and h/o or h/o representative on site.   I spoke to Mr. [redacted] on 12/12/17 to set up time we could brush snow off roof and he said he was leaving the country and to call and set up time with his son.  I left a message immediately with no call back.  Aspens warranty dept also tried to reach son numerous times with no call back.   Warranty reached Mr. [redacted] 2/6/18  over seas and he states he will be back in the States in 2-3 weeks and to call his son.  We left message again same day.  We have made numerous attempts to schedule with son with no return calls.   Aspen will continually try to reach son so we may bring this matter to a conclusion.Respectfully,Brian [redacted]Aspen Exteriors Inc.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and provide us with some photos illustrating your concerns. After viewing your photos, I feel I better understand the basis of your complaint. I think you may be accustomed to looking at traditional 3-tab shingles, as opposed to the laminated architectural shingles that Aspen has installed for you. Traditional 3-tab shingles are designed to lay very flat on the roof, giving a very plain appearance. In contrast, an architectural shingle is designed to simulate the look of a hand-split cedar shake roof. Each shingle has several separate pieces laminated together, with different thicknesses, to provide a more dimensional appearance.  From the photos provided, I can tell you with certainty that the roof has been installed properly. All of the bumps and shadows that you see when looking up at the roof are all part of the design and allure of this type of shingle.  Additionally, I did send our lead installer out to the property this week to inspect the roof for any installation errors. He provided me with 30 photos from various angles, including from atop the roof. From his photos, it is clear that the rows of shingles are very straight, the shingles are, in fact, laying flat, and the shingles appear to have sealed down normally. I have attempted to upload some of these photos, but the site is not functioning properly. I can provide any or all of these photos upon request.  While we understand the confusion that led to this complaint, it is clear that there is nothing to repair. Since no repair or waiting period is needed, Aspen expects payment in full immediately.  Thank you.

I am rejecting this response because:
I disagree with Aspen Exteriors response about we didn’t answer their calls , the company officers just asked me and my sons to pay the final payment.we asked Mr. [redacted] (company officer) to schedule an appointment requested by city inspector on 11/30/2017 there was no snow the entire week but he declined,city lnspector came again on 01/16/2018 and no body showed up.What I say,Aspen Exteriors needs to fix roof and install it perfectly, then they need to contact and schedule inspection with city inspector andnotify us of date and time of inspection, once roof passes inspection , I will release final payment to Aspen Exteriors .thank you

Aspen Exteriors was not aware that the pole building roof has been leaking. We are making this repair a top priority and have been in contact with the customer to discuss the details of the project so that we can get the repair process moving. Materials have been ordered, and we will be in touch with the customer to schedule the repairs soon. While we truly regret the delays this customer has experienced, we look forward to completing the work and leaving the customer fully satisfied.

Aspen Exteriors, Inc. fully intends to complete the work for this client. The special-order siding materials have been ordered, and are expected to arrive within a few weeks. Scheduling for the siding will occur shortly thereafter. When it comes to metal roofing, there are a very limited number of...

installers skilled in this sort of installation. The work needs to be performed in a professional manner, which sometimes requires that we wait for the availability of an installer who can guarantee such an installation. Thankfully, the metal roofing damage is only cosmetic in nature, and poses no immediate threat of leaking into the structure. With the short construction season here in the upper Midwest, this work will likely need to be put off until spring. Metal roofs become slippery and dangerous with even the slightest coating of dew or frost, so for this type of work, the season is even shorter than that for shingled roofing. Aspen Exteriors, Inc. is committed to ensuring a quality job is performed for every customer, even if that sometimes means a project must be delayed to ensure the results are of the highest quality.

Aspen Exteriors Inc. has responded to Mr. [redacted] that we will agree to do a complete reroof and understand he acknowledges that all other items have been addressed and completed.  H/o will owe balance of $8373.72 when reroof completed.Respectfully,Joseph [redacted]Aspen Exteriors Inc.

Aspen Exteriors, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with a quality replacement of their storm damaged exterior components, which is why we provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on workmanship. We will gladly provide an inspection of the roof installation to ensure that no errors...

were made during installation. It is common for shingles installed during the winter months to not lay flat until spring weather has set in and the warmth of the sun has had a chance to soften and seal the shingles. Again, we provide a lifetime warranty to all customers on the workmanship, so there is nothing to worry about. As stated in our agreement, final payment is not subject to repairs, punch-list items, or warranty issues. Our billing department expects payment in full, at which time the customer will receive their lifetime warranty for the completed work. An inspection of the completed work will happen in the next 3 days to verify that the installation was completed in accordance with local buildings codes and manufacturer's guidelines, but final payment is required before any warranty work will occur, if needed.

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Address: 14245 Saint Francis Blvd Ste 101, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States, 55303-6137


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