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Association of Mature American Citizens, Inc.

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Reviews Association of Mature American Citizens, Inc.

Association of Mature American Citizens, Inc. Reviews (11)

• Feb 18, 2021

See responses to above reviews
See responses to above reviews.
See responses to above reviews

• Dec 13, 2020

Completely satisfied
We joined several months ago and are very impressed with the work they are doing. Weekly emails keep us informed, and the quarterly magazine is outstanding. Plus the strength in numbers for us conservatives is vital, especially with state of current affairs. We have urged our friends to join, and all have been pleased so far.

• Dec 12, 2020

Why do reviewers Call the A MAC a scam?
Ref., the Reviews seen above. Why do people call he A MAC a scam organization, with reference to mentioned incidents of same . If these are untrue the complaints should be investigated, & the results shown to all. I was to cancelled my AARP membership as I joined knowing not they're worse scammers working for the Big Pharma, pushing health(s) care , drugs, & Vaccines on people, mostly the elderly. This is a terrible state of affairs : EXPLOITING seniors to the maximum. When the world know what the Vivid really is , & many successful natural remedies have been found researched & approved by physicians, the WHO & Big - Pharma have reportedly Squashed same & Governments worldwide have arranged for same to be banned . Now enforced or giving Vaccines under pressure is taking place. We will await the punishment that may come upon those responsible.

• Feb 18, 2021

Do your research, read, and then make a judgment. There are executives, particularly Weber family, and high-level associates who make very comfortable salaries and benefits at “offices” with post office box addresses throughout US, Canada and Mexico in one article I found. Paid for by your “membership”. Also regardless of your opinion, another article quote “ACA was voted in by STUPID PEOPLE.” The deciding vote was by Senator John McCain. Calling him stupid is insulting. In
February 2021, I received a solicitation letter from AMAC asking for money under the guise of “membership”. I did not volunteer my name and address. I’m on a Do Not Call (or mail) list. Did AMAC check that nationwide list out of simple curtesy? Apparently not. When thousands of people lost jobs ( yes, some seniors actually work for a living), AMAC mails solicitations for up to $59.95.
That takes GALL! But then some executives think they are entitled maybe for a raise. And God forbid we have “entitlements” including social security. As for “protecting” your social security, that’s why we have senators and representatives in our big bad liberal, left-wing government. AMAC claims to be nonpartisan. Now who’s “stupid”?

• Oct 15, 2020

Wonderful alternative to AARP
This organization has only been around since 2007. It is still growing and developing. I really like their magazine and the content it provides.

• Sep 18, 2020

My husband & I have been members of AMAC
My husband & I have been members of AMAC for years as we have been extremely dismayed by the views of AARP. We have been also found their magazine (AMAC) very well researched. If you believe in the founding principles of our nation & our Constitution - and are alarmed by the progressive socialists, you will find AMAC very enlightening for us "seniors" to combat the liberal bastion that has is the major media and their radical agenda.

Review: We responded to their solicitation for membership and paid for it with our credit card. Our card was charged on 8-*-13 and to date we have received absolutely nothing - no acknowledgement, no membership kit, etc. We sent them an e-mail which has been completely ignored.We would like for them to cancel our application and give us a refund.Thank you.

Product_Or_Service: Association membershipDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Refund our money and cancel our membership application.



Hi [redacted], I have

received information on ID# [redacted]. I have already addressed this issue. I

have attached the resolve that was mailed out on 10/**/2013 to [redacted].

Please let me know if there is any further action I need to

take in order to close this case.

Thank you for your

continued support,


Supervisor of Membership


Amac - The Association of Mature

American Citizens

Review: AMAC is supposedly an organization to counter AARP and its more liberal views on issues related to the elderly and [redacted] like myself. Several months ago I joined in good faith with the understanding that I would receive a "membership kit and card" within 2 weeks. After over 20 calls (when I started counting) and several before I kept being told that I would receive it. It is now August *, 2013 and I don't have one yet. After leaving over 10 calls with the CSR is for [redacted], its president, to cancel, I finally reached him on my own by calling the non toll-free number. We talked at length about the nasty, vile, "do-nothing" CSRs that he has. He admitted that they were were a third party organization. We agreed that they needed replacing. He has done nothing that he promised. He talked me in to staying a member and would donate my membership fee to a Christian charity of my choice, i.e. Answers in Genesis and send me a tax-deductible receipt for my gift to them. He has not done so and I have left with the CSRs 11 messages since. He has not returned my calls or even recognized that I have attempted to reach him. The CSRs today promised again they would contact him. They say they have no supervisor. If so, [redacted] is no administrator and I feel should be fired. He certainly doesn't do anything. Today was the last attempt to reach him. I explained to the CSR that I was reporting this organization to the, the Ohio Attorney General and the FBI for fraud in not crediting my account since it was cancelled by the isic CSRs. When I have attempted to use some of the "benefits" this scamming company states are available on their website, I am told I am not a member. In other words, I have been conned, duped, terrorized, and lied to. I demanded my money by Monday August *, 2013.Desired Settlement: I am demanding that I immediately receive a check over-nighted for my membership fee and a settlement above that amount for pain and suffering, duress, mental stress that this entire process has caused me. This is a scam operation led by a scam leader under the guise of supposedly helping the elderly and disabled. I have received no help whatsoever and actually have been hurt badly by them. It is obvious that their so-called "conservative" and "Christian" principles can be thrown out the door



Hi [redacted], I received your letter to the

today 8/*/2013. I would like to address your comments/complaints. I would like

to start by apologizing for the inconvenience and lack of customer service. Our

turnaround for receiving your membership kit in the mail is 4 full weeks due to

our bulk mailing. I will be more than happy to refund your $59.95 (Ck # [redacted]) as well

as sending you another Ck # [redacted] for $59.95 and believe that you will send it to the

charity of your choice, I did overnight the checks today 8/*/2013, If we send the charity

there check the receipt will come back in our name to us. Please keep in

mind AMAC is a young organization and while we are grateful to say that we

are experiencing a surge in membership, we are also feeling some growing pains

at the same time. We want to assure you that we are working hard each day to

improve our organization so that we can continue to advocate for Conservative

American Seniors, and hope you will consider joining us again in the future.

Any Questions



• Feb 18, 2021

Very revealing experience and the responding excuses. A “young” organization? I looked up their beginnings, and I take issue with that excuse. As to their backlog of mail in 2013, well, in February, 2021, AMAC sent me a solicitation letter regardless of the fact I am on a nationwide Do Not Call (nor mail) list. This letter states “AMAC is 2.4 million members strong.”
And an excuse of backed up mail in 2013, 7 years ago? Really? This organization has/does pay executives, including the founder, Dan Weber, and his family members very comfortable salary and benefit packages (including deductible air travel). This is a well funded lobby group operating under the guise of helping seniors.
Dp your research people. The disgusting adjectives of people with differing views includes one article’s quote: “ACA was voted on by stupid people”. The deciding vote was by Senator John McCain.” Calling him stupid is putrid.
Personally I am sick of the vitriol.

• Nov 02, 2020

Obviously a review by a leftist, athiest hack, probably hired by AARP, who supports third term abortions. They have no shame.

• Nov 02, 2020

WOW. AMAC is a stand up organization. Refund AND an additional check to donate. I'm sold and will wait 10 weeks for my membership package to arrive! A 5 year membership for $60 for BOTH myself and my wife? Can't beat it. Can't please all the people all the time! But AARP? Not a chance.

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