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Atlantic Foundation & Repair

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Did not complete work and will not discuss with me, very hateful every time I try and sent letter and went to office with no results, I am disabled.August17,2015 install 176' of crawlspace drain inside of perimeter masonry pillars, install sump pump in left rear corner, install 6 mil vapor barrier,@ 90% coverage, open all foundation vents. Full price $5,724.00, paid $5000.00 owe 724.00 Stopped punt on last $1000.00 ck and was threatened with law suit or property lien, thought they were coming back so sent in another $1000.00 check to replace and owe 724.00. Will not return calls. Only partial plastic under house and 1/4 of it pinned down, want completely done.Desired SettlementWant all plastic under my house and sealed at cider block pillars and pinned on edges. Would like detailed information on the sump pump and how it works, the top of the distribution of water kept flying off when water came out still not working properly. Some wires are on top of plastic some under, it's just a mess and distribution of water area should be lower, water does not drain properly. Just discused used [redacted] to get them and just devastated by results.Business Response Ms. [redacted] is very hard to deal with she still has outstanding balance that she refuses to pay. Atlantic Foundation &Repair has dispatched crews at least 3 times to resolve her concerns.The president of the company has met her. Her expectations clearly exceed the the work contracted. Additionally Ms. [redacted] attempted to pay ber balance with a check the bank returned for non sufficient funds. Consumer Response The boss has never met with me, he spoke to me on a phone hollering at me I tried to ask questions.The only reason they returned was because they fixed the mess they made in my yard and his son agreed they should not have left that way. I am attaching pics of the mess under my house the plastic is not at 90% and they have not got all the wires above plastic and pinned the complete area as one end has no plastic to pin.There was a misunderstanding about a stop pymt ck, I paid in good faith that they would finish.Final Business Response The additional work that Ms [redacted] requested is not specified in the contract nor is it required by the NC Building code.


The company guaranteed foundation drainage work, problem is now worse and company will not respond and the work has not been completed.The owner of the company gave me an estimate to stop a drainage problem with water flooding my downstairs. He gave me 3 options for sump installation but said he would only guarantee one of the options, the most expensive. I chose that option and asked more about it when I hired him. He said it was only for life of the pump and not his work. This was the first indication I was dealing with a dishonest person. I told him that was not what he first told me and I already had a manufacturers warranty for the pump. He then said" this is going to work, I'll make it right". It didn't work. In fact the flooding problem is much worse since he installed the sump. I reminded him he said he would make it right. He tried a couple of easy fixes, including discharging directly to the ground surface to see if it was back pressure causing the sump to fail. It didn't work. Meanwhile, evey time it rained hard my downstairs flooded. I vacuumed out 100 gallons with a shop vac one night and one week later vacuumed out 80 gallons. Each time after flooding carpet and padding. I have since had to tear out dry wall and a ruined bathroom vanit. Before his work my den flooded once. After his work it has flooded every time we get 1/2 " of rain. Flooding has caused a lot of property damage which is not covered by insurance. When I told him about the damage he said to take it up with my insurance, even though I told him I already had and it was denied. A second sump installed inside my house to capture water inside my house was installed against my advice. It hasn't worked either. I have made several attempts to get him to 1) stand by his word and "make it right", 2) at least complete his temporary fixes by reconnecting my underground drain line. My yard is still in disrepair. He has killed 8 bushes and left temporary pipe laying in my yard. He has not responded to my multiple request. Unfortunately he has been paid and apparently is not going to finish the job. This is a very disreputable company.Desired SettlementFix my drainage problem he said he would guarantee. I will not seek restitution for the damage he has caused if he will just stand by his word.Business Response Atlantic Foundation & Repair has meet with Mr. [redacted] several times in an attempt to resolve his concerns, even to the extent of providing an additional sump and pump in a separate location. The configuration of Mr. [redacted]'s home does not allow for conventional waterproofing due to an addition adjacent to the basement. Atlantic Foundation & Repair's approach to solving Mr. [redacted]'s was to control the ground water in the vicinity of the leakage; the system installed is very effective in this regard. Mr. [redacted]'s current description of his problem, now that the ground water issue is resolved, appears to be related to storm water runoff. Ground water runoff issues were beyond the scope of the work provided.Consumer Response I have engaged another contractor that says he can undo what Mr. [redacted] has done and fix the problem. Apparently Mr [redacted] oversold his capabilities. He fixes foundations, not drainage issues. The house has now flooded 7 times since he got involved.As an environmental consultant for the last 23 years, my job is to evaluate groundwater. I told Mr. [redacted] from the start this was a storm water issue, not a groundwater issue. It floods when it rains and it stops when the rain stops. He didn't listen. I even offered to show him where storm water from the ground surface was migrating around the foundation, but he never showed up.It is very hard to understand what he is trying to say in his response above. He says his approach was to control groundwater in the vicinity of the leak, but concludes groundwater runoff (never heard of this) was not in the scope of work. He was engaged to address a storm water problem and it is now evident he didn't understand the issue. He has not returned several attempts to contact him. Unfortunately, he has been paid and has now disappeared. He guaranteed his work, but made the problem worse and caused $1,000's of additional damage. This is a disreputable company!Final Business Response Mr.[redacted] seems confused; Atlantic Foundation & Repair has never had nor currently has anyone named [redacted] in its employ or ownership. Mr. [redacted] states he is an environmental consultant with considerable experience. Given his self claimed expertise in the area of ground water, we are confused as to why he would authorize and pay for work that his expertise should have told him he would not achieve the desired results. Systems such as installed it the complainants home have been and usually are sufficient to solve the problem as described, although residential drainage systems are sized for economy to handle normally occurring precipitation there is always the possibility excessive precipitation can over burden installed systems.More Info Received From The Consumer(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I didn't get to respond to Mr Hollands last comments. Mr [redacted] is the contractor that is going to fix Mr. [redacted]'s mess. My mistake.He appears to still be confused about stormwater versus groundwater. I am not a storm water expert, but have a stormwater problem. Unfortunately, I was depending on his supposed stormwater expertise. I don't understand his assumption. Apparently he still doesn't understand the issue.I have spoken with other drainage contractors and all have said his selected remedy using mechanical means was the worst option. Basically, he didn't know what he was doing. I selected him only because he "guaranteed" his work. It has come to this because he walked away from the jobBottom line is Mr [redacted] didn't keep his word and won't stand behind his work, which he guaranteed. Instead he made the flooding problem much worse, causing $1000's of property damage. He didn't even finish the job; there is still pipe lying across my yard which I have requested he remove. He won't returns phone calls or emails. I'm running out of options.

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Address: 1015 Jordan Narron Rd, Selma, North Carolina, United States, 27576


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