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Atmark Trading

2600 W 35th St, 226-A, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60632-1602

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• Aug 14, 2021

Paid for Dell servers and Juniper equipment
We have paid by Wire transfer on February 2021 for Dell servers and Juniper but they just shipped one unit of juniper router out of 5 units juniper and Dell server 30 units . After that we are trying to reach them continuously but failed to connect . We are planing for legal action against ATMARK.

• Jul 14, 2021

A corrupted Win 10
Don't you people have anything better to do than to gyp people? Why don't you go out of business?

• Jun 19, 2021

A computer from these...
My Win 10 was corrupted so I have an all new Win 10 on my computer. I want Atmark out of business

• May 26, 2021

I purchased a refurbished computer a year ago and it went out. No issues, those are the risks I paid $350. ALL GOOD. THEY DELIVERED WHAT WAS PROMISED!
TODAY, I simply called to asked them if I sent that one back (seeing that they refurbished computers and I was a returning customer) if I would get money off on another purchase. The owner started talking about used car lots, and when I said "this is not the same thing;" He started yelling at me "Are F'ing stupid! You are asking me to take back a F'ing broken computer for nothing." I said, "Relax dude, let me finish," He responded, "No You are F'ing stupid thinking I am going to give you money back, Go F yourself!" Then hung up the phone. I am like WOW. So I waited 10min, I called back and said, "Sir. Please explain to me why you cursed me out, I was simply asking a simple question. I didn't mean to come off combative. I was actually going to purchase another computer even without the discount." His reply, "Because your are F'ing stupid! Trying to get something for free, Go F' yourself! Don't call back.. We don't need your business!"

• Apr 17, 2021

These people are NOT Legitimate!
They are taking money and not delivering. PLEASE do not be scammed by this company.

• Apr 17, 2021

This is a Scam Company!
We ordered a rebuilt computer and they never shipped it. I called five times and finally was told to F-Off. The Attorney General's office in Illinois is being notified. I was told that we would receive a refund in five to seven business days. I doubt we see anything. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!

• Apr 10, 2021

AtMark Trading is Scam Company!
Do not buy anything from this company. They will not deliver and will delay, delay, delay. I suppose they are hoping that whoever ordered from them will forget about it and walk away. This is just a Con Game. They need to be reported to the local authorities. I expect any rating on this board above 1 Star is by one of t

I've bought 6 computers which all worked fine. I bought one that a problem and I had a replacement very fast.

Packing is excellent.

I placed an order for a laptop on the atmarktrade website. Its has been 2 weeks with no shipping information, or contact from the company. I have tried calling and e-mailing, with no response. At this point, I would just like my money back, but I'm filing a formal complaint because I don’t think i’m going to get my order or my money back.

• Apr 10, 2021

These people are crooks. The company is a scam. You will not get anything except maybe ignored. It has been two months since we ordered. I have called five times and the last time I was told to F-OFF! But they will pay dearly...very soon.

I bought a surface, keyboard and pen. The website said “order in the next xx hours to receive your order by April 9.” Since I wanted it sooner I paid for expedited shipping. On April 6 I emailed the company and sent them a Facebook message because I had not gotten any updates. After they responded saying it would ship that day, a shipping label was created. On April 8 I called and emailed the company because the package still has not gotten to the shipper. Later that day the package did get to the shipper. I got my order on April 10, a day after I would have gotten it without the expedited shipping. I highly doubt my order would have shipped when it did if I had not called and emailed.

The order was for a surface, keyboard and pen. The keyboard that came has letters that did not work and one that popped off and will not go back on. The pen was not in the package at all. Once again I called the company about these items and the lack of expedited shipping. The person I spoke to was very demeaning and cussed at me multiple times during the phone call. After filling a dispute with my bank, they have only refunded $40 even though the keyboard and pen added a cost of $100 and the expedited shipping that I did not recorded was $11.

Warning this is a scam company. You will not receive your laptop and will have to dispute the charge via your credit card company.

Atmark Trading Response • Apr 03, 2020

This is a direct competitor of ours that has lost business to Atmark. This statement is also libelous and has no basis in fact. This person order products during the Covid 19 crisis and demanded we his order ahead of ones placed by Health Care Organizations. When we refused and refunded his order he decided he was going to shut us down.

• Jul 08, 2021

I am not a competitor, and I ordered a dell 7440 from them and it was never sent out. They provided tracking to shut me up but never answered calls or emails. It’s a fraud! I can’t believe Newegg let’s them sell through their site! Order #100112669 is for a medical practice. They charged my card, and didn’t provide the computer that I ordered. FRAUD

• May 26, 2021

Please explain to everyone why you cursed me out Sir.

• Mar 23, 2021

I have a similar experience, I did not receive my purchased computer

So far, horrible experience. Paid upfront for 30 laptops and received 3. Two of them were missing batteries. Now my emails are not being returned.

Very nice people and I got a good deal on my computer

HORRIBLE experience. Ordered an iphone for our daughter.
Arrived LOCKED. No communication, had to return it. Never sent a replacement, had to call them 10 times, today, two months later, this ATMARK clerk has a nasty (!) attitude and claims I had been refunded, this after some other clerk had promised to send 'something better' because they dropped the ball.....
AMEX will get my money back, what a bunch of losers.

The company is refusing to refund a purchase for a faulty product.

I purchased a laptop from this company on September 18, 2019. It shipped with USPS and was delivered on September 30. I contacted them on October 15 (well within the return for refund policy time frame) to get support on an issue with wifi. It simply would not connect to a wifi network. After discussing with them, I agreed to have them send a replacement wifi card and I would change it out myself in an effort to resolve the issue without having to return it for a refund.

The replacement wifi card arrived and I changed it out. It seemed to work for a day or two, but then the same issues of it not connecting or not staying connected arose again. I contacted them on November 1 to say that this did not work and I would like to return it for a refund. No answer. I emailed again, no answer.

I called them on November 6 to get a new rma and was told it will be repaired and returned. It is out of the 30 day return for refund period. NO. It is not.

I would like a refund for this laptop that does not work properly.


I have GOT to learn to look up reviews of these companies BEFORE I order from them. Internet businesses are faceless entities that can steal from you and there is nothing you can do about it. No office to drive to and complain, and if they don't want to take or return your calls you are just left holding the bag. Do NOT send Atmark Trading your money!

Atmark Trading Response • Oct 03, 2019

The customer ordered a HP 8300 All in one Desktop Computer on 9/23/2019
The item was delivered on 9/30/2019.In the public domian on our website the delivery time frame for orders is 3-7 business day. This delivery was within the delivery time period. The customer has not sent any communication about any issue with his system. The customer does have a 30 no questions asked return window, that he can return the item.However, at this point in time we have had zero communication with the customer.

• May 26, 2021

But why did you curse me out?

Dear Sir

I wish to bring to your attention that the company by name AT*** Trading INC. Located in Michigan listed in the below address, is represented by Mr. ***. We have been a victim of fraud by him and his company for an amount of $19,500 taken with a promise to supply refurbished laptops. All of his correspondences have been conducted on Email *** with his website of his company as

I have attached my complaint and proof of the transaction promised by him and is currently absconding and does not respond to call of ours for the delver of the promised goods for which the payment was collected. Attached the complaint, proof of the transaction and the promised made and finally no replies to any of our calls or mails. And is currently absconding.

Request you to kindly help us to trace this fraud company and take action to ensure frauds of this nature do not occur in USA and especially under your jurisdiction. I have so many business relationships that I have and have been conducting in similar capacity for the past 20 plus years.
Below are the contact information of the company under question showing two different correspondence addresses.

AT*** Trading INC
*** Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170


At*** Trading
*** Dr
Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Contact Phone Numbers.

I am currently on business Visit in India and will request you to please correspond with my Representative Mr. *** on located in Texas for any immediate correspondence needs and he is an US Citizen. I can be further reached on any time for any further clarifications or information.

My immediate mailing address within USA is
Mr. ***
C/o Mr. ***
2561 lake bend drive, Little Elm, TX 75068
Ph : *** / ***

Request you to kindly let me know how you can help me on this issues

With Warm Regards.

S. *** kumar
Compulease Networks Pvt Ltd / Dell Technologies
# *** INDIA
E-Mail: ***
Tel: ***
Mobile: *** USA: , UK:

We send the money on 24/10/2017 $21750 against 150 pieces of HP Folio laptops, *** the president of atmark trading confirmed that he received the money in his bank account which is ***, since then he is not answering the calls and unable to tell us that when they gonna delver us the order. we have been trying chasing him since then over the phone and emails. we only have one mobile number and there's no company landline or anything. Kindly advise us what can we do at this stage.

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Address: 2600 W 35th St, 226-A, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60632-1602


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