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Auto Repairs R Us

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Review: This company absolutely ripped me off. I told them I needed repairs done on my car so that I could drive across the country. I made the mistake of telling them I was moving and not coming back.I was charged for specific repairs that a month and a half later had to completely redone. The mechanic here, a certified mechanic for a public school system, informed me that the work I was billed for from Auto Repairs R US, wasn't even done! They put on some paint, welded new looking parts over old ones and even left very important parts that were required, off the vehicle altogether. I ended up doing additional damage to my car because I was driving it when I shouldnt have. I was told by Auto Repairs R US that the car would be fine and the work was done correctly.When I contacted them, I was told the work was warrantied but Id have to bring my car back to them. From Denver to Richmond!? I don't think so. I also had my honest mechanic here, call Auto Repairs R US, and they wouldnt answer. Twice.I requested to the owner that he should at least compensate me for half the costs of the work that was never done.No answer.This Business is extremely dishonest and doesn't deserve to use the on their [redacted] page or even be in business to begin with.Desired Settlement: I would like to be monetarily compensated for at least half of what I paid. I'd like to be completely refunded but I'm trying to be realistic.There is no way I'm traveling to VA to get this fixed.



I spoke with [redacted] from business and he stated that the company replaced the front exhaust, the timing belt and the water pump. [redacted] stated that he told the consumer that the only way he could replace the water pump was to also replace the timing belt. He also stated that if the timing belt was off by a tooth, the vehicle would not have made it 2 miles up the road. The company would be willing once the consumer is back in town, to look at the vehicle and if anything is wrong they would be willing to replace it.

Review: I brought my car to be serviced by Auto Repairs R Us Lic on 8/6/13. I signed an agreement on 8/9/13 to repay [redacted] total with a down payment of [redacted] leaving a balance of [redacted]. The $800.00 balance would be paid in installments as agreed: 9/1/13 [redacted], 9/13/13 [redacted] and 10/19/13 [redacted]. I was advised by the store manager [redacted] that I needed to sign my title as it would be kept as collateral until payment was made in full. on 8/19/13, a payment of [redacted] was attempted to be made at the shop, however; payment was refused by owner [redacted] who advised that I breached the agreement by not making a payment on 8/16/13, in-which he had titled my car in his name and is about to sell it. I pleaded with [redacted] not to sell my car over a $50 payment. He then advised that the car was sold and there was nothing he could do. .. I received a text from [redacted] requesting I come in and sign a new agreement. The new agreement had an additional [redacted] from my original invoice (dtd 8/9/13) of [redacted], new total is now [redacted] for repairs. [redacted] has now advised me that the previous agreement was voided. However, the prior agreement states payment was not due until 9/1 and now I was forced into a second agreement. He has since drawn up yet a third agreement on 8/27/13 stating the previous two agreements are now void and is now threatening to sell my vehicle if payment is not received by Friday 8/30/13 at 12pm. In the written contract (dated 8/27/13), [redacted] indicated that a device was added to the car that will allow him to have control to shut on/off the car at any time. There is now an additional cost is [redacted] to turn the vehicle back on if payment is not received before 8/30/13 12pm.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the additional charges being applied, devise removed from vehicle, and guarantee there would be no damage done to the vehicle.



The owner of the company responded that at this point a refund will not be given as he feels he is still owed money for his services. Consumer could not afford repairs so he made a contract for payments which were not paid as agreed. consumer came in and he made a second contract to help with payments, had title at this point and required that they get full coverage for insurance since he is now considered the lien holder. he gave them a date to get the coverage. This date past and he started with repossession procedures. Consumer came back with coverage and he made a third contract with fees for [redacted] charges.

Consumer has vehicle, the devise was never put into the vehicle to turn the car off since they came back before he could put the devise in. No refund will be given.

Review: I purchased a [redacted] for 1980.00 dollars on October 29th of 2013. When driving the vehicle home from the shop the vehicle had a clicking noise and struggled to pick up speed. I was told when initially purchasing the vehicle that it did not have any issues. That there was a brand new transmission the transmission light is on now. I have put over 400.00 dollars into the vehicle within a week because of defective items. The battery that was in the vehicle when purchased was the wrong type and caused the hood to touch it when closed which nearly caused a fire. I called the buyer he didn't even care his only concern is making money but not making sure that buyers leave the lot with a operational vehicle. I had to pay and additional 240 to have the drive train fixed and now its happening again. I was even able to drive the vehicle for one day without having issues. The manager which sold me the vehicle just acts if he doe's not care and states AS IS. I just want to return the vehicle and receive a full refund.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back in exchange for the vehicle.

Review: I took my vehicle to Auto Repairs R Us based upon a posting on [redacted]. I briefly spoke with the [redacted] prior to having my vehicle transported there, and my car was delivered to the repair shop on or about 11/22/2013. The vehicle sat through the weekend, as there were cars ahead of mine that required service. I was advised by the [redacted] on Monday, November 25, 2013 that he had briefly checked my car, but still was not sure of what the issue could be. On Wednesday, November 27th, I was called and advised that my transmission was the issue and needed a repair. I found that kind of hard to believe as when the car was first taken to the shop, he told me that after a brief check, he was pretty confident that the transmission WASNT the issue. Then, two days later, after he has taken the drivetrain apart and disconnected certain components, the car is doing worse than it was when I dropped it off, and now it IS the transmission. I elected not to have the repair completed by him, and asked for the total amount that was owed for the diagnosis. I was advised on what the amount was, but I did not have the money that day. Of course, storage fees start to accrue AFTER the diagnosis is completed. I was in contact with the [redacted] trying to make arrangements, but on each occasion there seemed to be an issue. On one phone call he rudely flushed the toiled in my ear then hung up the phone in my face AS I was talking. I then received a letter from [redacted] stating that he applied to place a lien on the vehicle, only 8 days after the diagnosis was completed. Virginia law states there has to be a 10 day waiting period before an application for lien is submitted. When I brought this to his attention, he tried to claim that the vehicle was abandoned, however, it was NOT as I had been in constant contact with him. He was VERY VERY rude, yelled throughout the entire phone call and even asked why I asked the bank to pick the truck up from there (not his business at all!!!) His collection practices are VERY unethical, borderline illegal and I REFUSE to do any further business with himDesired Settlement: I don't have a desired outcome not a settlement request. I simply want his practices to be known as he is not an honest mechanic AT ALL.



[redacted] called Auto Repairs R Us and asked how much to rebuild a transmission. I go the year and model off her told her 1800. with a 3 year 36 k mile warranty . She had it towed in and we paid the bill and added to her bill. I told her when it got her it could be couple things and possibly not the transmission. I took somethings apart , the drive shaft , axles and found after that the transmission was still making noise and going into what some would say a neutral drop and bang into gear. She tried getting finance through a company I have and she was denied for several NSF charges the month before, so she said she couldnt afford it. She told me she was coming several times she was coming and never showed up . After several days she called and asked what was the bill now because she knew about the storage . Several days more went buy and he bank calls me and asked what was the bill on the vehicle , that [redacted] called the bank and told them to come get her car , she was having it repossessed . She calls several days after and starts yelling at me , why is her car at a storage lot, so I told her I cant keep pulling it in and out everyday and worring if left out , it may get broken into or something. It was left here at that point for 14 days. The bank after a week or 2 finally picked it up and paid for all the Diagnostic and storage and tow fees. [redacted] knew exactly what was going on and is trying to get money out this like she is a victim or something. She is a very rude woman, trying to get something for free. I did nothing wrong and tried working with her but its hard to work with someone when there trying to lie and cheat.She is complaining about all this and turned her vehicle in for repossession. I can get you the ladys name at the bank. She is just out to try and get money from someone and wont put the blame where it belongs, with herself. Please her know , she is not allowed on my property , if she does she will be arrested for criminal trespassing I hope this helps and shows you what kind of person this is your dealing with. If you have any other concerns , please dont hesitate to call or email me.


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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Auto Repair & Service - Equipment & Supplies, General Automotive Repair (NAICS: 811111)

Address: 5244 Brook Rd, Richmond, Virginia, United States, 23227-2943


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