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Autohaus BMW

3015 S Hanley Rd, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, 63143-3613

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I had my 2008 BMW towed to this company by Triple A back on June 5th and picked it up on June 9th. My car had an expansion tank issue. Then on June 19th I had my car towed again to this dealership and picked it up on June 23rd due to a water pump issue. Before even leaving the dealership on the 23rd, I had noticed my vehicle was not cooling down. I had my car taken back into the bay and was quoted by Ty Ancona $300 for this cooling issue. They tell me it is an engine cooling fan. Now they are wanting me to pay $1,100 even though I was quoted $300. I wasn't having issues with my car cooling down before taking it in the shop I told them I wanted my car returned to me how I brought it to them.

Autohaus BMW Response • Jul 17, 2020

The customer was quoted a price of $300 if the issue was corrected with an evacuation and recharge. The repair ended up being a faulty cooling fan. The cost to replace that was $1100. Ms. Ratliff's vehicle is a nice vehicle with low miles but it is an older vehicle that can have issues at any time given its age. We honored the price of $300.



Autohaus BMW

General Manager

Service could not be better. I truly believe they have my safety and satisfaction as their first concern. Service coordination with Mike *** was spot on. My experience was superb as is the case with every service visit. Two Thumbs Up.

I took my car to them for a diagnostic. And informed them that my car was surging. They informed me that it was the computer to the vehicle, and it would cost me $2,600 to repair to get it to stop surging. I paid the price and when I picked up my car it did the same thing while driving home. I called them back the same day to let them know it was still doing the same thing. They told me to bring it back. I did bring it back it was roughly 7 months later. Only because I was out of town and that was the purpose of getting the car fix. So when I returned I would have a running car. Within the 7 months. The car had only acquired 40 miles of driving and that was driving it to a friends house to park it. So when I brought the car back they informed me that the car had a recall, and they could repair it. After that they told me that they couldn’t touch my car because it looked like someone else touched my vehicle. After paying $2600 for repairs and it wasn’t fixed, there would be no reason to let ANYONE ELSE TOUCH THE VEHICLE. so now I’m out of $2600 for a computer that appeared to not be the problem. My car is still doing the same thing and the mileage is still the same. I’ve called and tried to resolve the issue with the dealership but I’m not getting any kind of satisfaction. As a licensed BMW dealership I think the diagnostic was incorrect, and should have been more accurate. They keep telling me they don’t want to touch my car after paying $2600 for a single repair that’s didn’t fix my problem

Autohaus BMW Response • Oct 22, 2019

Our apologies for not responding sooner to this complaint. Our records do not show a visit on the date referenced. We have two visits, the first visit on 10/12/17. The vehicle was towed to our facility with the complaint of vehicle surging at idle. The customer stated that an outside shop had replaced the T/Body with a used part and had new plugs, battery, and an all new wiring harness. We corrected the surging issue with the replacement of the control unit. The customer was able to drive vehicle. The vehicle left with repairs that still needed to be addressed. The customer declined further diagnosis. At this visit, we noted that there were multiple shields and covers missing. The vehicle's second visit was on 03/07/19. The vehicle was towed here for recall items. The customer was wanting assistance with the vehicle not running since he had spent $2600 previously with us. We questioned the customer if someone else had been working on the car. The customer denied that anyone had done work on the car since it had left in 2017. Our mechanics felt that was not the case based on the condition of the car. We told the customer we could only do the federal mandated recall items to the car. The customer left the car at our facility for quite sometime and eventually had it towed away.



General Manager

Customer Response • Oct 24, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I called back the same day I picked the car up and spoke with my service advisor *** because my car was still doing the same thing. I was barely able to get it home. I picked it up around closing so she told me to bring it back.They replaced the computer for $2600 and my car was still purpose was to get the car fixed prior to leaving the state so when I returned I would have a drivable car. I went out of town for well over 6 months and returned and called about the issue.I states how the car had only had 30 miles on it in a six month period because because it was still undrivable.they said there was no way it only had that amount of miles on the car in that period of time. My whole complaint is that after spending that much money my problem of surging was still there. Which had nothin to do with further diagnoses. Why would I spend $2600 at a dealership and allow any outside person to try to correct the problem other than where I spent my money. MY PROBLEM WAS NOT FIXED AND I CALLED AND STATED THAT THE SAME DAY. I felt like I was being discriminated. If I were a *** customer spending that type of money I don’t think the situation would have been the same. NO ONE SPEND THAT TYPE OF MONEY TO STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AND FOR A DELAERSHIP TO TELL YOU THEY DONT WANT TO WORK ON YOUR CAR ANYMORE. I firstly believe it was misdiagnosed. Because to this day my car is still surging and I still have not drive it. AND THEY REPLACED THE PART THEY SAID WAS CAUSING IT TO SURGE. WHICH WAS A NEW COMPUTER. I also talk to victor who said the dealership wasn’t allowed to further work on my vehicle. I just feel that me being that much for a part that doesn’t fix the problem, and being told I can’t bring it back is a little unjust. I spent my hard earned money to pay them. Only to still be out of a car.

I received a recall letter for blower motor and rewiring for my 2006 325i BMW. I made the appointment for the first week of April and the service guy, Armand, admitted to me that there was a mess up in the service department and that they crossed some wires while repairing my vehicle and it blew some fuses. I received a second letter that they wanted to replace the blower motor PCV valve. I knew I needed some additional work done and had them repair the radiator and some hoses which came to about $950.00. I went there this morning to pay for the radiator and hose service and the PCV work was supposed to be done. When I got in the car I turned on the AC, which I depend on due to my asthma, and it was not working correctly so I turned right back around and told them. There was a porter there that agreed with me and called ***, manager. The air was on max and it did not stay on high or cool but *** stated that it was on and did not want to address the issue. He is refusing to fix the issue and was arguing with me and was abrupt. This experience took a physical toll on me as I am an asthmatic.

Autohaus BMW Response • Jul 18, 2019

We offered to inspect the blower for free. The customer refused. The first repair when the customer thinks we crossed some wires and blew some fuses was on 04/2/2019. His A/C

concern didn't occur until 06/28/2019. As an asthmatic, the A/C would have been used before 06/28/2019. We will provide a written statement from our employee, Arman, as to his

explanation of what was told to *** if needed.

The below is our service manager, *** Richards, response to this claim.

Please see attached documentation for work performed on 06/20/19. We have to send recall parts back to BMW. We do not commit warranty fraud as questioned in the statement "I

am wondering if they ever did the second recall."

RO#412538 dated 4/2/2019 we performed a recall for the blower motor wiring-see attached copy.

RO#417329 dated 6/20/2019 we performed a recall for the PCV valve heater-see attached copy.

RO#417858 dated 6/28/2019 The vehicle was towed in due to a dead battery and we replaced a leaking radiator that was found on previous visits.

When the customer came to pick up the vehicle he complained to one of the service greeters that his a/c blower was not working properly. They called me and I inspected the

vehicle-I found the blower was blowing with low volume of air. *** said that we broke his blower when we replaced his radiator. I told *** that the two are not related

in any way and that the radiator repair did not cause an issue with his blower. He then was telling me a story about the technician had damaged the wiring on the car when a

previous recall was performed. I looked at the history and informed him that when we performed the blower motor recall on 4/2/2019 the blower did not work in the car at all-

when the car came into the shop because the wiring harness for the blower motor melted and had blown the fuse. We performed the recall as described in the repair bulletin-the

blower was working fine and had all speeds.

I told the customer that we would inspect the problem with the blower for free-But if he needed a blower motor or other repair that he would need to pay for it. He said that he was

not going to pay for anything and I will not let you inspect my car because I do not trust you. I told the customer OK and he left.

I do not feel that we have done anything wrong with any of the performed repairs and as you can see by the attached estimate the condition of the vehicle.

Customer Response • Jul 22, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: *** Richards is not stating the whole truth. He in fact acknowledge the blower not working on all speeds as well as the service technician who goes by the name of ***. I had not left the lot when I picked up my car and discovered that the blower was not working properly. *** came out and also wittnessed that the blower was not working on ***. When *** first wittnessed the malfunction, it completely shut off as it did when I first discovered it because of the extreme tempertures that morning; I needed air for health reasons. *** is confused saying I thought it was from the radiator work. I DID NOT state it was from them working on the radiator. (As a matter of fact my radiator's light has come on since then; last week, yesterday and this morining-in whick I understand that's totally different, but I will come in for them to check the radiator icon that's coming on as of now.) However, on Monday 7-8-2019 *** was very short with me, not allowing me to speak in front of customers in their service office. I would have love to have let them check the blower motor work that they performed, but he DID NOT say it would be for free. In fact, each time they inspect, it has cost me a charge of $78 each time.

For the work they performed that called for a recall, it was not completely and accurately executed due to the fact the blower was working properly before they did the recall work on the PCV recall and the blower motor rewiring. *** did not want to admit that his mechanics neglected to satisfy the safety recall without additional damages due to their neglect.(blower motor not working on all speeds & shutting off while it should be blowing) After he suggested putting it on another diagnoistic inspection-which he didn't say it would be for free, I had asked *** would they make it good? He stated in front of customers (my church member who was present as well and will attest to that fact) Her first name is Brenda, who attends , " ***. That *** responded by stating, "NO!" when I asked him would he make it right. He meant wholeheartedly that I would need to pay. I don't think or feel that's fair for me to pay for their negligence. After all, I'm the long time consumer and patrient who's suffering from their mal work.

I'm appalled by his behavior after being a long time consumer/patron for 10yrs with BMW autohaus where I purchased my vehicle. Now I'm considering punitive damages because not having air condditioning that I soley depend on in the summer, I've sustained serval asthma attacks that could have been prevented had *** not been used poor communications, poor judgement, being abrupt in conclusions by over talking me and being bias in favor of his mechanics who performed the mistakes.

I'm seeking legal advise and representation because of this poor customer service experience that's so appalling and unfair by BMW Autohaus.


I received an ad for BMW Spring Event... if I had brakes and rotors replaced within the specified time period, I would receive a $75.00 rebate. When I contacted the company managing the rewards, I was told that BM W denied it without an explanation.

Autohaus BMW Response • Jun 27, 2019

We were not aware that the customer had an issue with getting her rebate until the notified Autohaus. The rebate was being offered, administered, and paid by BMW, North America. We have reached out to BMW, NA and they have requested that we issue a check on their behalf to the customer for her rebate. We have contacted the customer directly at the time of the notification and we have let the customer know that she has a check coming to her.

Customer Response • Jun 28, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I purchased a car at this dealership on 2/20/19 I paid paperwork fee to have the dealership take car of title and registration to be in IL. My temp tags are now expired, and nobody from the dealership is returning my voicemail. I left a vm with Heather on 3.25.19, and *** on 3.25.19 and 3.22.19 as well as general sales manager on 3.26.19. They keep telling me to call lender for title info, lender has no info, and I have called and called multiple times. Nobody that I have spoken with at both *** or *** have any records of title or or me purchasing this car. Clearly the title got lost in the mail or something. I would like the dealership to get duplicate title and resubmit paperwork to lender so that I can get permanent tags and registration. I also need temp tags mailed to my residence.

Autohaus BMW Response • Mar 29, 2019

Autohaus has registered *** vehicle. She was provided with her license plates and registration on Thursday, March 29. There were no late fees or penalties assessed. *** had obtained her own financing thru USAA. After the deal was made, she changed her lender. The paperwork had already been filled out with *** as the lienholder. Multiple attempts were made by the customer and Autohaus to contact *** to obtain a lien release. *** did not provide the lien release in a timely manner. In the owner's frustration, she notified the Please see attached e-mail. Autohaus tries to handle these transactions as expeditiously as possible but sometimes we are hindered by third parties.



General Manager

I was driving my 2015 BMW 228xi down the highway with no other cars around or overpasses above when my sunroof exploded. I reached out to autohaus to see how best deal with this situation because the car was a few months out of normal warranty and BMW along with other auto manufacturers have had multiple complaints and class action lawsuits filed dealing with exploding sunroofs due to defects in the manufacturing process. I asked if I should call BMW NA myself or if they should be the ones to call. They told me to bring my car in and they will be making the call. I heard back about 4 hours later and was told they are declining the warranty work because their service manager "clearly" could tell the glass broke due to physical damage and "glass just doesn't explode". I asked if that was BMW NA decision or the service manger (Victor) and was told they didn't even reach out to BMW NA. I then called BMW NA myself to file a claim. In the meantime I was trying to get this claim with BMW NA taken care of I reached out to talk to the Victor multiple times directly as he was hiding behind someone else and didn't want to get on the phone with me. After a number of days and an email to the GM of autohaus he finally called me back. He claimed that a rock hit the glass and that is what caused it to break. When I asked simple questions like how come the glass broke outward (clearly visible in pictures and in person) he said it was because my car was pressurized like an airplane and the sudden depressurization was more force than the air going over the car at 60 MPH and that is why it went outwards. He said he also talked directly with BMW NA to let them know that is was from physical damage and the BMW NA closed my claim. I strongly believe because *** incompetence and BMW NA relying on his word over mine and it being their benefit to not say this was a default due to their class action lawsuit for other cars in their lineup with this issue they declined my claim. The GM of autohaus did email me back and say they would cover 250 of my deductible as a gesture of goodwill for my past business and to send them my receipt or the repair and they will reimburse me. I got the repair done and have now sent in multiple requests for payment and nobody is responding to me. (this is all documented in an email).

Autohaus BMW Response • Mar 25, 2019

Autohaus BMW has reimbursed *** insurance deductible as a goodwill gesture for his shattered sunroof. We didn't give *** a date when the reimbursement would be made. Due to our remodel, it was not done in the timeframe he was expecting. We apologize for not meeting his expectations. *** reference to a class action lawsuit did not pertain to his vehicle's year and model. BMW, NA made their decision not to replace the sunroof based on their criteria and the technician's findings. Autohaus wanted to help the customer and felt paying the deductible was an appropriate way to show our appreciation for his prior business.



General Manager

Autohaus performed a courtesy check of my vehicle in October during a car clinic. This is a clinic to help owners ensure the car is road ready mechanically. I picked my car up yesterday after a recommended repair from that clinic along with two other repairs. Less than two hours later I returned to my car and it wouldn’t start. The car identified a drained battery as the reason for the car failing to start. I checked my service sheet which clearly noted as part of the multipoint check that the battery was checked and was “good”. I called the dealership and spoke with service who shared the check is visual. I had no idea. My son has the same model and his BMW dealership shared details when his battery was aging. I assumed “good” meant “good”. I asked my service person to find out if during the clinic or during this last service “if and how” my battery was checked. I’m thinking based on the age of my car Autohaus BMW surely monitored the condition and life of my battery. I emailed the Service MGR and my service consultant last evening about my disappointment over this failure. Received a call back this morning - only visual checks can be confirmed on my battery. Unacceptable. In 40 years of car ownership - I’ve never been stranded by a mechanical issue. I especially didn’t expect to experience such after having my car in for service at a reputable BMW Dealership. Unacceptable experience.

Autohaus BMW Response • Jan 08, 2019

Our customer was advised on her visit on 12/09/2016 that the vehicle was needing a new battery. The RO with that notification is *** with a vehicle mileage of 73,089. The battery was an original battery and lasted above the industry average. The battery's age wasn't causing any damage to other parts of the vehicle so the customer would not have been repeatedly told to replace her battery. We are sorry that our customer felt stranded. The battery was able to be jumped and the vehicle had 467 additional miles since we last saw the vehicle. Most customers do not want to replace something that is still functioning. We will review our free multi-point inspection process to see if we can improve our communication on a vehicle's battery life.



General Manager

The worst experience at a dealership in my life. The parts department sold me the wrong part, which has to be programed by the dealer. I had the old Body Control Module hanging down inside the car so all they had to do is unplug it and plug in the new one, then program it. Since the parts department sold me the wrong part the technician reinstalled the BCM, then went under the hood and replace the ECM (the wrong part). Now they say I have to buy the right part and pay them again to install and program the BCM. (the part I asked for to start with) Why would their tech reinstall my BCM and then replace the ECM, they knew I was fixing brake lights which are controlled by the BCM, not the ECM.

I had some issues with my BMW that I did not purchase through Autohaus BMW. I could not get my key out of my ignition one day so I had to call AAA to get it jumped. I took my car to Autohaus BMW to assess the situation. They told me the reason I could not get my key out is that I needed a new battery. I purchased a new battery through Autohaus. Now, I am still having the same issues with my key. The new battery did not fix my situation.

Autohaus BMW Response • Mar 30, 2018

had his battery replaced at Autohaus on 08/09/2017. His battery had 2V and failed the battery test. We replaced the battery and cleared the faults. He was having an issue with the key not coming out of the dash. The battery replacement fixed the key problem. To my knowledge, this is the first complaint he has made since we replaced the battery on 08/09/2017.

The battery he purchased does have a two year warranty. The car will need to be brought in and put on a charger. It will be fully charged and tested to see if there is a bad cell. From ***' comments, I cannot tell if he is having other issues other than a key issue. Normally a new battery that fails, fails within the first 30 days. After 8 months of use, I feel our repair was done properly. If ***' doesn't drive his car frequently, this could be causing some issues.

We will be happy to test his battery to see if it would qualify for replacement.




Autohaus BMW

I took my 2008 BMW 535xi to Auto Haus BMW for an oil leak repair on Sunday, November 5, 2017. They had my car for one (1) week. I picked it up on 11/10 and paid $750. The next day, my car would not start and I contacted Auto Haus and he told me to return my car to them. I was told that the car was losing anti freeze and the hose had holes. However, none of this was a problem until after I had taken it to Auto Haus. I was going to be charged another $399 for a hose that was not missing. Auto Haus did fix the anti freeze leak but my car is still not starting. I cannot take it back to Auto Haus since I do not live near there and it must be towed which is another charge.

Autohaus BMW Response

This complaint has no merit. Here are the facts. The customer dropped off his car, a 2008 535xi with 153,932 miles on it, on Sunday, 11/05/17. We opened a repair order on 11/06/17. The customer requested we repair an oil leak and replace a drive belt. We repaired the oil leak. In attempting to replace the drive belt, we found the belt tensioner was stripped and also needed to be replaced. After completing these repairs so we could test drive the vehicle, we then found the coolant leak. The customer had not noticed the leak because his coolant level was below the hose connection where the missing o-ring was causing the leak. Based on our tech's inspection, our service director asked the customer if anyone else had worked on the car recently. At first, the customer said he had taken the car to another shop and then later admitted he was trying to repair things himself with the help of U-tube videos. The customer had authorized $1265 for total repair costs. He picked up the car on 11/10/17 and paid substantially less. We did not charge the customer for the belt tensioner we replaced. We also replaced a missing vacuum line at no charge to the customer. We then gave him a 20% discount on parts and labor on the remaining bill. After picking up the car, the customer left a voice mail stating that he had driven the car several times and everything was good. Later on he informed us that he had run an errand, shut the car off, and now it would not restart. Our service director told the customer that it sounded like the battery had failed. He offered to check the battery for free if the customer wanted to bring the car back to us. The customer has chosen not to accept this offer. Nothing Autohaus did would have affected the battery in this car. We already gave the customer some goodwill repairs and a discount on his bill. Considering that this repair was the only time the customer ever brought his vehicle to us, we think we have been more than fair. We are sorry the customer is facing another repair with his vehicle, but we are not responsible in any way for his vehicle not starting. We cannot accept his proposed settlement as we feel his complaint has no merit.

The worst service I've ever had at any dealership, I will never buy another BMW because of how terrible they handle situations. I paid over $13,000 for Dinan upgrades to my 2013 M6 and have had nothing but problems with the car since. They have had it for almost 3 months now and they still can't figure out why the Dinan upgrades aren't producing the promised results. The communication between Autohaus, Dinan and myself is something you would expect from a driveway mechanic and the ability to actually fix the car which only has 4500 miles on it is sub par by any standards.

Autohaus BMW Response

I am sorry for our part in the unacceptable experience that was delivered to you. I have counseled my staff and made sure that they know to get a manager involved in situations such as you experienced immediately when they feel they may not be able to make a customer completely happy. Had that been done, I believe we could have avoided this outcome for you.
It was unfortunate that your issues involved equipment from a third party, Dinan, and that, therefore, they were directing the diagnosis to repair your car. Still, I understand that you are my customer and I am responsible for your satisfaction. We will probably dissolve our partnership with Dinan based partly on their response to your issue. It is also my understanding that another repair facility was involved with Dinan and attempting to repair this issue. While I understand your decision to get a second opinion, it obviously complicates my ability to resolve the problem. When you returned the vehicle to me after their repair also failed, we were still attempting to get this resolved to your satisfaction. I am sorry we were unable to do so when you removed your car from my facility. I would be happy to continue to work with Dinan on your behalf if you wish me to. Again, I apologize that your situation was not brought to my attention sooner. My sales director reached out to you when we saw your review. My direct line is *** and my email address is *** If there is anything I can do to help or if you would like to discuss this further, please contact me.
We have been serving the St. Louis community for over 50 years and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We are the highest rated BMW dealer in Missouri for the last three years running based on customer satisfaction from on-line reviews posted on the DealerRater website. I am disappointed when we fail to live up to our reputation, but all we can do is acknowledge our mistake, apologize, and focus on doing better in the future.
Kevin Dwyer, General Manager

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