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Autoland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Inc

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Dear Sirs; Please be advised that we are unable to assist in this matter as our service team was unable to verify the concernWith regard to the request to have this vehicle replaced, the dealership does not have any jurisdiction in this area & therefore is unable to replace or repurchase this vehicle. Any request for a vehicle replacement or repurchase would be directed to the vehicle manufacturer Chrysler Corporation at *** The gentleman may also wish to contact his insurance company. Also please be advised that the vehicle is not owned by the dealershipThis vehicle is a lease vehicle, owned & titled to the leasing company ** *** *** If there is any further information that we can provide please feel free to contact us. Thank you for allowing us to respondSincerely, Paula G***

Dear Sirs; Please be advised that upon receipt of this vehicle our service division contacted the vehicle manufacturer Chrysler Corporation regarding a request for authorization to address this matterThe dealership service division was advised by Chrysler
that due to the failure of a non covered part the engine repair was being declined by them. Upon receipt of this information, the dealership contacted the Chrysler Field Service Representative to see if we could obtain assistance for this repair even thought it had been declined due to non covered part failure & ha already been declined by the vehicle manufacturerThe Chrysler Representative was unable to assist in this requestFurthermore, the dealership also contacted Chrysler Corporate who reiterated that they could not overturn the decision noted by the warranty division regarding this matter. Furthermore, Chrysler Corporate advised that per their records the customer had filed an arbitration request regarding this matter which had been received & was being addressed accordinglyPlease be advised that the dealership does not have any jurisdiction in this matter & has been unable to obtain approval by the Chrysler Corporation to proceed with the repair under warranty. MrAlan R*** has been in contact with the customer & advised them of the decision by Chrysler CorporationIn closing, the dealership does not have any authority regarding this request & it is solely up to the vehicle manufacturer to approve an warranty repair. Thank you for allowing us to respond to this matterIf we can be of any futher assistance pelase feel free to contact usSincerely, Paula G***

Please be advised that the dealership contacted the customer prior to receipt of this & after being able to perform proper diagnostic that was authorized by the vehicle manufacturer found that starter was not longer working as designed & wires associated...

were corroded due to age & mileage on unit. The issue had no relations to any recall performed on vehicle & this was noted and explained to [redacted]. As one time goodwill the manufacturer handled starter & wire for customer as unit is no longer under any warranty based on time (vehicle is 2006) & mileage (120,242) and this was advised to customer. This matter has been address & vehicle completed & customer has been notified. Furthermore, dealership advised that they have no record of the vehicle other than the one recall done.

Dear Sirs; Please be advised our dealership contacted [redacted] & reviewed her issue regarding the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee which she leased from our dealership in 2016. [redacted] advised that she went through water causing issues to the vehicle. This vehicle is not...

being repaired at our facility. It is being serviced at another Chrysler Jeep Dealership who per the customer is working directly with her & trying to assist her in repairing her lease vehicle due to the water issue she experienced. AUTOLAND is not involved in repairing this vehicle. Furthermore, during our conversation with the customer we explained that we have no jurisdiction in this matter. Please be advised that the customer can provide your office any & all information as to the servicing of the vehicle due to the water damage since she is working directly with the other dealership . We request that you please close the file that opened to us as we are not involved in this. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me directly at [redacted] or vial email at [redacted] Sincerely, Paula G[redacted]

Tell us why here...Dear Sirs;  Please be advised that this customer contacted the dealership directly prior to receipt of this email & he met with the General Sales Manager to review the initial lease he had selected. They reviewed all the documents he...

signed to secure his lease and acknowledged that the vehicle he has was the one he had selected & the lease payments were as he requested and were agreed upon. He was also provided the cost difference for a vehicle with additional equipment which he did not wish to incur since the initial vehicle he had selected had everyone but the AWD option and was within his budget which was why he had initially been chosen. The customer been provided his license plates & vehicle registration & the deal was completed properly with all documentation signed by the customer. Based ont he information provided we respectlyy request that this matter be updated & closed to reflect this addtional information.

Dear Sirs; Please be advised that [redacted] has been in contact with AUTOLAND Service manager Alan R[redacted] regarding his 300 Chrysler. [redacted] brought the vehicle back to the dealership and Mr. R[redacted] checked it to see if any codes remained in vehicle computer regarding...

stalling and no codes were found. Furthermore, the vehicle technician working with the manager could not verify any stalling at this time. The vehicle motor was replaced by the insurance company due to flooding and was paid by the customers insurance company since this was not a warranty matter. The dealership advised the customer that any request for vehicle replacement was not at the jurisdiction of the dealership and they were provided the contact information for the vehicle manufacturer. They were advised it was a noted that the repair was paid for by the insurance company to replace motor due to flood. The dealership contacted the vehicle manufacturer who advised that any matter regarding replacement does not have anything to do with the dealership as they do not have any jurisdiction in that decision. We respectfully request that you close your file on the matter with regard to the dealership. Please direct any questions on the customers request to the manufacturer as they make any & all decisions in the area of vehicle replacement. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at [redacted] or via email at [redacted] Thank you Paula G[redacted]

Dear Sirs; Please be advised that upon reciept of the concern the dealership's CJD Service Mgr [redacted] contacted the customer [redacted] & and set up to install a new decal & review the seat cover matter. The cusotmer retruns at which time they installed a new...

decal & confirmed the seat covers were ordered for the vehicle under thevehicles manufacturers warranty. After the installation it was deemed that the strip decal needed to be replaced and was ordered for the customer. The customer advised she would like to retrun when all items have arrvied from Chrysler. [redacted] advised the cusotmer that the new decal has arrived at the dealership however both seat covers have not been sent by Chrysler to the dealerhsip (we are waiting for ETA however this is not avaiable at this time since they are a vendor direct part). Once they are all here the cusotmer advised they will return so both issues can be handled at the same time. The customer is aware that once all items have arrived we will expedite the service as soon as possible for them. The Service Manager will continue to work with the customer till services are completed & matter is addressed. Furthermore, the customer advised [redacted] that the issue was with another dealership & the vehicle manufacturer.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I appreciate the swift response in this matter.

Customer contacted the dealership prior to receipt of this correspondence and we advised him that the service records reflect that his 2009 VENZA bearing stock number [redacted] was here in February 2017 for maintenance at which time it was noted in our records that the vehicles drain plug...

& oil pan threads were starting to show singing of stripping due to normal wear and tear. At that time the service team replaced the drain plug with a bigger one to temporary resolve the issue that was starting to show however it was noted in the vehicle history that at the next LOF service it may be necessary to replace the oil pan to correct the matter properly. This has now become needed as there is no large plug that can be used . The customer was first offered the repair at dealer cost however after meeting with the Service Director he was offered the repair a no cost as goodwill. The customer is happy that he is getting assistance in this matter & will not incur any cost. We respectfully request that you close case matter resolved and the cusotmer is completely satisfied.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The vechicle  is there liability and it's not safe to drive.  Just because they did not find the problem doesn't mean the problem does not exist.   I do not feel safe driving this car I fear for my life twice almost got into an accident with the car stop this is a lease vehicle and I wish not to continue to lease this vehicle they need to find a problem.  The dealership still owns this vehicle as it is a leased vehicle I don't understand why they're trying to say that is not their responsibility.  Ever since they replace the brand-new motor that my insurance company paid $8700 for this vehicle has not operated in the same condition therefore I believe that whatever they did had to because by them putting in the new motor.  I wish to continue with this complaint until some conclusion can come of it at this point I have the vehicle back but do not feel safe driving it.


Review: Starting in April of 2014 on my brand new Dodge Challenger one of the racing stripes slowly started to chip off and on **th my driver and passenger seat there is a rod of some sort that sticks out and pokes your leg as you sit. I had just gotten the car in October 2013 so I contacted customer service due to the vehicle being only a few months old. In calling customer care I was told I could go to any dealership and get this fixed. Pictures were taken of my car at another dealership where from April-August nothing was done so I contacted customer care again and was given a case manager after threatening with a complaint. From there I was redirected to Autoland where I purchased my vehicle and told by the case manager I would be receiving a special warranty from the case manager ** due to my inconveniences. I brought the car in around end of October early November I believe. They once again took pictures of my vehicle and ensures me this would be taken care of along with me seats. I was called and sent two post cards informing me my parts were in so I made an appointment for yesterday 12/16/14 at 3:30pm. I arrived a little bit earlier than normal and as always the man I normally dealt with was no longer there. The sales associate in service called a man named [redacted] several times with no response so he then filed my paperwork. Two hours later they had removed the stripe on one side and couldn't get the new stripe to line up, they of course also didn't have any proper parts fort he seats when that was the two concerns I had told them. They did not offer any apology or help and a loaner car was not offered. I am now driving around with one strip missing from my car and the same problem with my seats with no resolution. They lack basic customer service skills or knowledge of their products and really waste peoples time. I told the man I didn't want to leave the dealership with my car looking the way it did and he said his hands were tied.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Dodge replaces my seats and fixes my stripe, but all of the stripes. Replacing only one stripe is a very cheap way to cover this and the other stripes have been out in the sun and if there is a color difference when the new one is added I will not be happy. I want this all to get done and I do not want to waste anymore of my time sitting at the dealership. I requested yesterday that they remove all of them so I do not have to drive around with a car that has two stripes on one side and one on the other and they refused. I am now requesting they change the color of the stripes as I feel it is more than deserved considering all I have been through with them. I would also like to ensure the next time I go that they have the correct parts prior to me going there and if they don't have it correct something is done about it. I also have been wasting my gas and toll money to drive to this dealership on numerous occasions with no resolve so I just want it all to get fixed.



Dear Sirs; Please be advised that upon reciept of the concern the dealership's CJD Service Mgr [redacted] contacted the customer [redacted] & and set up to install a new decal & review the seat cover matter. The cusotmer retruns at which time they installed a new decal & confirmed the seat covers were ordered for the vehicle under thevehicles manufacturers warranty. After the installation it was deemed that the strip decal needed to be replaced and was ordered for the customer. The customer advised she would like to retrun when all items have arrvied from Chrysler. [redacted] advised the cusotmer that the new decal has arrived at the dealership however both seat covers have not been sent by Chrysler to the dealerhsip (we are waiting for ETA however this is not avaiable at this time since they are a vendor direct part). Once they are all here the cusotmer advised they will return so both issues can be handled at the same time. The customer is aware that once all items have arrived we will expedite the service as soon as possible for them. The Service Manager will continue to work with the customer till services are completed & matter is addressed. Furthermore, the customer advised [redacted] that the issue was with another dealership & the vehicle manufacturer.

Review: I purchased a new 2007 [redacted] from Autoland in November, 2007. Since the purchase, I have always brought my car to their service department for regular check-ups and oil changes every 5 to 6 months. I do not put a lot of miles on the car, and 5 to 6 months was their recommendation. I currently have 55,000 miles on the car. In May, 2013 the service department recommended that I repair the oil pan reseal which they stated was leaking at the edges. I keep the Camry in the garage, which has a clean concrete floor. I never saw any sign of oil leaking and therefore decided to wait and keep an eye on it. Thereafter I brought the car back consistently for its oil changes after that and it was never mentioned again. In April, 2015 (almost 2 years later) the service department again recommended that I repair the oil pan reseal as it was leaking. Again, I had experienced no performance issues with the vehicle, nor did I see any signs of oil leakage. They explained it was a serious issue and without oil the engine would cease. I authorized the repair which they quoted $400 to fix the seal. While the car was being serviced, I received a call that my water pump had broken and also needed to be replaced. I questioned how it could be broken when I had just drove there and nothing was wrong with the car. I was quoted an additional $600 for that to be fixed. So a repair that was going to cost $400 turned into $1000. It is obvious to me that Autoland inflated the amount of work that needed to be done and just wanted to make money. The vehicle showed no signs of any problems no oil or coolant leaking. I feel as though I was a victim and do not understand how my water pump just broke. I was told that if I didn't fix it, the car would be inoperable. In essence they were holding my car hostage. I had no choice but to get the car fixed and pay the $1000.Desired Settlement: I want an apology and I also want an explanation of how a car that went in for an oil change and had nothing wrong with it all of a sudden then needed a new oil pan reseal and a water pump, especially when there were no visible signs that either was broken. I am extremely frustrated and felt backed up against a wall with very few options other than to fix it and spend money that I was not prepared to spend. This is bad consumer practices and I was totally taken advantage of by Autoland. I was a loyal and faithful customer and this treatment is completely unacceptable. I receive free oil changes for life from Autoland due to a recall on my Camry back in 2008. I do not want to deal with this company in the future but would prefer some monetary reimbursement for the $1000 I had to spend when nothing was wrong with my car.

Review: I purchased a car on July 22nd 2014...I promised to pay the down payment of 2000 dollars down which I signed a promissory note...since then I have received over 30 calls for payment of the 2000 dollars which my payments do not actively start until October 1, 2014....also I could not use my car for 2 weeks because my car would not start...I had a new alternator placed in my car on September 18, 2014...I am still receiving harassing phone calls from [redacted]....I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown...and I will go to the emergency room if the calls don't stop...I have told [redacted] that my daughter is autistic and I have to take care of her so when she calls she takes away the time I could be spending with my daughter...Please help me..[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want Autoland to acknowledge the fact that I signed and agreed to pay the 2000 dollars because I was told if I did not that they would not issue me my plates and registration to my car...I want Autoland to acknowledge when I got the car I was despaired...and wanted a car to get a job and take my daughter places and when I knew it was financially in over my head I asked them to take the car back 2 times and they would not take the car back...I also contacted [redacted] to see if I could stop the loan but they stated that I would have to talk to Autoland...I want Autoland to acknowledge that I should be happy I got this I feel unhappy..stressed...and don;t look forward to working or taking my daughter places because of them stressing me out about payments which does not effectively start until Oct 2014

Review: Recall was done on car but not done correctly cause key still gets stuck in ignition key slotDesired Settlement: To have the work done over without the key being stuck

Review: Autoland dealership hid almost $1900.00 of unwanted options and finally when they were called on it, said that they would refund to my finance company. now, some 30 days later still no monies refunded or even a simple contact.Desired Settlement: I wish Autoland to deal honestly and up front with their customers. If they expect you to pay right away, why can't they be timely and diligent in payments.



Dear Sirs; Please be advised that as per our conversation, the dealership never recieved case [redacted] from the prior to August 12, 2014. Upon learning of this case the dealership requested that it be sent so that they could review & address immediatley.Upon receipt of the case it was determined that this case was addressed during the timeframe initally recorded in 11/2013 as requested by the customer. The customer requested cancellation of the Etch, Car Care & Towbuster which he initially noted at time of saleOn or about November 22th the cusotmer requested that they be cancelled & a refund issued to the bank to be applied to his outstanding loan balance. On Dec 18, 2013 the dealership issued a refund in the amt of $2,016.95 to the bank via electronic transmission which they applied to the customers outstanding loan balance. This matter was handled in December 2013 & the cancellation processed as requested. Based on the actions noted above, we respectfully request that you note this file & close that the case that the actions taken by the dealership to resolve matter were done in December 2013 at the customers request & the matter has been resolved. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 973-467-6156 or vial email at [redacted]


Review: Brought a 2013 tacoma may 2 brought it in for a high pitched whistle they fixed that and destroyed the inside of the truck ... Had to bring it back for them to fix again ... Took the truck home to find out they didn't fully fix it and had to bring it back again ... Only to pick it back up and find out my remote start doesn't work now ... They have had my truck more then I have ... They are incapable of working on vehicles and respecting other people's property.. I will never take my truck back there again for any reason ...Desired Settlement: I want what I was promised an alarm system with interested remote start and I want some place I trust to install it ... I want my first truck payment also refunded! $400

Review: I have a lease on a 2013 Toyota Highlander for almost 2 1/2 years. Two weeks ago went in and spoke about option to purchase my lease. I spoke with [redacted] a Customer Product advisor. He referred me to [redacted] a Finance Manager at Toyota Autoland. according to the terms of my lease agreement, the buy out option was $22,000. My [redacted] quoted an exorbitant price of $31000. I informed him of my lease agreement which he was able to retrieve from myrecord since I was customer there. He told since I was ending the lease 6 months early that was the price. Going over the math with him 8 months multiplied $499 payment did not equal a difference of $9000. We both agreed on 27000 after I agreed to purchase additional warranty. He told me he would reach out me about the detailsand needed to submit my pay stubs. I informed him that I was unemployed and my wife would consign with. I have yet to see the contract. After multiple calls Mr [redacted] has yet to return my calls. I received a bill Toyota Financial for the amount $35000. I was taken a back. I went in to Autoland no was helpful. I spoke with Toyota Financial about my situation. I went into another dealership to trade in the Highlander for new model. They told me that I have been robbed. The most my 2013 Highlander is worth is$ 24000. I feel that I was taken advantage of and is victim of fraud. I tried many times to cancel this Deal. I refused to pay $35000 for used vehicle where I can purchase new one for the same price. Autoland misrepresented themselves and approved me for loan which I am not qualified for. No pay stubs were ever collect. this point I want nothing to do with them. I feel that the relationship we had for the past two years has been decimated. I was willing to purchase a new Highlanderd but they have been arrogant. After speaking with Toyota Financial over my options: which I have exhausted.going back to Autoland and re negotiate the term of the buy out...which Auto land has refused.Trade in my Highlander for newDesired Settlement: rectified this situation where I want to returned the vehicle without the trying collect any additional money.

Review: brought in for service - oil change and tire rotation - they said they rotated tires but I marked a wheel and they did not change them. After speaking with a manager the repairman admitted he did not rotate tiresDesired Settlement: See if this is happening to other customers - how do I know they did the oil change?

Review: Less than 30 days of owning my brand new vehicle I noticed an issue with the doors not unlocking properly, I called my sales rep Tim, he said to bring it in right away. My wife brought the vehicle in the next day, the service department told her they did not have time to look at it so made an appointment for Monday Nov. 30th. That Saturday Nov 28th, I went to start my car but it would not turn on and the key was couldn't be removed. I called the service dept they said it would need to be towed. Since the service dept closed at 4 on Sat they promised me it would be looked at first thing Monday (open at 7). Hearing nothing back Mon at 11am after calling numerous times and being put to voicemails I showed up. I walked up to the mechanic and asked to get in it for personal items, he let me do this without checking any form of ID. I asked what was wrong, he said he didn't know. So I went to the counter to ask for a temporary car, 15 min later my car was "fixed".

First they told me I must've left a light on because the battery died, when I explained the car was jumped the day I bought it they changed their mind. Alan, the service manager then informed me this was a common issue and the battery may need to be replaced but it would need to "fail again to do so" according to a policy with Chrysler.

12/15/15 Alan told me to bring the car in to replace the battery, it would only take 15 min. 1 hour later they was some "hold up with Chrysler". I decided to call Chrysler myself, found out the service team was lying to me and they were charging the battery and looking at another possible issue with wiring but didn't want to tell me.

The car is now in again today 12/31 because they doors will not unlock properly. They called and told they are working and to take the car home, not satisfied with that answer I called the GM Mike M[redacted] who had his secretary Paula call me back with Alan on the line to tell me it was a normal "setting" and they could not recreate my "issue".Desired Settlement: I want the vehicle fully diagnosed, I want it checked for a short and/or wiring. I am not satisfied with the answer from Autoland that the doors are unlocking "now", as I explained it is an intermittent issue so clearly will not happen all the time. If they are not willing to do this and/or can not find the source of the problem I wish to bring the vehicle to my own mechanic and have Autoland pay for them to do the diagnosis. At this point I feel I am being brushed off and lied to.

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Address: 170 Us Highway 22, Springfield, New Jersey, United States, 07081-3123


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