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AutoNation Toyota Libertyville

Libertyville, Illinois, United States, 60048-3717

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Hello I recently brought a used car from Auto nation Toyota in Libertyville. It broke down in 4 days. I drove it to work and after work going to the currency change to get my window sticker. It would not start back up so called *** and the said its the battery. (That cost 160 bucks.)Replaced the battery it never stared up again, after that I got a tow for 40 bucks to my house. The next day I got another tow for 175 so the car could get towed to Autonation at this point I want my money back and the manager would not return me. My full refund. THEY have a waiver stating I could bring it back within days if is under 250 miles. So they keep me wanting for over 3 hrs to come to me and tell me the master fuse blow and it was 2 way it would a have blown out. Saying that we jumped the car or placed the battery in wrong and tried to start it up Claimed that once the car is off their lot they don't know what we did to it to make it stop. I rasise the question of getting a full refund the manager told me no. First he tried to count like a preschooler saying I brought the car on the 3/11/2020 and brought it back on the 3/16/2020 it Was the 6days and I could not get my full refund back. The hell! They sold me a piece of junk knowingly period.they offered to replace the fuse that cost 90 dollars. To stop the arguement. And get me and my mom off their establishment. I returned in a week to pick up the car to have it for less that 12 HR and it stop on me a again. To get it towed once again to my house where it has been sitting for also a month.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 17, 2020

This is the first time I am hearing about this concern. we will contact the customer to see what we can do to assist with the concerns with the vehicle. Returning the vehicle is not an option at all but we will try and assist in some way on the concerns. Thanks

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 20, 2020

Joe my service manager has been in contact with you and explained that we would like to look at the vehicle to see what we can do. ?That is the only option for you and returning the vehicle is not. Please contact Joe *** ASAP to have the vehicle looked at.

Customer Response • Apr 20, 2020

Complaint: 14289629

I am rejecting this response because:
Joe was the same manager whom told me it was a master fuse. And that it was our fault. Im not going to waste my time again unless all this is free of charge meaning the tow to the Autonation and the repair is free of charge. If so you could arrange a tow to ***. And call me when the work is done.

An absolute horrendous business. I would never let my worst enemy buy a vehicle from these scammers!

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 18, 2019

I researched all of our records by both the name and email address and we have NO record of this customer ever being in the dealership either in sales or service. Please contact me with any other information that might help me identify the consumer to respond according or to resolve the concerns.

A 2002 *** for sale by auto nation with 55k miles.

I tried to buy the vehicle from a location in California but the dealership suggested that they were a nationwide company and I could work from Their Libertyville location.

So I go in and pay cash. We have a contract for the vehicle to be sold to me.

A couple days later I am told that the California location is refusing to send the vehicle.

I go into Libertyville and say I want my money back since they cannot deliver the vehicle. They refused to give me my cash desire the fact that I paid cash. 2 weeks have passed and I still don’t have a refund check. So I am out $5200 and no car.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 15, 2019

We expressed to the customer that once he comes in and terms are aired upon we would call the store in California to secure the vehicle. Josh came in Saturday the 6th at 9:47 AM agreed to the terms. We at that point contacted the dealer via email and waited for a response. Later that day on the 6th they told us they sold it the night before on the 5th around 8:30 PM. We notified Josh of this late Saturday night or Monday AM the 8th. All paperwork was voided and we have issued a refund VIA check to the customer. He should receive the check by the end of the week. All issues were addressed and resolved.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 17, 2019

Even if paperwork is signed nothing is valid until the consumer takes delivery of the vehicle. That being the case this issue is resolved and closed on our end. Refund has been processed.

Customer Response • Apr 17, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

The business is admitting to bad faith in their contract dealings. They admit that the paperwork was signed and that there was no agreement signed stating what they stated. They admit that I am correct, yet they refuse to make the situation right.

The case is not closed on my part. They owe me for my wasted time, money for mileage, and down payment on my insurance.

I reject their solution.



My fiancé and I purchased a 2009 Mazda 5 from AutoNation Toyota Libertyville on 2/24/18. We noticed the alignment was off. General manager *** assured us the “pulling” would be taken care of. We ended up buying the vehicle and *** did the financing part. On the car, was a limited warranty form for 90 days or 4,000 miles on 100% of both parts and labor for covered services. “Front Suspension” was shown as a covered service and had no “restrictions apply”part. We made an appt with service for 3/3/18 to get the alignment fixed. We were there for 3 hours & were told there were problems with the alignment machine but that it would get taken care of soon. A 1/2 hour later they said we were good to go. I got in the car and within the first quarter mile, noticed the car was pulling exactly the same way. I called back right then and was told that I could bring it in 3/5/18 & they would go ahead and take care of it. On 3/5/18 I was there for 3 hours and was told by *** in service that the reason the alignment wasn’t able to be done was b/c the car needed new tires and struts. I asked if those were covered under my warranty and *** said the tires are NOT but the struts are. I asked him to make sure please. He had ME go to *** in finance to check the warranty. *** checked and walked back into service and handed my file back to *** in front of me and said “She’s has an AN certified/warranty, she’s good to go on the struts”. I set the appointment up for 3/12/18 AND bought 4 new tires on 3/10/18, 2 days prior to my appointment so everything was ready. I called and verified 5-6 times about the warranty. I was told it was covered. The day I was to bring the car in I was called by *** and told that the struts were NOT covered $ it would cost me over $1000. He could not tell me why. I have called and emailed *** who all say they’ll look into it and get back to me. No one has. I keep calling and emailing to no avail.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Mar 28, 2018

As of 3/2/2018 I have been in contact with this customer and we are working with her to resolve the concerns on the vehicle. All issues should be resolved in the next week.


Customer Response • Apr 05, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

First, *** the GM that responded to my initial complaint, stated to you that he has been in touch with me about this situation since 3/2/18 which is absolutely not true. My complaint didn’t even start until 3/12/18 and I never had any contact with *** about my problems with the warranty until 3/27/18.

I was told by 3 different employees at Autonation Libertyville that getting the struts replaced was covered under the warranty. *** said he researched everything and believes it was miscommunication. He offered to pay half of the repair and even said I could use my own mechanic. Before my mechanic replacied the struts he said I may need sway bar links too. I emailed *** and he told me to go ahead with that as well. While my mechanic was fixing both the struts and sway bar links he showed me how bad the tie rod ends were as well. He said all THREE of these things should have absolutely been noticed during Autonation’s 102 point safety inspection as these are definitely a safety issue. I emailed *** asking if the tie rods ends were covered under the warranty but he did not get back to me until the next day.

So, now, after putting $600 tires on my new car on 3/10/18 because I was told I WOULDN’T have to pay for the struts, I just had to pay another $655 to get the front suspension (struts, sway bar links and tie-rod ends) repaired. I asked *** why that wasn’t noticed during the 102 point safety inspection and he said wear and tear items aren’t replaced unless it’s a safety issue. It IS A SAFETY ISSUE. He also told me that the only thing my warranty covers is engine or transmission problems. Nothing else! Yet he also told me (when I asked why I was told 5 different times that the struts were covered under my warranty) that “we akways tell our customers it might be covered because we won’t know until we make a claim”. Why would he tell me that if my war is inly fir engine or transmission problems??? Furthermore, I contacted the Autonation warranty department yesterday and spoke to Luke and he told me the sway bar links and tie rod ends are both COVERED under the warranty I have!!! Yet *** told me to pay for it on my own and he’d split the cost. I shouldn’t have to pay anything for these repairs as these problems should have been noted and fixed for safety issues alone prior to my purchasing the car. I am BERY DISAPPOINTED AND DISSATISFIED.

Now, I just found out 3 out of the 4 wheels on the car I bought from them just over a month ago are bent, I’m told I need to replace the ball bearing in my front passenger tire and a few other issues. This is unacceptable for a car I just purchased.

I want Autonation to pay the FULL bill of $655 and fix the bearing on the front passenger side. I will look into getting new wheels to replace the bent ones.

I have further documentation (emails and a list of phone calls with the name of who I spoke to and what transpired if needed.

I feel I was played because I am a woman and I do not like it. I am a single mother working full time and going to college full time at night and do not have $655 +++ to pay for something that shouldn’t be my responsibility to pay, especially after being told numerous times I wouldn’t have to.


AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Apr 06, 2018

is correct and my initial personal contact was March 27th. As stated the dealership and employees had been working with her to resolve the concerns. On 3/28 I agreed to help her and pay half of the $410 bill. She came back with another item of concern so I agreed to again help her and pay half of the total bill at that time of $657.00. I agreed to a total of $328.50 as long as she provided proof the work was complete and paid for. Any warranty questions or claims have to be approved by the warranty company. That is not something we have any authorization to do. If the warranty company declines a repair it is the customers responsibility to pay for the repair if they want the work completed.

We have been more than fair and will pay what we agreed to pay. Anything moving forward is 100% her responsibility.


I recently purchased a vehicle from AutoNation on 12/01/2017. I came to the dealership with my own financing through ***. I decided to purchase the vehicle and started my paperwork. I completed the credit application knowing that *** would be the best financier. While completing my paperwork I was asked about my down payment amount three different times. I stated that I was putting $1000.00 down. I was then shuffled over to the financing department. Where I was able to complete my finance paperwork. Again I was asked about my down payment amount before it was taken, I confirmed that it was $1000.00. We went through the paper work completing all the required signatures. I was informed that my payment would be set at $401.19 monthly, I then asked why was it higher than the original quoted price of $387.58 monthly I was then told because of my $1000.00 down payment. I then processed to finish up everything. On or about 12/05/2017 I received my financing paperwork from ***. Stating my monthly payment amount along with the due date, and interest breakdown amount. Then on 12/18/2017 I received a call stating that my financing was messed up on my paper work, and that I need to sign it again and send it back. I then proceeded to contact *** and ask about my car loan. They stated that no, my loan had not been canceled and that it was nothing wrong. I then informed them about the issues that I had learned about, which was a discrepancy in some areas of the paperwork on my down payment. I was then informed that there was nothing *** could do about it since I had already been approved for the amount on paper. They proceeded to inform me to make my monthly payments as schedule, which I did.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Feb 07, 2018

When *** completed the paperwork at the time of the sale it indicated she would put $2000 down when in fact she only put $1000 down. The lender did not accept the contract based on the incorrect documents. *** paid us the $1000 at the time of sales and she was provided receipts for the $1000.00. for over 3 weeks we tried to reach her about the additional $1000 due or she would have to resign at the $1000 down payment that was collected. *** came in and met with my finance Director and he went over the paperwork with *** and she resigned the documents.

*** resigned the paperwork on the 19th of January 2018 after the filing. All issues resolved at this point.


Customer Response • Feb 07, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I was informed by my lender that Autonation would not cash the payment that was sent. Which in term cancelled my contract. The paperwork was written up by you financial person he made the mistake. His communication at the close of my deal all refernced the fact that I was only putting $1000.00 down, he messed up. I do have all my paper for that down payment. I was threatened and harrasted because of your mistake. I was informed by my lender that they were trying to handel it. your company never admited fault and was only concerned about making sure you received that $2000.00. I never came in to speak with anyone. when your company noticed the mess up I was sent correction
forms via ***. basically it was a sign these forms or lose your car never did your company try to make the situation better.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response • Feb 08, 2018

If *** wants to put the $2000 total down she could have and kept the payment the same. We were very clear with her and in any case only $1000 was received on her behalf at the time of sale. The contract needed to reflect her down payment that *** actually paid.

Contract is complete and loan is finalized. Deal is closed.


I have no idea why they have phone number if no one is going to answer or call back. When you leave your phone number your only wasting your time.

Try your self, call the financial line, no one will answer, leave a message, no one will call back.

I told the front desk that no one answers and there is no point of leaving massage, they do not care.

One time I tried to complain, they hang up on me.

I Have every proof that they massed up, since they contacted me first. But they are not doing anything about it. I have all the email conversation with them. Whoever handled my email was Mike. He hang up on me couple times.

They are worst business ever. Once they sell you the car, that is all. No answer after unless if you want to buy a car.

This is probably 50 to 60 time calling them and getting no answer.

The worst customer service ever.

I will do every thing to show every one with all the information I have collected past years with them not answering or calling me back. Along with all the emails that they never have got back to me. will show what kind of crappy business they run.

It should be zero star.

Are they like this to every one ? or is it because I'm an Asian?


DONT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BE FREE 24/7 and be able to walk in to your bad business.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response

I will contact customer to resolve concerns.

At the time of purchasing vehicle I was told that the car positively had 2 keys. They car also wouldn't start and was told it need to be jump started because someone left the lights on. After purchasing the vehicle, I was told they had trouble locating the key and would call me within a few days and if they didn't find it, they would make me a new one. As it started to get colder out the car would start having more trouble starting. I was told at the time of purchase the used car had a 90 day worry free warranty and has undergone a 130 point inspection. I was told to bring the car in to the service department to check out the battery issue. I was told a new battery would be $200 and I should speak to my sales person. He told me there's nothing he could do for me, he also informed me that they could not find the key and there is nothing they could do for me. I asked to speak to a manager and he told he also cannot do anything for me except apologize for not having the second key and for telling me that they had two keys.

AutoNation Toyota Libertyville Response

Contacting the customer to resolve the key and battery issue. Once contacted we will resolve to customers satisfaction.

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