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Azul Pool & Spa Services

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Review: Multiple Negative Issues with Azul Pool and Spa besides the above critical one include:

* Failure to respond to phone calls for assistance

* Failure to provide assistance

* Failure to provide an estimate

Approximately 3 months ago [redacted] Thompson of Azul Pool and Spa service unilaterally transferred my Pool cleaning / repair service to a Third Party company without my explicit consent or approval.

This week I noticed a "No Cell Power" on my 25,000 gallon salt water Hayward pool control panel. This past winter [redacted] and I talked personally in my backyard, and he communicated the salt system does not need to be running consistently during the winter “non swimming" season. Not 100% sure, but believe he may or may not have adjusted some pool control feature or ancillary equipment (e.g. pool chlorinator / salt cell).

I have attempted to contact [redacted] several times to simply stop by and look at the system and he has refused to personally talk with me. His office assistant claims this issue is part of a non-compete clause with this new "Third party pool company" and he is not responsible or interested in providing any assistance?

Not knowing this Third Party Company’s skills or reputation they provided an estimate for over $1200 dollars to replace the entire Pool control panel.

In closing his assistant claims no contract ever existed with me and Azul Pool which defies logic since monthly payments made by me to [redacted] infers a contractual relationship did exist until it was arbitrarily and unilaterally canceled by himDesired Settlement: My desired outcome is for [redacted] to compenesate me for the cost of working with an outside pool service company that I will need to contact. Additionally, a written apology would be appreciated



To whom it may concern:

We are sad to hear this complaint. What a poor thing for [redacted] to say. I guess lying is a normal thing to do in American society if you do not get your way. This is not the first lie that we have caught [redacted] in. Azul provided chemical only service for the [redacted] family for many years. When he found out that Azul sold the residential accounts, I spoke to him to explain what was going on and he requested that he pays $35.00 per month instead of $40.00 since he was such a good customer. When I spoke to him I told him no that his service was already a low price service and if he wanted to talk price he should talk to the new owners. He called the new owners and told them that I have approved a $5.00 discount, which was completely false. Azul has answered all calls and explained to him that we are not allowed to do business with him for 5 years due to a legal non compete agreement. The residential part of the company was sold to a good company with all the credentials: member and Arizona Registrar of contractors. The other company looked at his salt cell and gave him a free estimate to repair/replace it. As much as we like to help our customers, Azul Pool is still a business and we don’t just simply stop by. We charge money to do a diagnosis. WE ARE A BUSINESS.

The last time we did a repair at [redacted]s was six years ago. Salt cell usually last 3 to 5 years and when we started service his salt cell was around two to four years old already. Because of the care that we provided we increased years to the pool equipment and saved [redacted] and his family thousands. It’s a shame that he has to stoop this low to cheat us out of $5.00 per month or because he is not getting his way.

At Azul, we strive to provide the best customer service possible! We have been in business since 2006 and we keep a very low record of complaints. Sometimes is out of our hands to help and stop customers that will lie and fabricate stories to achieve what they want without having any ethics.

In the Fall of 2015 I solicited Azul Pool for the purpose of re-finishing and re-tiling our in-ground pool. I had selected Azul over others primarily because of the excellent rating and the fact that they were located nearby.

All went well over about 5 weeks of visits, examples, and negotiations, always with the same cordial person.

By the middle of November we had come to an agreement on all work to be done, materials to be used, and the cost to me. We had even agreed that the work would be completed prior to 12/29/2015.

On 11/23/2015 I received an email telling me to "Please see the revised estimate. Any question, please give us a call or e-mail us back."

This 'revised estimate' was well over $2000 more than what had been agreed to over the previous 4 weeks. So of course I 'had questions".

I emailed then back and pointed out 'new' charges along with line items that appeared to contain transposed numbers of line items. The transposition was not in my favor. I politely asked the salesman and the owner to review and correct the 'revised work order'.

The salesman got back to me with an excuse for one of the differences I had pointed out. I pointed out the other questionable charge in the last email.

A day or so after that I received a phone call from the salesman.

In that phone call he continued to make excuses and say that mistakes were made.

At that point I lost my temper and ended the conversation.

It seemed to me like False representation and simple bait and switch tactics.

I am sending this review instead of a complaint only because I don't know what kind of resolution could be made. I lost no money, only valuable time and some trust in mankind.

As new pool owners we were in need of a reputable pool service near us. I went online and found Azul Pool, they were prompt to schedule an appointment and showed up on time. The service tech who arrived, Martin, was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He went out of his way to help us understand how our pool system worked and how to properly maintain it. In addition, payment options are easy as we could pay Martin with a credit card at the time of service, or go online and pay. We have been thrilled with our service and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Review: During a home inspection while examining the pool equipment they found the pool equipment (Motor) was not bonded. Equipment that is not bonded can be a shock hazard. [redacted] replaced my motor & failed to connect the ground to the motor. This was a shock hazard. The repair technician didn't know what he was doing.Desired Settlement: I had another company come out & fix the problem. I want my charges for this service refunded to me. It was $75.00.

I called another company, since [redacted] didn't know what they were doing.



To whom it may concern:I feel bad this customer feels this way but [redacted] Pool didnothing wrong. There was not a bonding wire on this work order. We replaced amotor on the pool and it clearly stated that on the work order. When I talkedthis customer he said the motor was working just fine. If he would have calledus back out we would have done it for him. However, we were not given thechance to do so. Instead of trying to workwith someone and understand what we do this customer thrives on misery. This iswhat this complaint entails. “Let’s invite everyone to my pity party.”He is mostly upset that he had to pay for the work that wedid. I don’t think he ever had any intentions to pay for our work. We have beenin this situation many times and that is why we have a credit card in place ifthe customer does not have the time to meet with us. It makes it really hard togo over things when a customer is not present. Instead he wasted the nice old man’stime next door. He should be so lucky to have a neighbor that is so nice.We installed a new wire whip to the motor because when therepair tec took it off the motor the whip fell apart in his hand. In order tobe safe Steve replaced the wire harness. When Steve mentioned that there wasgoing to be an extra charge for the wire whip on his property the customer cameunglued. [redacted] Pool gave that wire harness for free because the customercomplained so much that we just gave to him because he was such a miserableperson. He though we were ripping him off buy trying to make his job safer. Imagineif we would have told him it needed bonding wire? Do we need to replace thatfor free too? NO. If the surface is wornout on his pool is that our fault? NO. I wish we could do what this person is expecting but we donot have x-ray vision like some of the super heroes that are on TV. We don’thave mind reading powers either. We are humans that work out in some of themost extreme heat. Yes we make mistakes but everyone does. I have talked tothis customer and he says the work that was done is working perfectly. Okay, sowhat the problem? The inspector who received his cert from a mail order istelling you there needs to be something else put in? Fine, let us know so wecan solve the issues for you. Don’t harass a business and its workers formonths writing a letter to everyone he can think of to try to ruin them. Itjust makes you look like a bratty kindergartener. I wish I can charge a lot of things to other people that Idon’t care for. That is what this is. Again he should have given us the opportunityto handle it. It would have been an extra charge for the wire but we would havecover labor because we did install a motor. Having to pay for another companies work isquite laughable. If we had this item on the work order that is one thing but itwas not on the work order. Things cost money. Pools cost money. Houses costmoney. Cars cost money and they all break down at times. I’m sorry to inform this customer this. Heshould have learned this in kindergarten. It’s why the other company charged toput a bond wire in. This is what a business does. Grow up and move on fromkinder care.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This shows what kind of a company [redacted] Pool really is. Instead of addressing the problem, he blames everything on us. Yes, the motor they replaced does work, but his tech unhooked the bonding wire and should have replaced it while hooking up the new motor.This could have been a disaster with someone being shocked or even killed. When he called me & I tried to explain what happened, he hung up on me, but I called him back & asked why he hung up on me. He denied even coming to my home until I sent him a copy of my statement showing his charges. He also said that he only has one man crews, but two men came out both times. I refuse to remove this complaint and feel everyone should know how this company really works. DO NOT USA [redacted] POOL.


We recently used Azul pools to acid wash our pool and sand blast our tile. The before and after was like night and day! The pool looked amazing after they were finished. Not only did they do an awesome job but they were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for any kind of pool service, Whether it be routine cleaning to a complete remodel.

Review: I hired Azul to provide weekly service to my pool. They asked for advance payment of $105 for 4 weeks of service. The rep came over on a Monday. Unaware I was home I watched him on his cell phone for 20 Minutes. When I walked outside he claimed he was talking to his boss and would get started on the pool. I had explained to the office clerk I had just had the pool serviced. I noticed later that evening the poolrep had adjusted my timer. I am on a budget plan with[redacted]) which I had explained to the pool rep that day my timer cannot be changed). I called and complained about them changing my timer and they called me a liar and stated the pool service never went near my timer( although he had offer to put in a dual timer for me, which I declined. Azul then proceeded to cancel my service and keep all the 105 dollars. They have refused to return phone calls.Desired Settlement: They said I owed them $85 for the service they so called provided. I want the return of my $20.



To whom it may concern:

Our technician did set up this customer on weekly pool service. Our technicians’ do everything on our phone so it is no big surprise that he was using the phone through this process. We record Ph, total Chlorine, free chlorine, Total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and hardness. We also record all of the components to equipment so we have it on record so if there is ever a repair issue we have the right parts on board. We make sure the pool light works and make sure it is properly grounded to keep the customer safe. Also, we take pictures of everything that stays in that customers file. This is the technological age and we use the technology to our advantage.

We never called this customer a liar nor do we ever say anything like that. We never tried to sell her dual timers for her pool. Duel timers do not even make sense. We explained to her that we run the pool filtration after every visit to mix the chemicals. Acid is heavier than water and if we don’t run the equipment the acid will settle on the bottom and eventually ruin the surface. What we were saying is that we could sell her a set of timer trippers (retail cost $9.99) that we can place on her time clock that will turn off a couple of hours after we leave on the service day. We did not adjust her timer or reprogram like she is trying to say. We were accused of being the liar.

We did not cancel the pool service on this customer. She left a voice message that we still have recorded on our machine stating she wanted to discontinue service immediately and that she had put a stop payment on the check she gave us. The supervisor talked to her after but that was not good enough she wanted to go higher. We did exactly what we were hired to do, we called and talk to her several times, and we explained her the terms of the service. At this point there is nothing we can do for this customer.

Thank You

Azul pool



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The representative did offer to put in a dual timer. I had mentioned I was on the [redacted] budget plan and could not have the pump running long in the summer between 1 to 8 and during the winter 5 to n9 5 to nine. The pool timer has always been set from 9:20 pm to 4 am. The rep said he had to run it for 3 hours and cleaning so he offered dual timer. I declined. I turn the pool off after a couple f hours. When I cam home at 7pm the pool was back on. He timer was now set from 7pm to 6:30 am. I was upset because on the [redacted] budget plan you pay a lot more violating the hours. I did call and leave a message that I felt like cancelling my check, which I did not do. I never heard from the company; I called a few days later and spoke to the receptionist who informed me she had cancelled my service. I asked about the 105 dollar check. She informed me I did owe them $85. I said fine send me back the extra $20. I was advised by the receptionist ( the only person I ever talked to) was that I needed to speak to a supervisor, however none were available, they would be in that afternoon and someone would call me. No one called. I never asked to speak to a supervisor, never spoke to one. I called two more times asking for my $20. I received no response from the company. All I want is my overpayment of $20. The company should have handled it with my 2nd phone call.




At Azul pool we always try to work with our customers. Azul pool tries to provided the highest quality customer service and value we can. We are sad to see a customer leave so soon after not using our services at all. We thought that selling her an extra pair of on/off switches (for under $10.00) would have solved both of our issues of power usage and chemical damage on her surface. We have mailed a refund of $20.00 for the difference of service.

Azul Pool and Spa was at my home today to clean my pool filter and inspect the equipment. I called them on Friday and left a message. Chuck called me back promptly at 8AM today (Monday). He said they would be there today and the tech. Martin arrived early. (Yes, really) He was neat, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Azul has installed and maintained equipment at my home for years and this has always been the standard of service I receive. I recommend them highly

We have used Azul Pool & Spa Services a couple of times and are very pleased with their service and reasonable prices. Martin V[redacted] was out to look at our pool pump as we were requesting a quote for a new one only to find out ours was perfectly fine, just needed a few adjustments, same with the pool light. He did not try to up sell anything to us. The entire Azul Pool team, from the schedulers to the onsite person, are professional and pleasant. Customer service is alive and well at Azul Pool! We are thrilled to have found this company and look forward to a long relationship.

I asked to to take a look at my pool system and why it was not priming. tech got it to prime manually but it will not prime after the system shuts off at night (I already knew this but wanted to see if he could come to the same conculusion). He told me there was a leak in the system (might be valid because we had some landscaping recently done) and after they fix that my initial $85 fee would be applied for any other work that needed to be done. I thought it was reasonable and waited for him to get back to me with a leak contractor. No response, so I called them and after getting a run around, they said they would call back with a contractor they use. No response again. I had to go find my own leak guy and I still need work done at the pump side but I'm pretty sure if I call again, I'll just be blown off again because they already got my money.

All they did was verify a problem that I already knew for $85.

Review: Contracted with Azul Pools to resurface my spool, add tile at water line and add flagstone coping. 4 days into project was told I needed a new skimmer for $800 and that it needed to be installed at a higher level than the previous skimmer after it was expressly stated that a new one would not be needed during the bid process. Pool already chipped out. When asked, contractors stated the new skimmer needed to be at a higher level for the system to "run right". Contractor made 2 critical design errors when installing the skimmer. First, installed it at a higher level than previous skimmer which totally changed the physics of how a spool functions. This caused air pipes to be flooded and the system was then not able to generate bubbles (like a Jacuzzi) as before. Second, they crossed air and water pipe lines when they installed the skimmer. This actively pumped water into the air pipes; also keeping jet system from generating bubbles. When therapy jet system started up, water flooded back through air lines to pool equipment over 70 feet away and gushed from the system. Contractor had no idea of what was happening. Told customer they doubted system worked correctly before their work and "there is no reason to keep badgering me or my staff". Customer had to hired 3rd party pool plumbing expert to diagnosis the problem after no communication form Azul Pool for 2 weeks. Expert diagnosed problem and provided report which I sent to Azul Pools since they did not have the expertise to do. They now admit responsibility to crossing the air and water lines but not the larger error of flooding of the system. Not willing to correct their errors and restore spool function to the level before they began work. Also did not finish job by providing all pool hardware, staff dumped building debris on HOA property violating HOA rules and has not cleaned up, did not pay for damage to landscape lights & irrigation system, did not provide warranty. This is almost 3 months after what was quoted as 6 dayDesired Settlement: Lost all confidence that Azul Pools can diagnosis and correct design errors and functional problems they created. Ask that they agree to pay for all 3rd party experts and devices needed by them to restore my spool to its original level of function prior to 12/4/15. Also ask them to agree to provide remaining pool hardware, clean up debris on HOA property, pay for damaged landscape lights, irrigation and water to fill pool. Provide warranty.



We are sorry this happened to [redacted]. She is a very nice person. In Retro work these mistakes do happen. You never know what you're going to get into until you open it up. It's easier to build frokm scratch. At least she had an honest contractor that admits their mistakes. We did add a free pool light and removed a percentage off of her bill. The pipes were reversed and the therapies' are working the same as before. The Tahoe blue pebble she picked came out really sharp in her yard! Also, the raised cap matches the existing barbecue and fire pit. It looks like it was all done at the same time. Thank You, Azul Pool



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I am awaiting Azul Pools crediting a charge to my [redacted] credit card and when I receive documentation of this, will consider this complaint resolved. Thank you, deb


After using at least half a dozen other companies, I am so glad I found Azul Pool five years ago. They revived my pool and took it from a constant worry to something to be enjoyed! I couldn’t be happier with the company, their service, and my pool. Thank you!

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