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As the store manager this is the first I have heard that you are not satisfied and I am very sorry about that. After doing some checking here at the store I have found that yes we did have to replace the control board on the washer, the time delay was do to the fact that the parts distributor did...

not have it in stock so it had to come from the factory. As for the two visits after that the service tech was unable to duplicate the problem, and in your complaint there are no specifics on the problem so still difficult to identify the issue. All manufactures provide at least a one year parts and labor warranty and that is how problems are typically resolved. I would ask Mr [redacted] to call me directly so we can find a resolution. Bruce. [redacted]

Review: Our new home came with all appliances from B&B needing repair in year 1. We are waiting for repair to the 1 and the damage caused by the service tech.

We are contacting you to resolve an issue with an appliance purchased from B&B company. On Nov 18, 2011, we purchased a new home from [redacted] Homes located at [redacted]. At this time, all appliances were purchased through B&B company. Within the first year, 4 out 4 appliances in our new home has needed service. The fridge made a noise for the first two months with multiple service calls to fix the problem, the stove was not properly installed, the microwave had a hole melted in the top of the unit, and the dishwasher has multiple issues, all being unresolved to date. Service was performed on the dishwasher on Nov 14, 2012 and the issue was noted to [redacted] in an email dated Oct 17, 2012(see attached).

On Nov 14, 2012, a service technician attempted to fix the two problems by putting the rubber back in. He also pulled the unit out and worked on the drain. He noted it was originally hooked up improperly and he was surprised that it was not leaking prior to his service call. The service man placed the unit back in and screwed two screws into the cabinet. These had not been in place prior to the service call. In less than a week, the rubber fell out. We alerted [redacted] that the problems had not been fixed via a phone call. We attempted to place the rubber back in and ran the dishwasher, but did not run it after that time. We again spoke to [redacted] about the dishwasher and then looked at it closer. Upon examination we realized it would not close and we discovered the screws had ripped from the cabinet. A whole piece of wood was detached from the cabinet. We also noticed that a pilot hole was not drilled prior to screw placement. We contacted [redacted] again through email (see email dated Dec 6, 2012). [redacted] from [redacted] LLC on Dec 10, 2012 came by to observe the damage and look at the dishwasher. He also noted that the appliance was not properly installed. He noted that the damage to the cabinet is extensive and to fix the issue, the granite from the counter top would need to be removed and a new cabinet installed. We mentioned how we have never been satisfied with the current dishwasher as it constantly needs repairs on the rubber piece that goes along the edge of the unit, it is still extremely loud and it does not dry well. During multiple times throughout the year, we have had to reinsert the rubber piece back into the unit. We did not believe there was a solution for this rubber piece to work. [redacted] mentioned that they had in the past had customers upgrade to a better dishwasher. We asked if it was possible to switch out the dishwasher and upgrade to a higher quality product. We believe this to be a satisfactory solution. We went to your store immediately after confirming with [redacted] and spoke to [redacted]. We were told that B&B couldn't replace our dishwasher with an upgrade; however, B&B could sell the 11 month old product on consignment. [redacted] then mentioned that dishwashers did not resell well and thus we would likely only receive $50-$100. [redacted] mentioned that 'everything' could be fixed. He also mentioned that he owns a Frigidaire at home and has never had issues. He noted that every brand has problems but did not respond to to the unusual amount of problems we have had. He also shrugged off the fact that damage was caused to our cabinet by a B&B service tech. We brought this up multiple times during the conversation because it could no longer be mounted into the cabinet.

In addition, we have received poor customer service. On Nov 1, 2012, a repair man came out to fix the microwave. The service man glanced over the microwave quickly and decided to order parts. After no correspondence for over a week, [redacted] decided to call on Nov 12, 2012 and see where the parts were as we had an unusable microwave.The service manager, [redacted], had no idea what we were talking about. This is unacceptable because they could have cut wait time by pulling the microwave. It is concerning that [redacted] was not aware of the service.Desired Settlement: In conclusion, we are still waiting for some resolution on the dishwasher. After not receiving any communication for almost a month and having yet another unusable appliance, we decided to purchase another dishwasher from a different company. We would like to proceed with the previous purposed consignment as well as some resolution to the damage caused by your service technician on November 14, 2012. We would like full resolution by January 25. We have repeatedly used vacation hours from our jobs to meet service technicians and hope that meeting time frames can be more agreeable to us in the future. Due to the extreme lack of concern, lack of good customer service, and lack of resolution we are submitting our complaint to you. We have also sent a more detailed letter to [redacted] at B&B and we are also including [redacted] at [redacted] as we have been working with him on our concerns. Lastly, we received a customer satisfaction questionnaire from Frigidaire. We will be sending this letter as our response. We also would like them to know that we are not satisfied with the poor quality of their products.

Thank you for your time. We hope that we can get this manner resolved in a reasonable timeframe.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/01/24) */

Jan. 24, '13

Mr and Mrs [redacted],

Sorry this has taken so long to respond to your letter, I was out of town. I am sorry you have not had favorable experience with your appliances. I apologize for the lack of promptness in resolving the service issues. I trust that the microwave oven replacement is working ok and the refrigerator is not noisy anymore. I did not find any calls on the range so I assume that was OK. With respect to the dishwasher, we will be happy to pick that unit up and sell it for you, just let us know when it is convenient for you to be home to have it picked up.


[redacted], mgr

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Description: Major Appliance Dealers, Small Appliance Repair Shops

Address: 956 Atlanta Hwy, Auburn, Georgia, United States, 30011-3503


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