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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/08/22) */
Contact Name and Title: Deborah F*
Contact Phone: 330-773-
Contact Email: ***
Move day-7/27/The office was closed for a couple of days, I contacted the customer as soon as the office reopened on 7/and resolved
the matter to her satisfactionThe first notice was never deliveredResponded as soon as the second notice was received
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 12, 2015/08/25) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Review: B&B Movers of Wausau moved our large household items the end ofJune 2012. Our laminate flooring was damaed in the process in two different places. I contacted the Wausau manager, [redacted]. He came on-site and viewed the damage. He verified the obvious damage and indicated the he would have a flooring specialist take a look to assess the damages. I followed up with several phone calls, and left several messages for [redacted] with no resuilts and no flooring specialist was sent to our home. At the time [redacted], the B&B manager did his on-site visit, he had indicated that if the results of the assessed damaged were over his $500 deductible, he would turn it into his insurance. As of this date, well over a year later, no action has been taken on the part of B&B Movers. I have taken steps for pricing replacement of the flooring. I submitted an estimate to [redacted] in the Spring of this year and asked for a response. To date, I have received no response. I would like this matter resolved without having to take legal action against B&B Movers.Desired Settlement: The laminate flooring was new when we moved into our home. If the flooring cannot be repaired to the original appearance, then we want the flooring replaced.

Review: I put my household goods into storage with B& B Moving and Storage in [redacted] and had them delivered when I secured a permanent residence. They were in storage with this company about 2 1/2 months. When my possessions were delivered many of the pieces were damaged. One antique cupboard had had three of the four hand-wrought hinges knocked off and the piece was delivered with a large cord tied around it to hold the doors shut. Another piece, a hand-made cabinet that my deceased father had made, arrived covered with mold. Cartons had been crushed because of the poor storage and moving around of the goods by B&B. When I contacted one of the owners it took him three calls before he returned a call. Then it took another three calls to force him to come to my house to assess the damage, and I live only 3 blocks from his business! I pointed out the damages, including a porch floorboard that had been broken when one of his staff was unloading my goods and showed my how soft the board supposedly was by jumping up and down on it until it broke. He took notes on his clipboard, promised he would take care of the damages. And has refused to return any of my calls since. His company is not a member of the so I have been unable to file a complaint with them. And I know that the mold came from his warehouse: I have a close personal friend who was storing some items there and when she went down to get some things out of storage I went with her and she, too, had mold on her items and there was mold everywhere on the walls and ceilings of the warehouse. Additionally, items for her - and others as well - were stacked up without regard to the weight of each item or carton. If you value your possession, DO NOT hire this company for either moving or storage!!Desired Settlement: Please, make sure this is made available to other people needing moving and/or storage services so that they do not make the same mistake that I did using this "business"!!



Ms. [redacted]'s belongings were brought to us by a different mover from out on the [redacted]. When the shipment was checked in to storage we noted all of the damages that had occurred during the move from the [redacted]. These are some of the same damages that Ms. [redacted] has noted. At the time of delivery from our warehouse I told her that these damages occurred during that move and not at our warehouse and advised her to seek restitution from the mover out east. I offered to show her the documentation but she didn't come to our office to view them.



This was the most nightmarish move I have ever had! Workers were exhausted from being up until 3 am (by their account) and took 14 hours to move me out and into a storage shed. Subsequent movers moved me in from the storage shed in less than 6 hours. My estimate said it would take 6 1/2 hours to move me into the storage shed. The woman in the office hung up on me when I called about a broken TV. Beware of this company!

Review: Told my a hourly rate would be 80 with no other fees or charges after only two of the four workers that I was promised showed up. I was later charged without agreeing to it a rate of 129 an hour for two guys that could not handle the job. I called several times and tried to speak with the owner or main supervisor and they would not let me. They finally said they spoke to the manager while I waited on hold for 30 and the manager can't do anything to help me.Desired Settlement: I would like to get the difference from what was quoted and what was charged to my credit card returned to my credit card. I am extremely frustrated because the two guys they sent couldn't even finish the job because they were tired and had taken several breaks throughout the move to smoke or talk on their phones. I try to resolve the problem with the business owner but the employee would not let me speak directly to him and relayed that his response was that they can charge what they want and are not required to send a certain amount of workers to handle a large job.

Review: B& B movers were contacted by myself to move my things from Wausau WI to Medford WI. The day of the move was April 30 2014. They arrived that day with a truck that was 1/3 size of what I had looked at. The movers did share with me that the "big" truck was in for repairs. Thus they could only move 1/2 of my things and I could not reach the manager [redacted] to make any additional arrangements. They did not show up the next day to complete my move. I had to hire private help with their own truck to move my remaining items. I gave the movers a check For $460.00 with the understanding it would not get cashed until [redacted] had contacted me regarding this situation. [redacted] has not returned my calls and the check has been cashed. The movers did tell me the truck they were using would not go over 45 miles per hour so we had to take back roads verses the highway and that the truck also leaked. It was pouring rain that day thus I have a huge stain on my $900 white sofa. Many attempts to reach B & B have not been successful. I would like this matter resolved as I have extra expenses with the private help I had to hire to finish a job B & B was paid to do.Desired Settlement: Refund/Cash adjustment

Review: In October 2012, we contracted with B & B Movers of Wausau, WI to move the contents of our home at [redacted] and store those contents over the winter until we could move into a condo that was being built at [redacted] On June 4, 2013, B & B Movers began delivering our personal belongings to our new address. We discovered that several items were not delivered including but not timited to a king sized wood bed frame, mattress, box springs (headboard, footboard, side rails). Other items that are missing are table lamps, antiques, personal and unreplaceable pictures of deceased family members; and much hunting gear. Also, there are numerous items of furniture with damage to the wood, including water damage. The movers tried to deliver a mattress that was not ours, which we refused to accept. We have tried to talk to the owner, [redacted] Crooks and he does not return our phone calls. We filed a list of missing items with [redacted] which he was suposed to file with his insurance company. It has been several weeks since we mailed [redacted] our itemized list by certified mail but we have heard nothing from [redacted]. I have tried to go to his place of business, but he is never there-only a note on the door to call him. I have tried to call him--he does not return my calls.Desired Settlement: We would like to have our personal property returned to us. However, that does not seem to be an option as the mover says he cannot find the missing items. Therefore, we would settle for a check to replace the missing items. [redacted] has a list of the missing items with replacement costs except for the family pictures which are priceless.



No, we have not heard from B&B Movers. They ([redacted] Crooks) do not answer the phone when we call him.

No, we are not satisfied with efforts to resolve the loss of our property.

Thank you for trying to help

[redacted] owner of B & B Movers, asked for full payment of services before delivery of my household goods to NC. He gave me his word that his truck would deliver my things on time. He called to tell me one day into the trip that his truck had broken down in Indiana and was going to have to wait for parts before continuing on to NC. Days and weeks went by where I had to continue calling him for updates on the repair. He gave me no hope of when I could expect my things. I had paid for a storage unit in NC which was now sitting empty and no refunds were given on that unit. After I had made numerous calls to B & B, he finally said that he was going to have my things transferred to a different truck in Indiana and continue driving to NC. My things were finally delivered on a month late. [redacted] did not call me to ask if things were delivered safely. I had to call him to let him that I had water and mold damage to boxes due to his first truck leaking when it was sitting in Indiana in the rain. Other things were damaged in the process of transferring from one truck to another, and while unloading the truck in NC. [redacted] has shown NO concern for this situation or for the inconvenience to me in not having my things delivered on time. It has held up the process of purchasing my home because filing records I needed were not delivered when promised.......[redacted] only continued to say that it wasn't easy for him!! I continued to call him when the small reimbursement check he promised to send in the mail NEVER came. I finally traveled back up to Wisconsin to talk to him face to face. He tried to put me off again, and gave me a bad check….but I did not let him leave my sight until he gave me the cash reimbursement he had promised me. Do not do business with this man. He is not honest. I don't believe his business is insured as he never had me fill out an insurance claim for my damaged goods.

Review: While delivering a clothes washer, their worker tore up a new floor. Several attempts to correct this situation have been ignored. Over 3 months nowDesired Settlement: IF they can't replace it, they should pay for me to have it replaced.



The check has been sent. Originally Mr. [redacted] was going to arrange fo ra flooring installer to replace the floor and then send me the bill. After not having any luck in doing so I contacted an installer I have worked with before and relayed Mr. [redacted] information to him . He never foollowed up on this, even after many calls to him. On October 8th I recieved the estimate from the installer that Mr. [redacted] had contacted and I forwarded that to my bookeeper for remittance. She sent the check out on 10/23/12

The guys who came to move us were excellent. They were as careful as they could be. They didn't damage any of our furniture nor did they put marks on walls. It took them a little longer than I thought but at least they were careful. I would recommend them to anyone!

While delivering a clothes washer, their worker tore up a new floor. Several attempts to correct this situation have been ignored. Over 3 months now

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