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Review: We rented an RV on June 21st from B&B. The unit had several issues including a malfunctioning refrigerator where hundreds of dollars of food was lost, a broken pipe under the shower causing shower water to spill on the ground getting us in trouble at the campgrounds we stayed at, bad axle bearings to the point the front tires could be rocked back and forth by hand causing a severe safety hazard, malfunctioning smoke detector (did not work at all, batteries dead?), no license plates, moisture and mold in kitchen cabinets, kitchen faucet leaked badly, bedroom lights didn't work, severe damage to outside of the unit in right rear corner (obviously had been wrecked before), and much more. Desired Settlement: 5 days rental for early return or cost of replacement rental from ABC.

Review: We made a reservation on 6/7/14 for an RV rental and paid the required $500 down. We received call from [redacted] on July 3rd stating we needed to pay the remainder of the bill $2164.00 to hold the RV for our trip in August, which we did. We cancelled our trip 8/5/14 immediately after reading an article in the Alaska Dispatch where we learned of AK Motorhomes multiple names switches and deceptive business practices. [redacted] sent a return email stating they understood and promising a full refund that day. After several correspondences, he said that the money was removed from his account but due to loss of their credit card processor they were unable to do anything further, told us to contact our credit card company for a full refund. Needless to say we are still waiting for our full refund and now plan to fill a lawsuit to reclaim our money.Desired Settlement: We are requesting that our $2664.00 be refunded as promised. He has essentially stolen this money from us.

Review: Made a reservation for a vacation rv in Dec 2013 for a trip we are taking in July 2014 and paid in full with my visa card to get a discounted rate before the end of last year. Was just informed by email from this company that my reservation is cancelled today, with no notice, no reason, and they will not answer their phone. I have left several threatening messages but no reply. They say they have credited my credit card with the money but have not done so. Now, after making a lot of costly reservations for our trip we no longer have a motor home and too short notice to rent another as they are sold out everywhere.Desired Settlement: I want them to either come up with the motor home as planned, I have a written reservation from them, or want my money back plus additional cost of renting another one, if I can even find one, and any loss of money for our trip due to their cancellation, we have already purchased airline tickets and several other day trip events that are paid for. can someone please get back to me asap

Thank you [redacted]

Review: The RV was not available for several hours after scheduled pick up. There was no initial walk thru of the vehicle with the client. More than a handful of things were wrong with the vehicle, including one that caused a carbon monoxide buildup, putting our lives in danger. The most inappropriate action and one that warrants complaint is with final charges. No walk thru is completed at drop off when the RV is returned as agreed. A month later charges are noted on two credit cards from the company. When inquired upon the company states that the windshield is cracked and was charged for. No notice of this charge was ever given, prior to being discovered on the bills. They claim they do not need proof of breakage to bill. We however have dozens of photos that show the windshield intact as proof of our returning as agreed. In addition, only one of the cards was given for incidentals, not two, despite charging both. The owners when questioned become overtly irate and either yell, belittle, talk over or hang up on the clients when attempting to settle the matter rationally. Unfortunately, it was not until after these happenings that we found this company to have numerous complaints with the and hope that no one else will be subject to this type of theft, thru knowledge of our loss. Desired Settlement: We have both politely asked and strongly demanded both cars be refunded as we feel the charge is all out theft. We have supporting documentation of the un broken windshield and can provide immediately as needed. As they can not and or will not provide the same documentation to support their claims, we feel this is an outright scam. This business should not be allowed to continue in this ruse. $600 is the amount of loss at this time, unless they continue to deny refund, an we are forced to litigate. We of course would prefer not to go that route but feel theft is a serious offense.

Review: Rental of RV paid in full six months prior to trip, arrived to pick up RV. The RV was a 2002 model, battery cables were corroded, RV kept dying, inside was full of pet hair, shower did not drain, smelled of pets, covered in dust, bedding was full of pet hair, windows were broken, door had no screens, molding on windows rotted out, locks on storage compartments were broken, shower did not drain, shower and sink were full of human hair, shower leaked, hinges on cupboard were broken, bathroom smelled of stale urine, had urine stains on floor, front end of vehicle had high pitched squeal, windshield wipers needed to be replaced, had issues with there contract (allowed roads, prohibited roads), advertise only 2 pet friendly motorhomes which we did not request, AK roadside assistance is only 50 miles within Anchorage tried to get this was told not available, called multiple times, went to voicemail, owner lives in Florida, isn't even local (as advertised), advertise for "reliable, safe motorhomes" this was not our experience, rates included TV/DVD, sleeping bags, bedding, no dump fees (none of this was in RV, contract states renter is responsible for emptying tanks), Additional $1000.00 deposit upon arrival (even though paid in full) for damage deposit. Advertise only $250.00 nonrefundable, REFUSED to refund us anything. Have to filed small court claims.Desired Settlement: Will be filing claim with AK small courts. Contacting credit card company to attempt to get charges reversed.

Review: My decision to use AK Motorhome was based upon information from webpage which was confirmed at time reservation was made with AK Motorhome.

We arrived early morning and spent night in motorhome and processed paperwork and left for week trip informing Akmotorhome representative that motorhome would be returned the following Saturday. This was due to the fact that Sunday return flights would have got us home Monday. The possibility of being able to change rental times was stated as being acceptable on their webpage. When returned motorhome early we were told to file a dispute to get our money back of which we did and the 1 day refund was denied. Website claims;


Not sure of your exact dates? No problem. Just give us an estimate of when you will be here and you can change your dates, add or subtract days on a space available basis up to time of departure. At AK Motor Home there is NEVER a penalty for date changes

In addition, AKmotorhome website claims free late night arrival stay, yet I was charged as an additional night.

Below are issues with motorhome rental that I believe were either inconsistent with advertised and/or the stated condition of motorhome would be in and/or issues due to lack of motorhome maintenance. Their web page states that there motorhomes are "handpicked, self-contained, immaculately clean, late-model unit available in 24, 26, and 30 foot lengths. We keep all of our units meticulously maintained and serviced".

Coffee Maker dirty(still had old Coffee bag in it)

Door lock missing on privacy retracting door between main cabin and back bedroom.

Same accordion door was detached at top and curtain loose from door frame allowing no privacy.

Shower and kitchen sinks leaked water profusely every time they were used

Advertisement claims that motorhome included a television. The television had been moved and there was no cables to connect to roof antenna and no nearby receptacle to plug AC into.

Driver side seat had broken armrest broken

Passenger side seat armrest missing

Vehicle horn inoperative ‐ Safety Concern

No curtain on upper berth for privacy to person sleeping there. When informed assistant, we were given a sheet and tape to attach cloth. Bed had approx. 1" foam and sleeping bag.

My son had to purchase a foam mattress to use on bed due to lack of padding. Foam mattress was left on motorhome for AKmotorhome to use to future renters.

Refrigerator shelves missing making it difficult to put food inside

Refrigerator shelves on door would fall and items on shelf would fall and spill into refrigerator.

Website claims late model RV‐ In actuality it was a 2004 Model.

Right Side window in main cabin did not lock (parts of lock were missing) window whistled most of the time. Additional concern because we had expensive camera equipment on board.

Front Door locks did not lock automatically from the driver's side as originally intended.

Air Bag light said that it was not working and AKmotorhome representatives confirmed this.

Main cab battery apparently would die after 2 hours of using cabin lights only.

Fresh Water tank had a leak, we would fill up, and the following morning it was empty (loss of 40 gallons)

Fresh Water, Graywater, and sewage tank gauges did not reading properly. Would still say full after emptying tanks.

When sewage tank leaks, missing window locks, dirty coffee maker, and the use of TV were discovered, we were we were north of Denali National Park in Healy, AK. This would have been Sunday

Night/Monday Morning and a 4 1/2 hour trip each way to return back to anchorage for another

motorhome if it were available.

A dispute was filed with [redacted] my wife received a call from this company. The man was rude to her. She informed him that I was not home and he needed to call back and talk to me. Since then we have not had any response.

[redacted] at first claimed that we would be refunded our money and 1 month later AK motorhome the complete AK motorhome bill was added back to my [redacted] account with no prior explanation given. Upon calling [redacted] I was informed that because I signed the contract and drove away the motorhome even in the condition it was in, they could not refund me any money. Please investigate.


Pictures can be provided to support claims if needed.Desired Settlement: Refund of monies

Review: We rented a motorhome from this company in December, for a July rental, on June 17th we received a very cryptic email saying their motorhomes were vandalized and they had to cancel on us. They will not respond to email or phone calls, they just totally ignore us, they have not refunded us-- we are totally stranded this close to our trip, and SOOO frustrated with their unwillingness to help us.Desired Settlement: Our first desire would be to get the motorhome we rented, but if not then we want our money plus the interest they have collected for 7 months on it, plus the same fee they would charge us for cancelling on them with less than 30 days notice ($500)-- this is horrible business practice, and is apparently a pattern for this business.

Review: Your web site indicated all campers are late models (THIS ONE IS 10 YEARS

OLD) RV'S come with a TV/DVD and oven which was a huge disappointment since

this was a major reason we rented from your company. You also indicated all

RV's are immactulatly clean and maticulously maintained and serviced . THIS

CAMPER WAS FILTHY! incuding the visor mirrors on the camper.

Here is a list of things that we have found and you need to repair, replace

and maintain in this motor home to bring it up to code.

a.) Refrifgerator trim is broke

b.) Bathroom faucet broke on the first time using

c.) Kitchen sink faucet leakes on counter top and gets everything wet

d.) Broom is cheap and is broke

e.) Latchs on cabinets dont work property -cabinet struts that hold door

open are broke

f.) front step needs repaired (missing front piece)

g.) Screen front door latch and plastic slide piece is broke

h.) Curtin rods need repaired

i.) bedroom closet rod does not stay in place

j.) Window over sofa rattles and does not open. we put in a piece of

cardboard to stop the rattling

k.) Generator kicks off 12 volt

l.) Microwave front panel does not work properly.

m.) Window screen missing over window above sofa

n.) Passanger door panel missing parts

o.) Chain for curtain is broke and another one missing chain

p.) Back storage lock does not work

q.) Window seals need replaced or repaired

r.) Toilet doesnt not flush very well

s.) Shower door seal needs repaired or replaced. we have not used the

shower to see if it works, but does leak as suit cases stored in shower

are wet from the rain, roof leaks in shower area

t.) Divider curtains are ripped and need repaired or replaced

u.) Gap in couch seating

v.) Cushions are dirty, smelly and stained

w.) Not supplied with enought for 5 people, utensils, pans, dishes, dish

clothes, towels, wash cloths, camp chairs, etc

x.) Toaster was filthy and I had to clean it to use it

y.) Can opener is broke and does not work

z.) Kitchen blinds will not release, so those need to be repaired or


aa.) Stove knob missing looked around for it unable to locate it

bb. Bathroom fan needs repaired or replaced

cc.) Wheel bearings squeek with the turning of the wheels

dd.) generator mount needs repair

ee.) roof leaks over top bed and bedding was wet dinette seating also


ff.) Both screens on upper bed need replaced or repaired

gg.) door handle does not latch without jiggling the door handle inside

camper to be able to close door properly.

hh.) Smoke alarm is missing and is a fire hazard

ii.) window screen over dining table is broke and had to tape

jj.) privacy curtian track on upper bed need repaired

kk.) Light switch cover in kitchen area is missing

ll.) out door light works occasionaly

mm.) Dinette seat back by driver seat is broke, has been partially

repaired with some screws

nn.) Other dinett seat back rest trim mounts are ripped out only 1 screw

holding it on

oo.) Monitor you informed us that the monitor does not give proper


pp.) Carbon monixied sensor would not shut off and battery had to be


qq.) broken or missing screw on handle under stove top

rr.) Bedroom / bathroom privacy curtain missing

We noticed temporary tags on the motor home, we dont believe you had done an

inspection on the motor home properly before renting. We reserved the motor

home in February and this was bought in July.

We are very disappointment and this has been a very bad rental experience.

We come to Alaska every year and have always had a good experience with

rental RV's this was a horrible time in this rental RV.

Desired Settlement: would like a partial refund due to the false avertisment, fire hazard. etc as listed above. Please keep in mind these are only the issue we had found, there may be many more items that need to be repaired or replaced.

Review: I rent a 30 foot RV in B&B RV rental, I wote below email to them one month earlier before pick up the RV.



One more question before I make the reservation, my date is Aug 9th to 16th. I will be return the RV around 3pm -5pm on 16th. Is that ok to you? or I need pay extra money.



They replied "that is fine" which means to everyone like there should no extra cost for the extra hours. So I paid $2300 for total amount on July 17th.

By contract pick up date is 3pm on Aug 9th, but RV was not ready until 4:30pm and many equpiments are broken on the RV not same as they advised on their website.

I returned the car on Aug 16th 5pm and no one in their office. On the phone them informed me B&B RV rental will charge for the extra hours. On the day when I return B&B changed me $1000 for 5hours extra. It only cost $330 per day with tax. I contacted them by phone and ask them refound $1000 however they do not agree the emails and they were saying on contract it should return by 11am. I can provide all the records of emails, the contract and their $1000 invoice for 5 hours extra.

Desired Settlement: Refund $1000 first. They should receive punishment for cheating on their consumers.

They have to be appligaze and compensation for the RV issues. If I know they will charge extra with many broken equipment on their RV then I wont rent from B&B RV rental. RV issue almost destroy my holiday in Alaska.

Review: In December of 2013 we rented two (2) 31 foot motor homes from AKmotorhome. The rental agreement was for July 15 through July 29, 2014. I received confirmation of both of the payments (which was prepaid in full). I talked to the man on the phone and discussed arrangements to pick our family up at the Anchorage airport. We had purchased air fare as well as made reservations for campgrounds and fishing charters. There are 10 people in our family making this trip. On June 23, 2014 we (my daughter [redacted] and I) received an email cancelling our motor home reservations "due to circumstances beyond their control." The statement said a credit would be made to our accounts and a full refund would be given. Both my daughter and I have attempted to call AKmotorhome at various times throughout the day and have left several messages. We have received no return calls nor have we received the money that was promised by this company to be refunded to us! This is a huge scam do not ever rent from this company. All of the "good testimonials" are fabricated and untrue. We live in Wyoming and this company has cost us thousands of dollars in rental fees. Contacting us only 3 weeks before the beginning of our trip caused massive stress. We had to call and scramble to find replacement motor homes which cost us an additional $8000.00. With no refund from this company our trip of a lifetime has been turned into a "nightmare of a lifetime." I have heard that we are not the only family this has happened to this current year. Shame on this company for scamming people out of their hard earned money and being so blatantly dishonest and underhanded.

Product_Or_Service: Rental of 31 foot motorhomeDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want a refund of all monies paid as well as an additional $500 for the late cancellation that we would have been charged had we cancelled on our own. These folks need to have their business license revoked and not be allowed to take people for a ride anymore. If we are not refunded our money, I will be pursuing a legal and criminal action against AKmotorhome for fraud.

Review: We reserved a motorhome 12/28/13 from this company and paid in full with a credit card and on 6/12/14 they sent us and e-mail stating that due to vandlism they wouldnt be able to fill our reservations and that they had refunded the $1,500.00 back to out credit card. I sent them 2 e-mails asking them to call me and they never did so. But they replied back stating that they had refunded the money 2 times and sent me a copied of the reciept of the refund but the money still hasent been returned as of 6/23/2014.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

We need our money refunded

Review: On 11/24/2012, I booked an RV rental from B&B RV Rental over the Internet. B&B RV Rental advertised half price RV rates for summer 2013 if booked in November. We were making plans to take my 83-year old mother to Alaska for a vacation. There were six family members going on this trip. I paid for $1,498.50 by credit card for the RV we rented. We rented a 30' RV which was to sleep six people. The RV was to come filled with fuel, LP, and be in good condition as promised by the B&B RV website. B&B also offered us a free shuttle from the airport in Anchorage to their business to pick up the RV.Upon our arrival at the airport when we called for the B&B shuttle, we were told their van had broken down an hour earlier so we would have to take a taxi to B&B RV Rental and they would reimburse our taxi fare. Upon arrival at B&B, there was no one to pay the taxi so we paid the taxi faire out of our own money. We received no reimbursement from B&B. The condition of the RV was not what was promised to us at the time of booking. The RV they had for us could only sleep five people, not six. There RV looked old and worn out. The carpets and upholstery was torn, soiled, and worn out. There was no couch in the RV, which was to be the sleeping area for the sixth person. The spot where there used to be a couch was bare. There were not seatbelts in the RV for 6 people. The fuel tank was empty, the LP tank was empty, and the generator would not start. The slide out did not work and the tires were bald, which was a safety hazard to my family. When we asked for a different RV to rent, the B&B employee told us there was no other RV for us. I called the owner of B&B and he told me there was no other RV for us and he would not give us a refund. The quality of the product offered to us by B&B was not what was promised to us over the Internet when we booked this RV. The service by the B&B owner was unprofessional and rude. It was clear this was a scam operation. B&B has still refused to refund my $1,498.50.

Product_Or_Service: 30' RV rental

Account_Number: reservation #XXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Refund of $1,498.50. The product and service we were promised was not even close to what was offered to us upon arrival at B&B RV Rental. I note that B&B RV Rental now operates under the name of [redacted].com but they still have the same phone number of XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Review: On 07-20-14 we rented a motorhome from AK Rentals. On their website and contract, they stated "Insurance coverage includes collision, comprehensive, bodily injury/liability, and uninsured motorist.".

I was involved in a fender bender in Fairbanks on 07-26-14. I contacted AK motorhomes immediately and advised them of the accident and was told "Don't worry about it, that is what insurance is for. Go ahead and enjoy the rest of your trip". I was told by the State Patrol office that the vehicle is insured and that my personal insurance information was not even needed (although I offered to give it to them).

Now, [redacted] has turned a bill for over $4100 to a collection agency against me. AK Motorhomes apparently did not report this to their insurance company and they rejected the claim. The insurance information provided to me in the vehicle was a photocopy that had NO contact information for the insurance company, only the VIN, Policy number, and expiration date, so I could not contact them myself.

From the start, this was a bad choice. When we arrived in AK, the company was not at the location advertised and would not return our calls for over 10 hours (they finally called us at 2:30 AM once we had to get a hotel) and told us they were in a different location now.

A bad experience. Beware.Desired Settlement: To have their insurance company honor their contract and pay the claim to [redacted]. I am not responsible for the claim and they need to do the right thing.

Review: I rented a motorhome for 12 days from B&B RV Rental. We prepaid 10 months in advance. We called the week before to make sure everything was a go for 8:00 pickup on the 11th of July. That morning they did not have a motorhome ready for us. They actually had only one motorhome and it was in very bad shape. We were told to take it or leave it. With no other motorhomes available to rent we were forced to take it. They pieced it together and we left their lot that afternoon. Among things wrong were: water tank gauge that did not work, same for sewer gauge, propane tank gauge, and gas gauge. Wipers did not work. Kitchen table would not stay standing on its own. Carpet was filthy. Upholstery was filthy. Outside compartments did not lock. The side door would not lock from the outside. Drivers seat was broke and would not adjust. At least half the lights did not work. ROOF LEAKED IN THREE PLACES. The AC vent leaked. The roof leaked on the drivers side coming in through an electrical wire receptle. The bathroom vent leaked very very bad. I'm not talking dripping. I'm talking filling a garbage can in an hour. It was dangerous with the wet wiring. I called them and left a message explaining the leaking roof and ASKED THEM TO CALL ME BACK. I never recieved a call back and they would never answer my calls.

When we returned the motorhome I told the attendant all the problems. He said he couldn't do anything. He gave me the number of someone else to talk to. Whoever I talked to listened to me, asked what he could do to make it right. I said I shouldn't be charged for such a terrible experience. Or at least refund half my money. He said he couldn't but would talk to the owner and have him call me. I asked for the owners number but was denied it. I waited three days for a call and never recieved one. I called them and got a busy signal. Called again and left a message to call me back. Called the third day and got a busy signal. Called a fourth day and got a business signal. Called a fifth day and left a message. Finally a lady called from a restricted number and I explained my problem to her. She said that the owner would be calling me. I have yet to hear from him and its now been 9 days since we returned the motorhome. And I sincerely doubt I ever will. Desired Settlement: I would like half my money refunded.

Review: On November 11, 2013, I made two separate reservations for motorhomes: week 1 was for my husband and 3 other men to go fishing; week 2 was for me and my husband. We paid $1000 for the deposits. I also sent a check in May to pay down the balance. (Note: I sent checks to one address, but they were never cashed. I emailed and resent new checks to the other address, which were received and cashed.) On Monday, I called the company to finish paying off the balance for the two RVsjust a little over $700. I spoke to [redacted] who told me he was "in the middle of something" and would call me back a little later. I never received a phone call that day. When I came home after work and checked my emails, I had an email from the company saying that they had tried multiple times to contact us and receive payment and as of that day would be cancelling the reservations and refunding all of our money. We are only three weeks out from our tripairline tickets (5) and fishing charters all paid forand no RV. I quickly contacted another company that we have used in the past and they had availability for the first RV, but at a much higher rate due to how late we were making our reservations. No companies have had availability for the second reservation, although they were able to cover a portion of the time. We have traveled to AK many times and have never experienced anything like this!Desired Settlement: At the MINIMUM, we are seeking a full refund of what we paid B & B RV Rental (aka: would be $1,460.60. (If I were bringing a lawsuit, I would ALSO ask for the difference in the cost of renting an RV at such a late date, which would be an additional $1500.)



Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2014/07/21) */

We just wanted you to know that we have received a full refund from this company. It has been a great disappointment to have to scramble at the last minute to schedule our motorhomes for vacationand of course at a much higher rate. But it does not diminish our love for the beautiful state of Alaska!

Thank you for your assistance!

Review: paid for a rental back in Feb,2013, to use in July 2013. 4 days before the date to rent, they e-mailed me to cancel. They have sent 2 checks, both were unable to be cashed. 1st they closed the account, 2nd they had wrong account #. Have exchanged over 49 e-mails. Another check was promised on Aug 20. Haven't heard from them since. No check, and they have now stopped responding to e-mails and phone calls. I still have the checks and all e-mails. Have tried calling them at least 10 times. I know they are still in business, because they have changed their voice mail.Desired Settlement: I want a check that I can cash. Was promised a cashier's check after the last one. If this doesn't work, do I pursue fraud charges against them?

Review: AK Motorhome advertised half off motorhomes in December 2013. The deadline to purchase this was December 31,2013. My vacation is set for July 3-20th 2014. I purchased a 20 day RV contract December 27,2013 and paid in full. On June 9th 2014 AK Motorhome asked to switch my RV size and I emailed them saying that downsizing was hard for me. We called them 6 times and left messages without any reply to discuss the issue. The next email I received on June 12,2014 was to inform me that my contract was terminated, money refunded, and my family vacation left without an option.I have since re-booked through [redacted] at close to twice the rate being a difference of $3000. This company should not be allowed to make contracts with people and then cancel them at the last minute. I have copies of the original receipt. and the contract is available on their website.

Product_Or_Service: RV Rental

Order_Number: XXXXX

Account_Number: XXXXXDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

The difference of the RV prices due to them backing out on our contract last minute seems fair.According to their contract, had I backed out last minute I would have been responsible for the entire sum as promised in December 2013. [redacted] informed me that 3 other families were treated in this exact fashion by AK Motorhome. If I could find those families I would seek legal action. I also think the Attorney General should be contacted regarding this matter.

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