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B & B RV Service & Truck Repair

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B & B RV Service & Truck Repair Reviews (2)

Review: I paid several thousand dollars to get my roof and windows sealed, swap A/C units with another trailer, repair my generator and remove the belly sheeting to check the fresh water tank for leaks on an older Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel Trailer. I do not have money to throw away and expected them to threat me respectively. I feel like the only thing done right was the roof and windows. A new gasket was to be used on both trailers when the A/C's were swapped. However, it leaks every time it rains! I do not believe they replaced the gaskets! The generator worked the first time I started it but would not start the next time. I suspect they only rotated the ring gear rather than fixing/replacing it! They did not remove the belly as requested to check for leaks in the fresh water tank and replacing it if neccessary. They only found and replaced the drain valve, leaving the sheeting damaged around the valve. The tank still leaks! I will never return to them for service and would advise others to beware of anything they do on their vehicles! Desired Settlement: I would like to get a refund for all of the repairs that were only made to look repaired!

Review: I took my RV in for repair July 1, 2014 as the electrical system was acting up and my fridge was not staying on properly. I was quoted that the repair could take 2-3 hrs. I stayed with the RV and helped the repairman to fix the electrical problem it took him 2.5hrs to repair it. I was charged 4.25 hours instead of the 2.5 hrs, I had to then return back to their business as the electrical problem persisted after I left to go back to my cousin's home that same day. Then I left to go back to Canada on the way home I realized that I could not get my water pump to work properly and had to take the RV into repairs again in Calgary, AB Canada on July 11/14 when I got home and they said the electrical wiring was done incorrectly it cost me $144.90 Cdn on top of the $403.74 US I was overly charged at BB RV service. When I tried to contact the owner by letter I got no response until late in August and was told I was charged 4.25 hrs for clean up work that repairman had to do in their garage. ** the repairman was eating his lunch when I was there as I asked where he was and he was not cleaning up his repair work at all. I was also told by the owner she would contact [redacted] service and see about the additional repairs I had to pay when I got home and she would get back to me. She has never gotten back to me and they [redacted] service faxed them my repair bill and the owner of BB RV service has never refunded me the over charging that occurred on July 1/14 or the repairs I had to do later on July 11, 2014 at home in Canada. This business over charges or work that I witnessed myself it should have only charge me $237.50US for the repairs and not for cleaning up their garage after the work was done. They made all kinds of excuses for their over charging which was not true at all and I feel the Better Bureau should warn other travelers that this business will over charge and take no responsibilities for their bad workmenship.Desired Settlement: $144.90 Canadian for the additional work I had to have done when I got home to Canada and $166.25 US for the over charging on the bill, because the work only amounted to 2.5 hrs labour at 95.00/hr not 4.25 hrs of labour as I arrived at 10am and it was finished by 12:30pm on July 1,2014. I feel they took advantage of me because I was a women in need of RV repairs.



B&B RV's response to your complaint is that I believe that you have not been completely forth coming on the details. I responded to you on your letter when we received your letter. I told you to have your repair facility call me and that did not happen. As far as ** eating lunch I pulled his time tickets on your job and they added up to the correct amount of time you were billed and his day card were he punched out and back in for lunch! Your complaint about being quoted 2-3 hours while their is never a crystal ball when working on electrical issues and apparently you still had some when you left. You failed to prove that the work we performed was wrong. I had no call from your tech. his complaint is now way past the 30 day's.



Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted] of Calgary responded to BB RV of Battleground, WA twice by phone and told them that they had to repair my electrical problem. Both [redacted] the previous owner of [redacted] and the new owner [redacted] the new owner spoke to them by phone, so that is completely false statement I also sent in a copy of the work I had to have done in a july of 2014 to BB RV as proof, so this goes to show the dishonesty of this business towards their customers.



Well [redacted] I spoke to you once and as far as you calling me dishonest those are words I don't take lightly! It is very unfortunate that I was not in the office when you were there getting the work done because my tech has a entire different recall of that day and your issues you had. You were suppose to have [redacted] call us and you did not! You sent me a invoice! I would gladly of worked with you once we had all the details but you didn't give us the details! Anyone can call up and point fingers but until I had spoken to the correct people and I sift through all the B.S is then I make a decision. So be advised that I will not respond back to any of your complaints. I spoke to you one time! and that is what I referenced too. We don't refund off of hear say.



Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:

This is evidence that I went to my RV dealer in Canada, [redacted] Ltd on July 1/14 to repair the water pump and light electrical that didn’t work after I went to BB RV Truck Repair on July 1/14 and they didn’t do the electrical hook up properly. I am also including the letter I sent to BB RV in August when they failed to call me back after my phone call in late July to their office and I was told the owner was away on vacation and would call me back when she returned. She never contacted me until I wrote her the letter in August and when she did she said to me over the phone that I had to pay for the estimate and the cleanup of the shop that ** had to do after the job was finished. I actually helped ** clean up the shop and when I went in to pay the bill I was shocked at the labor cost, as I was not expecting the bill to be $823.33 as I was only there for 2.5 hrs and then when I got home and realized they over charged me for 4.25 hours, I started to complain then to them.

Now the Owner is saying she never spoke to [redacted] Ltd of Calgary, yet both [redacted] the previous owner and the new owner [redacted] said they spoke to them, unfortunately I have no proof of the phone calls they had with BB RV Truck Service, but they both said they spoke to them in the US.

** of BB RV Service was eating his lunch when I left the BB RV Service business and so I don’t know why the owner said he check in and out on the time card as I was leaving at that time, it had nothing to do with the time he worked on my RV and **’s stepson was also there cleaning the shop when ** was working on my RV as I witness him telling his son to do this and that, so the excuse that I have to pay for the clean up after my RV was finished by the owner is another false statement on her part.

The man at the counter was a biker type guy and it was very intimidating as a single woman to argue my case when he handed me the bill and said he was sorry for the huge bill when I said why is this so high? ** had a criminal record and was self taught on RV repairs as he told me during his time working on my RV, I gave him the benefit of the doubt hoping he really knew what he was doing.

Why this business is not interested in being honest with their customers is beyond me, as my cousin who recommended them said they were a family business and even the owner said she couldn’t sleep well at night if they were dishonest, yet they are being very dishonest in their charges. I witnessed other customers coming to the shop that day on July1/14 who were upset with the customer service they were receiving for parts they had orders days before and were not in for pick up, apparently the order was not put in correctly for their part I overheard in the conversations.

I will be out of the country for the month of March, so I won’t be able to communicate by email until the beginning of April as I am going to be without internet service.


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