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B & B Sewer & Septic Tank Service Inc

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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
The simple fact is that B & B's tech left the drum trap cover loose and did not tell me about it The fact that I was not there the whole time the tech was there is irrelevant He came out at 9:AM on 6/ I had planned to take my older children out at 10:AM By that point, I had assumed the tech would've been done with the job or at least close to it I had a friend at the house, who was baby-sitting my toddler I did not think I needed to be there to watch the tech's every move I assumed he was a professional and would do his job without my supervision When I arrived back home, I did not think I needed to inspect the access area in the closet wall behind the bathtub, assuming the tech left the area as he had first found it Never did I imagine that he would leave our plumbing in a state that would cause water leakage or damage!!! The tech DID NOT mention leaving the drum trap cover loose on the ticket I did not know it was loose or I would've asked him to come back and secure it
B&B's argument that the plumber was the one that caused the damage is false I discovered water in the basement bathroom's shower area later that day The plumber I had called did not come until the next afternoon So, how could the plumber have caused the damage??
The fact is B&B made a mistake and isn't willing to take responsibility for it
*** ***

On Tuesday June 10th B&B was called out to crook avenue for a backed up bathtub line by *** ***Our technician arrived at Mrs***'s home at 9:Shortly after out tech's arrival Mrs*** left her home to go to the movies, leaving out tech with her neighbor to sign
and receive the tech's diagnosis on the situationOur technician then began to work on the bathtub drain line, after an hour of attempting to clear the line; our technician determined that the plumbing on!the bathtub was very out of date and unable to simply be clearedHe then suggested replacing the plumbing to prevent any major issues in the future as well as to create a solution for the stoppage at the timeHe then wrote out a handwritten invoice describing the situation and his suggestions for the line repairs. This invoice was explained to the neighbor left in charge and signed by her to later relay to Mrs. ***After the paperwork was signed and completed the tech then called Mrs***'s cell phone to explain the line was unable to be cleared and remained backed up, she did not answer the call at this time and he had to leave a brief messageHe then called the office to describe the situation and okay the steps he had taken, no mention or discussion of leaving a cap loose for better draining was brought up, approved, or done by our technicianThe office then received a call a few hours later from Mrs. *** asking for a better description of the situation to understand the information her neighbor was unable to convey, at this time no mention of a leak or any grout concerns were madeThe office then called the tech after the call asking him to call her back and explain the situationLater that afternoon the tech managed to get a hold of Mrs*** and explain his concerns about her plumbing and the steps he took to attempt clearing her lineAgain at this time no mention of a loosened cap, any signs of a leak, and cracked or damaged grout was madeMrs*** agreed to contact a plumber.
The next afternoon our tech received a phone call from Mrs***'s mobile phone to discuss the situation with the plumber from *** plumbing who had come out to estimate repairs and determine a course of actionHe then at the time agreed with our tech about the repairs that were suggested because of the old plumbing and informed our technician that Mrs*** was refusing to get the repairs, at which point the plumber decided to attempt to clear the line, and agreed to our service tech whether the line was cleared successfully or notAgain at this time no mention of a leak, grout damage, or a loosened cap was madeAbout an hour later the plumber and Mrs*** called our technician again to inform him the plumber was able to clear the line and trouble shoot more about why our technician was unable to clear the lineAccording to both *** and the plumbing tech the blocked tub line was cleared and completed, and the old plumbing was not repaired or replaced against both technicians recommendations.
Mrs*** *** then contacted one of our technicians on Saturday June 21, eleven days after B&B sewer had been over to run the bathtub lineThe call was made on overtime about water damages in the other bathroom area at Crook AvenueThe tech then called the office manager who agreed to send him by to assess the situationHe did take photographs and discussed the concerns with Mr*** who admittedly told our technician he had noticed water leaking in the bathroom area that week and had assumed it would go awayB&B then looked at the timeline from when we had arrived and left, and when the plumber had arrived and cleared the line, as well as when Mrand Mrs*** had admitted noticing leakageWe then determined since the leak as well as the damage was found after the plumber called in on the 11th of June from *** plumbing had reportedly fixed the situation and that the damage was not caused by B&B Sewer's technician.
Once this determination was made B&B did manage to call Mrs*** back and discuss the situation and the reasoning behind B&B being unwilling to replace and repair the damaged areaWe did agree to cut her original invoice price of $in half to $because of the inability to clear the tub line, and she had refused this offerMrs*** while staying relatively calm, would not accept out diagnosis and informed the co-owner, Crystal, that she was not pleased with B&B giving her the run around and blowing smoke up her buttCrystal did not in fact use this term on Mrs***She ca{inly tried to find a common agreement to resolve the situation, and Mrs*** refused to step back and agree to the discount only wanting a full repair paid in full by our companyShe would listen to the issues B&B had with taking responsibility for her damages when another company had followed behind usShe exclaimed we had insurance for such things and it is our fault and she will not agree to anything lessShe then threatened to write the, and to make sure everyone knows that we are an unethical company.
We hold insurance for matters pertaining to the company itself, and we will not_make an insurance claim for this situation because we were not at fault in this situationWe cannot take responsibility for other company's damages as well as outdated plumbing that was strongly recommended to be replacedThis is a losing situation no matter how it is resolved; we are only refusing to comply with Mrs*** because the blame is aimed in the incorrect directionB&B prides itself in being a very community oriented business and always attempting to assist the community of Cheyenne to the best of our abilitiesWe have served Cheyenne for years with a great standing and reviews.
B&B Sewer and Septic tank services
*** *** *** ***

See Attached Document
I have reviewed the response made by the business, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

In October of 2013, I called B & B Sewer as my toilet on [redacted] Avenue was having trouble flushing. B & B did come and charged $130.00 to unclog the toilet. I promptly paid this bill. Within a week the basement was flooded and I called several times and finally reached the receptionist. Bill was sent out to assess the situation and he said the line needed to be replaced. When I received the bill in November 2013 for $70.00, I called and talked to the receptionist again and she had Bill call me back. My basement was still flooded and I called someone else to fix it. It was fixed and it was not the drain line. I had to pay someone else to fix it. I explained this to Bill and explained to him I would not pay the bill for $70.00 as nothing was done to fix the problem and I still had to call someone else to fix it. I received a bill yesterday on March 10, 2014 over four months after this service was completed and I had called the company thinking it was taken care of. I am paying this to avoid collection but I would like a refund as my plumbing problem was not diagonsed correctly and was not fixed. I paid $70.00 for nothing.

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