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April 26,2014

To Whom It May Concern

Re: B & C Water Well Drilling, Rt. 1 Box 74AA Ripley, West Virginia 25271 (304)372-4331 (304)377-7129

My name is [redacted] This is my

statement of exactly what happened when I tried to get a water well drilled. I am disabled and my

monthly disability check is approximately $800.00. The only way to get water on our property is to

pump it from a stream that leads to the Ohio River. In order to pump from this stream you have to go

up and down a very steep hill that our house sits on. I cannot do this and neither can my significant

other due to several permanent, major health issues. In order to pay for having a well drilled we had to

have some trees cut down behind our house which is something that broke our hearts to have to do.

The week of November 11,2013 I called B & C Drilling to come and give me an estimate for drilling me a

water well. [redacted] came and told me it would cost up to $4,000.00 depending on how deep he

had to drill before he hit water but that it would definitely not cost over $4,000.00. I specifically asked him if that included everything, the drilling, labor, materials, pump, wiring, piping to run the water to the house, etc. He was very adamant that the $4,000.00 would cover eveyhing. His exact t words

were "The only other money I would have to pay is a $200.00 licensing fee so he could work in Ohio."

He said we both had to fill out paper work for this but we never did. He continually said the $4,000.00

covered everything else including getting the water to the house.

On November 19,2013, he came to begin even though he had told me he would be there the day before

and did not bother calling to tell me he wasn't going to be there. I had to call him the morning of the

19th to find out if he was still going to come because I didn't know for sure since it was late morning the

day after he said he would begin. This became a pattern with him. Sometimes he would say he would

be right back, going to get tools or whatever, and I wouldn't see him for days and I would call and call

him and he wouldn't answer nor would he call me back most of the time. But I'm getting ahead of


The day he began he said I had to pay him the $200.00 license fee, $2000.00 down and the rest when he

hit water depending on how deep he had to drill. Again he assured me the entire cost would not be

over $4.000.00, that he did not charge any more than that. I paid him. He did not have any kind of

receipt to give me so I wrote up one of my own and had him sign it. At that time I asked him if he had

paperwork that needed to be filled out or any contract I needed to sign. He said we can do all of that

stuff later that he had forgotten his receipt book and paperwork. Then he said he couldn't start until a

person from the Health Department was there. This was the first time he had said anything about the

Health Department at all. When they got there I was surprised that I was the one that had to sign their

paperwork since I didn't even know they were involved. I was even more surprised when they asked me

for the fee that had to be paid, $234.00. Since I was told there would be absolutely no other fees except

the $4,000.00. He had told me he took care of all the expenses and legal stuff out of it.

On November 21,2013, he came and told me he had hit water. He then said I had to pay him the

$2,000.00 balance I owed him. I was skeptical because he had not finished the job and still hadn't given

me a receipt or signed a contract. He assured me he would give me a receipt right then for the entire

cost. He told me the reason he needed the $2,000.00 balance before he finished the job was he used

part of that money for the second half of the job, getting the water to my house. He told me my receipt

was proof I had paid him for the entire job so I didn't have to worry about him not doing it. I paid him

and he gave me a receipt for the entire amount $4,200.00 and he wrote "Paid In Full" and signed it so I thought everything would be fine. He left and said he would be back the next day. He didn't show up or

call for several days.

Finally on November 26,2013, he showed up but said he was waiting for someone to come and do the

digging for him to lay the pipes and he had some things to talk to me about anyway. He started telling

me how and where they would put everything and in order to do this had to go right through my front

yard and he had to take the sidewalk out of the way. I asked him if they put everything back together,

including the side walk, and he assured me they would put everything back the way it was so I told him if

that's the only way to get water to the house then its ok as long as he put the sidewalk back in place

because there is no way we could do it.

This is when he said he had a bill for me. I didn't know what he was talking about and he started telling

me what all is involved in getting the water to the house. I thought he was just explaining things to me

and letting me know some things that he got with the fee I had paid him. Then he told me as soon as I

paid him $3,050.00 he would get started. I told him I had already paid him in full. I figured he got my

account mixed up with someone else's or something. He said no I owed him this extra money and had

to pay him before they would do any more work. I told him he said the $4,000.00 included everything.

He said he didn't want to hear it that if I didn't pay him the extra money he wouldn't finish the work.

We had to have water so I told him all I had was $2,000.00. He took it and said he would right out my

receipt when I got him the other $1,000.00 and he didn't do any work until I went to the bank and got

him the other $1,000.00. He gave me a receipt and again wrote paid in full on it but he wouldn't sign it.

This is when he really started disappearing for days and once over a week. He would just leave or not

even come, just send some of his guys to do the work. None of them would let me know anything when

they decided to leave or when they just didn't show up. I constantly was having to call several times for

several days before he would call me back and even then he would tell me when he would be there and

still wouldn't show up. This went on for weeks and weeks meanwhile my sidewalk and yard still weren't

put back together, my brother started doing that for me. He came up with all different kinds of

excuses. At one point I hadn't heard from him or seen him for a while but sometimes his workers

would come. I was extremely frustrated at him. I had asked and asked him guys if they would put my

sidewalk back into place for me since they were done with it. They would say they would, but it never

got done. When one of his workers showed up after all of this I told him I wanted the sidewalk fixed. I

said I had been told and told by them and [redacted] that it would be put back together as soon as they were

done and I wanted it done before they started doing anything else that day. He said they could only do

what [redacted] has told them to do and he hadn't told them to do it. I told him I was sorry I didn't know

that and would he please tell [redacted] to at least call me. In no way shape or form did I harass him in any

way. The next day they moved the pieces of sidewalk over to where they had been but they had dug up

the ground and of course there was no way you could walk on the sidewalk. My brother has tried to

level it out a little for me but there is no way one person can do it and they never would do any more to


Finally after months of me having to call and call him to get him to do anything he said it was done. He

said he had to treat it, which the Health Dept. had told me, but his idea of treating it was to pour two

gallons of bleach into it. We had problems with the well from the first time we turned on the water.

There was extreme water pressure, so bad that it soaked you and everything around it. If doing dishes it

would knock dishes from your hands without any warning. It was like it had all kinds of air in the lines

but none of us had ever seen anything like this. He told us this was normal and it would clear itself up

in a couple of days. It didn't. The water also had a very bad smell to it. I eventually got him to come

back and look at it. He did something that was supposed to keep any air out of the pipes, but again it

may take a couple of days so he disappeared again. At one point after I had tried and tried to get him

back because the problem never went away he sent one of his guys to look at it. I told the guy I had had

it with their Company and I was going the call the and a lawyer if my water

wasn't fixed by the next day. He got mad at me for saying this and refused to do anything and he left.

Again in no way shape or form did anyone ever harass any of his employees. The next day [redacted] showed up and supposedly did something and then he told me that we had some kind of water that had

a long name I forget exactly what it was called. He told me this was very rare in this area but that when

you have it there is nothing you can do to fix it, said he was sorry he couldn't help and left.

When the results from the Health Dept. came back the water was contaminated. I had been told it was

his responsibility to treat the water again so I called and left him a message several times and the Health

Dept. even talked to him about it. He never did show up to do it.

One day my husband just happens to turn on the water and light his lighter at about the same time and

fire shot out of the water faucet at him. We had gas in our well. I'm sure [redacted] new this with as much

experience as their Company has had with wells but decided not to tell us. We had to turn of the water

immediately of course. We didn't know what it would take to blow up the house and didn't want to find


When Dusty first talked to me about putting in the well I asked him if it would be possible to also keep

the old River well hooked up just in case we needed it for some reason. He said "Of course" and told me

it was no problem. He said I would be able to flip back and forth as much as I wanted. I did not know he

didn't do this. I had reminded him of it while he was hooking up the new well and he said not to worry,

he would have it done. We had no choice but to discontinue using the new well and I assumed we

would be able to use the old well while something was being done to fix the new one. Not only could I

not use it, it was completely disconnected. We had no water. I began calling everyone to find out what

to do including [redacted], the [redacted]. also called him. It was after they called that he finally called me

back, we had been without water several days at this point. Every message I left for him I explained the

problem, but he would not get back to me. At this point it had been two weeks and we had ended up

having to turn the water back on even though it had gas in it. It still took him several more weeks to

come to fix the well. He shut off the water took the pump and pipes out of the new well and left them

in the yard by the road. He said he had to pour concrete into the well to get the gas out and he was

going to go get the concrete and be right back. We had no water and we didn't know when he was

coming back so of course I called and called.

After about a week he finally got back and we had been without water all this time and he knew it. He

poured the concrete into the new well. He told me that this might not work and if it doesn't he would

drill me another well. He told me not to worry he would make sure I had a good well. He said he felt

bad for making us do without water so long that he was going to go get a tank of water and hook it up

for us to use because it would take a couple of days for the concrete to set. So he left to go get us the

tank of water and said he would be right back with it so we didn't have to go without water any longer.

Guess what? He never showed back up. I started calling him on the third day after he left because he

said the concrete had to set for two days. He showed up on the fourth day and told us the concrete

didn't work and that he would start drilling another well the next day. At this time we had been without

water almost two weeks. After several days of calling and leaving messages, at 11:30 on a Friday night

he texted me, which he had never done before. The text said "I'm not coming back" and that was all. I

was shocked. Even though we had so many problems with him I believed him when he told me he

would drill another well. I texted him right back and said then I want my money back so I can get

another well dug. His response was "Bite Me". I still have these texts and also forwarded them to [redacted] I have heard nothing from him since that night. My brother, a friend and my significant

other eventually managed to get the old River water well hooked back up, but the water from it is only

as clean as the River is.

The day after this took place it just so happened I received a phone call from an elderly couple, who I did

not know, named [redacted] and [redacted] They asked if I had recently had a well drilled and if so they

would like to talk to me. I went to their house right then. They told me that one day when [redacted] was

leaving my house they flagged him down because they had been wanting their well drilled deeper. They

told me [redacted] had helped them file complaint against him with the Attorney General. They

wanted to know if I had any problems with Dusty and how was his work and how much did he charge

me. He worked on their well at the same time he was doing mine. They also had to pay him $200.00 for

a license so he could work in Ohio. They never saw this license and neither did I. I found out from one

of his workers that he never got the license. Like me he never had any paperwork for them to fill out or

contract to sign. I truly believe God sent them to me because I had no idea what to do. We have

absolutely no money to hire an attorney or to get another well drilled. The logging we had to do just to

pay for this one broke our hearts to have to do and we still had no source of clean, uncontaminated,

usable water. Apparently [redacted] did to them about the same thing he did to me in regards to how much

he charged them and when except he would tell them he needed the money because he couldn't get

me to pay him. This is an outright lie. I paid him exactly when he told me. My neighbors are elderly and

we are both disabled. Please help to stop him from doing this to other elderly and/or disabled people.

The only way I will ever be able to have water is if he comes and drills me a good well or I get at least

part of my money back, at least enough to hire someone else to drill it for me.

I've heard him and some people who work for him accuse me and my family of harassing them. These

are outright lies. All we wanted from the beginning was clean water. Please help me get this in

whatever way possible. I was guaranteed a good well for $4,000.00. I have paid a total of $7,434.00

and still have no well. My husband and I are older and in no physical shape to be able to even pump the

water from the small stream, which is often dried up, or the River and we will never be able to afford

another well drilled. Drilling a new well was just part of what we have had to do to our home so we can

live the last years of our life here. Please help us.

I want to thank everyone who has at least tried or is trying to help. I understand that for some of you

there is nothing you can do but maybe help point me in the right direction, but at least most of you have

cared enough to check things out and see if there was anything you might be able to do. Also J** and

B[redacted] have filed a complaint against B& C, please include them with your help. There is nothing

more wrong or upsetting than for someone to defraud the elderly. I pray something can be done.

Thank you so much for you interest and concern.

Sincerely, [redacted]

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