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I don’t know where to begin with this situation. First off, [redacted] , is a member of with an A+ rating. We have been for over 10 yrs in the greater los angeles ca area.

That being said, Wilcom/[redacted] company at :

5600 N.W. Central Dr.

Houston TX 77092

281-724-4343 Main

855-4WILCOM Toll Free

281-971-0416 Fax

was issued a PO to for $3500 on December 13th, 2012. The gear never arrived at our distributors warehouse and so we have cancelled the purchase order. We never received the equipment .

Mr [redacted] is telling us from the information below that he admits to not sending the equipment and will reverse the charges, which he hasn’t done still to this day with my [redacted] credit card.. He says that there is an employee that did this and not him. But if there is, why wont he answer my calls or emails? I have had to hire a collection agency which will be $3000 out of my pocket to get our $15,000 back. He is sending false invoices to [redacted] business card as a tactic to confuse the issue. No services were rendered and he has our $15,000 and [redacted] will not co operate with us as well. For what reason I don’t know.. I have listed below all the evidence to prove this guy took us for $15,000. Please let me know if you have any other dealing with this person or his company. Below is an account of what has been going on…

1) If Mr. [redacted]/Wilcom is telling the truth, then please have him produce documentation from [redacted] that the equipment was delivered to us and SoTel signed off. THERE ISNT ANY. Furthermore, We have been doing this business for over 10 yrs. and that is how we document our equipment being received from our distributors/warehouse. There was never one produced. The equipment never was sent.

Did [redacted] bank even track the [redacted] Number given on each invoice??????? [redacted] If you go to www.[redacted].com and type in the tracking number, this is what you get…. No record of this tracking number can be found. For more information, please contact Customer Service at [redacted]

That would mean that this is a ficticous number. It doesn’t exist. Backing my side of the story that this shipment NEVER happened. (why did your company overlook this?)

2) This is all verified by Mr. [redacted]s email below in this email thread and attached above ( sent to [redacted]-who was assigned to this case initially )

He admitted guilt and assumed responsibility to his companies wrong doing by stating that they had a unscrupulous employee that was stealing from the company!! That’s why the [redacted] Number cannot be found. It’s a bogus number..

3) This Transaction /PO was ONLY for $3550.

With that assumption, Why is there a charge on our credit card for $1506.71, one for $1930.81, one for $1893.77, one for $3550.00, and one for $3500. All adding up to $15,000???

Why so much if we only owe them $3500 for equipment that NEVER arrived. (please reference [redacted] # [redacted])

4) On each of Wilcom/[redacted]s bogus invoices, they state that we are paying for Remote SEO search engine optimization.

If you see our Disclosure statement (which he signed) in the attachments, you will see nothing regarding SEO optimization nor are the correct amounts of phone equipment listed.

If you look at our final PO doc, it tells the customer where to ship and how to ship . Very specific instructions. We pay close attention to detail. We have been doing this for 15 yrs. and send all these documents to ALL our customers.

So let’s recap,

1) No legitimate [redacted] Tracking or Documentation to support his claim.

2) His email stating his admission to guilt:


I appreciate your e-mail. The situation is not the easiest one I have had to deal with, but overall your e-mail was understanding vs. the other communication we have had with (evidently) other members within your organization. Either way, I appreciate your e-mailing me back & I can certainly relate to your family & the situation over all. You hit it right on the nail with regards to John. He was hiding the e-mails & deleting the v-mails & we had absolutely no idea until the called me with your complaint. He was immediately let go, unfortunately he had full access (debit card too) to our general account & withdrew funds (not only from this transaction, but from my personal funds) from our account. He also stole servers/phone systems (including the equipment to be shipped to you) & other various items. We learned a valuable lesson here. Also I feel the need to point out that we have never sold equipment over the phone before like that. We are strictly a local PBX/IT firm that installs & services here in Houston. This was not a typical transaction, the only reason I ok’d it was because he said he had a buyer (for over $200.00 per phone, which I know now that you never agreed to). So, with that said is there anything I can do at this point in this matter? I am more than happy to call, e-mail and/or fly out if need be (considering the circumstances) to your place of business just to make it perfectly clear that we are very sorry for all of this. Has your money been refunded? Is there anything I can do? Where do we go from here? Please let me know & again thank you very much for your understanding. Have a blessed day.

Wilcom Consulting Inc.


5600 N.W. Central Dr.

Houston TX 77092

281-724-4343 Main

855-4WILCOM Toll Free

281-971-0416 Fax

3) PO is for $3500 and his company is charging us over a 3 month period, $15,000 .

4) Charging us for SEO Optimization? ( not even on any of our PO’s) That is not phone equipment nor does it even pertain to telecommunications.

5) As for trying to contact Mr. [redacted] at his cell phone number-[redacted] several times , he doesn’t answer. I have made several attempts to contact him via email at: [redacted].com and not answer. I have also tried contacting the other number given [redacted] and no one answers. Very odd when in his apology/admission to guilt email he claims that he wants to help with the situation in any way he can.

In my mind, I don’t know how much clearer this could be that these are ALL bogus charges… What am I missing here? Please let me know what you find out by calling me directly ASAP

[redacted] This case is not closed and I need the charges to be reversed.. I have spent countless hours and lost a lot of sleep over this not to mention the money I have lost not attending to my customers.


[redacted] Communications


877-310-2758 Fax

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