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On April [redacted] 2013, I took my sheep wool car seat covers to Monarch Professional Cleaners-Launderers. I picked them up on Thursday, May *, 2013. When my husband got home, he took them out of the cellophane wrap and discovered the seat covers were now half the size when I took them in. The cleaners had shrunk them. We took them back that afternoon and showed the employee that they were now shrunk. The manager, [redacted], was not there, so we left them until we could come back on Monday, May *. When I arrived at 10 am on Monday, I asked for the manager about my seat covers. [redacted] came out and explained that they had cleaned them again and the seat covers were cleaner. But what could not be cleaned was the stains. Then she told me they were removal of color from the sun. Later she told me the car seat covers were ten years old and that was why it was difficult to get the color back. I told her we had not had the car that long, so that was impossible they were three years old.She kept insisting and talking about the color and stains. I told her it no longer mattered about the dirt not stains, just dirt as the covers were now shrunk, and impossible to use. I asked her several times to come outside to see how small the seat covers were now. I finally asked for a seat cover and walked outside to show her. She took an extremely long time to finally come outside. The employee was there and there were no customers other than me, so she had no reason to not come outside. All she did was argue with me, loudly, and told me it was my responsibility even if they made a mistake. Finally I asked Are you going to give me back my seat covers? [redacted] had them get the covers out of the back. Then I asked who was her boss. She said, I am the boss. I asked her name. She flipped up her hand in dismissal of me, told the employee to give me a card, and stalked into the back of the store, left me standing there. I asked the employee what was her name and she told me. I asked her title, she told me owner. At that time, I asked the employee if she was [redacted] She said yes. So the manager I thought I was speaking to was the owner all along. She was very disrespectful and rude. She spoke loudly as if I was hard of hearing, as if she was trying to intimidate me and make me go away, and continually changed her story about what was wrong with the car seat covers, except to acknowledge they had shrunk. On May **, 2013, my lawyer sent [redacted] a Certified Letter that stated we wanted the sum total of $697.12, the cost of the Sheepskin Car Covers, shipping, sales tax, and cleaning charge. The letter stated that if they did not respond, further litigation would be enacted. On July ** 2013, we placed a complaint with small claims court. The cost of this process was $104. On October [redacted] we met at court. The judge ordered us into arbitration. In arbitration, [redacted] showed up. I finally had to say that I did not know this man, as I had dealt with a woman. Only at that time did he tell me he was her husband. Legal documents listed [redacted] as the owner. Therefore he was only the representative, not the owner. In arbitration, [redacted] offered me $150 for the shrunken car seat covers instead of the $697.12 that we asked for. After much yelling on his part, in a vain attempt to intimidate the female arbitrator and myself, the arbitrator asked how much would I go down. I went down almost $200 to $500 even. He yelled some more about how high that was. I finally asked her if he could come up. She asked him to raise the amount. He yelled more, this time jumping up and down in and out of his chair, and finally agreed to $175. I said since he came up $25 I would go down $25. He did some more yelling, and jumping up and down in and out of his chair again. She asked him how would coming up to $220 work. He agreed. She asked him if he could pay me $220 right now with a check. He agreed. I said $220 was not anywhere near the $697.12 price and that it would not do. He did some more yelling and jumped up and stalked up and down the hallway this time, then he sat back down. Not once in all this time did she ask him to behave like an adult, but put with his childish behavior. I spoke to her, ignoring his rude behavior. Twice I spoke to him directly and had to remind him that I was speaking and he should not interrupt me as I had listened to him and he needed to listen to me. Therefore our arbitration was unsuccessful. Therefore the court set us a second date on December **, 2013. On December [redacted] 2013, we showed up at the courtroom. The judged tried to put us into arbitration again, but [redacted] pointed out that we had already been in arbitration. So the judge called us up to the bench. [redacted] brought his manager, [redacted], and she lied and told the Judge that the car seat covers were 10 years old and that I had told her so. I called her a liar and that she knew it. The judge finally asked me just how old the seat covers were and I pulled out the paperwork from the credit card company statement showing that we purchased them for $499.98 in December 2009. This made the car seat covers 4 years old now, 3 years old when this started. The judge gave mixed messages. He told [redacted] and his manager, [redacted] several times that if he had shrunk his suit, he would be mad at him too. Then he would turn to me and say something about, if he pays you.Finally, the judge gave me the judgment, and then pointed out if he pays you.He has not paid me.

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Description: DRY CLEANERS

Address: 822 Durham, Houston, Texas, United States, 77007


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