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Review: I have brought my vehicle into this business since they supposedly have a 50k miles unconditional gaurantee for the repairs they perform. The repairs I received are all sub standard and a couple have failed out right already. I took my vehicle back multiple times to fix the work they had already done but more and more issues raised from the return of my vehicle, including the incomplete repair of the panoramic sunroof. The seal that sits on the body of the car is away from the body and obviously glued wrong. I had a coolant system work done and gasket repairs all of which now leak or not fully repaired. I was informed by the GM of the business that my car might have some unibody damage so weatherizing it might be difficult. When I asked for a full report and diagnostic in writing of the assessment for the supposed damage I was never given one. My family and I have spent close to 7000 dollars on repairs at this location and now they won't even return my phone calls to settle this matter. I have have made reports with BMW North America and now you. I am seeking a resolution without lawyers involved but if you can't do anything then that might be my only option. Desired Settlement: I am seeking either a full refund for the repairs at the business's loss which is assured by the guarantee. A refund for the labor cost's or The dealership will assume ownership of the vehicle and provide me with an replacement again at the dealers loss. I came to this dealer since they advertise exceptional work and gaurantee the repairs. They have clearly misrepresented the service they provide and have mislead me and my family with regards to the competency they tout as common practice at that location.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/01/27) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Service Manage

Contact Phone: XXX XXX XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

Repair #1 dated September 10, 2013 79954 miles, Client states Sunroof not operating, panels are out of Alignment, please quote.

Line (A) after diagnoses it was determined that the sun roof mechanical sliding and lifting mechanism was broken and found to be not repairable. Replaced broken Sunroof cassette or carrier, sunroof perimeter seal, and coded part to vehicle, cleaned and cleared water drains.

Line (B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K, L, M, O, and P) for service and maintenance work unrelated to case totaling approximately $5022.82 Vehicle condition report supplied to customer.

Repair #2 dated September 25, 2013 80241 miles, Client states water leak carpets on pass side rear wet. Diagnosed as water leaking between the vapor barriers, door panels and the door skin. Found inferior work done by whoever repaired body on vehicle previous coming to BMW Portland mainly in the right rear door area. Dried carpets, replaced vapor barriers and water tested, no leaks found. Approximate cost $1399.63

Repair #3 dated January 16, 2014 82720 miles, Client states water leak at passenger's side rear, carpets wet. Found water leaking between vapor barrier and door where body work was performed right rear. Replaced right rear and driver's door vapor barriers again, water tested and found no leaks. Cost $0 Vehicle condition report supplied to customer.

Referring to Consumer Original Complaint, consumer states he took vehicle back multiple times for work already done, more and more issues arose from the return of my vehicle including the sun roof. Repair #1 Client never complained about a water leak for which was the purpose of the Repair 2 visit. The sun roof was functioning correctly and seal fitment correct and compared to other vehicles installation to be factory correct. Repair 2 complaint was for water leaks and vehicle did return back for Repair 3 leaks previously repaired which consumer was not charged for and provided a new BMW for transportation while being repaired. Consumer states we performed coolant work and states it is now leaking coolant; on January 16, 2014 I personally looked at the vehicle and found no coolant leaks and no coolant leaks were reported back to [redacted]. On January 16 2014 BMW Portland did note oil seepage from areas not previously worked on and inspected by myself and was not areas we felt was warranting repairs and further expense.

The consumer has called talked to BMW Portland's General Manager [redacted] during the conversation [redacted] used an industry sales tool similar to car fax for no cost and found vehicle has had significant collision damage to vehicle's uni-body disclosed before the consumer purchase. I personally inspected vehicle and verified the areas for repair, I verified the vehicle has extensive collision work done to the right rear quarter panel, the right rear door and shows signs of the entire right side repainted and pealing on the right front fender. All of these were pointed out to the consumer in person and I found no areas that would cause any safety concerns to the vehicle. The consumer has proven to be combative, argumentative and totally unable to hold a calm conversation on the phone or in person. Each time the consumer has brought the vehicle in he was provided with a BMW loaner vehicle at no charge as we do with all our customers. At this point everything he paid for is working as designed and has no basis for a full refund. The consumer purchased a vehicle that received significant collision damage in its life but has no connection to BMW Portland and we have no connection to any of those collision repairs reported. The consumer didn't purchase the vehicle from this dealership and the consumer did not purchase a certified BMW, it was from a local used car lot.

All work performed by BMW of Portland is fully warranted for parts and labor.

Respectfully [redacted] Service Director for BMW Portland

Copies of all invoices can be supplied on demand.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2014/02/08) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

*I am a private citizen and I have no need for authorization to record any such material. You have no posted signs stating otherwise. They are concrete evidence to the contrary of the dealerships supposed unconditional guarantees. (Which all including audio I can provide the upon request.) I also have pictures of the emblems the dealer worked on where they caused a good deal of paint damage to the rear of there vehicle. Also I have pictures of the unsatisfactory work on the sunroof and the way this business has tried to deflect and demonize me during this process should speak volumes about their one sided view on customer service. I even contacted [redacted] who in turn contacted both of the service manager and the GM Who both said they would contact me personally to figure out this problem and of course was never seen to fruition. They have no intention of honoring the garantee or dealing with this problem outside the scrutiny of consumer services. This is abundantly clear by the way they have handled the situation. I suggest send a strong message to this business about the conduct of its entire upper management so that other consumers can be informed of the low quality of service and do not fall prey to the shady business practices and out of control ego's that staff BMW of Portland.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2014/02/04) */

* No audio recording were authored.

* Collision damage to vehicle happened in 2007 not caused by dealership.

* Seals to door were installed wrong by whoever did body work, unibody repairs low quality but repair sufficient to construction of body.

* Seals done during sunroof repair correct and installed to factory specs, fully warranted.

* Sunroof replaced for non-operation, Sunroof operating properly and fully warranted in the event of failure.

* No indication that coolant flush caused any issues, consumer has failed to explain what he thinks is an issue.

* Dealership stands by any and all work performed on vehicle.

Review: I had an oil change on my Audi A4 at Portland BMW service center last month. Since then, the oil filter has been leaking oil. I took my car to Audi dealer, they said the oil filer was improperly installed, and redid the oil change. There is no leaking now.Desired Settlement: Reimbursement for the cost of oil change took place at Audi dealer.



This is in response to case# [redacted] that we at BMW Portland have resolved directly with thecustomer. After receiving the notice dated February 23, 2015, we have been trying to resolve the issueusing the website and logging on to close the case. We tried everything we could but was unable touse the website which led to two phone calls to the Oregon office at [redacted] where I left twomessages with no return phone calls back. We are notifying the that issues with the customer weredirectly resolved by reimbursing the customer for expenses incurred by our fault. We take responsibilityfor our actions and wrote a $100 check directly to the customer that exceeded what he was asking for asa gesture of apology.

Please consider this issue and case closed, any further questions or concerns you may contact medirectly at the dealership.

SincerelyService DirectorBMW Portland[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely, [redacted]

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