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We have resolved the issue with the client I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is somewhat satisfactory to me I do, however, want an update in days regarding when the needed repair will be completed Sincerely, [redacted] ***

If the vehicle qualifies for warranty coverage then we would happily repair itAs of todays date we have yet to see the vehicle to diagnose the problem so until such time we are unable to confirm

I'm sorry the client felt that we did anything underhand, that is never our intentWe do not and never will or have condone any bait and switch tacticsWe feel our web page wasn't breaking any regulations but We will be amending our web page so there is no confusion going forward

We are eager to resolve Mr*** concerns but unfortunately until BMW NA has the parts available we are unable to assistThis is a national recall and currently there are no parts availableOnce they are we will be in touch with Mr***If he feels he would like to contact BMWNA customer
service he can do so directly on *** *** ***.Thank you

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,*** ***

There was garge door opner at sun visorNo matter what you see excuses wereIf wait wasn't there is didn't call you guys back.
Rock chip from previous wasn't meHe was holding a sheet and we told him what's wrong with that carHe was the fault didn't right it down*** *** is my whitenessIf you rental car with rock chip on and winsheild got Crack when you drive with any no sign of weather, drive or road conditions, and rental company blame youIs it your fault? And how would you feel? You guys shouldn't keep saying that you guys replace windshield for meYou guys replace for yourself not for me
There was no starches on bumperAnd you guys didn't go over with me when you markedAnd you and owner should go over together make you owner agrees about car condition and let him signYou guys just go over yourself and sign your selfAnybody can doAnd you guys make biography mistakeYou guys can beat up the car and tell owner it was already thereIf you guys don't like consumer just make a dentist on owner's car and marked as already had been there and tell consumer there was sent alreadyWe already go over ed it It's not thatYou should go over with owner make sure owner know about it and accet it and sign it
I won't go back to BMW againI don't know this how you guys pay me backMaybe you guys going to mess up my car and tell again it was already thereI don't trust you and I will go with this happen with media's

If Mrs*** feels we have been any less than professional in her dealings with us then my sincere apologies she feels that way. It saddens me to feel that anyone would be offended in such a way but I have found nothing to suggest we have done anything that would lead us to believe
we have not been fair and just with our dealing with herIf Mrs*** has had issues with any work perform by BMW Seattle we would certainly expect to rectify those problems at no cost to herOn numerous occasions worked needed has been declined which can and has led to other issues with the car
I understand Mrs *** is currently in communication with both my service advisor Trevor M*** and my service manager Shannon T*** whom have both informed her of our willingness to help
Mrs*** is more than welcome to come on in and sit down with Shannon T*** and myself to discuss ,if she so wished

My apologies to Mr*** that he didn't receive the level of service we generally offer on his two visits to our store, that is not what we like to hear
It would appear that even though we have processes in place to ensure things like this do not happen that in reading Mr***s
statement it would appear we failedThe light that was referred to on the first visit was something we wouldn't normally stock as it was part of the door handle, it was ordered in October 2015 and arrived shortly after, Mr***s did not come back until June 2016, we had between those dates sent out at least two communication by mail informing the part was in stockI can only assume he did not receive that communication because it would have informed Mr*** of what actions we take after days of the part being in stock
With regards to the parking ticket I can only again assume again that when it was left on the windshield by the parking enforcement deptand that it was either missed and flew off or someone removed it. We unfortunately only know of the ticket when it is passed the due date and normally by then requires a penalty payment and only then do we look up where/when and whom had the carI understand Mr***s disappointment and as such I am more than willing to refund the cost of the parking ticket
Again our apologies for not meeting Mr***s expectations and any inconvenience , I hope the next servicing dealer gives Mr*** the level of service he expects. I will make arrangements for the check to be sent our directly to Mr***
Steve B***

Please see the response below from *** ***It would appear that due to key allotment we were unable to assist with another key without great expense to the clientThe that we are talking about was not in the best of conditions, with many if not all service lights on, missing center
grills and has a trunk that does not operate properly and only with remoteMr*** came in with a key / remote that he had put a new battery in but it would not work needing initialization but needing in his truck quite badly*** *** was able to reprogram his very old and wore out key/ remote that’s when it was decided to order a new Master remote and a plastic emergency keyWe received both in just a couple of days then when Mr*** came back in is when his old key would not program again which needs to happen when we are to program the new remoteAll keys work fine mechanically and will start car, turn locks in all but the trunk which appears to have other issues keeping it from unlocking manuallyWe struck up a good deal on another key / remote trying to help Mr*** only to find out that the key allotment that BMW has in place has been used upCalled and left message for Mr*** explaining the situation and letting him know that we had voided the credit card transaction for that additional key / remoteLeft my number if there were any questions or if he needed our service department to repair the trunk So all keys would once again mechanically open the trunkNever got a call back after the message was left Mr***It may be possible to get one of the key's "refurbished but its not a certainty without sending it awayIf the client would like us to do that we could certainly try but we cant guarantee it

After following up with our loaner department we have determined there were no charges to Mr*** for the cracked windshieldWe do have a policy in place that requires our loaner personnel to perform a walk around with the customer and mark any damage on the loaner agreementAfter the walk
around is performed the customer is then asked to initial and sign that they agree to the condition of the loanerIt is possible the rock chip was missed during the walk around and this is why he was not charged for the windshield replacement
Our loaner department was unable to locate his garage remoteWe will re check the loaner vehicle and search our lost and foundIf Mr*** would please email or call us with a description this will help us to identify his remoteIf we do have the remote, we will promptly send this in the mail
With regards to the scratch on the bumperThis scratch was noted on the walk around sheet by the service advisorEven though we are confident this damage did not occur at our dealership we can have our detail department buff the scratch and work to improve the area
Mr*** is welcome to make an appointment and we will address any warning lights that are on at this time
Our apologies for not meeting Mr***s expectations and any inconvenience
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is somewhat satisfactory to me
I do, however, want an update in days regarding when the needed repair will be completed
*** ***

We have resolved the issue with the client.

Review: I had some work done on my car recommended by BMW Factory recall and had oil change done at the same time. Strangely enough after I got my car back 'it' started to act differently. I contacted dealer back regarding one issue of console screen freezing on my but ignored some 'minor' issues. Not even a month after my service, strangely somehow my coolant compartment under the hood over heated and again strangely enough the fumes from the leaking coolant sneaked into my head light and I had coolant in my head light. I called dealer back left numerous messages ... nobody ... I mean nobody called me back for almost three days. I had the issue fixed from a local repair shop that's when I found out that somehow my cap to the headlights under the hood was unscrewed. As much I was unhappy that nobody even attempted to contact me back, I was surprised when repair shop told me that although he has seen the worse, he has never seen the coolant compartment bust in a four year old car. So fixing the coolant compartment was almost $450.00 but replacing the headlight was $1500 plus labor. Desired Settlement: Why would the dealer play with their customers and intentionally try to cause harm?



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/01/25) */

Having looked into the gentlemans complaint I have nothing to suggest the the work carried out by us would have had any effect on the issues he has experienced since.

A request was made last year to install what I believe were after market lights and we declined. The headlamps should be water tight so how moisture got in there I am not sure.

We are not in the habit of breaking someones car to get more business so the gentleman's claim is totally unfounded,we pride ourselves of being a customer advocate, if we were at fault we would not hesitate to put things right, in this case I do not believe we have do anything to suggest that.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 8, 2014/01/27) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

A Very diplomatic answer to a genuine customer concern/complaint ... old trick to put the blame back on the customer ... I would like to end it at this point just for my own prejudice and higher standards. Probably a good business practice for the long haul to actually take customers service and concerns seriously and try to fix them instead of paying somebody to sit in the office whose job solely is to deflect, ignore and put the blame back.

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Address: 1002 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98134-1312


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