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Dear,I am having difficulty responding via the link below so I am emailing you our response.*** ***’ Service Manager apologized to Mr*** for the inconveniences and explained the process on how vehicles are serviced Taxi fare reimbursement was made, vehicle service completed and
alternate transportation offered while his vehicle was in service but he chose to use *** ***’ shuttle service instead. Thank you,Mary H***Executive Secretary

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Sorry I am having a problem with this response because it does not address the the real issue of my complaint.  True I was offered a vehicle while my car was to be serviced, but this was for the next day after they could not get to my car done after I waited a month and a half with a morning appointment at 10:15am, then being told at 4:40pm they could not get to work on my vehicle.  I was told by the manager that my car would be done at 8:30am on Oct. 2nd and probably be done by 11:30am so having to sign out for a loaner vehicle for 3 hours would not make much sense.Lets be honest here guys, I was lied to by this manager.  He told me vehicles are serviced in order of appointments.  This did not happen.  I know that because I got a response on [redacted], specifically stating that mechanics are paid by commission and recalls pay less.  The [redacted] response also wanted me to complain to higher ups in this company.  Why am I doing your "dirty work"?This is a safety issue.  I was sent a letter from Toyota saying I needed to have this done to prevent premature activation on the passenger air-bags. Apparently recalls have a low priority with Toyota Kaimuki Servco.  When I brought my car in two years ago, I had quick service because in addition to another recall letter separate from this one, I also had a yearly service done.  So I was quite surprised that I had to wait a month and a half for this recall.  The only difference is that it was a recall without a yearly service.  The low priority puts recalls on the "back burner", and it shows with the attitude from the employees who do not care about letting customers wait a month or two, do not care that when they remove the keys from the customer's key chain they also take their apartment key, do not care that appointments mean nothing when a better commission can be made by a later job, do not care enough to pick up the customer as promised so the customer can get their car, do not care enough to respond to numerous phone calls to at least apologize and acknowledge a mistake had happened, and do not care enough to think that lying to a customer is acceptable.I spoke to Mona on Oct. 2nd at 9:17am, who finally called me back  and apologized.  I requested to speak to the manager and he called me back a while later.  I told him I had filed a complaint with the and he needed to respond within 14 days.  I told him I would pursue this issue and if there were any inaccuracies in his response and I will challenge those inaccuracies.  Well apparently he doesn't think that I would challenge this and that the problem is not important enough for his response and a secretary without the first hand knowledge of the situation is acceptable.  Well this is not acceptable to me.  You people need to make changes or I will have to take this complaint to people other than your "higher ups".  You can show this letter to your higher ups yourself.  I am curious to see your response.

Working with customer to do a spring repair.Thank  youSam P[redacted]10/31/17

Review: I bought a pool from BPI the installation of the pool was done by a contractor of BPI the bottom of the pool has many craters as much as 4 inches deep as if it was not properly prepared by laying sand and stamping the ground. I believe that the liner will tear. I called the company shortly after buying to complain about the installation and they would not do anything about it.Desired Settlement: I would like this fixed with no cost to me. They would need to tear out the liner and prepare the ground for a new liner and include adding the water.



As per our conversation this letter represents written certification that B.P.I. will rebase your pool any time in season for $275.00. The pool will have to be drained and a two week notice from you for scheduling purposes would be appreciated.

Review: I was charged over $1,000.00 for excavating that was not done. This company was notified that I wanted to cancel the contract (within the 3 day timeline), due to this overcharge, yet they never responded.Desired Settlement: Either refund the money that I was charged for work that was not done or remove the pool, as I stated in the cancellation letter.



Customer purchased an 21’ round-52” above ground swimming poolfor $2725.00

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Address: 11960 67th Way, Trafford, Pennsylvania, United States, 33773


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