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B Patrick Movers, Inc

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Review: I am writing this letter to file a complaint against B. Patrick Movers, LLC Company at [redacted], Florida [redacted], regarding the lack of professionalism, respect, and effective customer service displayed by the owner, Mr. [redacted], upon my encounter with him after services were provided by his company. I find it baffling to notice a statement that reads Since 2002, B. Patrick Movers has been providing the highest standards of services in the north Florida region. Whether it's a Move or a Clean, you can feel good to know that [redacted] is a company that values your business on B. Patrick Movers, LLC company website. Yet, my personal experience with Mr. [redacted] proved this statement to be untrue and inconsistent. On Saturday, June 21, 2013, I contacted Mr. [redacted] to inquire about the moving services that he provides as well as the cost to move my belongings from one storage unit to another storage unit. Mr. [redacted] provided me with a price of $125.00 and stated that the price included two to three movers and a truck. I asked if he would be on site as one of the movers and he replied, "No, I won't be there, but my movers will be." After I reminded him that I was referred to him by a colleague, he reduced the price to $120.00. Then, I proceeded to schedule a moving date and asked Mr. [redacted] if he was available on the following day, Sunday, June 22, 2013. He stated that he would be available after he and his moving team completed a scheduled 9:30 am appointment. I informed Mr. [redacted] that I wanted to be moved as early as possible after his prior scheduled appointment because I had to travel on business at 3:00 p.m. So, he scheduled my move for 12:30 pm and indicated that he would keep me posted if anything occurred and the time needed to be altered. On Sunday, June 22, 2013, I received a call from Mr. [redacted] at approximately 11:30 a.m. stating that he and his team were still working to complete the move prior to mine, but wanted to let me know and that they would still be coming. As my appointment time approached and passed, Mr. [redacted] continued to call a few additional times thereafter to inform me that they were still working on the other move. As time got closer to 3:00 pm, I grew even more concerned and Mr. [redacted] stated, "Don't worry about anything. We will be there with you to move your things AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get it done." On Thursday, June 27, 2013, I contacted Mr. [redacted] to confirm that my move was still scheduled for Friday, June 28, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. and he stated yes, it was. On Friday, June 28, 2013 at 3:56 p.m., I met two movers from B. Patrick Movers Company at my storage unit to begin the move. The movers were respectful and professional throughout the course of the move. As we arrived to the new storage unit, I asked the movers were they okay and if they needed anything. One of them replied that they just wanted something to drink. So, as an act of kindness, I drove to a [redacted] Supermarket nearby and purchased drinks for approximately $10.00 for the two movers as they continued to work. It was not until AFTER the movers completed the work that Mr. [redacted] disclosed additional information and fees to me. At 7:55 p.m., the two movers completed the work and I paid them the $120.00 that I was told by Mr. [redacted]. As one of the movers received the money, he walked towards the moving truck and apparently counted the money and came back and told me that Mr. [redacted] said the job was $125.00. So, I told the mover to inform Mr. [redacted] that "that's not the amount he told me, he said $120.00." Then, I said, "that's okay I believe I have $5.00." I went back to my car to get $5.00 and gave it to the mover. Following, the mover walked towards the moving truck again and called Mr. [redacted] this time to inform him that they were done with the job. During the course of the conversation that Mr. [redacted] was having with the mover, apparently Mr. [redacted] asked the mover were they just finishing the job and he replied, "Yes." So, the mover hands me his cell phone and says, "You may want to talk with Mr. [redacted] because he's saying the total is $225.00." I proceeded to take the cell phone to speak with Mr. [redacted] and said hello. Mr. [redacted] replies, "Hey, how was my movers?" I said, "They were awesome, but what is this about $225.00?" He stated, "It was two men, two hours and it has been four hours. You can't keep them all day!" I took a breath and said, Mr. [redacted] from the very first time that we spoke, you have never mentioned anything to me about two men, two hours. As a matter of fact, you told me not to worry about anything; you all would be there with me as long as it took to get it done. If you had initially told me that there was a maximum of two hours and an additional charge each additional hour, I would have been very cognizant of the time frame because I know what type of budget that I had for this move. I would have never given the movers $125.00 if you had discussed a $225.00 fee that you are telling me about now. I am a very professional woman and I don't play those types of games with anyone. Mr. [redacted] continued to repeat the same information stating, You received two men, two hours and they have been with you for four hours. Needless to say, there was no resolve. Being that I was concerned for my own safety if I did not pay the additional $100.00 that I was charged unexpectedly, I informed the mover that I would go to the nearest Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at a credit union to get more money. The mover followed me to the ATM and waited. While handing the mover the additional money, I said, I appreciate all of your help with this move, but I certainly do not agree with these additional charges that Mr. [redacted] has added. I have not been given a written contract or receipt, but expected to pay this money. After leaving the credit union, I attemptedDesired Settlement: The desired settlement is a partial/full refund of the additional fee of $100.00 that I was charged by the owner, Mr. [redacted] .



Company's response below:

Ms. [redacted],

I am disappointed and deeply saddened by this complaint. Our company has been providing professional moving services in northeast Florida for a long time. Our professional reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction has been the backbone of our success as a company for the past 8 years. As explained when the job was scheduled, 'the rate is $125 for the first 2hours and $55 each additional hour'(a promotional rate I honored without customer purchasing the coupon). The movers worked non-stop for over 4hours. This resulted in additional charge of $110. Ms. [redacted] claims that she was under the impression that she had UNLIMITED moving labor at a flat rate of only $125. After paying the bill, a couple of days later, Ms. [redacted] called requesting a refund. I explained to her that I would not be refunding any money and to her disappointment, she has filed a complaint.

I have continued to apologize to Ms. [redacted] for the unpleasant experience. Thank you for your business and my offer still stands on your next move.

Any future customer that mentions this complaint and does not receive a contract/invoice prior to a move will receive a 50% discount. This is a B. Patrick Movers GUARANTY!



Ms. [redacted],

B. Patrick Movers will always make sure to lead the moving industry in honest and integrity. Our excellent service is proven by the thousands of positive customer reviews we have received in the past 10years. You will not find another moving company that would provide 4 hours of moving labor with the company truck for $230. To imply, 'the only reason that I gave the movers the additional money afterwards. . .because I was concerned about my own safety' is ridiculous. Ms [redacted], you paid the amount owed because you knew that you exceeded the 2 hour minimum. No one at any point in the move presented a negative disposition towards you. After your charm failed to result in a discount, our stern stand on this matter has resulted in a complaint. We work entirely too hard to provide professional and personal service, to let someone push us around.

My offer still stands to compensate you with a hour of the excellent moving service you received for FREE. That offer is applies for as long as B. Patrick Movers is in existence. You may also pass that offer to a friend/family member of your choice. Thank you again for choosing B. Patrick Movers.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I am still unsatisfied with Mr. [redacted]'s level of professionalism and decision on this individual matter. No matter how many times Mr. [redacted] has emphasized his “excellent service and thousands of positive client reviews over the course of 10 years, it still does not negate the fact that there are customers’ concerns and dissatisfaction expressed without resolve over 10 years. They simply go unnoticed or disclosed publicly so that it appears that all of B. Patrick Movers Company’s service has been excellent. There is no written evidence of the thousands of positive customer reviews, but it is clear that as a business owner, you have no concern for clients, like myself, who was not completely satisfied with your service. It is very misleading to past and potential clients to paint a picture that you never experience any customer dissatisfaction within your business. Additionally, it is so unfortunate that as a business owner in business for so long that you are numb towards customers’ concerns to the point where you can use terms such as “ridiculous.” It is baffling to know that you feel as if you can speak in such a nonchalant demeanor regarding how I felt about my safety and any negative disposition towards me. How can you when YOU WERE NOT PRESENT AT ALL during any of the move. You handled business with me via phone. You never even appeared on the premises where the work was done. If you take nothing else from this letter, please understand that at no time or place do I have to use what you consider “charm” to receive proper professional service from any business when I know, as a customer, that I deserve it. As a professional, there is no need or desire to push anyone around. All that was asked of you, as the owner of B. Patrick Movers Company, was for professionalism and proper customer satisfaction by refunding me the additional $100 that was added after the amount was already given to me prior to the work done. It is evident that you, as a business owner, have issues with accepting the fact that even after maintaining a business for 10 years that you will also have customer concerns that should be just as important to you as those positive reviews that you spoke of. Customer concerns should never be ignored, disrespected, or left unaddressed without equal resolve of the matters because it is those concerns that continue to grow and maintain the business for another decade.


Review: [redacted] estimated the move from our old home to take 4-5 hours to our new townhome; 3 men @$90 hour and $50 to drive to Atlantic Beach, FL.Moving Time Table:May 29th: We spoke to re-confirm the moving details and he asked to be paid in cash since the crew was on late shift.May 30th: 3:30pm: scheduled to arrive 4:30 pm: 3 men arrived in 26 foot truck 8:30 pm: truck loaded and departs to Atlantic Beach 10:00 pm arrived at home in Atlantic Beach (a 45 min drive from original destination)May 31st--Men still unloading truck at 12 am.12am I had the crew leader call [redacted] regarding a payment and next steps. He instructed the team to unload the truck into our garage and that he would send the crew leader and another person to our home at 8am on Friday, May 31st to complete the job by moving the items into the house. He requested payment for 8 hours + $50 travel for a total of $770 and I paid the crew leader in cash at 1:30am on May 31st.By this time I paid for 8 hours, yet received 9 hours of lackluster, unprofessional assistance from two of the workmen. In fact, my wife and I moved a lot of boxes on our own to assist the team in speeding up the moving process.The crew leader said he was not happy with the two men assisting him. They stood around a lot, enjoyed the dinner and drinks we provided, yet did not seem to know how to move things up and around stairways. They often needed help from the crew leader for something they should have been able to handle themselves. In addtion, several pieces of our belongings were damaged (I provided pictures and estimates to replace/repair).Friday, May 31st at 1.30 am: Work crew departs. Friday, May 31st at 8.00 am: no one showed up to our home as [redacted] promised. I called numerous times on May 31st about when he or his team were going to arrive and did not receive a call back nor did anyone arrive all day.Saturday, June 1st: No call nor arrival at our home. The finally showed up to finish their job on Sunday, June 2 at 12.30pm.Desired Settlement: Pictures have been previously sent to [redacted] Movers with accurate model #'s and prices Dining Room Chair (excluding delivery because we can pick it up)(picture was with price) $129Hiring someone to repair the broken Sprinkler Head caused by moving truck $125 (actual after receiving invoice for repair). Replacing the damaged closet door $59 (picture and model # was provided.) Total: $ 313 plus FL tax = $334.91



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