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Review: Double billed us. Agreed to refund 700.00 on our credit card and no one will return our emails or phone calls.Desired Settlement: Credit back our credit card for 700.00



Client did not give us the contractual timeline so was not due a refund. We gave him the option to retract and proceed and he decided not to. Had he waited for the timeline of the contract and felt the same, he would have received a refund. This was explained to him.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[redacted] I agreed to pay you $700 retainer for services.

Which I did via Credit card.

You were agree to send me 5 qualified leads. You sent me 3


One – the person no longer worked for the company.

Second one – Person said he had no meeting scheduled with

anyone and that he could not talk now.

Third one – Sectary said he had no meeting and that the

contact was out of the country on business.

I relayed the results of these 3 meetings to you.

B2bsalesgen then charged my Credit card again for $700 without

my approval.

After 3 months of emailing back and forth B2B said they

incorrectly charge my card and would issues a refund.

It’s now over 6 months since any communication with


Here was the last conversation I had with B2B:

Review: Signed up for their service back in October 2012. Paid half of the fee upfront. We're now in March 2013 and they have done absolutely nothing. They now screen all our calls, emails, and repeatedly avoid all attempts of communication. We believe the whole business is just [redacted] and [redacted]. You can try any of their other listed numbers but it goes back to either one of their cell phones, which undoubtedly they avoid or sometimes if you're lucky, a crying baby answers... There are no other representatives that handle your account. We've requested to speak with someone for the past 3 months... and absolutely nothing. You have to threaten to either report them or call their references to hear back from them once via email. Complete scam. They get you to pay the first half of the fees and then they just carry on avoiding you.Desired Settlement: Refund money is not too important. The business should be investigated so other people don't fall for their scam.

Review: Please see my complaint against B2B Sales Generation. If you go to [redacted] it is routed to the B2B Sales Generation site. Our contact numbers for this company have been disconnected. We are reporting the charges as fraudulent with our bank - but wanted to file a complaint with the info'[redacted]Desired Settlement: Refund for services charged that were not authorized - we are reporting it to our bank as fraudulent as well.

Review: We paid B2B Sales generation $1400 last year to assist in generating 8 qualified onsite sales calls for our business, [redacted]. We received 0. We have requested a refund more than 8 times and have full email documentation of each request and phone call with the company. We are requesting a full refund.Desired Settlement: We are requesting a $1400 refund.



Nothing has happened. Do you have an update?

Review: We contracted with this company, who was supposed to call banks in the NYC area to try to set up appointments to view our software product. There was a fee of $1,400 for one month of service. This was in [redacted]. This was a one time deal. Early [redacted] and [redacted], we were charged $1,400. In each instance, we reported this charge to B2B and were told it was a mistake and we would be credited for the amount charged. We were also told that we would be taken out of the system for recurring billing. Each month, we asked why it kept happening. We were told it wouldn't happen again. Fine. Come [redacted], we get a charge on the account for $700 from a company called [redacted]. Sure enough - it is the same company as B2B - we questioned them and were told it would be refunded. Its now been over 2 weeks - no credit to the account and the phone number at the company's number has been disconnected. His info is:[redacted]Thank you. I will be filing this same complaint against [redacted](whose website is directed to [redacted].Desired Settlement: We would like a refund. We will be notifying our bank that this is a fraudulent charge. In case they refund, this is for information only

Review: On [redacted] I hired and paid B2B Sales Gen $1050.00 to produce qualified sales meetings. AS of today [redacted]12 they have produced O agreed upon sales meetings. They will not return my emails or communication since [redacted] In that coorespondence they promised to have a manager reach out to me within 24 hours to discuss a refund for their breach of contract.The contract stated that they had 45 days to produce the contracted # of meetings (7 Type A) + additional Type B Leads. If they did not produce that amount they had an additional 30 days to complete those meetings. After that I would receive the refunded cost of each meeting not produced. AS I stated they produced 0. Not only did they waste my time but now they will not refund the money due back to me.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of the $1,050 paid to them + wiring fees. Should this not occur I will look to my legal team for additional fees from my time that were also lost.

Review: I engaged B2B, with the highest hopes of increasing my sales efforts with their lead generation process. They had been emailing me for the better part of a year when a specific promo grabbed my attention. As opposed to the standard "pay as you go" for leads/appt's generated, instead this the promo required payment for closed sales only. A commitment of $[redacted] for * guaranteed closes within a fixed period of time (an initial ** day campaign with a back up, to make good on the promise, of** additional days in the event it proved unsuccessful), and [redacted] confirmed, qualified, face to face appt's. The agreement called for an immediate up front payment of $[redacted] to be followed up with the balance of $[redacted] upon confirmation of the [redacted] appointment. This contract was signed on [redacted]. The first red flag went up when the second $[redacted] was extracted from my checking account within the [redacted] week and there had been no scheduled appt's. Trying to get a hold of them took several attempts via phone and email. When we finally connected they assured me that it was an unintentional error, but they had now scheduled [redacted] appointments, and asked how I'd like to proceed. I told them that I'd accept the appointments and that they could hold on to the [redacted] payment. There were no [redacted] appt's after all. To date there have been a total of * appointments; A face to face where the customer was a no show, a [redacted] where the person I was supposed to be meeting worked in another [redacted] and the on site person said there were no need for our services, and a [redacted] that was a phone apt where they clearly did not know why we were calling. To add insult to injury they pinged my checking account not [redacted], but * more times for an additional $[redacted] each time. They got back to me to assure me that it was in error and that it would be immediately has not. They are not returning my calls, and the money has not been returned to my checking account as of yet. I'm out $[redacted] and its [redacted] - * weeks later.Desired Settlement: I'd like the $[redacted] that they "took in error", as well as the $[redacted] that they guaranteed to give back if they were unsuccessful in getting me * closes, for a total of $[redacted]. I haven't even had * appointments, much less closes.

Double billed us. Agreed to refund 700.00 on our credit card and no one will return our emails or phone calls.

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