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Baby Bumblebee

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Returned set of 5 videos and want refund of $98.95 Problem with my credit card due to fraudulent charge and they do not return my calls or emails.IOrder # [redacted] Set ordered 11/10/15. My two year old grandson who does not talk would not sit and watch them so I returned them according to instructions. I mailed them back Dec. 1 and have a tracking # from the post office that says they received them on Dec. 4. Delivered to a parcel locker in chapel Hill, NC 27514. The day after I mailed them I got a call from [redacted] which is the charge I used to pay for the videos. They said there was a fraudulent charge and they canceled my charge. I wanted to talk to someone at Baby Bumblebee to tell them [redacted] said when they are ready to refund my money to call them and they would reactivate the charge. After the money is refunded they will transfer it to my new charge account and cancel the old one again. Baby Bumblebee has not returned any of my calls or replied to my emails. I want my money refunded for the videos and don't know what to do when they are unable to be reached. Please help./////Desired SettlementJust want them to refund my money but they have to call me to tell me when so I can have the charge account reactivated. ($98.95) /////

I ordered a set of 5 DVDs from the website for $98.95. I returned them with an email notification that I was returning them just as the website says to do. Copy of the email included with the returned product. I didn't have the product more than 2 weeks. I have now emailed them twice and called numerous times with absolutely no response. When calling both the phone numbers associated with the web page, there is a recording just stating that the number is not set up with a voicemail box and no message can be left.Product_Or_Service: 1 - (SET_1_[redacted]) Level 1 - [redacted] @ $98.95Order_Number: Order #: [redacted]-Account_Number: Order #: [redacted]-Desired SettlementI'd like my $98.95 refunded. That simple. I'm a single Mom who like most doesn't have that kind of money to throw away.Business Response Ms. [redacted] sent us an email indicating that she acknowledged that the order was not eligible for a refund but expected one anyway... the body of this email follows:This is to inform you that I will be returning this product to you expecting a full refund of the purchasing price of $98.95. I was reading your return policy and did not understand the fact that the item has to be returned unopened, with plastic wrap in tact. How would anyone know if they like the product unless it had been opened. At any rate, I have opened 3 of the DVDs to try with my daughter. The other 2 have not been opened. My Name: [redacted]Order #: [redacted]Order Date: 10/03/2014 (03:30:43 PM)Order Total: $98.95Paid with [redacted] Video is poorly done in my opinion. Thank you, Our return policies are generous for DVDs and clearly stated on the website.htt[redacted]And I will point out that her email clearly states that the items were not returned in the condition described on the website. I'd be open to some resolution that is a compromise? We generally charge a restocking fee for opened items if we choose to accept opened DVDs - And I might add, almost NO retailer accepts opened DVDsConsumer Response I cannot believe that it takes a complaint to to get this company to even acknowledge me. That seems excessive to have to go through to get an answer. I'd like to know what they would offer as a refund. I refuse to take this as a total loss. I can't afford to throw away $100. I don't think a person should have to guess if the material is suitable for their child. How are you suppose to know if it's something that can help, unless you watch it? There are retailers who accept open DVDs. That's the price of having a business in that industry.

I was missing 1 DVD from my order and 1 was sent unwrapped. Finally reached a rep and promised the DVD and unwrapped DVD ok. I am STILL waiting.I ordered a Bumblekids Starter Library(Lvl 1&2 Sets)on 3/5/16vOrder #XXXXXXXXXX-XXX for $169.95 on my MasterCard. I received an email from them on 3/8/16 that it shipped. According to the website's shipping information, my order should arrive in 5-7 business daysit took 9 business days (received 3/18/16). The package was in horrible condition and I immediately inspected it and discovered that 1 DVD was missing and one was opened/unwrapped. I immediately called Baby Bumblebee Kids but realized there was a 3 hr time difference. I was finally able to reach a rep after several attempts. I explained the issue and my inability to get them on the phone. She asked if I had sent an email and I told her that the website only lists a phone number under the Contact Us section of the website which is waht I was gong by. She apologized for the missing item and promised to get it out to me immediately. I asked about the unwrapped DVD and she told me that they sometimes have DVDs that are not wrapped. I explained that I wanted to be sure because the package came in such horrible condition. I informed her that I was unable to download their free app that came along with my order. We talked about some options and she asked me to call them back if I still has problems. I have not tried the alternate options but it's the least of my problems.The missing DVD is the 1st dvd in the set and they suggest using the DVDs in order as they're numbered. I purchased this set for my grandson who doesn't speak and was diagnosed mildly Austic and they recommended the set for developmentally delayed children. I was excited to see how he would respond, but haven't been able to use the set. Other DVDs came with the sets and he shows limited interest in the DVD, but it's a process. The quality of the DVDs we've played for him seem very amateur and not what I expected for almost $200. I waited approximately 2 weeks for my missing DVD to arrive, but I am STIL WAITING. No matter what time of day that I call, their voicemail immediately comes on and you cannot leave a message as the mailbox is full. I sent an email on 4/21/16 to [redacted] with no response and a follow up email on 4/26/16 again no answer. I went to their website and found the email address: [redacted] to which I forwarded my two previous emails. I received a failure notice that my email was not delivered because the mailbox was full (just like their voicemail). As of 4/29/16 still have NOT received a response and I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with this company. I am VERY CONCERNED that this company will not honor their obligation and have "made off" with my money! Please be advised that I have continued to call them throughout the day with the same results a voicemail message and a full mailbox.Desired SettlementOriginally, I only wanted to receive my missing product but this company's handling of my business has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I want a full refund and I'll GLADLY return their product. I tried working with them by asking for the missing item which I was promised, but didn't get. In my email that they never responded to, I offered two options to try to work something out, send my missing product express (at their expense) or refund my money. At this point, I don't want anything else to do with this company because I don't like how they've handled my business, have been unresponsive,and are treating their customers. Very UNPROFESSIONAL!

Business failed to deliver the product that was ordered and would not respond to my inquiries.Order #: [redacted]Order Date: 08/12/2015 (05:55:23 PM)Order Total: $130.80Bill To Address[redacted]Ship To Address[redacted] Shipping InstructionsShip Via:[redacted]Payment Info[redacted] Order Summary1 - [redacted] @ $98.95 Subtotal: $98.95Tax: $0.00S/H: $31.85Total: $130.80Grand Total: $130.80Purchase was made on the 12th of August 2015.Confirmation e-mail stated the order was completed on the 13 of August and would be shipped by [redacted] arriving the following day.However the package was never delivered and no notice was left by the shipping carrier,nor was a tracking number provided by the shipper in the confirmation e-mail.I have sent e-mails to them regarding this matter and they have yet to respond.I attempted to reach them by phone on several occasions only to be transferred to a voicemail box that is perpetually full./////Desired SettlementI would Like to receive the product I ordered, anda refund of the express delivery fee./////

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