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• Sep 12, 2021

I did an online zoom interview with sales agent from Danbury, CT office - Brian. I was confused, really, as to what he was getting at: was he talking about a job position or selling long term care insurance? Very confusing, so glad nobody called me about a job offer, the whole thing was bizzare.

• Jul 26, 2021

Poor Customer Service and Thieves
If I could give less than 1 star this company would receive it. They do nothing to help a customer out once they have obtain your money. In which, they are quick to get in their own hands. But, once you decide that you don't need their services they take more than 15 days to deposite money back to the customer. If you call to ask them question concern the return of said funds they are rude and don't want to answer the question truthfully . The field team as well as the corporation customer service line are both unprofessional and blames each other for there mistakes to try to keep a hold on your money. I would never do business with this company nor would I recommend this company to any individual what so ever. If a representative calls you about services hang up the phone because they are liars and conniving to take your money. If they come to your door; close it; and don't let them in; they are truly the BIG BAD WOLF like the story. But, they gabble your money up in real life. This is a despicable company for Senior Citizens to use because they don't have their best interest in heart at all. Shame on this Bankers Life on how you serve the community!

• Sep 25, 2020

Long term health insurance
I took out a police over 20 yrs. ago that covered both of us. Bankers made changes without notifying us. The had reduced my benefit multiplier from 1460 to 730. They essence split the police requiring two premiums and reduced my wife's benefit multiplier from 1460 to 730 which reduced the value by 50%. I had a number of annuities with Bankers several years ago and liquidated all of them because of there arrogant attitude and rotten customer service. Since there is no cash value with long term policies I'm just stuck with this lose.

10pt;">Bankers Life and Casualty Company PO Box Carmel IN 46082- August 29, of Chicago and Northern Illinois NWabash, Suite Chicago, IL 60611- VIA: Portal RE: Bankers Life and Casualty Company Consumer: Sondra [redacted] Case Number: To Whom It May Concern: This letter is in response to your correspondence received in our office on August 9, Thank you for the opportunity to research this matter We have responded directly to the complainant Sondra [redacted] We want to assure you of our continued commitment to provide our customers with the best possible service If we may be of further service, please contact our customer service department at (800) 621-3724, extension Sincerely, Nina [redacted] Consumer Relations

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 7, 2014/04/18) */ Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Contact Phone: 312/XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] see attached letter Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 9, 2014/04/21) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Dear Ms [redacted] Re: File #XXXXXXXX Policy NoXXXXXXXX Insured owner: [redacted] M [redacted] File XXXXXXXXX Date: April 21, Ms [redacted] this is my response to you and Agent [redacted] I "did not" accept any policy to process for $17, When I was trying to get our $30,policy rescinded back to [redacted] Life and on the phone by a Bankers Life customer service representative both my husband and I that we had three policies in place with Bankers LifeWe have a Long Term Care Policy in place and the ongoing issue for the $30,PolicyI called Agent [redacted] that we also have another policy for $17,I asked what was going on, I didn't sign for another insurance policyAgent [redacted] replied to me on the phone "that they were not suppose to do that" meaning the $17,should not have been processed and she was going to talk to someone and who I don't know! To make matters worse, Bankers Life withdrew $from our joint checking account "without" a cancelled check from my husband and IBankers Life does not have the authority to just take money out of our checking account just because we have an existing Long Term Care Policy in place! Both my husband and I went to our bank to report a fraud transaction and the bank was going to stop paymentAgent [redacted] did not make stop payment for the month of AprilOur bank account has not received all monies for the three or four transactions till today, April 21, Our bank is also filing a fraud complaint and I have also submitted a report to the [redacted] along with the $30,policy On your VIA ONLINE COMPLAINT SYSTEM email that I received dated April 18, I see a cancelled check and a signature by [redacted] M*** The attacked copy does not show me what form [redacted] M [redacted] signed to! For the record: THE SIGNATURE OF [redacted] M [redacted] IS NOT HIS SIGNATURE! Someone else signed his nameI am sending a copy of this email and attached documents as an addendum to both complaints Reading into Agent [redacted] statement, the $30,check is one issue and the $17,policy is another issueThey are both two different issuesWhen I was advised of three policies all of that was under [redacted] M***'s nameI was told by Bankers Life Main Office and the girl who answers the phone at the [redacted] Street Mall Office that ALL Policies were under [redacted] ***'s nameI DID NOT TELL AGENT [redacted] TO GO AHEAD WITH A $17,POLICY! THAT SIGNED RECEIPT IS NOT [redacted] M [redacted] SIGNATURE! A FAXED COPY WITH [redacted] M [redacted] SIGNATURE WAS SENT ON MARCH 17, TO CANCEL THE $30,POLICY AND TO RESCIND CHECK TO PACIFIC LIFE WITH A DAY RUSH PROCESSING [redacted] M [redacted] does not have a LIFE INSURANCE POLICY in place since March 17, We were well in the day time frame to reinstate [redacted] M [redacted] policy but has since been held up on Bankers Life Casualty Company Three months will shortly be coming up on both issues to get my money back for the $17,that I did not sign for, a $30,check that should have gone back to Pacific Life to reinstate my $109,policy and a sign document that is "NOT" the signature of [redacted] M***With this said I feel strongly and whole heartedly both complaints should go to ***Bankers Life home office should be sending a representative and the Insurance Commissioner in Hawaii for litigation Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 23, 2014/07/03) */ Bankers Life and Casualty Company PO Box [redacted] XXXXX-XXXX July 3, [redacted] of Chicago and Northern Illinois NWabash Avenue Suite [redacted] Chicago, IL XXXXX RE: Bankers Life and Casualty Company Consumer: [redacted] M [redacted] Case Number: XXXXXXXX Dear Ms [redacted] This letter is in response to your correspondence received in our office on June 23, on behalf of Mr***Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the additional inquiry Our special investigation unit conducted interviews with the agent and Mr***During the interview from May 28, 2014, Mr [redacted] requested that we cancel his policy and refund the initial premium drafted from his bank accountWe provided the customer with the desired resolution by voiding his policy and refunding the initial premiumOur check distribution system indicates that the refund check cleared our bankIrrespective of who recorded the incorrect address, when we processed the refund of premium, we needed to correct Mr***'s address in our system, to ensure he received the checkThis resulted in a system generated letter mailed to Mr***, informing him of the correction Subsequent correspondence was received from Mrand Mrs [redacted] on June 2, Our investigation concerning the agent continuedFurther review was conducted as a result of the notarized affidavit received on June 2, 2014, with no irregularities detected on the contested signatures We want to assure you of our continued commitment to provide our customers with the best possible serviceIf we may be of further service, please contact our customer service department at (XXX) XXX-XXXX Sincerely, [redacted] AIRC, FFSI, FLMI, FLHC, HIA Consumer Relations Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 15, 2014/06/03) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I HAVE READ THE RESPONSE REBUTTAL FROM BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE, SIGNED BY MS [redacted] ALL I DID WAS READ BOTH THE RESPONE REBUTTAL AND FINAL NOTICE TO AB I AM NOT ACCEPTING BOTH LETTERS AS A RESOLUTION TO THE "TRICKERY" BY AGENT [redacted] FRAUDULANTLY GOING INTO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT AND PAYING FOR PREMIUMS OF A POLICY THAT "I DID NOT" AUTHORIZED OR PURCHASED FOR A $17,LIFE POLICYTHERE WAS ANOTHER LIFE INSURANCE POLICY FOR $30,WHICH WAS FINALLY TRANSFERED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL COOMPANY DURING THIS MONTHS GOING ON MONTHS I HAVE BEEN CALLING EVERYDAY WITH BANKERS LIFE TO MAKE THIS CORRECTBECAUSE I HAVE ALSO FOUND FORGERY IN THE DOCUMENTS "I AM NOT ACCEPTING" THE "FINAL NOTICE" ACCEPTABLE I AM CONSIDERING FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST AGENT [redacted] AND BANKERS LIFE LETTERS DO NOT MAKE WHAT AGENT [redacted] AND BANKERS LIFE MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY I WANT WHAT I SAID FROM THE BEGINNING WHAT AGENT [redacted] AND BANKERS LIFE DOES TO THE CONSUMERS HOW DECEIVING BANKERS LIFE COMPANY OPERATES AND BEWARE OF AGENT [redacted] MY COMMMENTS SHOULD BE REGISTERED FOR ALL CONSUMERS TO VIEW ANOTHER ISSUE EVOLVEDAGENT [redacted] TOLD HER HOME OFFICE TO CHANGE OUR MAILING ADDRESS UPON MY REQUEST......THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE I AM INVESTIGATING WHY AGENT [redacted] HAS CHANGED OUR PERMANENT ADDRESS [redacted] M [redacted] AND [redacted] H***

September 7, Good Morning, Insured:Shirley [redacted] Policy Number: [redacted] Reference Number: [redacted] and [redacted] We responded directly to the Mike [redacted] on August 19, 2016, under the reference number [redacted] Thanks, [redacted] Long-Term Care Consumer Relations Department Bankers Life and Casualty Company

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/03/21) */ PO Box [redacted] XXXXX-XXXX March 21, [redacted] Chicago and Northern Illinois NWabash Avenue, Suite [redacted] Chicago, IL RE: Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company Name: [redacted] Case #: [redacted] (Ref#XX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX-X-XXX) Dear Ms [redacted] This letter is in response to your correspondence dated and received March 13, XXXXX, concerning the above-referenced case numberThank you for allowing us the opportunity to address this matter Calls are recorded for quality purposes onlyThe manager of the Account Recovery Group listened to the calls from January 21, and February 21, 2014, and they do not support the allegations made by Mr [redacted] We have responded directly to former agent [redacted] ' concerns We want to assure you of our continued commitment to provide the best possible customer serviceIf you have any questions, or if we may be of further assistance, our office can be reached by calling (XXX) XXX-XXXX Sincerely, [redacted] L [redacted] Consumer Relations

I needed to surrender my annuityI phoned the main office to request the formI left the request on the auto system on Tues., March 10, When I didn't receive the form by Mon.,16th, I phoned the main office to inquire if they sent it I was told they didn't send it until the Fri., 13thTook them days to send the form(It would be more efficient if the form was available online.) I asked them how long it would take to receive the funds The woman told me I would have the check in my hand by the 15th calendar day of them receiving the formIt is their policyI asked her again when I would receive the funds just to confirm her answer Finally rec'd the form, filled it out & faxed it back the same day, Mar 20th April 3rd would be the 15th calendar day I phoned the main office on April 2nd to see when they sent the check I was informed that they were processing the request & it should be done in hours & then mailed to meI told her what the other lady told me about the calendar day check in hand policyShe said they just have to start processing the request by the 15th day, so since they were processing it they were still inside their day policyShe had a nasty attitude about it They have no regard for their customersMy agent never calls me back & the people at the main office have a different answer to the same questionIt's a nightmare every time I call the main officeAll they care about is taking your money It takes them almost weeks to send me my moneyWhen I opened it, my check was cashed in daysI would never recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance

they weren't trying to get out of the claimTN law states that there is a waiting period for long term care before a company can pay the claim and that the long term care must go for a certain period of time to also be coveredTo cover or not to cover the claim was is not in the companies hands but is in the hands of TN law and the TN Commissioner of insurance

I am submitting this review because of a recent interaction with Bankers Life and Casualty company Upon a family memebr's death they completed the terms of their life insurance policy Everything from recieving documents to then meeting with the local representative to cover final details of the policy and issuing monetary checks to recipients The issue is what they did and how they handled the policy afterwards They continued to keep the policy active and took monthly payment's out for over months on this In addition, I brought this to the attention of Banker's Life representatives multiple times and they insisted they required a seperate death certificate to close the account As a professional working with clients and customers on a daily basis I felt I should say something to warn other consumers of this companies practices In my view, this whole matter was unacceptable, un-professional, and dis-respectful For a Life Insurance company to mis-handled a client's policy speaks to their inefficiency in handling basic aspects of personal policies and their corporate culture as a whole I would hope Banker's Life takes a serious look in the mirror to correct these issues

Bankers Life continues to conduct phone call solicitations to our house, despite : 1) My husband met with a representative and concluded their products would not benefit our particular situationWe have been called back by the same person that net with us, claiming she never met with U.S 2)We are on the state and federal do not call lists 3) they call me under the pretense that I am turning soonI am not, and I have told at least different callers this 4) one caller said he spoke to my husband weeks earlier and my husband asked him to set an apt this weekHe never spoke to my husband This same caller told me a few months ago that HE was the only one who represented Bankers Life in this area, and that HE would be in our neighborhood the next day and wanted to set up an apptthe next day my husband had already scheduled an appt with someone else, the person who ended up telling us that none of their products would benefit our particular situation This caller is for for lying 5) they all call from personal phones, so the call is not identified as Bamkers Life, and do not leave messages if the phone is not answered 6) there is apparently no way to get off their call list, as I have asked EVERYONE who has called, only to be called by a different person within a day or two 7) I rarely answer the phone if I do not recognize the caller ID, so I don't know how often we are actually getting called, but I have answered calls this week from them 8) I am now taking down names and have a list of all those who have harassed me

My parents purchased a long-term care policy from this company years ago and faithfully paid their premiums that entire time My father, now 90, suffers from dementia and several other health problems and is now in a long-term care facility We filed a claim with Bankers Life and immediately encountered stall tactics After taking over days, we finally got his stay "approved" and were told to send the monthly invoices from the facility (after they'd been paid, of course) to Bankers Life for "quick reimbursement." My father has only been in this facility for four months and Bankers Life has denied the monthly claims THREE TIMES They will try ANY and EVERY trick in the book to avoid paying a valid claim They denied one of our claims because the dates of service were not in the proper place on the invoice On another, they said it was a duplicate invoice that had already been submitted and paid (it had not.) On the other, they claim they never received it It's now October, and we've yet to be paid for July's claim I've submitted it FOUR TIMES What I find absolutely appalling is the fact that this company clearly believes if they play these games long enough, people will eventually get tired and give up And many elderly people who have no one to advocate for them very well may That is truly abhorrent In the meantime, I have to call customer service EVERY MONTH to ask why my claims aren't being paid, and I'm getting really tired of it way to describe working with this company Have not recovered a cent from a claim for for year old mother with dementia Rude ,disrespectful and purposely mid leading...shameful..avoid doing business with them

My mother paid her annual premium for long term health insurance for many years She is now years old and after a recent hospital stay and rehab, it was clear that her dementia had advanced to the point that she needed helpWe hired a daily aid and filed a claimUnfortunately, Bankers is delaying payment, requesting the same info multiple times They promised that the claim would be processed several weeks ago, and now are coming back to us for more information In our experience company is nothing short of disreputable and I would recommend people to look elsewhere

size="3"> Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Policy Benefits Dept• PO Box Carmel IN 46082-• Telephone: (800) 621-
December 16,
NWabash, Ste Chicago, IL
Insured: JAMES ***
Policy Number: ***
Reference Number: ***
We are in receipt of correspondence received by our office December 16, regarding the insured named aboveThank you for bringing this matter to our attention
As we do not have HIPAA authorization on file to respond to the, we will be responding directly to the insured regarding this matter
*** Hart
Consumer Relations Department
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
FAX: (312) 396-

I have been applying to jobs through monster and I forgot to uncheck the "share resume" optionI am suffering from insomnia for a few daysWhen I finally get to sleep I'm beyond joy until todayI was awoken by a phone call from a lady with a Spanish accent saying her manager was excited about my resume and wanted me to come in for an interview(advertising right there)I looked up the name "Bankers Life" even though she mumbled it so fast you'd need a hearing aidTheir yelp reviews are enough to alert any one but I'm writing this review to warn other's of their predatory practicesNot to mention I just got a second phone call in less than an hour (unprofessional) from a different number by themI have experience with these type of predatory practices and have done my researchDo not give them money for "training" or sign a "contract" ...any contract can be voided after days of signing with a letter mailed certified requesting it to be voided and your money returnedIf they fail to do so you can take them to courtAttorney Generals have won similar lawsuits against scam artist like these for millionsI hope there will be some justice for the victims of these scammersThey use local websites that links to their parent site so they are able to rent spaces in buildings and set it up to appear as an office across the countryI double the woman working there are even US citizens but that's another issue in itselfHopefully I can get some sleep knowing I've warned othersBe Careful

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/03/20) */
Contact Name and Title: *** ***
Contact Phone: 312/XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
See attached letter

We have completed our review and addressed the concerns raised by the insured in a correspondence directly to her on 2/24/
Thank you

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/05/01) */
See attached response
Note to consumer:
The attachment also includes authorization for release of informationYou *** return the signed and dated form to me via email
Thank you
Initial Consumer
Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2014/05/08) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
they have sent me a check for the amount they deducted from my checking account in errorThank you for your help

Banker's Life sold my mother annuity policies She was and yrs old when these policies were sold Two of the policies were for yrs, one was for yrs The agent knew full well she had cancer and would never live to begin collecting on the policies and reap the 'rewards' of guaranteed interest After my father died, agents came to the house yet again and tried to get her to sifor another annuity, using all the money paid to her on his insurance policies
This company preys on elderly and their practice is unethical

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