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Review: On or around July 1, 2015 I purchased [redacted], then a couple of days later, the check engine light came on and the vehicle was taken back to be serviced. On July 7, 2015, a Goodwill Repair Acknowledgment was signed indicating the RIR 02 Sensor was repaired. A couple of days later, the same thing, we returned it, the vehicle was checked and the vehicle was given back. Repeat Repeat,Repeat. The last time, I believe the service department had the vehicle for almost a week, but the check engine light still comes on from time to time indicating that something is still wrong.

On March 21, 2016, we took the vehicle to get an oil change and I took the initiative to have the GM Service department look into why the check engine light keeps coming on. The issue was found to be that the Sensor needs replacing. Now, according to the paperwork from July 7, 2015 from Basic Auto Sales their service department stated they corrected the issue, but apparently there were three sensors to correct the issue, but their service team only changed one.

This problem began a couple of days after the purchase of the vehicle and is an ongoing problem, I have in writing that the issued was repaired when in fact only "part of the issue" was repaired. I do not trust this company, especially with as many complaints that they have.Desired Settlement: The GM Dealer is willing to correctly fix the problem and I feel that since Basic Auto Sales could not properly fix the problem after several attempts, they, should cover the cost of the vehicle to be repaired.




Whom It May Concern: We are pleased that Mr. [redacted] has joined

the Basic Auto Sales customer family with the purchase of his [redacted]. Our company has served the

local Richmond and Ashland community for over 30 years and sold thousands of

customers during this time. Unfortunately, the we-owe clearly states

to fix an O2 sensor. Our service

department completed their obligation by replacing the O2 sensor. I am sorry that another O2 sensor became

defective at a later date. Basic Auto

Sales sells a high volume of automobiles.

Therefore, the company has to be very specific with the written contract

and accompanying paperwork associated with each transaction. I see by the paperwork that this vehicle

purchase is approaching one year. I can

only assume the vehicle is still operational and serving the customer’s

needs. I would gladly offer Mr. Straus

an extended warranty at Basic Auto Sales’ cost to alleviate any possible future




I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.After the Sensor was replaced on July 2015, the same problem "continued" and the vehicle was taken back "several" times to be fixed, but was "never" corrected. (Please check your service records to confirm) At one point the vehicle was kept over a week and still the same problem. I sent several letters and emails but no response and that is why it came to this. The problem did not occur at a later date, this was an ongoing issue that never resolved. I filed the complaint because Basic completely ignored my request to correct the issue.

Review: My truck has had problems since I got it . First they sold me a used truck without checking everything before selling it to me . My antenna is broke off and I can't use my radio , my air wasn't working when I first got the truck but they did fix that for me , now my steering rack went bad and I only had the truck 6MONTHS!! . When I talk to the service people they told me my warranty was over with because I went over 2,000 miles but who keeps up with the miles ? Basically they gave me a 3 month warranty now that my steering rack is gone they are trying to charge me $856.00 to fix it . this unacceptable! My truck can cause a HORRIBLE accident ifit would have went out when I was driving it .also its shaking constantly when I speed up and it has something raddling underneath but you can't see it .Desired Settlement: I want them to fix my steering rack , because I only had the truck 6months its no way that it could have went bad that fast !!



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

It was multiple problems with the vehicle before the steering rack problem came along. it's no way the steering rack could go bad in 6months !!




June 27, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

[redacted] purchased her 2[redacted] with 117,077 miles on December 7, 2013. At this time, she also purchased a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. On June 8, 2014, [redacted] brought the [redacted] in to our service department with concerns over the steering rack. The vehicle had 133,810 miles, which means the warranty limits have been reached. Our service manager explained that this would not be covered under warranty. He offered a discounted labor rate to help with the cost of the repair. She refused the assistance and chose to take her vehicle elsewhere for the repair. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We believe [redacted] was offered the only available option upon her vehicle obtaining 16,733 miles in a 6 month time period when the national average is this amount in one year. Thank you very much for your time and consideration to this matter.



Review: I purchased a used vehicle, [redacted], from this company on November 10, 2014. After discovering that the heater core had been bypassed, the dealer agreed to replace the part at no charge. On November 15, 2014 we dropped the vehicle off for repair. Several hours later, we picked the car up and was told that the part had been replaced and everything was running properly. Around November 25th, we began noticing a smell from the engine. On December 1, we took the vehicle to our mechanic to find that the part had not been replaced. The screws that would have been removed still had rust on them, the part was the original part tot he vehicle and the issue had been masked. The part was not replaced as promised. Both [redacted], the mechanic and [redacted], the sales representative assured me that the problem had been resolved. It is estimated that the repair could cost upwards of $1100 to fix the problem that this company not only promised to fix, but said that they had fixed.Desired Settlement: I have given the company the opportunity to replace the component in good faith. Although they said that they did, it can be documented that they did not. The desired outcome is for my mechanic to replace the part at the expense of Basic Auto Sales, also known as [redacted]



December 9, 2014 To Whom It May Concern:I am writing this letter in regards to the complaint submitted to Basic Auto Sales on December 2. 2014 with ID of [redacted]. This vehicle was not sold by Basic Auto Sales. It was sold by [redacted] to Ms. [redacted]. [redacted] has replaced the heater core for Ms. [redacted] and resolved her complaint. Sincerely,

I bought my car from the Ashland location. They were very friendly, easy to work with, addressed my concerns with the vehicle, and gave me a very reasonable trade in on my old vehicle. All around I was very pleased with my car buying experience.

Review: I, along with hundreds of other local people, received a flyer on Christmas Eve which touts Sell-off of the Century. It states Win up to $25,000 cash, with an attached money carlo match to win lottery-appearing ticket. Amounts from 100-25,000 are listed and you must match two amounts to win the amount. I "won" 2500, and discovered all the other people at the event on Saturday had the same ticket with the same amount stating we had won. My children and I are all college graduates and we studied the brochure and read the fine print and in no way could we construe anything other than I had won. I called the number and I was confirmed to be a winner with a "contgratulations, you won!" and directing me to proceed to the dealership to collect my prize. When I arrived today,I was told to "register" which was another form requiring my personal info,and then I was asked for my identification and then I was told that I did not win but that I had won a chance to win-then given two more lottery tickets and told to if I scratched 3 in a row $ I would win-there were 6 to scratch, so the odds are very very slim. Of course I did not, but I was told that I won an opportunity for my registration to be put into a pot and on Jan 4 at 4:00, (have to be present to win) the winner would be drawn and get a 2002 van. o boy. I complained about the highly deceptive and false advertising and the manager came over and said that it was created by a firm in [redacted] and that they had run it by the ** attorney general and it was legal. I plan to complain to [redacted] and see what he things. However, many people came out with their winning tickets and many were very very mad and threw their tickets on the table and walked out - no one was buying a car and no one should buy a car from these frauds. I have the flyer and ticket and because so many people were affected, it needs to be investigated-I saw many elderly coming in, and like me, had won money which to us on ** is a Godsend.This was a lousy Christmas gift.Desired Settlement: I would like the $2500 that this flyer said I won - that likely will not happen but a half tank of gas and four hours of my time from[redacted] to [redacted] was a trying waste of time and money for me and all the others conned by this ad - I have never felt so stupid and foolish.



In response to the complaint filedby [redacted] on 12/29/2014:We here at Basic Auto Sales are sympathetic for the small number of recipients of this marketing mailer that did not understand it completely, and or felt misled. We assure you that our intent was only to market a liquidation sale before year end with an addedchance for the local residents to win $25000 and or a free automobile. A [redacted] van will be given away at the end of the event.(Sunday, January 4, 2015) The mailer clearly discloses how the contest works. We stand behind our decision to use a program such as this for marketing and advertising. However, we do apologize if any recipient felt misled. It wasn’t our intent to deceiveor mislead. Regards, [redacted] General Sales ManagerBasic Auto Sales



there is no offer, only a half apology to the "small number of people who did not understand etc." I am a licensed counselor, have three college degrees, retired teacher and counselor and I can assure you that I am not the only person not comprehending the misleading and dishonest advertising used by Basic Auto Sales. When I posted this issue on facebook, I received 42 posts in 24 hours from other soured customers or would-be customers who were also misled and have made faulty purchased from Basic - there is no offer here to any of us and I have complained to the attorney general regarding false, misleading advertising. Basic Auto Sales made false and fraudulent claims, has now insulted me a second time in their response and I will continue to complain about the deceptive nature of this company's ads and sales. [redacted] deserves better. It is a terrible business practice to mislead people with false claims and that is what you should be investigating. You should see the deceptive ads for yourself and determine if this manner of sales is fit for the consumer.

I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Review: On September 1 I purchased my first car from basic auto there was a funny noise with the vehicle so they promised to get the problem fixed , so I tried my pontaci montana for a [redacted] Monday after purschaing the vehicle I took it to there service department to have the rattling noise fix after completing so research the owner of the company called me and advised the car was unsafe for me to drive so they were going to put me in a more reliable vehicle. I was all for it until the inform me the on vehicle the had the would serives my family and I would be a mini van I was very upset and demand to have my vehicle or the money back for my vehicle the manger [redacted] advised they all ready sold my vehicle so my only option would be to take the mini van because the bank wouldn't allow them to undo the loan . I have only had they mini van for 4months and it already not running I have put in $400'and can not afford to put money into it any longer so I'm able to get running . After speaking with a few worker from [redacted] the advised me basic auto sales briched there contract due to them taking the down payment from me in installment when they were supposed to it all at onceDesired Settlement: To have basic auto purchase the vehicle back from me



January 7, 2015To Whom It May Concern:[redacted] purchased a [redacted] on September 1, 2014 from Basic Auto Sales and traded in a [redacted]. On September 5th, she returned to our [redacted] location expressing concerns with engine noise. Our service facility diagnosed the problem and consulted with [redacted] on repair costs. Basic Auto and [redacted] decided to trade her into another vehicle with the same payment structure and passenger seating. [redacted] chose a [redacted] which is 4 years newer than her traded vehicle. The [redacted] passed all requirements for [redacted] safety inspection. She purchased an extended service contract with Superior Protection for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Any vehicle is going to require out of pocket expenses for maintenance and possible repairs. Basic Auto Sales will gladly process any related warranty claim for her. If any issue should arise outside of the warranty, Basic Auto will address at its internal shop rate. Thank you for your business.Sincerely, [redacted]Owner

Review: I gave the dealership a check for $1000 towards a down payment in the $1750 on 08/22/2014 and was told that I had until 09/01/2014 to come up with the remainder. I expressed that I would not have the rest of the down payment on 08/27/2014 and that I did not feel comfortable driving the car knowing that I would not have the rest of the down payment and that I would like to return the car. I was told that they would give me more time but I expressed that I did not know when I would have the funds available. The car I am currently making payments on will remain in my possession ( I did not find this out until 08/28/2014), I was looking for a car because I thought I would have to give my car back. I am a single mother and I cannot afford to pay two car payments. I sent emails to the salesman letting him know that I would return the car on 08/29/2014 because I would not have the rest of the money and I was advised that I would be able to keep the car that I currently have, so I no longer have a need for the car that I purchased. When I went to the dealership on 08/29/2014, the manager advised me that he would speak to the [redacted] and see what they would be able to do and give him until Monday 09/01/2014. I did not hear from him Monday, so I called Tuesday afternoon, he act like he did not know who I was or what I was calling about. He put me in contact with the secretary to the [redacted], who listened to the story, took my number. She advised me that she would speak with the [redacted] and get back to me but she did not have an estimated time or day. I gave them $1000 under the impression that I had time to come up with the rest of the money but when I expressed that I would not have the rest of the money, the dealership processed the paperwork and my check. The car is currently at the dealership and has been there since 08/29/2014. It is unfortunate that a business is willing to deliver poor customer service (to a customer that did not have all the money they requested anyway) over $1000. I just want someone to do the right thing.Desired Settlement: The outcome that I desire is the refund of the $1000 that I gave them that was suppose to be held until 09/01/2014, nothing more, nothing less. They can keep the car being that it has been sitting at the dealership for almost a week and I drove it maybe 4 times in the time that I had it. I do not believe it is a lost for the business, because they can sell the car to someone that needs it, they just do not want to do the paperwork to that is required to take the car back.



On August 22, 2014, [redacted] signed paperwork and took delivery of a [redacted]. She selected this vehicle from our [redacted] location. I am enclosing a copy of the contract she signed to purchase this vehicle. She clearly read and agreed to the terms and conditions. The contract reads $1750 down payment which

[redacted] agreed and wrote a check for $1000 and a promise to pay the $750 balance by 9/1/14.

On August 27, 2014, [redacted] came to our office stating she was having trouble coming up with the remaining balance. She said she was not

comfortable driving a car of which she owed money. The management of Basic Auto Sales assured her they would gladly work with her on this issue. The salesman picked the car up and installed the GPS device required by the lender on August 29th. The lender funded the deal. We then received an email from the

salesperson about her not wanting the car.

Upon speaking with [redacted] on September 6th, it was revealed that her mother was declaring bankruptcy. This was her reason for purchasing the car from Basic Auto Sales. However, it was later discovered, [redacted] could keep the car that she thought was going to be repossessed in the bankruptcy.

If Basic Auto Sales had been aware of the whole situation prior to the transaction, we would have handled things quite differently. However, she did not tell anyone until after her purchase. Basic Auto Sales has paid taxes required by [redacted] as stated on the contract in the amount of $420.07. We have also incurred an expense of $274 for the purchase and installation of the GPS.

The owner spoke with [redacted] on 9/6/14. She gave him a phone number to contact her on Monday, September 8th. He has tried to contact her on Monday and Tuesday but has reached voicemail on both attempts. Basic would like to ask her to please contact the owner at [redacted]. Basic looks forward to an amicable resolution and doing business with [redacted] in the future.



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I have not received a resolution. What was missed out of that letter was that I did advise the Sale Manager on 08/27/2014 of the bankruptcy that my mother was going through; therefore when I spoke with the [redacted] on 08/06/2014 that information was already known by someone within that establishment. The [redacted] may have tried to reach me on 08/08 and 08/09 on my work number; however, my cell phone was never attempted although that informatiion is available.

I have contacted the [redacted] over 7 times between 09/10 and 09/12 and I have only spoken with him once on Thursday 09/11/2014. On this date he requested that I forward the emails to his secretary (which I spoke with and she confirmed that she received them that day and she had given them to the [redacted] that same evening) that I sent to his salesman advising them that I would not be able to secure the remainder of the down payment. These emails were to show evidence as to why I do not feel like I should not be responsible for the GPS that was installed in the vehicle. I also advised the [redacted] that I would like $790.00 of the $1000 refunded and they could have the car but I would be comfortable with $650.00. The amounts that I requested was minus either half or majority of the taxes being paid out of my $1000 down payment.

The [redacted] expressed that he was looking at it from the outside in; however, I am finding that difficult to believe being that I have been trying to get this resolved with him since 09/06/2014 and still have not come to anything that looks close to an end. I am a single mother and while they can sell this car to someone that is in need of it, I am unable to spare $1000 for a car that I do not need.

After the receipt of the letter from the and speaking the [redacted], the car has magically appeared back at home with the key under the mat after being at the dealership for a week. The [redacted] called me in regards to the letter that was received and that he wanted to meet but it had to be a day that the [redacted] would be present because if the deal was going to be unwinded, the [redacted] would have to be present. At no point did he mention that the car would be returned to my home. Not to mention that the vehicle has been disabled by the GPS that was installed, so it cannot be operated. So while in the inital letter I noted that they had the car at the dealership and my money. Now they have returned the car, disabled it and STILL have my money.

This situation has been going on for nearly a month and although I am in contact with the person that can make the decisions, no decisions are being made. Once again all I want is a refund of at least $790.00, someone to come pick up this car from my residence and be done with this company.


Review: I purchased the truck on 7/2/2013 and its been in the shop 3-6 since then. Now the issue I took it in for before is happening again and they are telling me its not the same problem.Desired Settlement: I feel because of all the time I spent going back and forth to the dealership for repairs I should be refunded my down payment koney



November 1, 2013

Re: ID# [redacted]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am responding to the letter that was written on October 28, 2013 regarding ID # [redacted]. The customer purchased a [redacted] with 114,000 miles on July 2,2013. Before purchasing the vehicle, the customer was allowed to take an extensive test drive. The vehicle was purchased AS-IS and all paperwork was signed with this understanding. She then called regarding a service issue with the vehicle. Our scrvice department scheduled the vehicle for an analysis. The technician did not find a problem with the vehicle. It was explained to the customer that this noise is not uncommon for this year, make, and model of the vehicle, The customer pUt'chased an extended warranty for 24 monthsl24,000 miles. The customer is not required to have their vehicle serviced at our dealership. However, she is welcome to schedule an appointment with us ifher vehicle is malfunctioning.


Review: I purchased a car from the listed company above about two months ago. The car ran fine in the beginning but gradually got worse. After having the car for a month, it completely stopped on the side of the road. The dealership has had my car for over a month at this point and has continued to give me the run around everytime I call. Each time I ask about a loaner car, they either say they will look into it (which has never happened) or that they do not provide loaners. I have been very professional and patient with this company but at this point I have had to spend money on alternate means of transportation to and from work. I would either like for the dealer to fix my car or provide me with a new vehicle. I am also paying a car payment on a car that I do not have access to at the moment due to the dealership's mistake. The lady at the service department stated that the delay has been caused because the warranty paperwork was never submitted. I was informed at the time that I purchased the car that it came with a warranty (which was a false statement). When I spoke to a manager about why the paperwork was not submitted, I got a very flippant remark of "I guess it was overlooked". I believe this is very unprofessional and it has greatly inconvenienced me and caused me to lose hours at work. Please help me solve this matter in a timely fashion.Desired Settlement: I would either like them to complete the repairs in a timely fashion or offer me a new vehicle.



[redacted] purchased a [redacted] on April 28, 2015 from Basic Auto Sales. The vehicle was brought into our service

department with a transmission issue. This warranty was executed through a

third party. The vehicle is being fixed

under warranty and will be returned to Ms. Ward as soon as repairs are complete. The transmission is currently being fixed and

Basic Auto Sales looks forward to promptly returning her car in satisfactory

driving condition. We apologize for the

amount of time taken to solve her concerns.

I purchased the truck on 7/2/2013 and its been in the shop 3-6 since then. Now the issue I took it in for before is happening again and they are telling me its not the same problem.

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