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I bought a senior softball bat and added the rolling service to accelerate the breprocess They cracked the bat in the rolling process, but sent it to me anywayThey did send me a replacement bat After about hits on the replacement bat, I took it to a big tournament here in Florida, and had the compression tested The bat tested at virtually the same compression as a brand new untouched bat (220) even though I had paid for the rolling process I did submit a similar review on their website Should be interesting to see if it gets published

Review: We sent a brand new bat for rolling and shaving to this company and they shipped us back the wrong bat and when we e-mailed them they said yes there was a mix up and gave us the info on who had our bat......left it up to us to get our bat back from a guy in FL and we are in Mich.The guy said he sent the bat and has not almost 4 days later,I called [redacted] at company and told him and he said "no his problem "I wash my hands of it and refunded you for our services !!!! Great wheres our $300.00 bat and 42.00 for shipping the FL guy his bat back? [redacted] has been very rude and unwilling to help with this and has turned his nasty words on us....saying"Its customers like us that make him wish he did not own this business"We have done nothing wrong its his job to return our bat that he admits he sent to the wrong guy.My Son has been without his bat for practices and games for well over a week,

Product_Or_Service: rolling /shaving

Desired Settlement: New Bat to be returned,rolled and shaved and $'s out of pocket to return FL guys bat reimbursed.We were asked in an e-mail to return the FL guys bat express mail ($42.00) and would be paid back.Nope now [redacted] said he did not charge us for his rolling services what else do we want? Unbelievable!!No bat but [redacted] thinks he has more than helped us. I do have all rude e-mails and promise not kept by him.VERY DISGUSTED WITH THE COMPANY !!



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/12) */

We where notified by the customer that he had received the wrong product back. We tracked down his original bat and made contact with both parties about the error. In order to speed up the process of getting the correct product in each persons hand we instructed both parties to ship to the addresses provide to them via Express Mail shipping and also instructed them to contact me for reimbursement of the shipping charges.

[redacted] at that point decided to take it upon themself to contact my other customer in FL and demand return of their bat and from what I've been told that attempted to contact them over 30 times and left rude emails on their phone. It got to a point to where they actually filled the VM box up with messages.

We where completely aware of the importance of getting the correct bats in the correct owners hands and we also attempted to contact the customer in FL to get a tracking number for the [redacted] bat. This tracking number was given to them on 4/10/13 and the bat was delivered on 4/10/13 at 3:39PM. Everyone now has the correct bats in their hands so I"m not sure why the complaint.

They are also claiming that we did not reimburse them for the return shipping charges. This is not correct. They originally paid us $115.00 for a bat shaving service to be rendered. We performed that service. As it became clear there was displeasure with the entire process we decided to refund them for the services rendered. So if you do some simple math $115 - $42 = $72. This is the number the customer is ahead of the game. I tried to explain that to them but they didn't quite understand what I was tying to accomplish. In order to make it clear to them since they where hung up on the reimbursement charge. I said to pay again for the services (which I did in fact refund via [redacted]) and they I would send them a reimbursement for the shipping seperately. They didn't not understand why so at that point knowing that their bat had been delivered and that I had actually refunded them more money then I had originally agreed upon I told them we where done with the discussion because it became quite obvious there was now way to please this customer.

In the begin of the this whole issue I did issue an appollogy to them about the situation. We ship over 200 bats each week and errors in shipping do happen from time to time and I feel as through we made every possible effort to make things right.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/04/15) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Just because they refunded their services way before we even got our bat back is their choice....We never asked for a refund on their services!!The deal was for us to ship the bat to the correct owner at the companies expense,Why should we have to pay ANY $ out of pocket for their errors.Our bat did finally arrive DAMAGED !!! Our delivery guy was a witness to us pulling the bat from the box and the condition and not attached. The note attached to it takes responsibility that damage was done by the rolling company and the note said "grind it into grave and rub dirt on it and it will be fine" This is a 300.00 bat that now looks used and is damaged on the end!! How professional is that?Thats just a small portion of the rude,name calling note/e-mail we have received from this place.This has been their error from the beginning and they have been rude and unkind to their mistakes.The owner has never called to apologize and is standing behind his employees ([redacted]'S)rude,table turning, unprofessional behavior. I would be more than happy to supply e-mails of [redacted]'s promise to pay us for the shipping,the rude responses,and stating that he has "washed his hands of it all" even before we received our bat. I do not except their response of defending their error and should not pay ANY money to this place for the problem they have caused us and now a damaged bat that they are "washing their hands of" WOW !!

Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/04/18) */

Unfortunately as you can tell this customer is difficult to please. We feel as though we have done everything possible to please this customer. We have admitted to our shipping error. We have refunded the customer the charge for our services that were provided. We believe this is an appropriate effort to make things right however due to the inability of the customer to understand what we had already refunded I just refunded the shipping charges that appears to be the main point of contention. The customer received FREE services and have been reimbursed all costs of the shipping to the other customer. There is nothing additional that we can offer to them. We believe this should be sufficient.

Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/04/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

No,We are not difficult customers!We just expect that your company be respectful of your customers when YOUR company is the one that caused all the problems and were VERY unprofessional and rude!!This went to this level when you chose to "wash your hands" of getting our bat back to us and leaving it up to us to contact YOUR customer that our bat was ship to by YOUR company!!It is really unbelievable that you are still trying to point the fingers at us (the customer)We do know that.....".to error is human" however it's all in the way you handle it,Maybe you the owner should have called and reassured us that YOU will find our bat and get it returned a s a p You should have step up as the owner not allow your rude disrespectful employee to send us unprofessional e-mails that were saying that your company is done with us.......even before our bat was returned!!Our bat was in your hands and it was your responsibility to reassure us that you would get it returned and hearing that with an i'm sorry in your voice would have made all the difference in the world!!Do you also approve of the note that was attached to our brand new bat that your company damaged?How professional was that?"Grind it in the gravel and rub some dirt on it"Why?To hide your damage?!Can't believe that you would even let a bat be shipped back to a customer in that condition...Once again professional ?I think/know not !!! In response to your letter above I DO UNDERSTAND that you and your employee should be ashamed of your actions,words,rude e-mails,note and the condition of our bat.

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