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Batteries Plus of Raleigh, Inc.

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I purchased a 6 volt [redacted] battery for a older ride on toy on Friday August 5th.It didn't work. Went to return it to Knightdale store. The Knightdale store has the worst customer service I had ever been a part. I bought a battery on a Friday. When I got home the battery wasn't charged enough to operate the toy power wheels. I went to return the battery the Knightdale store and was dealing with [redacted]. He would not except the battery back because it wasn't fully charged. He tested the battery and it was the same voltage as it was when I purchased it. He even called the original store in which I purchased it from(not apart of the same franchise owner). [redacted] ask the guy at the other store about the purchase. He looked it up and said he wasn't the one that sold it remember the other salesperson going thru all 3 [redacted] batteries. [redacted] gets off the phone to tell me the other store said they didn't sell that battery without it having a full charge. I personal called the store back and [redacted] at that store told me exactly what he said but he did not say what [redacted] said. So [redacted] lied to me. Is that the type of people that is hired at Batteries Plus in Raleigh llc? As you can imagine, I will never go into a batteries Plus store in the Raleigh area again and I will be sure to pass along my thoughts to anybody. Word of mouth with be my best way to advertise the terrible customer service at the Knightdale location. Desired SettlementI would like the owner of Batteries Plus of Raleigh LLC to emailed me why they're sales associate would lie to me about what another store said over the phone. I heard the conversation that was had plus I called the other store. They told me exactly what was said, which matched up to what I heard. Sales associate [redacted] said something totally different. Then he proceeded to tell me the battery's connection was broken which it was not. I guess he wasn't familiar with the connector. I guess each store has independent franchise owners. You can't return an item at a different store. Bad customer service.

Batteries Plus Bulbs of Durham incorrectly installed a watch battery in a waterproof watch; the watch was destroyed first time worn after installationI purchased two watch battery installations at Batteries Plus Bulbs in Durham on May 7, 2016 for two water-proof dive watches made by [redacted] and [redacted]. That day, I swam in an indoor pool, wearing [redacted], and when I stopped to check the time after about twenty minutes, the watch face was ruined, as water had seeped into it. This watch cost approximately $60. The next week, I had to travel out of state, so I planned to deal with the matter after returning to Durham. The ticket # on the receipt is [redacted]. The user/clerk is **. The total we spent was $28.13 for two watch battery installations and a $9.99 for a 3 amp AC charger.On June 11, I returned to the store with the damaged watch in hand as evidence that it was ruined and the 2nd watch, and asked for my money back for both installations since I had no confidence that the 2nd watch battery for the 2nd [redacted] watch [redacted], which cost about $200 since it can go to deeper depth, had been correctly installed. The manager, who said his name was [redacted], even though the business card on the desk said the manager's name was [redacted], agreed to refund one battery install but not the 2nd. I asked why he would not refund both, and he said that he had no evidence that the battery had been improperly installed. I said I did not want to risk the cost of the watch since clearly the other battery had been improperly installed. He still refused to refund the 2nd amount. I asked if he would refund the battery and the cost of the watch if the watch were ruined, and he did not respond, just repeated that he would not refund the cost of the installation, $8. I was calm, but my wife was irate. This matter was so petty, and he could have refunded both, apologized, and claimed responsibility for ruining the watch, but he did not, and he was quite rude.We have been shopping at this store since 2005. We left after he refunded the $8, but had to wait over ten minutes since there was a problem with his computer/cash register. Eventually, he gave us cash. A woman working there was trying the entire time we were waiting to drain the water from the watch, but she was unsuccessful. She told us initially when we arrived and presented the receipt to her that she had been told the policy was that technicians were not supposed to replace dive watch batteries, and instead are to tell customers to go to a jeweler. We were certainly not told this in May. I later looked on[redacted], a customer review website, and there are at least three other complaints against this store for this exact problem: watches getting destroyed due to faulty watch repair installation. I plan to never return to this store due to this customer service experience.Desired SettlementRefund of $8.09 of battery replacement and cost of watch that was destroyed due to faulty installation of battery in water-proof watch.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] OwnerContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@earthlin.netI am very sorry that the watch leaked after having the battery changed and we will refund the $8 for the watch that is still working to send it back to [redacted] On [redacted] web site it states in FAQ and in the instructions that the warranty is void and not to have the battery changed by anyone but them. Neither of these watches are listed by them as Dive watches and they do not have the appearance of being Dive watches. We do not replace batteries in Dive watches for the very reason stated above. All water resistance watches that I know of have the same warning about sending back to them for battery replacement. It is not that the battery is installed incorrectly but the seals can dry up and not want to do there job again. Again I apologize. Consumer Response Dear and Batteries Plus of NC,We welcome a refund of the cost of the watch repair, which the Batteries Plus owner/manager said he would do. We did not respond earlier since we were called out of state for a funeral. The cost of the watch repair was approximately $8.50. Our address is: [redacted], Durham, NC XXXXX.Thank you for helping us resolve this matter. We are satisfied with the outcome and mediation.

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Address: 4907 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27616-1865


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