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Called the customer to address the situationLeft a message with contact informationWaiting for a response I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] Regards, [redacted]

The customer brought his broken phone and asked to have the cracked screen repaired, he told us he had already opened and replaced? the batterythat in itself voids all warrantieswe told him we would replace the screen and we'd attempt? to inspect? the phone for other issues but informed him that if there were other problems with the phone, we'd deal with them when it was? manifestedWe explained that fixing the screen only, may not fix other issues with the phone's performances,? since he had worked on the phone himself (by removing and replacing the battery) that some internal damage may have accord that can't been seen or tested prior to repairing the screenHe agreed and signed a Terms and Condition agreement and left the phoneonce we repaired the screen, the pone worked and was testedWhat couldn't be? tested was the touch screen prior to reparing the screen.He returned and the phone work? fine as a phone but when he left the store and used the touch screen, he realized it didn't work.? We informed him it had nothing to do with the repair of the screen and we'd remove all new parts we had installed and refund his? $in his complaint, he states we could not hang onto his old parts because we had to? recycle them, which is not true, in fact we still to this day have his old partsIn conclusion, we will still refund the customer the total $173.08,? once we removed the new parts we put it the phone and return it to the same condition as when he brought in to us.? We of course will? not guarantee it will function any differently, partly because he himself had opened the phone when replacing the battery and most likely cause the damage himselfin his complaint, he states: Desired Settlement; he would like his phone repaired back to the condition it was in when he brought it inWe are happy to remove? our new parts, and give it back to him in the same condition it was in prior to him bringing it in, but after he opened and replaced the battery, likely causing the touch screen failurethe obviously was having issues and he clearly signed the Terms and Condition release form, releaving us of all liabilities? ?

Hi there, The customer brought in his car battery out of the vehicle on 9/16/The battery came in at voltsThat voltage is to low to get a accurate reading when putting a load test on the batteryWe asked the customer if he would allow us to charge the battery, and then run a load test so that we can get a accurate reading for the customerThe battery passed well above the ratings that this specific battery calls forThe customer picked up his batteryI then received a call by this concerned customer Monday morning on 9/18/He wanted to let me know that the battery is in fact bad and will not hold a chargeI then asked him if he could bring the battery in, make sure the battery is charged, let the battery sit unaided overnightBy doing this we can test the battery again to make sure that the battery is not draining on its own after multiple hours just like the customer said he thinks the battery is doingThe customer said he was unwilling to keep the battery here at the store to re-confirm our test results of the batteryThe end resolution that the customer and I have made together over the phone this morning on 9/18/was that he would drive the vehicle up to the batteries plus in Ballwin tomorrow on 9/19/so we can test his charging system/alternator and lastly check for a parasitic drain that the car might have on this battery to help explain and resolve the customers issues

Dear [redacted] We have received your complaint via the ( regarding your recent application for the above-referenced accountWe hope the following explanation alleviates the concerns raised in your complaint Our records indicate that your initial application was received and reviewed for available programs on August 31, Before making a credit decision, M/I Financial, LLC (“MIF”) needed to conduct further income and credit evaluation, including collection of missing documentation, verification of invalid/unusable reported income (child support) and review of unsatisfied collection accountsPer our records, your loan was conditioned with the following stipulations: Evidence the following debts were paid in full, payment plan was established or disputed: [redacted] ***: $5,[redacted] ***: $4, Proof of income: Child Support – Evidence of at least three years of income As you can imagine, delayed receipt of any critical documents can postpone the processing of a loan applicationMIF’s was, in fact, compliant in responding to your application within days of receiving a full application and applicable documentation to complete a valid credit decisionOnce we were able to validate that some of the debts were satisfied and the child support income was not received for at least three years, your application was submitted for final underwriting and, ultimately, determined to be ineligible for credit on January 24, Accordingly, the Adverse Action Notice was sent on January 30, As it relates to the credit review, our records show that customer information was voluntarily submitted for evaluation of your own credit as well as the credit of Mr [redacted] ***Your information was submitted at the time of applicationDuring the time your application was being reviewed, your initial credit report expired, requiring a new one be pulledMr***’s information was submitted at a later date, once it was determined that the initial income submitted was unable to be used to qualify your loan requestMIF received Mr***’s 1099-Misc, which included his social security number on January 20, 2017, along with his verbal authorization to obtain a credit report At MIF, our goal is to help all applicants achieve the home of their dreams, although it is not always possibleTherefore, we do work with preferred lenders to assist when appropriateOnce a final decision of decline is issued, if applicable, any earnest money deposits are refundedWe have reviewed your account with the homebuilder and have requested your earnest money be refundedThe reason it was not released previously is due to the fact that you did not sign a termination agreement effectively terminating your contract with the homebuilderUpon execution of a termination agreement, the homebuilder will return the earnest money deposit Additionally, we are unable to validate your claim of negligence regarding the decision to sell your home based on the housing information you supplied on the mortgage application form; namely, you certified that you were renting and that you have not had any ownership interest in real estate in the past years Lastly, we are unable to validate your claim that our employee was terminated based on your file We do appreciate the opportunity to improve on our communication and hope we have addressed your concerns Thank you,

I talked with the company and explained that I took my watch to a repair place who fixed it and said that the battery had not been installed correctly When I called Batteries Plus, they offered to fix my watch but I had already seen someone else and they installed the battery correctly and it worked I asked for my life time battery amount to be refunded since I will not be using them ever again Sean, the Manager, said he would request a check be sent to me If I don't receive it, it means their headquarters are denying the request

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2015/09/14) */ This has been resolved once we received this complaint

Monday, June 30, sans-serif;">Response to Complaint ID: [redacted] We acknowledge this customer did purchase two [redacted] 12-volt amp batteries from our store on 06/02/Batteries are routinely checked/maintained at each store weekly for voltageFollowing the complaint from [redacted] ***, the owner checked all remaining stock of the same battery and ail ranged from 12.7V to 12.8V each Customer stated that he successfully used the batteries in customer owned device (batteries were at zero volts when brought in on 06/17/14) and then demanded Batteries+Bulbs exchange the batteries for brand new onesCustomer stated he had attempted to charge the batteries and they would not recharge(Customer did not bring in his charger to ascertain if charger was working properly or if the batteries could be charged.) Customer would not let store personnel charge the batteries, was not interested in having batteries analyzed, and only wanted immediate replacements Our written/posted warranty process states up to hours may be required to analyze such products to determine warranty or refund Customer asked that he speak with another manager and a store co-owner was calledThe store manager explained to co-owner the above facts and then the co-owner spoke to the customerThe owner listened to the customer and stated warranty process again to the customerAgain, the customer was not interested in the process only new batteries be provided him immediatelyThe decision was made by the owner via phone to stand by the store return policy, The customer took the batteries and told store employees to "stick the warranty policy up their ***" and left the store The customer then called Batteries+Bulbs Corporate within ten minutes after leaving the store and Batteries+Bulbs Corporate explained to the customer the same thing that store personnel, and the owner had discussed with him prior This customer purchased the same type of battery (quantity of 2) at another store (owned by same group) on 01/07/and one of the batteries was replaced by the store owner exactly weeks after the purchase (the store was given permission to provide customer with a new battery immediately under identical circumstances on 01/21/13) it is our belief the customer has an issue with the device in which the batteries are installed and/or the charger utilizedOur Warranty Process Would identify a plausible reason for the zero volt batteries(It should be noted it would literally take several years for this chemistry battery to self-discharge to zero volts, yet another reason the warranty process be followed.) Under this purchase the customer discharged two batteries to zero volts in a matter of days While our stores try very hard to be understanding of customer issues, in situations like this where the customer has an issue several times with the same product, further analysis is required and warranty policy followed Our offer to do an analysis of the two batteries, customer charger, and equipment is still openThe ownership group reviewed returns of this product within the last months at our six stores in San Antonio and found units were replaced under warranty during that timeframe (one of which was the replacement for this very customer earlier in January 2013) We hope our comments shed light on our actions/reasons concerning this customer and our response Sincerely, [redacted] Owners Batteries+Bulbs San Antonio SW Loop # San Antonio, TX

? Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:? ? The business stated that they would return it back to the condition in which I brought it in and they also state that the touch screen worked and it was able to be used as a phoneThey contradict themselves saying that I had ruined the touch screen months before when I replaced the battery (using professional YouTube videos on "How to")I asked them to replace a cracked screen and possible microphone replacementThe touch screen failure was non existent until they "repaired" the phoneI will happily accept them bringing my phone back to the? condition it was when I first brought it in but this would also include my touch screen working the same as when I brought it inAs to the comments they say I recalled incorrectly I'm curious on if the can review the security tapes for the day that this happened with the business' consent of courseI think this simple action would resolve this whole issue Sincerely, [redacted]

This business failed to repair a cell phone after four attempts to do so The service was for a repair to an IPhone charging port, a charge of approximately $was initially paid on 8/12/The phone was picked up on 8/13/and the SIM card reader had been damaged, after fixing that problem, the auxiliary port would not work, after repairing that, I was told specifically that all systems had been checked only to find that the phone would not chargeWhen I spoke to their representative on 8/14/I was told that the battery must be faultyAt this time I requested a refund and was told that the manger would have to make that decision but that we would still be charged a labor feeI believe the repair was inadequate and the service was poorIf the sole purpose of the business transaction was to repair the phone, then they have failed to provide the service they charged for and should not collect a fee for labor, nor should we have to make another trip to a business who had opp

To whom it may concern
We did not refuse service to replace her IPhone screenWe simply asked some service questions that can better help us perform our intake processThe person that used her phone is no longer with the company, as we have a strict policy against such actionsThe employee that
repaired her phone is not the same person who helped her on the 22nd of DecemberOur technicians simply asked if the phone is updated, as it is routine to assure that the phone is up to the most current Operating systemThis insures that the phone is working at its best after any repairWe would easily offer a replacement at any point the screen becomes faulty within the warranted time frameShe is more than welcome to come in when the store manager is working to have her phone repair doneShe is the certified master technician at Batteries PlusWe are sorry for the inconvenience this may have causedWe strive for a great customer experience

*** *** *** entered into an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement with Weichert, Realtors around January The first agent with whom *** *** worked with, “Britt” conducted a buyer consultationThe buyer consultation is designed to identify homes meeting the criteria *** ***
outlined as well as explain the buying processAlso the preliminary steps to ensure a successful home search are reviewed and put in place.As stated by *** ***, “Britt” showed some homes, none of which were of any interest to *** ***“Britt” left the company and another agent, “Gwen” was assigned to assist *** ***, as her buyer's agent“Gwen,” as stated by *** *** again, took *** *** to see homes of her choiceWhile touring the various homes “Gwen” thought *** *** had in mind, *** *** came upon a new home site“Gwen,” registered *** *** with the builderOnce a client is registered with a builder, brokerage fees are paid to the company of the buyer's agent though a cooperative agreement between Real Estate companies.Gwen, did soon experience the death of her husband and shortly thereafter, her daughterIt was during this time, *** *** would have had difficulty reaching her agent, GwenMessages left in a general voice mail system could have been missed as around the time all this occurred, the office's phone system was being changed and upgraded to a new and different systemThe new phone system has no voice mail systemAny calls going to a specific agent in the office will go to that agent's or manager's cellphone, directly.When I spoke with *** ***, I realized she may not have understood what our obligations to her wereI tried to explain but she seemed to want us to give her money from the commission to be collected by the listing broker to Weichert, Realtors, the selling brokerThis is something that is not allowedI urged *** *** to utilize her agent unit the settlement as there were still some steps remaining before the buying process was complete.At this point, her only obligation, with regard to payment, is a flat fee portion of the commission, in the amount of $*** *** has since spoken to my manager and the matter has been resolved*** *** wil be using the assistance of her agent for the walk-thru and settlement.Sincerely, Thomas A***, Manager Bowie Office

He purchased a Laptop battery said it was not working, we gave him a new one, still was not working, so we refunded his moneyWe hooked up our ac adapter to see if it would work, it did not work something is wrong with the laptop we are not responsible for the laptop we did not scratch his laptop

Be very careful with the screen replacement with this storeThere really is no warranty because there is no condition under which they will agree to replace the screenThe price to replace a screen is high compared to other services I have found since having my iphone screen replacedIt is not worth the money My screen broke straight across in one line and was not due to a dropped phone They would not even consider my claim They could not even give me an example of when they would replace the screen under warranty!

I have researched the issue and have the following explanationWhen Mr*** visited our website he found several batteries listed and chose the battery that was the cheapest at a price of $which is a price set by our corporate office in WisconsinOur corporate office maintains all of the
online pricingAs a independent franchisee we have the right to maintain pricing on a local level, sometimes those prices are higher or lower than the corporate pricing based on our competitive landscapeMr*** then visited our store and when our employee looked up the battery it was listed at $which is our local priceIf at that time Mr*** had told the employee about the online pricing it is our policy to match that corporate pricing when customers bring it to our attention(if a customer selects a store online then the pricing indicates local pricing)In regards to the $price, when we look up his vehicle in our in store database the battery for $does not populate as an option (so there is a disconnect between online options and in store look ups) The battery listed is at $which is local and corporate pricingI tried looking at sales history to verify a purchase from Mr*** but was unable to see a purchase under his name so I am unsure if he actually made the purchaseToday I compared the batteries side by side and the $battery could possibly work in his application however it does not have as much cranking power and the hold down at the base of the batteries are differentIf he has not purchased a battery I would be happy to match the $online price for the *** as long as the battery does work in his carIf he has made a purchase I would need to see a copy of his receipt and then take appropriate actionOnline versus local pricing can be confusing but we will always honor online pricing when brought to our attention

This business failed to repair a cell phone after four attempts to do so
The service was for a repair to an IPhone charging port, a charge of approximately $was initially paid on 8/12/The phone was picked up on 8/13/and the SIM card reader had been damaged, after fixing that problem, the auxiliary port would not work, after repairing that, I was told specifically that all systems had been checked only to find that the phone would not chargeWhen I spoke to their representative on 8/14/I was told that the battery must be faultyAt this time I requested a refund and was told that the manger would have to make that decision but that we would still be charged a labor feeI believe the repair was inadequate and the service was poorIf the sole purpose of the business transaction was to repair the phone, then they have failed to provide the service they charged for and should not collect a fee for labor, nor should we have to make another trip to a business who had opp

On Sunday March 25th Mr *** brought a non-working/non-functioning Timex timepiece into our storeWe installed a new battery and the watch still did not operate. We then did some basic troubleshooting and concluded that the watch was malfunctioning because a new battery would not make it
work. Specifically, the watch immediately depleted the stored energy of any new replacement battery that was installed. The following day a different technician repeated the same scenario and made the same conclusion. The customer was charged nothing for the labor associated with this analysis and was charged nothing for the batteries used and depleted during troubleshooting. In addition, we did not damage the timepiece, therefore we cannot assume responsibility

I am rejecting this response because: The business is lying or they have trauma to the head and forget things....To respond to their lies here goes: If I had brought an item in the WAS NOT FIXABLE, why did the young person who took it and tried to FIX IT, not tell me that?If it had a "substance" on it, he should have stated that fact and said "we cant fix this" He did not do this, he said besides the battery it needed to be soldered and he proceeded to do so.....causing my lights to continuously flash and my trunk keep opening and he PERMANENTLY DAMAGED MY OPENER so I needed a new one Might I add, that I had previously brought all my battery needs to this company so any work that was done previously was done by their company and I can produce receipts should I need to in courtThe last time I was at that store in I belieive, it was soldered at that time....They ruined my 2nd opener as that was "soldered" tooI assumed that one just quit working, now I know better--it was their shoddy workmanship.....They have a habit of doing work BEFORE telling the customer what the issue is and asking if the customer wants them to proceed!! Bad training, once again After I came back and the person went out to my car to see the problem, he never offered to FIX THE ISSUE!! He simply removed the battery and walked away! No offer of getting me a new FOB or even refunding my money!! Do you really think that I would rather pay $or pay a "cheaper price" that he stated he could offer to me??? This was never mentioned. If their company can not fix a problem, then the customer needs to be told thatYou don't stand behind your business practices and your employees are not properly trained in the actual problem solving and in CUSTOMER SERVICE, which is some of the worst I have ever seenSo bad in fact, that I will spend my spare time standing in front of their strip mall, advising potential customers about what happened to me and how it has been handled

May 4, 2017Subject: Complaint # *** Response to complaint ##***:As a business owner, it is my responsibility to address customer related concerns and complaints. Often resolution is a matter of better understanding both sides of the issueOur goal is to satisfy every
customer, and largely we achieve that goal. When we do not, the goal to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution and to learn from the incident with the goal of improved customer service. The length of time between the initial customer submission and this response was delayed for several reasons:- March 21st: initial response was to contact via email the Batteries+Bulbs located in Mayfield Heights. No service was provided to complainant at the Mayfield Heights location.- March 23rd: re-submitted complaint via email. A number of back and forth emails to to properly address customer related issues. Took until April 10th to resolve proper vetting of customer complaint.- Received complaint via online platform April 24thThe condition which created the reverse polarity in the SLI27MDC battery I’m certain was not intended; however, it is a condition which is considered by industry standard to represent abuse of product. This unintentional abuse unfortunately voids the battery warranty.In response to the complainant’s comments regarding having to purchase batteries:- During discussion with complainant it was learned that his system contained batteries. - Replacing a single battery in a multi-battery system will result in non-issuance of warranty - this is industry standard, confirmed by BP Corp., and East Penn (battery manufacturer). - Why: not having the knowledge of the state of charge, condition, and maintenance of the remaining batteries in the systemAfter reviewing both the customer complaint and feedback from BP Corp(see below) and from the B+B store in Akron I can extend a $discount on an in store only replacement purchase of SLI27MDC (assumes core is returned and no warranty). The preferred method would be to extend a $in store only discount for the replacement of SLI27MDC batteries with warranty (assumes cores are returned). In addition, the customer can take advantage of a $mail in rebate - per battery for either offer.If this is not acceptable the only resolution that can be provided to the customer is to offer $for the SLI27MDC core from the original purchase. *** *** *** Good morning Greg, Here is the email I advised I would send you in follow up to our conversation todayAgain, the customer is requesting contact and that we replace his battery under warrantyBelow are some notes for our ticket so you have them for your records if needed2/DBR tt-- Greg (owner) advised customer is requesting new battery or will go to and state attorney's office I told Greg we stand behind the store's findings and this call is a matter of formality and I would send him a follow up To Greg *** (Franchise Owner) Feb at 10:AM Good morning Greg, Here is the email I advised I would send you in follow up to our conversation todayAgain, the customer is requesting contact and that we replace his battery under warrantyBelow are some notes for our ticket so you have them for your records if needed 2/DBR tt-- Greg (owner) advised customer is requesting new battery or will go to and state attorney's office I told Greg we stand behind the store's findings and this call is a matter of formality and I would send him a follow up email 2/DBR tt-- store the only way is if battery is completely discharged and then reversed charged ........voltage is dropping on battery as we speak, I advised him the customer is requesting ownership escalation and I wanted to give him a head's up as I will be calling and emailing them he understood I told him we back the store 150% on their decision Doug, Please see the following customer request for a replacement SLI27MDC Thank you,*** *** 2/- 8:- Call to store and spoke with Cordell the managerThe batteries polarity has been reversed and the current reading is at minus volts Cordell states that he also contacted East Penn (manufacturer) to be thorough for the customer and they concur the customer charged the battery backwards. 4/23/is the date of purchaseI expressed that we will forward an owner escalation process for consideration. Part # is SLI27MDC. 2/- I expressed that he had been denied a warranty replacement because reverse polarity is not covered by manufacturers defect and per the stores statement that it had been charged backwards We also discussed a possible compromise to assist withna new battery and he states only a full / free replacement is acceptable. Customer has an SLI27MDC in service since last April for a trolling motor and it wasn't working anymore so he brought it back to store in Akron and he was informed that the polarity has been reversed and isn't covered under warranty. He states that the battery must have done this on its own as its impossible that he made the error of charging it incorrectly. He will consult with the and the States Attorneys office if we do not replace his battery. Thank You *** *** Customer Service Supervisor * *** *** * *** *** * *** *** *** *** *** ** ***

Regarding the events at our store on 6/4/and our customer's Skagen watch, after questioning theemployees involved it became clear several mistakes were made in a short window of time:- The customer's watch battery install did take a little extra time compared to some installs but nothingmore than
we routinely encounter every dayOur employee should not have told our customer thebattery was difficult to replace.- Our manager does not recall telling our customer it is common to scratch a watch back but rather,sometimes a watch can get scratched attempting to remove the back but it is not commonFurther, ourmanager does not recall insinuating our customer scratched the watch but he does recall inquiring if thescratches were already there when brought in - a common occurrence we see dailyOur employeerecalls there were small scratches already on the back of the watchOur manager does recallmentioning the employee was "new" - an action that was unprofessional and unnecessary that likelyfurther aggravated our customerWe apologize for the unprofessional behavior.We would like to note that our new employee had actually been with us full time for a month by 6/4/15,worked on numerous watch installs and was trusted enough to work on smartphone repairs.- It did take over hours for our manager to respondHe was waiting for our District Manager to returnfrom shuttling between all of our stores in different corners of the cityThe wait may have seemednecessary at the time but our customer deserved a quicker response.- Our customer insisted we buy him a new watchOur District Manager offered instead to assume allscratches originated from us and send the watch to a professional service we use that can buff out thescratches and polish the watch - at our expenseUnfortunately, attempting to set expectations and underpromise/over deliver, our customer was told it would take up to weeksIt can be performed muchfaster than that and we apologize for mis-informing.On 6/16/15, we learned from our franchise Customer Care division that our customer had contactedthem to complain and we are told that the customer informed them he had already sold the watch.We believe that our offer to restore the watch to original condition at our expense was fair andreasonableOur customer states his ultimate goal is to heighten awareness of the lack of customerservice and management accountabilityHe has been very successful at heightening awarenessWhilewe perform thousands of watch battery installs every year and have thousands of satisfied repeatcustomers, in this case, we disappointed and frustrated the customer

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