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Review: I originally filed a complaint against this company about a month ago because I felt I paid for work that wasn't authorized or properly repaired. My complaint was also against the station manager who insn't truthful nor honest with customers. I initially dropped the complaint because of my respect for the owner, but after removing the tire and inspecting the work, the anger returned. After removing the rear brakes, I discovered that they were spray painted gray to apear as if they were new and shaved down on both ends for whatever reasons. The probable reason why I couldn't get the old parts is because they were never replaced. To top it all off, my rear breaks continue to squeal very loudly when applying the brakes. All of this after it was stated that the work was needed. How many other customers have been duped by these uncommon and unethical practices? I can't go back there to get it repaired because of the damaged relatonship and the lack of trust. Basically, again, I paid for something that wasn't repaired and continues to be an issue.Desired Settlement: Any apology and a refund for work that wasn't done correctly or not at all.



Review: I originally went to Battlefield BP because of a loud squeeling noise in the area of the brakes. I was contacted and told that the problem was that I needed new pads and rotors on the rear of the vehicle which will solve my problems. This cost me $456. Possibly a week later, I had the same noise issue, contacted the shop and was toldto bring it back by. I was contacted by the shop and was told that I needed new pads and rotors on the front. Once I arrived at the shop, I noticed that the bill was $96 which included an oil change and brake flush, that I did not authorize. I discussed this with management and informed them of my issue and the fact that I didn't have $496. I was allowed to pay $300 with the balance of $196.76. The following day, the same noise that I initially brought the car to the shop for was back. I stopped by the shop and they said that the noise is probably coming from wax or other chemicals from going through a carwash or it could be sand from from roads during snowy weather. After another week of hearing this annoying noise, I took the vehicle back and after 2 days , I was told that the problem was defective equipment, which was later identified as break pads. I informed the onsite manager that I deserved some form of discount/rebate due to the fact that I felt that I paid for parts that didn't solve the issue. He said the he could knock off the balance of of the $196.76 that was owed. I originally wanted to speak withthe owner, but accepted this offer. I took my vehicle back t the shop April 23, 2013 because something in the area of the brakes was knocking. I was contacted by [redacted], the onsite manager and informed that the sound was due to needing a wheel hub& bearing assembly which wil cost an additional $366. Additionally he informed me that I now have to pay the $196.76 in full. I reminded him of what he stated earlier and he said that business was slow, they were doing construction and the money would come out of his pocket. I spoke with the owner, [redacted], made my case to him. He asked did I want to vehicle repaired and I responded yes, but I do not have the money. He asked would I accept having the balance of $196.76 applied towards the quoted $366 and I reponded yes. When I viewed the final bill, the total was $419.12. I informed both the owner and the onsite mamnager that this was bad business and it would be the last time that I made this mistake. I asked for the recipts and old parts and was told that I couldn't get a receipt for the parts because the parts are purchased wholesale and billed monthly, so there is no evidence of the prices.Desired Settlement: I feel that I paid for services/parts that weren't necessary to make the necessary repairs. Therefore, I should be reimbursed for the paid uneccesary services.



[redacted] brought his vehicle in for a brake noise. We test drove it several times and heard no

noise. We lifted the vehicle and removed

all the wheels and inspected the brakes.

We found the rear brake pads low and rotors in poor condition. We informed [redacted] that although we

heard no brake noise, the rear brakes

were probably the culprit based on the condition and we recommended replacing

them. [redacted] consented and the job

was completed.

A week later, [redacted] returned stating the noise is

still there. After several road tests,

we did hear a faint squealing noise from the front wheels. Although the brake pads had over 50% life

remaining, we recommended replacing the front brake pads and rotors. We also suggested flushing the brake fluid

based on its condition and age. [redacted] agreed and we performed the service.

When he came to pick up his vehicle, he stated that he did not have all

of the money. Based on our relationship

with [redacted], we told him to pay what he had and to pay the rest when he

gets paid in two weeks. He agreed and

paid $300, leaving a balance of $196.00

A few weeks later, [redacted] returned stating the noise is

still there. After several road tests

and an inspection of the brakes, we found no noise or problems – we were

perplexed. Since [redacted] had already

made several trips to our facility, we wanted to make sure that he did not have

to return yet another time. We performed

the entire front and rear brake job a second time with all new parts replaced

under warranty.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, [redacted] did return

again. He stated that there is a new

noise – a clunking noise when you turn left.

After the first road test, we heard the noise he described. After lifting the vehicle, we checked the

wheels for play. The left-front wheel

had excessive play which would make noise when making a sharp turn. The technician diagnosed this as a worn wheel

bearing. We informed [redacted] and

gave him a cost estimate. [redacted]

called me, the owner, on my cell phone and complained that he felt he had

already paid too much and didn’t have the money to pay for this repair. He also complained that the service manager

performed a brake fluid flush and oil & filter change without his

permission. I offered to credit him the

price of the brake fluid flush and oil & filter change towards the wheel

bearing job and he agreed. I believe Mr.

Merrill thought that he wouldn’t have to pay for the remaining balance of the

previous job ($196) which he promised to pay later.

When the job was complete and he received the bill, it was

about $60 more than what he calculated.

The credit he received was $138.

We applied the difference ($196-138=$58) to his wheel bearing

invoice. He sent me a text message saying

that the service manager told him he did not have to pay the remaining balance

of $196. The service manager denies

saying this.

I truly regret [redacted] having to come several times to

resolve the issue. When a technician is

confronting an intermittent problem, it is very difficult to find the solution

when he cannot duplicate the noise.

After seeing the poor condition of the rear brakes, any experienced

technician would have recommended starting there.

We spent an enormous amount of time and effort in doing this

work for [redacted]. We did not bill

[redacted] for any diagnostic time; we only billed him to replace the parts

that needed to be replaced. In reality,

we spent two and half times more labor-time than what we billed him for. To appease [redacted], I also refunded his

brake fluid and oil & filter charges.

His request for a refund of the rear brake job is unreasonable and

unfair. Asking for the old parts after

several weeks have past is also absurd.

The only old part we had was the wheel bearing which we returned. However, as a good will gesture, I am

offering a $50 gas card for the inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The reponse is inaccurate. The parts that I requested were from the recent job dealing with the wheel hub, therefore the request was/is not absurd. The request of the $456 refund request stems from the fact that I paid for parts that did not fix the original issue. I approved for them to replace the pads and rotors on the rear of the vehicle because it was stated that it would fix the problem. Again, the noise, which was not faint, but a continuos squeal. I've been dealing with owner and this station since 1997 and I really hate to have to do this but I have to because I felt like I paid for them to guess what was wrong until they finally figured it out. My point is, the rear brakes and pads that were replaced, were not the source of the problem that I originally asked them to fix. If it was the source, I would not have an issue. As I stated to them, this is bad business practices.




I misunderstood [redacted]s request and I apologize. I did save the old wheel bearing for him. He may pick it up anytime from the cashier or I can deliver it to him.

Regarding the brake noise, it was not guess work. When troubleshooting, a technician starts with the obvious: the front brakes had life remaining and the rear brakes did not. It was NOT a continuous noise and indeed was faint when it did occur. I personally drove his vehicle and did not hear any noise. That is probably why this situation has been ongoing since January and the numerous trips [redacted] had to make to the shop.

My employees worked very hard to please [redacted]. While we are not perfect, we do care about our customers and always try our best to do high-quality work from the start. [redacted], the service manager, called [redacted] numerous times to follow up. In this case, I tried to make it up to [redacted] by giving him the free brake fluid flush and free oil change.

The rear brakes needed to be replaced regardless. [redacted] is going to use the rear brakes for the next few years, but does not want to pay for them because that was not the source of the noise? This is not fair.

I am still willing to fill his gas tank for the inconvenience.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: My point is continually overlooked. I'm not trying to get anything for free. Sure, I'll be able to use these brakes for years but that's not why I put my truck in the shop. I initially authorized to have the brake pads and rotors replaced because I was told that it was the source of the noise. Yes it was stated to me that my rotors and pads had a groove in them, but again, that was not the source of the problem. That is why I stated that I was paying for someone to guess. I'm not the type to try to get anything for free but I also can't afford to give away money. I also understand the loyalty to employees, but it was stated to me that I didn't have to pay the $196. I never advocate for anyone to lose their job, but I also don't tolerate insinuating that I wasn't telling the truth just to cover up the truth. This the first time that I've had to go this far with this establishment. All I asked for is honesty. The owner of the station is a good and fair man, but his employee has him in a position that makes the situation and the establishment look shady. Again, it's not about the money, but it's all about principle rather than trying to get over or get something free.

Good afternoon,

Per our conversation, I would like to end my complaintagainst BP. I have great respect for the owner of the establishment , who has treated me well over the years and I do not want to be the one who puts a blemish on his business. Whereas I'm still not satisfied with what happened, it's not healthy to continue to make this issue public.

Take care,

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