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Bayer Healthcare,LLC

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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I explain every thing by mail or over the phone, I send boxes each $Thank you Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Was't my fault, Bayer told me to send them the boxes to re-pay me back my money . I pay $59.99 for each of 6 boxes . I hope you solve the problem with out going to the court. again all this hapend was not my fault Regards, [redacted]

I love your Seresto fleas & ticks collars, been using them for years on my cats. But now I also have a small dog that has to be groomed so I can't use your collar for him cuz it has to be able to come off for grooming. So I wish you would make one that could go off and on.

Dear, On December 10, 2015, *** *** contacted Bayer Consumer Health with an issue concerning our TruHeart product*** *** stated that she wanted a refund for bottles her son had purchased and per our policy we asked for the products to be returned for investigative purposesWe
also informed *** *** that proof-of-purchase was required in order to receive a refundWe sent her a postage-paid product return mailer for her to return the products and proof of purchaseDuring a second call, consumer stated bottles were returned and asked where her refund wasWe have no record of receiving the product returns or the proof of purchase and *** *** states that she has no documentation of returning the productsOver the course of the past year, we have had several conversations with *** *** regarding this claimAs a courtesy to *** ***, we offered to refund her the average retail price of the product of $or $for bottlesShe stated that was not acceptable as her son paid $per bottle and she wants a refund for $We have no evidence of any retailer charging $for this product and *** *** has not been able to identify the retailer in order for us to verify the retailer pricingAs customer satisfaction is important to us, we remain willing to refund the consumer $If this is acceptable to *** ***, we will process the refund and she will have her refund approximately days after her agreementWe believe this is more than fair under the circumstancesIf you need additional information, please contact me.Colleen M***Senior Manager, Consumer RelationsBayer Consumer Health

Bayer Consumer Health has actively tried to resolve this complaint with the consumer on numerous occasions. Consumer has repeatedly stated that the 6 products were returned using Bayer-provided post-paid envelopes which meant we would have received the returned products. However, we have no record of receiving these product returns. In good faith, we have offered to refund the consumer the retail price of the 6 products but consumer has rejected that offer stating that they paid triple the price online for the product. Consumer is unable to provide any proof of purchase, name of retailer or credit card statement showing evidence of the purchase. At this point, all we can do for this consumer is refund the retail price of the product as a good will gesture. If that remains unacceptable to the consumer, we will consider this issue closed.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I explain every thing by mail or over the phone, I send 6 boxes each $59.99 . Thank you.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Was't my fault, Bayer told me to send them the boxes to re-pay me back my money . I pay $59.99 for each of 6 boxes . I hope you solve the problem with out going to the court. again all this hapend was not my fault 

Review: I bought the very expensive [redacted] Inserts available on the kiosk on April 15, 2015 at a local [redacted]. I peeled off the UPC symbol from [redacted] and tape it to a piece of paper, enclose the original store-identified cash register receipt dated between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015 and circle the valid product purchase and price. I mailed it on the date of purchase Wednesday the 15 2015. I made copies for my records.

I have allowed for allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.Desired Settlement: I paid $50.00 plus tax and I would have passed by these expensive inserts if it was not for the rebate. I request the rebate be honored and a check for $10.00 be issued or in the alternative I will send the supports back for a full refund.

Review: Just as I was opening the package for my Midol complete pills I noticed a black line in the first pill. I thought maybe was cracked. but when I looked closer it looked like a piece of hair. I grabbed my tweezers and slowly etched out the pill And realized it was a HAIR! A piece of hair in my pill, a pill I was about to ingest. I slowly pulled out the hair with tweezers. I did take pictures and recorded myself pulling the hair from the pill. I'm very upset that this was my first experience with Midol, to discover a hair inbedded into my pill. To think I almost swollowed someone else's hair is beyond disturbing. With health regulations and codes I just don't understand how this happened.Desired Settlement: Not sure how this works but the company needs be advised about this hair issue. The public will not be satisfied if they found out hair was being processed into their pills.



We received your letter on 19-OCT-2015. Based on the consumer contact information provided on this letter we have contacted the consumer, [redacted] twice. The first contact was made on 20-OCT-2015, [redacted] advised that she was at work and unable to speak with us, a call back was arranged for today 22-Oct-2015. When [redacted] was contacted today she did not answer and a voicemail was left for her to recontact us at her earliest convenience. I have scheduled another recontact for Monday 26-Oct-2015. Please advise if you need any further contact regarding this consumer. Thank you for your time, [redacted]Bayer Healthcare Consumer Adviser

Review: Purchased 2 pair of [redacted] "Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts" about a year ago. Mine did not work for me nor did my girlfriend's work for her. To complicate things even more so, they caused me nerve damage and severe pain in my foot. [redacted] (which is a Bayer LLC company) required ORIGINAL sales receipt (no photocopies allowed), and the labels with UPC code. Again, no photocopies allowed. Now a year later, even with complaints to the company, I have yet to receive my full ADVERTISED money back guarantee refund. I just spoke with a representative today who's *FULL NAME* is "James. The only James that works for [redacted] He said nothing can be done because they "can't find" my reciept or the UPC labels. I'm supposed to send them new ones. That doesn't make sense AT ALL. It is, in fact, impossible without buying new ones. Sounds like a scam to me! You're not even allowed to put FACTUAL negative product reviews on their website. You literally can NOT tell other consumers, that [redacted] product has caused pain or injury, and you're also forbidden to tell other consumers that they refuse to fulfill their money back guarantee. I haven't tried to seek compensation from the nerve damage. I just want my money back!!Desired Settlement: All I want is my money back from a garbage product that had a 100% money back guarantee. I followed their requirements therefore I should not be ripped off.

Review: On July 10, 2014, I purchased the following product or service:

Bayer Flintstones Gummies vitamins purchased at [redacted]

Vitamins were contaminated with a black sticky substance, my twin 7 year olds ingested it a few times before noticing. It was also sporadically stuck to the bottle. I have pictures and samples that I kept before returning the content and bottle to Bayer and calling their consumer dept and filing a complaint. Bayer picked up the vitamins the next day and sent me a coupon to replace my purchase. It has been 3 months and 2 weeks and I have called Bayer 5 times following up on this issue and they still do not tell me what was the substance. To date, I have not received a report denoting the findings [as they committed to doing]. This is unacceptable consumer safety and customer service and the lack of follow through leaves allot to be desired. Surely the VP of Customer service needs to do something here.Desired Settlement: To resolve the problem, I would like the following to take place:

I want accountability:

1- Bayer to respond with a detailed report with the findings of the substance and side effects if any. I do not want a vague and general report – I have the right to know what exactly my twins ingested and how it came about. Full transparency.

2- An independent firm to validate the findings and ensure Bayer is truthful in the report in terms of the black substance on the vitamins

3- Understand what Bayer has done to protect other consumers ie: recalled the other similar products from the market place?

4- What actions is Bayer taking to prevent this from recurring?

I have samples of the contaminated vitamins and pictures of the bottle and content. If I need to hire a firm to conduct my own investigation I will do so. I work at a consumer products company and this type of ‘non-response’ is not tolerated.

Review: Dr Scholl's custom fit insoles is or was advertising a rebate offer for $10 back on 1 pair of the custom fit insoles. Rebate offer form states limit 4 per household/address. I submitted all required proof of purchase for qty4. I received only $10 back - should have been 4*10 or $40. False advertising. Very upset about this.Desired Settlement: $30 due me

Review: On March 24, 2015 I purchased a pair of Dr. [redacted] Custom Fit shoe inserts after using one of their kiosks to find the correct one. After wearing the inserts for only 2 days my feet began to swell, I tried a different pair of shoes and received the same results. According to their website: Feel the difference or your money back. If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, we will replace it or refund you. Guaranteed. Simply mail the UPC code from the package, along with your original sales receipt, to: For Custom Fit Orthotics: [redacted] HealthCare LLC Attn: Consumer Relations [redacted]. I did as instructed and mailed the original receipt along with the UPC code and a brief letter explaining what happened on March 28th (I made a copy of my original receipt). I received a letter from [redacted] HealthCare dated April 7, 2015 stating that they are pleased to provide reimbursement for your purchase and want to make you aware that a refund check is being mailed to you under separate cover. On April 27th I still had not received the check so called the company at their 800 number and spoke to [redacted]. [redacted] stated he saw that the refund check was printed but would send the information again to another team who will call me on my cell number with an update. I never received a call. On May 4th I called again and spoke to [redacted] who transferred me to a Dr [redacted] representative named [redacted]. [redacted] stated he would reissue the refund check and that I should receive it within 3-5 business days. On May 11th I still had not received the refund check. I called a 3rd time and spoke to Daniel who stated the company had gone through some change of hands for their processing of the refund checks and apologized for the delay. I explained to Daniel that I would be submitting a complaint to the if I did not receive the refund check within the week. He stated that the refund check was mailed on May 4th and that I should receive it no later than May 18th. I have no check.Desired Settlement: I would like [redacted] Healthcare LLC to honor their advertised guarantee of the refund cost of $49.96 since I am unable to use their product and cannot return them to the [redacted] without the original receipt and due to their policy of returning it directly to [redacted].

Review: I purchased some Dr. Scholls Inserts and was requesting my money back because they didn't work. I sent in the UPC and the receipt and haven't heard a word on it. It has been almost 2 months now. I would just like to get my money back. I am not sure about the purchase date because I sent the receipt in with my upc. I am just guessing on the date.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund please.

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