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B&B Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Re: ID #:*** / *** *** Bell Ford would like to Thank Ms*** for being a service customer and bringing this issue to our attentionWe have removed Miss ***’s phone information and have placed a note in her file not to be contacted through phone or
emailIt is never our intention to upset our customers with phone calls that are un-wantedThe computer program that is used for our customer contact system for Bell Ford’s sales and service customers had a “glitch” in the software and it is now being addressed as well as the process of adding a request to do not contact to the customers fileThank you for the opportunity to resolve this issueSincerely ,Kathy I***Customer Relations Manager Bell Ford

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/11/13) */
*** called our office on August 17th to schedule a service call to fix the air conditioner at his rentalHe gave us the tenants name and number to schedule the appointmentOn August 18th, the tenant returned our call and set up a service
call for August 25thOn August 25th our technician arrived at the tenants home to perform our servicesThe tenant did not show up for the appointmentWe called *** at the time our tech was at his tenants property to tell him that no one was home*** then called the tenant and called us back telling us that the tenant should be there any timeHe also explained that his tenant was aware of the service callAfter waiting nearly an hour, we sent our technician to his next call
*** only wanted to reschedule the appointment and did not feel that he should be responsible for the missed appointmentUnfortunately, our technician was at his house during the scheduled time to perform the services that *** requestedJust because the tenant did not show up, does not release him of his obligation to pay for the services that my technician was there to perform
*** has made no effort to contact our company until he received a call from our office informing him that his account was about to go to collections
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2015/11/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There was never a mention that a charge would be made due to my tenant and B&B being unable to coordinateWhen they didn't connect I was under the impression that we could re-scheduleHowever, they would not do thisThey just wanted to money because a Technician went out to make an estimateThis kind of behavior is simply greed and bullying and I will never pay nor be intimidated by B&BSimply put: Do work or don't get paidAlso, make it very clear that people will have to pay the second you ask them to come out even if they cannot seem to figure out entry into the unit
Lastly, prioritize your issues in lifeYelling at someone that you are going to put their charges to collection and being quoted as saying, "I hope you enjoy dealing with collections cause I'm going to turn you in..." is unacceptableEspecially when the client is asking to rescheduleB&B is not in the business of helping people, they are in the business of exposing people
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2015/12/01) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
For B&B to state that this "fee was clearly discussed" is an outright lieIt was never stated, mentioned and when I tried to re-schedule the appointment they stated they wanted to be paid for the first visit in which they could not get a hold of my tenantSorry, but that's not work on the propertyIf they try to send this bill to collections I will simply take them to small claims court as well as working with Revdex.comB&B is obviously a corrupt company with a corrupt ownerAnyone who is so adamate about collecting dollars instead of re-booking the appoint and getting much more money for getting the work that actually needs to be done, shows their true intentionsThey are obviously not in the business of repeat or referral businessThey are obviously not in the business of getting something done before charging large amounts of moneyThey are in the business of booking appointments and then trying to threaten people to pay money when there is a scheduling conflictThe fee was never stated, mentioned, or agreed upon in any wayWhen we go to small claims court this will be my major defenseWhat a pathetic company that they need to hold on to this dollar argument and refuse to re-schedule business with me!
Final Business Response /* (4000, 17, 2015/12/23) */
It is unfortunate that a resolution could not be madeThis consumer wants us to void our bill entirelyWe will not be able to accommodate that request because it is an unfair resolutionWe arrived at their tenants home at the time scheduled by this consumerWe waited at this location because we were told the tenant was on their wayWe billed this call as described to the consumer at our minimum fee of $We offered a discount of 25% off the billThis consumer is trying to pay nothing for the error they createdUnfortunately we will be sending this bill to collections since our offer of a discounted bill has been denied

Tell us why here1.21.16ID # *** ***MrMichael S*** Bell Fords Service Manager would like to have Ms*** to call his personal cell phone number *** to discuss the best time to bring her vehicle regarding the check engine light and other issues that were listedNo
diagnostic fee will be charged for the visitMrS*** will contact Ford Motor Company if needed regarding any warranty items if needed.Bell Ford would like to extend the offer of a loaner vehicle to MsFetter while her Explorer is being serviced at Bell FordSincerely, Kathy I***Customer Relations Manger Bell Ford

Tell us why here... ID # *** *** ***Dear Ms*** *** We have received your complaint from the Revdex.comI am truly sorry to hear that your experience with Bell Ford has not been up to your standards and that we as a company have failed youI have spoken to our
Service Manager and he has stated that you did pick up your vehicle on 1/7/and all service (job) was completedIf you would like to contact me at Bell Ford our number is *** *** and or you may email me at *** Sincerely, Kathy I***Bell Ford Customer Relations Manager

response to the letter provided by Lee S*** at Bell Ford it is irrelevant
where I bought the truck. Bell Ford does
warranty work on any Ford product anywhere in the USA according to Ford
Corporation.It is also irrelevant where
I bought my accessories.Lee
states that I traded in the F-on a new Dodge without asking for
their advice or allowing them to help with the value of the Ford F-150. I would not ask for advice from Bell Ford
when they clearly lied to me and reinstalled broken parts when putting it back
together the first time.When
I went to pick up my truck initially I inspected it and found that they had not
properly fixed my truck in the first place.When the
service manager, Mike Schmickle saw the issues he apologized and said this
should have never happened. I kept the
truck while they ordered the parts that they broke. (Lee S*** is mixed up about the sequence
of events during the process of his service department servicing my truck).While driving the truck I had more technical
issues behind the dash that cannot be seen.
And what else might happen after the warranty is up. Just to have peace of mind I decided to trade
it in. And I would not be
out any money for accessories.I
am also out $which I lost in the trade in which again I would not be out
if Bell Ford would have been honest. By
the way I called Ford Corporation and they informed
me that it is Bell Ford’s responsibility and that they should reimburse me for
you notice in Lee S***’s response letter to the he says nothing about
the lying and the broken parts.Lee
and Mike both apologized and Lee offered me $1,as if he
should get a discount for lying and reinstalling broken parts on my brand new
truck. I respect Lee and Mike for saying
that lying will not be tolerated and that it is unacceptable
I am
requesting that the amount of $2,be reimbursed for resolution***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Good MorningI still need the key for my spare tire and reimbursed for the gas that I had to put in the rental car that Bell Ford gave me that has a 1/4 of atank of gas. Usually a rental has a full tank. I drove the car 2 days filling and getting a replacement that had a/c vents that worked. I do notwant to take my truck back to get key fixed, I would rather go to [redacted] for the replacementThank You

1.21.16Case #: [redacted] Nature of Complaint: Billing or Collection ComplaintThank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Our Service Manager at Bell Ford had not received the message to call and discuss this issue.It is always our intention to provide the best service...

possible and however at times we due fail.I have called Mr. [redacted] and left a message to let him know we are truly sorry, appreciate him as a Bell Ford Customer and that we have requested a check for the amount of $125.00. The check will mailed to address as shown on the complaint. Sincerely, Kathy I[redacted]Customer Relations ManagerBell Ford[redacted][email protected]

Lee S[redacted] has indicated that he made a fair offer of $1,000 however I was in a deficit of over $2,000 and would have not pursued any action if this amount had been paid.  In his responses he is accusing me of extortion when he was the one who offered less than half “for me to go away” (in his words).   In reference to his latest response dated 3-8-2016 he once again evaded the issues of  lying and re-installing broken parts in my brand new Ford F150 Platinum Truck.  There should no discount for lying and dishonesty so I was not willing to accept his original offer of $1,000. The money never was the main issue and now it is even less of an issue however when Lee gives me a check for the amount I was requesting I will be donating it to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Sincerely, [redacted]

Office of the Arizona Attorney General 1275 West WashingtonPhoenix, AZ 85007 Date: 2/01/16 RE: 15-14353 [redacted] Mr. [redacted] bought his 2015 F150 into our service department on September 01, 2015. He stated that his air bag warning light had been illuminated since he bought the...

truck. After some fairly extensive diagnosis we determined that the truck had a faulty wiring harness and a faulty heater core. The fix for this problem is both extensive and takes a good deal of time. We ordered the new parts and when we received them we began the repairs. These repairs included:   Removing all the seats - front &rear  Removing the center console Removing the instrument panel  Removing all the carpet Removing the center pillar   Removing both “B” Pillars  Removing “C” Pillars   Removing all supporting trim pieces Then replacing the defective wiring harness as well as the heater core and then reinstalling everything that had to be removed in order to affect these repairs. We finished these repairs and called Mr. [redacted] to tell him we could return his truck to him and he could return our loaner vehicle to us.  Mr. [redacted] came back on 9/18/15 and noticed some trim / paint issues with the truck. We agreed to all of these concerns and ordered the parts necessary to properly finish the repairs. Mr. [redacted] kept his truck because these issues were cosmetic and did not affect the drivability of his F150. As he stated in his letter he noticed a couple of other issues and we subsequently repaired those as well. Apparently Mr. [redacted] became “unsure” of his truck and decided to trade it for a new Dodge. He bought the new Dodge and traded the F150 without asking our advice or allowing us to help with the value of the F150. As Mr. [redacted] states in his letter he asked us to pay him for the accessories that he had installed in the F150. Mr. [redacted] did not purchase the F150 from us.Mr. [redacted] did not purchase the accessories from us. Mr. [redacted] made the decision to trade the F150 unilaterally and subsequently asked us to “sweeten” the deal. He presented us with a “demand” list that totaled $2063.86 including $129.03 for a “picket” signthat he had made prior to ever talking to us about any of these expenses. He stated that if we did not concede to these demands, he would immediately start picketing our dealership. While we empathize with Mr. [redacted]’s concerns at having extensive repairs to his new truck, we were given no opportunity to mitigate any of these expenses prior to Mr. [redacted] trading the F150 to another dealer. Because of this empathy, I made Mr. [redacted] what I felt was a more than reasonable offer to help defray some of these costs. At no time did I accept any responsibility for “trade” numbers that I had nothing to do with. After Mr. [redacted] explained what his ideas were about the cost of the accessories, he proceeded to continue his “pressure” tactics. I felt at the time and still do that he was trying to extort a good deal of money from us.Sadly I believe that had Mr. [redacted] and I conversed about his plans to “trade – out” of the F150 before he did so, we probably could have agreed to some sort of reasonable accommodations.Mr. [redacted]e bought the truck else whereMr. [redacted] bought the accessories elsewhere.Mr. [redacted] traded the truck unilaterally without giving us any opportunity to help.Mr. [redacted] preemptively bought his picket sign and tried to use it as hammer to extort money from us.Since that time, Mr. [redacted] has used his “picket” sign on many occasions in an effort to negatively affect our business.We wish him well.Sincerely,Lee S[redacted]General ManagerBell Fordcc. Complaint ID #[redacted]

Of course the issue is not resolved in Mr. [redacted]’s mind. He wants what he has demanded and tried to extort and nothing less. There are several inaccuracies in Mr. [redacted]’s latest demand note, but it is of no avail to go through them at this point. I made Mr. [redacted] a fair offer and he refused. He has since that time been picketing our store in an attempt to disrupt our business. Our offer is no longer on the table and we will not negotiate with Mr. [redacted] any further. This issue has become unresolvable because of Mr. [redacted]’s actions and we regret that sincerely. Thank you for this opportunity, Lee S[redacted]GMBell Ford

On March 3, 2017 [redacted] and [redacted] came to Bell Ford and negotiated the purchase of a new 2016 Ford Focus vin [redacted]. They agreed to the terms of the contract, they took delivery of the new Focus and Bell Ford proceeded to get the loan approved.We received a loan...

approval on 3/24/17 and re contracted [redacted] and [redacted] as stipulated by the lender Capital One Finance. Capital One contacted [redacted] and [redacted]   for a phone interview prior to funding the contract. Because of the information provided by [redacted] and or [redacted], Capital One rescinded the loan approval.Bell Ford was forced to retake possession of the new Focus. [redacted] and [redacted] had driven the vehicle for about 6 weeks and upon return the car had in excess of 8,000 miles on it.Bell Ford offered to try to get an approval on a lesser expensive car for [redacted], in her name only. We explained that the down payment monies would be applied in total to any vehicle that they would purchase.  [redacted] and [redacted] declined and returned the Focus on 4/13/17.The charges that were incurred were exactly as the contract allows. Bell Ford subsequently took a loss in selling the Focus into our used car inventory. While we regret this situation we gave [redacted] and [redacted] every opportunity to mitigate these damages. We believe we acted appropriately in this situation. Sincerely,Lee S[redacted]Bell Ford General Manager

In response to Mr. [redacted] concerns: At Bell Ford it is never our intention to inconvenience a customer or for them to be without their vehicle for any length of time that is not necessary. We sincerely regret the uncontrollable delays in completing the repairs on Mr. [redacted]’s Mustang....

 1. Mr. [redacted]’s insurance company (State Farm) was directly involved in the claim at all times and in fact was auditing the claim during the entire repair process. 2. The back order part in question was on a national back order from Ford Motor Company and once located it was overnighted to expedite the repair process.3. The repairs to Mr. [redacted]’s vehicle were completed one day earlier than the initial estimated completion day of 02/18/2016 that he was advised of when the vehicle was dropped off for repairs.  On 2/17/16 Mr. [redacted] took delivery of his vehicle at Bell Ford and stated he was satisfied with the repairs and happy to have his car back. Sincerely,Lee S[redacted]General Manager Bell Ford

I feel there is a need to take responsibility for the length of time my car was in the shop

12/14/15It is never our intention at Bell Ford to be rude or
unprofessional. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience the [redacted] were put
through.  We would like to request clarification on Ms. [redacted] request for the mentioned refund. If they would submit the recipes and estimate
for the gas and key per the request we will take it under consideration. Sincerely, Kathy I[redacted] Bell Ford  [redacted]

Too much of Mr. [redacted] complaint is true.  No doubt our actions caused this unfortunate accident.  We also failed to match Mr. [redacted] expectations with addressing the situation.  We apologize for both and we regret these facts.Some of what Mr. [redacted] alleges is undoubtedly...

affected by his perception of this situation.  We regret this fact as well, but are resigned to the fact that we have lost his business.If Mr. [redacted] would enumerate exactly what he is looking for as resolution, we would consider it.Sincerely,Lee S[redacted]Bell Ford

To whom it may concern: In response to Mr. [redacted]  We here at Bell Ford would like to have this issue resolved due to the following facts 1. Mr. [redacted]’s insurance company (State Farm) was directly involved in the claim at all times and in fact was auditing the claim during the entire repair process. 2. The back order part in question was on a national back order from Ford Motor Company and once located it was overnighted to expedite the repair process.3. The repairs to Mr. [redacted]’s vehicle were completed one day earlier than the initial estimated completion day of 02/18/2016 that he was advised of when the vehicle was dropped off for repairs.In closing we fully understand and empathize with Mr. [redacted]’s frustration over the loss of use of his 2016 Mustang. Unfortunately do to circumstance out of Bell Ford’s Control we were unable to meet Mr. [redacted]’s unrealistic requests that were made after he had already agreed to the initial estimated competition date when the vehicle was originally dropped off for repairs. Please see attach E-mail correspondents. Please remove this from our file and statistics based on the fact that his repairs were completed 1 day earlier than his original due date that agreed to which 2/18/16 was. Respectfully, Kenneth M[redacted]

I have never written or posted a review on a company prior to today but feel so strongly about this situation that I felt it was imperative to inform the public at large. We contacted B&B when our furnace was not working. They came promptly the next day. They assessed the problem that a part was missing and spent 4 hours calling in attempt to find the part; which they never located. We were billed for four hours of labor despite no solution, including a furnace that continued to not work. In addition, when I contacted the owner to request they consider lowering the bill because no work was completed and no solution in place such as where to order the part from, they stated that at the time of the visit my husband told the serviceman he would locate the part himself. First, why then bill for four hours? In addition, after speaking with my husband, he indicated he in no way ever stated this. At that point, I contacted our credit card company to dispute the charge based upon the outrageous amount for no work done and because of the lie the owner told us (or that the serviceman told the owner). B&B never responded to the credit card dispute. Instead, they immediately sent our invoice to collections. I paid the invoice because this issue was not worthy of destroying my impeccable credit. Only a terribly run company would pursue matters in this unethical way. By the way, we contacted another company who came the following day and repaired our furnace in a matter of an hour.

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