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B&B Sharpening Services

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1) we were never hired by the complaintent. 2) we did not enter into a contract either verbal or written for the purpose of repair with the complaintent. 3) My company was initially contacted by the complaintent and asked if her mower could be modified from quick release blades to standard...

blades. complaintent ended the conversation after she was informed that it couldn't be done.  Two weeks later she contacted my company and asked if her parts came in for her quick release blades. The complantent did not prepay for parts nor ever  requested or authorized any to be ordered prior to this call. my wife had gotten confused with another customer who lives in her area and stated that her blade "caps" not "quick release" were in and  scheduled a warrantee repair in error. On 05/06/16 my wife after realizing that the complaintent is not a customer and that she had scheduled her in error, asked me to stop by her residence to verify the defect and see what parts she may need. When I arrived I informed her that I was confused as to any scheduled repair and that the last conversation we had was modifying her blade mounts and there was no commitment from the complantent for my company to repair her machine, but that I could see what I could do to assist her. The complaintient suddenly became verbally aggressive, raising her voice, and said "you better repair my machine today" "You mean, you don't have the parts in"" Im really [redacted] and its been four weeks since I called you" "I'm hiring someone else " "Its not my concern because there was a communication problem" seeing that the conversation was aggressively escalating, I walked away and began to leave her property. The complaintent yelled  across her yard "I'm reporting you" several times. There was never any prevouse arrangements, numerous conversations, promises, or agreement with the complantent as she asserts.  A total of two calls were ever received from the complaintent as outlined in my statement.

Review: They have had a riding mower for three months and have failed to repair it. I have contacted them on several occasions and have been given several different reasons for the delay. Each time they have stated a timely completion time only to have another excuse when the repair was not complete. I talked with the owner today and he has stated they regret taking the machine for repair and that they will not continue to work on it. I informed him that I would come to pick up the mower and all original parts and he stated that I would have to pay $300, or he would not return it to me.Desired Settlement: At this point I want the mower back so that I can take it to another shop so that it can repaired with the understanding that B & B will pay for any cost over the $300 they quoted to repair the mowe, or if the mower is repaired within one week and is ready for pickup I would be willing to pay the $300 agreed upon price for the repair.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/08/22) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] C0-owner

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

At, or about 06/01/13 [redacted] had dropped off a riding mower at my shop for repair. [redacted] claimed that the mower was given to him and that he has no idea of the condition, nor the history of the mower. I informed [redacted] that we were about two to three weeks behind and I could not get it in any sooner for repair. I further informed him that we were shorthanded and I again emphasized that I couldn't begin repairs any sooner. On about 07/10/13 I contacted [redacted] via Phone and informed him that the riding mower was not cost effective to repair. The rider itself was several years old and heavily corroded throughout the machine. The engine was defective beyond repair and the transmission, mower deck, and brakes are in an unknown condition. Based on this: coupled with the fact the engine manufacturer was no longer in business I, advised [redacted] not to repair the lawn tractor. [redacted] claimed that the rider was for his mother and he did not have much money and if I could take another look at it. I informed [redacted] that I may have another used engine in good condition like the one the mower was designed with but, that it hasn't ran in a year. I told him I would sell him the used engine "Only" for an estimate of 300 hundred dollars. [redacted] asked at that time when the mower would be done. I replied that I could not say when the repairs would be done, as I did not know what other defects I would find within the mower and that I would try to complete the repairs as soon as possible. I also made it clear to [redacted] that I would schedule his mower in-between other ongoing jobs in order to keep the man-hour cost down. Furthermore, I informed [redacted] that I would contact him when the repairs were completed. [redacted] agreed to the condition and authorized the engine replacement. However, to my dismay [redacted] in order to apply pressure, and expedite the repairs sent his mother down to my shop two days later and demanded a date that the mower would be completed. At that time we did replace the engine as agreed but during testing of the new engine we discovered the engine did not perform at peak performance due to a sticking decompression lobe. The carburetor was also not fully functioning. However, the rest of the engine performed as designed. I informed [redacted]'s Mother that a defect was discovered and that I was awaiting the parts to repair the engine. I assured her the estimate for the engine "only" was still in effect and unchanged. [redacted]'s Mother again continued to verbally push for a firm date of completion. I informed her that at this time I could not give her a firm completion date as not all the parts have arrived and I do not know what condition the rest of the mower is in. At about 08/12/13, [redacted] contacted me by phone and wanted an update. I informed [redacted] that we had repaired the engine and was in the process of replacing the carburetor and fine tune the engine. [redacted] suddenly betrayed himself as a victim of fowl play and began to badger me as to a completion date and attempted to set a deadline. [redacted] accused me of selling him a junk engine and demanded that I repair the entire mower for three hundred dollars only, the price estimate for the engine. Only after it was apparent that I could not reason with [redacted] and that he was fully intended on disrupting the operations of my business for his own gain, coupled with him smugly asking if he would receive his mower next year I was compelled to decline to conduct any further repairs. [redacted] demanded that I put his old parts back on his rider and remove the parts I installed and he would pick the item up without cost. I apprised [redacted] that I have already devoted 18 employee man hours coupled with parts already spent in repair of the mower as he previously authorized. Moreover, I told [redacted] that he would have to pay for the hours I have devoted in repairing his machine and the parts that were installed. I emphasized to [redacted] that I needed this paid before I would release the mower. [redacted] became belligerent and angry and threatened to sue me. At that time I ended the conversation. As a result of the above incident I have refereed this to a collection agency and reserve the right for future litigation.

On 08/22/13, I received a complaint filed with the from [redacted]'s desired resolution further demonstrates his unwillingness to be reasonable.

Consumer's Final Response /* (4200, 12, 2013/09/03) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Once again [redacted] has change his version of events. In his first response he claimed to have 18 man hours into work on the mower, now he claims to have 4 hours into work on the mower. This is typical of the repsonses I have received in dealing with this business. This is the exact type of behavior from this business that has led to the failure to repair and return the mower to me at the agreed upon price. I have made an appointment with Navy legal to discuss my rights and legal options to resolve this issue.

Business' Final Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/08/30) */

Once again we disagree with [redacted] with his response dated 08/23/13. We have a total of 4 hours of labor and parts we have already installed on this mower. We have turned this account over to the [redacted] Please refer all comment to them.

Review: We arranged to have B&B pick up, service our riding lawn mower, and return it to our property. They picked up the mower, and after a few days, we called to check on its status. The person who answered the phone was incredibly disrespectful, even correcting my fiancée on the pronunciation of her own name(and insisted on caller her by the wrong name in all subsequent conversations via phone an in person), would not update us on the status of the mower, would not speak to the mechanic to find out if it had been through diagnostics, and instead offered to call back the following day and update us. We never received a call back, and called again the following day to attempt to get information. Again she was incredibly disrespectful and utterly unhelpful. Eventually, they would not even answer our phone calls at all, so I stopped by the shop to pick up the mower because I no longer wished to give them my business. They refused to release it without paying the 40 dollar pickup/delivery fee, despite the fact that they had only provided half of this service. Again, she insisted on calling my fiancée by an incorrect name, and was generally unpleasant. I asked for documentation stating what I owed to pick it up, and proof that I had agreed to these charges. She got a blank invoice and began filling it out in front of me. At this point I said, "No, I'm not doing this right now" because I was not going to let them write it out in front of me so that they might claim I accepted it. I said, "I need to make a call." I walked outside to call my fiancée and discuss what we should do. While the phone was ringing, I witnessed her rush to the back and speak with the mechanic. He approached me, so I ended my call before speaking with my fiancée. The first thing he spoke was "Why are you threatening my wife?" I stated that I was making no threats whatsoever. He responded that he did not believe me. I said, that was fine, but that it was not up for debate. I said that I was just trying to sort the situation out. He stated that there was a line, and I informed him that it was not the delay in service that was the issue, but rather the poor customer service and eventual total lack of service we were receiving. He claimed I was "Belligerent" and I stated that I was speaking calmly and using very polite language. He said "What happened inside and outside is night and day" which I replied was incorrect.He stated that "I know what you're about" to which I responded that prior to this conversation he had never interacted with me at all. He went on to say that I was just "Trying to skate on paying." He also said that I was "Free to call the police or whatever." But that I was not going to be allowed to pickup the mower without paying. I again asked if there was any documentation to this effect, to which he replied "I got your machine, that' all I need." At this point I left, called my fiancée who in turn contacted the Sheriff's department to find out what our recourse should be.Desired Settlement: We would like to have our property returned, preferably at no cost due to no work being done, though a settlement of 20 dollars for the pickup would be reasonable, but not at the 40 dollars they are asking due to only half of that portion of the service being completed. In addition I would like a formal written apology for the treatment of my fiancée and myself, specifically for the insistence on calling her by an incorrect name, and to myself for being called a liar.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/05/01) */

I was contacted by [redacted] and a verbal contract was made for my company to pick up her mower for a possible head gasket replacement.

The riding mower was pickup Friday evening. [redacted] began calling our shop the following Monday when our business was closed and several times thereafter. There were several riding mowers ahead of [redacted] for repair but, she continued to contact us by phone and aggressively wanted an exact date of completion and insist to know if anyone has started on the repairs.

Four working clays after picking up the riding mower (Saturday)[redacted] came to my office and informed my wife ([redacted]) that he was here to pick up [redacted]'s rider and that the service we provide was unacceptable. [redacted] informer[redacted] that there was a forty dollar fee for the pickup deliver that we had performed.[redacted] claimed that since neither [redacted] nor he signed anything, we must release the item to him without payment. Again [redacted] informed him that he would have to pay the forty dollar fee before she could release the rider.[redacted] then leaned forward toward [redacted] and said that he will not pay and that he will see about this".[redacted] remained argumentative and asserting that they didn't sign anything and there for is not liable. [redacted] felling that[redacted] had implied a threat came out into the shop and got me.

When I approached[redacted], He appeared calm and compliant. He claimed, my wife was repeatedly rude to both him and [redacted] because she would not return several of their calls, miss pronounce [redacted]'s name, and that they needed to be constantly updated as to the status of repairs. I told[redacted] that we contact the customer only upon completion, unforeseen issues, or estimates of repairs.

[redacted] told me that he didn't sign anything and that he wants his mower without payment. He further asserted that [redacted] was rude and our service was terrible. [redacted] appeared to care less when I informed him that other customers were ahead of him. Seeing that[redacted] was remaining unreasonable. I informed [redacted] to pay the forty dollar fee in accordance with the RCW and that we would not do any further repairs to his mower.

[redacted] then contacted the Port Angeles police department and eluded that we had his mower without cause. In addition [redacted], along with her circle of friends posted derogatory comments on the internet concerning my wife and company (Copy's attached).

After I spoken to a police office earlier in the day regarding a complaint made by[redacted], to my surprise [redacted] suddenly appeared at my shop and was more than cordial.[redacted] remained in their vehicle and said nothing. [redacted] paid her forty dollar fee and we loaded the item into her truck. She apologized that[redacted] never did offer to pay the money on Saturday. As far as I'm concern the issue is resolved.


Review: took lawn mower in to be repaired nothing was repaired. Brought back in same condition parts missing and he was very verbally abusive as if it were my fault. The mower worked for one week and same problems. He Had it for over two months and was mad when I asked for it to be returned. Wouldn't sign the receipt because he said he wouldn't honor the one month warranty. Told me he doesn't want anything to do with me. When I called to tell him it stopped working he said it wasn't his problem and hung up. I would like to have me 249. dollars back.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want my money back of 249 dollars because the repairs were not made and it isn't working at all. I am a widowed senior without money to spare and was giving him my business on good faith he told me he was a cristian.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/06/07) */


B & B Sharpening Service and Repair

Port Angeles, WA 98362

Case# [redacted]

To whom it may concern, May 28, 2013

On March 15, 2013 while we (B & B Sharpening and Repair) were heavily back logged a friend of [redacted] brought in her Craftsman rider mower to be repaired. At that time the rider was in extreme poor condition and appeared to have never been maintained. The rider had a defective battery, gummed and plugged carburetor, rusted mower deck linkage, frozen brakes, defective electrical harness containing open circuits and shorts, bent mower deck mounts, two dry rotted tires not able to inflate. Rusted blade mount bearings, broken hood light lens, mice nest in engine cooling system, and safety fasteners replaced with nails and wire ties. Against our advice, [redacted] wanted her mower repaired. [redacted] authorized the following repairs and costs via telephone.

We serviced the rider for $150.00 dollars which included: Engine oil, oil filter, spark plug, fuel filter change, cleaning the carburetor, and flushing the fuel system to remove old fuel and sludge. We sharpened the blades, scrapped the deck and removed grass and debris, and repaired frozen deck linkage, brakes, and wire harness. Additional charges were tire tube installation (subcontracted to Les swab's) $20.00 and a $20.00 delivery fee to return the mower to the customer.

During the above repairs [redacted] continually contact us and demanded that the rider be delivered to her fully repaired immediately. [redacted] further demanded that | provide her with a loaner mower so she could mow her yard. When l declined [redacted] became aggressive and attempted assert that there was little to nothing wrong with her mower. At this point, with the above agreed upon repairs completed, l stopped any further gratuity repairs and returned the rider to [redacted].

However, on April 27, 2013 we delivered the mower to [redacted] home, the nail she had used in place of a clevis pin to hold the deck support up had fallen out. I replaced the pin without charge. [redacted] became irate when she asked us if she got a discount if she paid cash, We said "no", and that she had already been informed of the cost of the repairs and that I cannot release the mower without payment. [redacted] then became verbally abusive and accused me of cheating her. [redacted] reluctantly paid the invoice and threated to turn me into the In a joint agreement, [redacted] asserted that she would not do business with us in the future. [redacted] quickly started up her mower and began to mowing a portion of her yard. As my wife and I were driving away from her house I again saw [redacted] mowing her yard without difficulty and then drive towards her garage.



About a week later [redacted] contacted us and said the mower is now sputtering and will not run. We then informed [redacted] that the rider was delivered in good working order and due to the disruption to my shop and ill will between us, we cannot continue to do business with you.

B & B Sharpening Service and Repair


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