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We are in receipt of your recent letter to the Revdex.comattempted to contact you at [redacted] to address your concernsUnfortunately, my requests for a return phone call have gone unanswered.After a review of our records, we found that Branch Manager, ***, spoke with you on November 18, regarding this matterAt that time, she explained that while the temporary checks were issued for the account ending in -***, overdraft or NSF fee assessment would have still been applicable on the dates of presentment; as neither your Checking Account ending in - [redacted] nor your Savings Account ending in - [redacted] had a sufficient balance to support the temporary checks written in the amounts of $and $which were presented for payment on November 16`" and November 17th, respectively[redacted] also reported that during her conversation with you, you mentioned that you had used the checks for goods/services related to your son which may have contributed to the checks being issued for the account on which your son is listed.In review of both your closed and active Savings accounts, we found no record of any checks presenting for payment reflected within the transaction history prior to November 2"d (date you visited our banking center to obtain the temporary checks)We do show that a prior temporary check was issued for the Checking Account ending in -***.In an effort to resolve this issue amicably, we have provided a one-time courtesy refund of $representing one NSF fee to your account ending in -***.Should you require further information or assistanceplease do not hesitate to contact me at my direct dial number provided in my voice mail

May 23, [redacted] Re: # [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] : I am in receipt of your letter to the Revdex.comI show you reported your debit card lost and subsequently filed an unauthorized debit activity claim on August 5, for ten (10) unauthorized debit card transactions totaling $A claim form was mailed to you at the address on file as of that dateYour failure to sign and return the claim form did not cause your claim to be denied in and of itselfWe conducted a full and thorough investigation into your claim of alleged unauthorized debit activityAfter our investigation was completed, the claim was denied based on the reasonable belief that the transactions had been conducted by youWe found a valid PIN was entered for each PIN based debit card transactionThe disputed activity was consistent with your account activity and spending historyThe activity was not consistent with fraud and there were no additional attempts once the card was closedAdditionally, we attempted to contact the [redacted] on [redacted] and [redacted] where you reported that you were staying at the time your card went missing however, we were unable to locate a [redacted] at that addressAfter receiving additional information from you, we contacted the [redacted] near [redacted] but the merchant was unable to locate a reservation for you at that locationBased on those findings, the claim was denied and we provided you notice of the denial in our letter dated August 11, (copy enclosed)Please note your account ending in [redacted] charged-off with an overdrawn balance of $You may make a deposit to correct the overdraft by visiting any of our branch locations or mail your payment to First Convenience Bank, Attn: Mail Teller, [redacted] ***.Sincerely, [redacted] ***Vice PresidentCustomer RelationsCC: Enclosure

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:as stated in my last rejection, I and hope the,, FRCH , and the Texas Banking Authority will stand by me, that I was with out question unaware of the "fee" and there's something seriously immoral about a bank would think they can charge $a month (SEE ATTACHMENT) in "NSF" fee's because I was awareLike I just wanted to give you guys dollars just to decline my transactionFurthermore, we did discuss that the Banking Rep brought up your fee's and ever verbally mentioned thisNext steps please Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Regards, [redacted]

December 3, 2015To Whom It May Concern:Our response to [redacted] ’s concerns has been attached.Sincerely, [redacted] Real Time Service Center First Convenience Bank December 2, [redacted] ***Re: case # [redacted] Dear Mr [redacted] :We are in receipt of your letter to the While researching your concerns, we found you submitted several Feedback forms through our website the evening of November 21, and morning of November 22, The following day, our representatives attempted to contact you and, when we reached your voice mail, left our contact informationWe followed up with an email to provide you an additional point of contact.Our records show you have successfully enrolled in online banking on November 22, We also show you have started the enrollment process to mobile banking and encourage you to complete the enrollment process so that you may receive text alerts on your account activityIf you need assistance downloading the mobile banking application or need support on how to obtain an activation code, you may contact me directly at [redacted] Monday — Friday from 8:a.mto 5:p.mCT.I stand ready to provide you help[redacted] Customer RelationsCC: [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted]

Attached is a copy of our most recent letter to Ms***

Dear Mr [redacted] :We are in receipt of your letter to the and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concern.So that we may properly investigate your statement concerning accounts which may have been fraudulently established in your name, we request that you please provide a copy of the referenced FTC Identity Theft ReportWe have also included a required Identity Theft Claim packet for your usePlease complete each of the enclosed documents entirely, provide a copy of your current driver's license or government issued photo ID, and return the documents to us at:First Convenience BankAttn: Deposit Risk & Check Claims [redacted] ***Upon receipt of this requested information, an investigation will be conducted and you will be notified in writing of the outcome

A copy of our response to this case has been attached for your records A hard copy has also been placed in the mail to the customer

It was a pleasure to speak with you by phone about the concerns outlined in your letter to the our call, we discussed the Bank's right of set off and I informed you that the Bank is authorized to charge any matured debt or liability against the account and all affiliated accounts, without notice to youIn an effort to assist you, I offered to change your ownership on the account from a joint account holder to an authorized agent to which you declinedYou then shared that you had discussed the matter with your husband, [redacted] , and he agreed to pay off his debts with the Bank to avoid this from occurring in the futureYou also stated that you attempted to retract your letter with the after resolving the matter with your husband.Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [redacted] Monday — Friday from 8:a.mto 5:p.mCT

Please see attachment for a copy of our response to Ms***.I am in receipt of your letter to the and apologize that our service did not meet your expectations when you visited our banking center to close your checking account number ending in ***.When you established Convenience Checking account xxxxx [redacted] on October 3, 2015, you were provided a disclosure packet which included "A Clear and Concise Guide to the Convenience Checking Account" (enclosed) which disclosed your account would be charged a $monthly maintenance fee unless you enroll the account in E-Statements or "paperless delivery" of account statements.To assist customers who establish a Convenience Checking account but cannot immediately enroll in E-Statements, we automatically waive the monthly maintenance fee during your first monthly statement cycleWe show you were given this courtesy during your October statement cycleWhen the aforementioned criteria were not met, the $monthly maintenance fee was applicable at the end of each statement cycle on the dates of November 13, and December 13, 2015.We show your account was assessed a $negative balance fee on November 18, when the account remained overdrawn for six (6) consecutive banking daysWhen no deposits were made to return the account to good standing, the overdrawn balance was charged off on January 12, I have enclosed copies of your monthly statements from October 3, to January 12, for your reference.Although fees were assessed in accordance with the account disclosure, we have credited your account in the amount of $The account is now closed at a zero balance I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Also thank you for handling this for me also thanks to bank for closing with zero balance Regards, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Regards, [redacted] I'm responding to the response I got from the banki don't care if they tell me a hundred times; I know I deposited the correct amountthe representative read the letter she said I was going to get my money backi went to the bank today and they said nothe date is march this is the response I have.Dispute Resolution SpecialistMESSAGE FROM BUSINESS: We are in receipt of your letter to the and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concernsI apologize that we did not better communicate the correction that had been made to your account.Our records show on February 22, 2017, you visited our banking center located at [redacted] to complete a cash deposit transactionOur teller processed the deposit amount for $as you intended however, your receipt reflects the amount we actually received from you which was $280.00.As stated in the Deposit Agreement provided to you at account opening, "we accept deposits and issue receipts (for all over-the-counter transactions) for these depositsSuch deposits and receipts are subject to subsequent verification and corrections if necessary"During this subsequent verification it was noted the deposit transaction did not balance so it was sent to the appropriate area for research and adjustment.On February 23"i, we completed our research and processed a debit adjustment of $to your accountA notice informing you of the adjustment was delivered electronically to your Gmail email address on February 241"Another copy of this notice is enclosed for your reference.Should you require further information or assistance from us in the future, we invite you to submit a Customer Feedback Form, participate in Live Chat, or send a secure message through Internet Banking I never received a notice in my email about the debit adjustmentand another thing I never got to see the camera footage of what happenedand the teller said he saw itHow is that possible when the investigation department is in another city?? I'm not going to be content with any decisions unless I get my money back or I see the camera footage proving me and my witnesses wrongi wouldn't be going through all this troublei know I am right and I just want my money backand I want justice for all the other people that got their money taken by this bankand [redacted] is definitely a people person, when I took the cops with me she hid in the bank and told her assistant to handle the situation so he had to start from scratch and he was a lot more polite than she was And another thing I'm on disability and its affecting my health, I suffer from depression this is actually keeping me up at nightI'm getting stressed out and my anxiety is through the roofi have suffered two strokes in the past my understanding is not that great and it takes me a lot of effort just to think and put my thoughts into wordsthis alone has taken me hours to completei hope we can come to a resolution

Re: [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] We are in receipt of your letter to the Revdex.comWe appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information as to why your March 24, electronic funds transfer claim for an alleged unauthorized debit of $by Bistro MD Moto was deniedWe follow Federal Reserve Bank Regulation E guidelines when investigating unauthorized electronic debit activity claimsDuring our initial phone interview, we asked you if you had conducted business with this merchant in the pastYou acknowledged that you had on March 5, when you placed one order of their product for your sister [redacted] You also provided us with an email containing the cancellation request to Bistro MD for the week of March 14, to March 20, As part of our investigation, we contacted the merchant who confirmed that on March 4, at 7:a.m., you had placed an order through their website for a five day meal planThe merchant also confirmed that on that same date at approximately 10:a.m., you elected not to participate in their meal plan for the weeks of March 14, to March 20, 2016, March 28, to April 3, 2016, and April 11, to April 17, The merchant states they have not received a cancellation request from you for the week of March 21, to March 27, and that payment was the one you were disputingThe merchant also stated they were willing to work with you to resolve any billing errorsBased on our understanding this was a merchant billing dispute and not unauthorized activity, we sent you the enclosed letter dated March 29, A further search of our records show, a credit of $from Bistro MD was posted to your account on April 8, In reference to the disputed $debit transaction by, our records show we provided your account with provisional credits totaling $on April 6, while we continued our investigationThis credit includes the amount of the disputed transaction as well as the associated feesA notice outlining this action is enclosed for your referenceAs permitted by Federal Regulation E, we have ninety (90) days to complete our investigation and provide you with a responseShould you have additional questions, you may call Customer Support, send us an Online Banking Secure Message, or visit our website to participate in Live Chat or to complete a Feedback Form

[redacted] ***Re: Better Business Bureau # [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] :We are in receipt of your recent letter to the It is frustrating when unexpected fees are charged to your account so we appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns.When you established your account with us, you were provided with a disclosure packet covering the terms, conditions, and fee schedule governing your accountIncluded in this disclosure were documents titled "What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees" and the "Banking Services/Fee Schedule" both of which disclosed your account would be charged $for each item we pay or return unpaid because you do not have enough money in your account to cover the itemIf you do not return your account to a positive balance then your account will be subject to a Negative Balance fee on the sixth (6th) banking day your account remains overdrawnWe will waive the fee if on the sixth (6th) day your account is overdrawn less than $3.00.Our records show that when we discussed with you the disclosure titled "What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees", you indicated that you did not want us to authorize and pay overdrafts for any transaction typeYour initials to the right of the enclosed signature card confirm your election of no overdraft privilege, and serves as your agreement to be assessed a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee for each item we return unpaid.Your transaction history for January 4, reflects that an electronic debit transaction of $to Speedy Cash was presented for payment against an overdrawn balance of $As a result, it was returned unpaid and a disclosed per-item NSF fee was assessedWhen no deposits were made to restore your account to good standing, the negative balance fee was assessed on January 9, 2016.On January 15th, the merchant (Speedy Cash) presented the transaction of $for payment a second time against an insufficient account balanceAccordingly, the transaction was returned a second time marked "insufficient funds" and a per-item NSF fee was assessed; leaving a balance of -$The negative balance fee was assessed on January 20th when the account remained overdrawn for six (6) consecutive banking days Please find enclosed copies of the NSF notices delivered electronically to your Gmail email address on file.As you are aware, we offer several free account monitoring tools such as online banking and mobile banking to give you the freedom to monitor your account activity and account balance using a computer or mobile deviceWith these free services, you may also elect to receive email or text message low balance alerts as an additional method of account monitoring.In the future, should you require further information or assistance from us, we invite you to submit a Customer Feedback form through our website, participate in Live Chat or send a secure message through Internet Banking Sincerely, [redacted] ***Vice PresidentCustomer Relations

This is in reference to my complaint filed against lst Convenience BankI wanted to clarify some of the information I provided in my initial complaint and provide additional information that I did not includeI lost my debit card which I promptly cancelled on March 19th as soon as I realized it was not in my possession Updated InformationThe bank representative that I spoke with cancelled the card and reviewed recent activity on my account She reviewed transactions for the past days....all had cleared and I had one pending transaction of $which was an unauthorized charge made for an online POS purchase on March 19thI was told I had to wait to file a claim since the transaction would need to cannot be placed against pending transactionsI did not have any other transactions in Pending Status at that time....since I did not have any other transactions Pending as of March 19th, what happened to the BistroMd transaction that was supposedly pending since March 16th? Since the bank representative reviewed transactions going back to March 15th the BistroMD charge should have still been in Pending Status but it was not mentioned in our conversation And, I still had a positive available balance at that time of $192.?? and the had already been deducted from my balance If the BistroMD charge of $was sent in on March 16th, the amount would have been deducted from my available balance leaving only 38.?? which means one of the transactions on March 17th of would have been denied and the presented on March 19th would also have been denied since my balance was too low to cover the charges I believe the charge of was presented on the 16th but it dropped off before or on March 19th for whatever reason The funds were released back to my account when or how I would not know I had three charges on March 17th that had cleared and charge was presented and deducted from my available balance leaving 192.?? in my account as March 19th at 8:30pm Would not have been possible if the had been deducted from my account Now, that I have walked myself through this entire scenario, I realize the facts that I received from the bank do not match the activity on my account I was told that BistroMD reinstated the charge of $on March 21st which means the bank allowed a transaction that had dropped off days before be presented and approved on a cancelled debit card.Additional InformationMy account does not have overdraft privileges so any charges that are presented that would result in overdraft should have been denied This is the process the bank has always followed until now My account has not had overdraft privileges in over months I had a fresh start loan that was paid in full in March and to have overdraft privileges reinstated requires your account to have payroll checks direct deposited which I do not have My account is $overdrawn a result of overdraft and late charges being charged to my account because of the issue listed above.To change the policy and procedure pertaining to overdraft charges when it benefits the bank is a highly unethical business practice Thank you for time to review my comments that pertain to updated and additional information.Kind regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The response did not address a single one of my concernsIt was honestly laughable With refection of my initial complaint I've been charged 1,000's of dollars in fees(see supporting documentationI personally was under the impression when you "op out" of over draft protection, with new law you could not do thisAll FCB has done, is changed the name of the fee and charged me thousandsAlso, her response and after our conversation, she has done nothing to even come close to show and moral or integrity that should be given as a customer or for the Banking industryI'm currently speaking with two federal banking agencies and would appreciate the to escalate this to next level and work together in order to hel pme (the customer) and help bring light to this problem as I know I'm not the only customer they have tried to do something like to this to Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for taking time out of your busy work day to speak with me about the concern outlined in your letter to the our conversation, we discussed the funds availability hold placed on the $ [redacted] check deposited to your account on March 10, This hold was placed when we received information from the paying bank that the account number appearing at the bottom of the check could not be locatedAs stated in your letter, a notice of delayed funds availability was sent to you electronically.Our records show we released the hold on March t after receiving confirmation of final payment from the paying bankOur records also show no fees were assessed to your account as a result of the delayed funds availability hold.Should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [redacted]

Please see attachment for a copy of our response.Thank you for taking time out of your busy work day to speak with me today about the concerns outlined in your letter to the stated in our phone conversation, each party has a responsibility to maintain the accountOur responsibilities are outlined in the Deposit Agreement provided at time of account openingThe accountholder's responsibility is to maintain an accurate transaction register of the account activity, to ensure that we have your current mailing address in our records, and to review and balance all statements promptly and notify us of any suspected errors, forgeries or irregularities concerning your account.A review of our records shows you did not complete the enrollment process to Online Banking and E-Statements, therefore; your account was set for paper delivery of the monthly account statementsUpon researching your concerns, I found your February bank statement was returned to us by the United States Postal ServiceThis caused the account status to be moved to "AUK" or "address unknown" and the assessment of the $returned mail fee as disclosed in the Banking Services/Fee ScheduleTo decrease the risk of identity theft or fraud on your account, we stored your statements that were generated thereafter in our system until such time as you provide us with your correct address informationEventually, your account became overdrawn and when no deposits were made to return the account to good standing, the overdrawn balance of $was charged off on September 8, 2015.It is our desire to end this dispute amicably so as discussed, I have credited $to your account ending in Your account is now closed.We wish you much success in your future financial endeavors I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

February 26, [redacted] ***Re: Better Business Bureau # [redacted] Dear Mr [redacted] :It was a pleasure to speak with you by phone about the concerns you outlined in your letter to the shared your letter with District Manager [redacted] who reviewed the surveillance footage of your visit to our branch at NBeach Street in Fort Worth on January 22nd and conducted an audit of the teller's transaction activity; [redacted] found that the teller's cash count had balanced at the end of the banking day.In an effort to resolve this matter amicably, we have arranged for you to meet with District Manager [redacted] at our [redacted] to discuss your experience at our banking center and receive a credit of $40.00.If you should require further information or assistance, you may contact me directly at [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted]

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