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On 3/19/I purchased a product that appeared to have been tampered withOn 3/20/I was denied a refund and denied an exchange
On 3/19/I purchased Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment ( -***- 4012CCI- 072M6) from Beauty Max in Lithoina,GaI left Beauty Max and drove approximately miles to visit a friend and her mother who is illAfter awhile we started taking about natural hair care and I mentioned that I had just left the beauty supply store with something I wanted to tryI showed my friend the Shea Moisture product and she said it's "It's loose, like jellyIs it suppose to look like this?" I told her I didn't know and that I was trying it out but by the looks of it I didn't want to put it in my hairWhen I left her house I came back to the store but they were already closedI saved the receipt and decided to go back to the store today 3/20/I had a doctors appointment in Sandy Springs which is quite a distance with traffic so my p

No customer service given to help people, mainly if they are going through Breast Cancer

Review: On Thursday, July 11. 2013 I arrived at Beauty Max located in [redacted], Maryland at 8:51 pm. Their hours of operation were posted on the door with a close time of 9:00 pm. When I walked through the door, there was an [redacted] American employee standing at the door and I asked what time did they close? The [redacted] American employee confirmed that the store closed at 9:00 pm.

Aware of the time, I asked the female [redacted] employee for assistance in finding products I needed. Her attitude was interpreted as a rushed sense of assisting me. I had specific questions concerning products I had intended on purchasing (e.g. color, what comes with the product, etc..) and she replied “we don’t carry that. What you see on the walls is what we have because the product you are looking for is discontinued). As I am an avid shopper at these types of stores, I requested that she opened the product so I could see all the items that came with it. Once opened, I discovered that the item I was looking for, was in fact included in the product.

As I continued shopping in the store, I heard the store phone ring, and overheard the [redacted] American employee say “Yes we close in one minute, so you are wasting time asking me over the phone if we are still open. If you are out in the parking lot, you need to get in here”. The customer that was on the phone made it in the store. After the customer entered the store, the [redacted] American employee locked the door. Within seconds of her doing that, I saw a customer knocking on the door requesting entrance. The [redacted] American employee stated “We are closed”. The customer at the door said it is 5 minutes until 9:00 pm, may I please come in. At this time, the [redacted] American employee asked the [redacted] male located at the register, if it was okay to let the customer in, and his reply was “No”. Once the customer outside the door was informed, the customer replied “I come here all the time and purchase your products. Please let me come in because it is not nine o’ clock yet. The [redacted] American employee replied “No, sorry”. During this time, I asked the [redacted] male at the register for assistance in finding a shampoo product. He starred at me with a noticeable frown, and came from behind the counter to assist. As he was walking down the aisle, the customer outside the door asked again if she could please come in. The [redacted] male shouted aloud “No, go home. I don’t care sue me”. He then quickly showed me the shampoo products.

After selecting my shampoo product for purchase, I had also picked up a hair product that I was considering purchasing. Due to an anti theft lock device on the hair product, I could not get a clear view of the color and quality of the hair product. While at the register with my products, I asked the [redacted] male employee if he could remove the anti theft device so I could get a better look at the product to ensure this what I wanted to purchase. He then produced a frown, and made a “huff and puff” noise and opened the product. Once he opened the product, he then threw it towards me on the counter. I remained professional and simply examined the product and decided that it was indeed what I wanted to purchase. I had also asked for another item that I needed, he once again, blatantly displayed his impatience with me by frowning.

As a person who has served 8 years Active Duty Air Force, worked five years at the Pentagon, and am currently employed as a DOD Civilian employee at [redacted], the hospital where President Obama receives his care, I have never been exposed to such disrespectful and distasteful customer service. The way that I and the customer who would not be allowed into the store during their posted hours of operation was completely inappropriate.Desired Settlement: Rather than addressing the situation I was in and possibly have it escalate in Beauty Max, I decided to submit this complaint to the We are hard working Americans and as consumers we deserve far better treatment than what myself and the customer who was not allowed in the store received. As we financially contribute to the economy, I believe that businesses should provide good customer service. In the case of Beauty Max on July 13th, that fell short of the mark.

I hope that my complaint will pave the way for Beauty Max to revamp their service to customers.

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Description: Barber / Beauty Shops

Address: 4140 Ayers St, Corp Christi, Texas, United States, 78415


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