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5020 Clark Rd, Sarasota, Florida, United States, 34233-3231

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Desired Outcome


I purchased trial size eye and skin samples and got charged for items never received and didn't realize there's a automatic subscription to products
Last year July 2018 thru an advertising on my Instagram I purchased a trial sample size of the eye cream for $5.95 order #XXXXXXX from Essence PH. The sight also offered a skin cream for $4.95 order #XXXXXXX which you had to order to continue. That should have been a red flag for me but I ignored it because the samples were free and I was just paying for shipping expenses. Order date for both is 7/22/18 and ship date 7/23/18. An email was sent to me confirming shipping of my samples on 7/24/28 with tracking #s for both items. Upon receiving the items several days later, I used them as instructed and didn't see any results so I tried calling them at (844)747-9020 for skin and (844)747-9021 for eye when I noticed a week later my Visa credit card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX was charged $86.95 on 8/4/18 for the eye cream and $89.95 for the skin cream. I was placed on hold for too long on several consecutive days with no answer. I then decided to email them at [email protected] and [email protected] to complain and request a refund for the skin and eye cream on 8/8/18. In my email I stated I was unsuccessful in contacting them by phone and to cancel any orders they were shipping as I didn't want them. I asked for a full refund on the items they charged me for and never received. I also said I was contacting my credit card company to file a dispute if they didn't refund my charges. They replied to my email the next day and said my subscription status had been updated and future charges have been cancelled. They made no mention of my refund. On 8/7/18 I filed a dispute for my Visa charges with First Hawaiian Bank by phone and they informed me it could take months to resolve my transactions. I told the service rep I spoke with that I was going to email Essence and hope they would resolve it. She immediately blocked and cancelled my card. On 11/27/18 I emailed Essence again because I called my bank and they said they hadn't received any response from the Essence yet. In my email I asked Essence why it was taking so long to resolve my dispute especially since I never received any shipments. Their response was that I had to wait for my bank on my dispute. After over 6 months of waiting, I received a letter from my bank dtd 1/17/19 and it said they attempted in good faith collection on my behalf to recover the funds from the merchants. The merchants responded and refused to provide credits or refunds. They included documentation showing cancellations must be made before the end of the trial period. Many of the docs sent were obscure copies with only terms and conditions clear. I don't remember seeing all this information on my cell phone when I placed my order. On 2/1/19 I sent them another email stating my frustration with their company! I asked for copies of shipping confirmation as they emailed me before when my trial sizes were shipped because I wanted proof of shipment for the other items. I said I would have gladly returned the items for a refund but I never received them to begin with. I asked them if this is common practice for their company to delay disputes in hopes that consumers will just give up and forget about the money! On 2/7/19 they replied by saying if the dispute is denied, there is nothing further they can do. They completely disregarded providing shipping confirmation emails of proof for the products they charged me and no apologies for anything! I'm 67 years old and the money I spent is a lot for me to just ignore! I will no longer make transactions like this on any non-reputable website! I also noticed the names of the company were different. I ordered the products with Essence PH Skin/Eye company but dispute reply listed the company as Tusoskinformula and Tusoeyeformula. Please help me!

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund totalling $176.90 to my Visa card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with First Hawaiian Bank, BankCard Center, PO Box 1959, Honolulu, HI XXXXX. Charges were for $89.95 on the skin cream and $86.95 on the eye cream. I would like them to know how unhappy and frustrated they made me in trying to resolve all of this!

Beauty Replenish Response • Mar 01, 2019

Trade Practice Specialist
Case# ***

To ***,

Thank you for mediating this consumer complaint from our customer Ms. ***, Case# ***.
We strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, so we do take consumer complaints very seriously.
Before commit to our 14 day free trial, our customers have to affirm and acknowledge the terms & conditions for our auto ship program by marking the T&C check-boxes.
Our records showed Ms. ordered the 14 days trial on 7/22 and paid $4.95 and $5.95. Once our 14 days trial ends, our monthly subscriptions / Auto Ship program took effect.
On 8/9 Ms. reached out to us and request cancellation of the service, so we went ahead and closed the account and stopped the monthly subscriptions.
Looking further in the notes, there's been few attempts of dispute for the same charges the past few months, and according to our records they all came back in our favor.
We will honor the final decision made by Ms. financial institute, at the same time we would like to offer our apology for any inconvenience to Ms..
Therefor, in good faith we will refund 50% of the two transactions back to Ms.. We're preparing the refund check to be send out, please advise Ms. to allow some time for the check to be delivered. Refund details as below:
Order-ID: *** Amount: $86.95
50% refund: $43.48
Order-ID: *** Amount: $89.95
50% refund: $44.98

Total refund check: $88.46

Customer Response • Mar 11, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint. I asked to be fully refunded and they replied in good faith to refund me 50% for the two items I never received! That is not in good faith to do business by charging me for products they never shipped. I asked them to provide shipping tracking information and they have chosen to ignore it. I would have returned the full size products had I received them. It angers me knowing they can easily take my money. in my letter from my bank, they indicated that an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number is required and the product must be returned to the merchant within 30 days of the original purchase date. In my dispute to my bank, I also told them I didn't receive any shipments after receiving the trial size items. I don't feel it's in their good faith to NOT return my full payments.

Beauty Replenish Response • Mar 12, 2019

Trade Practice Specialist
Case# ***

To ***,

Thank you for mediating this consumer complaint from our customer Ms. ***, Case# ***.
We feel for Ms. concerns and do apologize for any inconvenience, so we went ahead and refund the rest back to Ms.. Please see details as below:

Order-ID: *** Amount: $86.95
Check issued 3/1/19 50% refund: $43.48
Refund check in process $43.47

Order-ID: *** Amount: $89.95
Check issued 3/1/19 50% refund: $44.98
Refund check in process $44.97

We are in the process of refund the remaining back to Ms., a refund check of $88.44 will be send out shortly after processed.
lease advise Ms. to allow some time for the check to be send out.

Thank you

Customer Response • Mar 21, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I received the balance of my payment and am now completely satisfied! I want to thank Ms *** in representing me in helping to resolve my complaint. I could not have done this without the help of the Thank you again from a grateful consumer!

They were instructed to cancel more products. I returned product.they continued to send. I marked them refused. Dec they took money& no item was sent
They were instructed to cancel order in October. They did not continued to send and billed my credit card for $94.90 each time. Each time I marked refused and sent back A total of 3 transaction were taken from credit card. December they took money from credit card and NO product was sent. They are scammers and need to be taken care of. They took a total of $284.70 from me. The SD advised me to cancel credit card and this I did. I would like my money returned to me.

Desired Outcome

Refund of money

Beauty Replenish Response • Jan 11, 2019


Unfortunately the customer is not in our records. We have tried searching by first name, last name, home address and email address but was still unsuccessful. Can the customer please provide any other information so that we can try to pull up their information? By chance, did they order the product under their spouses name, or use someone else's address? Or perhaps, did they contact the wrong company by mistake?

Please let us know and we will promptly try and rectify the situation as customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

Customer Response • Jan 19, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Essence PH Skin Trial Order #XXXXXXX,9/22/2018 01:38pm paid $4.95. Transaction on 10-5-08 $94.90 taken from credit card, refused & returned to you . You were called at 844-747-9020 & told to cancel. You sent more and transaction on credit card for $94.90 11/5/2018. returned to you on 11/15/18.Miami,Fl 33102. estimated delivery date 11/19/18. Tracking #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX. You were informed again to cancel on 11-14-08. Cancellation # CXXXXXXX. Another transaction on 12/5-2018 for $ 94.90, no item sent. Just money taken from the credit card. A total of 3 transactions for $284.70 were taken from credit card #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, credit card has been cancelled on advice from I WOULD LIKE A REFUND OF MONEY. THIS IS VERY POOR BUSINESS ON YOUR PART.

Beauty Replenish Response • Mar 01, 2019

Trade Practice Specialist
Case# ***

To ***,

Thank you for mediating this consumer complaint from our customer Ms. ***, case# ***.
We strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, so we do take consumer complaints very seriously.
Before commit to our 14 day free trial, our customers have to affirm and acknowledge the terms & conditions for our auto ship program by marking the T&C check-boxes.
According to our records, Ms. ordered 14 days trial on 9/22 and paid S&H of $4.95 and 5.95. Once our 14 days trial ends, our monthly subscriptions / Auto Ship program took effect.
Our records showed Ms. reached out to us on 12/10 and request to cancel the subscription, so we went ahead and stopped the auto ship program and closed the account.
We feel for Ms. concerns and do apologize for any inconvenience, therefor we issued refund for total of 3 transactions, please see below for details.
Order-ID: *** Trans-Date: 10/06/2018 Amount: $89.95
Trans-ID: *** Trans-Date: 03/01/2019 Refunded: $89.95
Order-ID: *** Trans-Date: 11/05/2018 Amount: $94.90
Trans-ID: *** Trans-Date: 03/01/2019 Refunded: $94.90
Order-ID: *** Trans-Date: 12/05/2018 Amount: $94.90
Trans-ID: *** Trans-Date: 03/01/2019 Refunded: $94.90

Customer Response • Mar 07, 2019

Received the refunds. Thanks for your help.

The advertising of the "free" product was misleading. Ordering a free product resulted in receiving more products that I had not ordered.
I signed up for what was advertised as a free trial product from the Essence PH skin care company. I received the trial product. About 6 wks. later I received on 12/14/18, more products in the mail with no dollar amount listed on the invoice and the paperwork included with the product was called a "dispatch note." I wrongly assumed that they had sent me another free product and so I used what was sent. When I received my most recent Visa card bill two charges from this company were listed one for $89. 73 and the other for $87. 56. I had not realized that when signing up for the "free" product I was automatically signing up to receive their products regularly and being charged for a very expensive product that I would have never paid for if I had understood their system. I feel that their advertising is dishonest and they use this free product offer to entice people in and then charge them for a very expensive product they would not have ordinarily ordered. I think it should be required that companies state very clearly, not in the fine print of the terms and conditions part, but where the "free" order is offered, that by accepting the "free" order one will automatically be receiving subsequent orders and charged full price for them. Also, when I received the products that I had not ordered, there was no invoice, no dollar amount stated on the slip, nothing to indicate that I was going to be charged for this product. It was designed to make me think it was part of the "free" order and that is deceptive.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the Essence PH company to be required to state clearly that by accepting their "free" product, the customer will be automatically receiving subsequent products. Also, they should be required to include with the shipment of any of their products, the dollar amount that the customer will be charged if they accept them.

I ordered two skin products for $4.95 and $5.95 from Essence PH Skin. It was advertised as a "free trial."
In mid-October 2018, I ordered two trial size skin care products from Essence PH. They arrived in about 2 weeks. I tried the products with having no luck getting the eye cream out of it push pump container. The push pump did not work. After a few weeks of use, I decided to return to my regular skin products seeing no improvements. Today I received the exact same "trial" size products in the mail. I had not ordered it again just a month later so checked my credit card statement. It showed I had two "recurring" charges of $94.90 and $92.90 from Essence PH. I immediately called the customer service number on my credit card statement to ask for a full refund and correct their idea that I had ordered these products monthly. I was told that, too bad, I should have read the "Terms and Agreement" at the bottom of the website before ordering. I told the person I would dispute the charges with my credit card company. She said I would lose and would still have to pay the entire amount already charged. But she would offer me a variety of discounts starting at 35% and finally 75%. Not knowing if it was true, I accepted the 75% discount. My credit card is supposed to be refunded in the next 3-5 business days for $140.84 of the $187.80 they fraudulently charged me. She also canceled my "recurring" subscription. I have two cancellation numbers. I am still furious about this scam. I still want the rest of my refund of almost $50 back from this company.

Desired Outcome

I want the rest of my fraudulently charges refunded to me ($48).

I signed up for the free trial paid for the items but then was charged 89.95 and 86.95 for something I thought was a trial. Feel I was scammed.
I ordered the product on 10/13 for a 14 day trial which starts the day you order not the day you receive the item. I then was charged for my items at 4.95 and 5.95. Then I started receiving a lot of strange calls from the company trying to get my credit card number which I did not. I also received a call from my credit card about the charges. I told then I authorized the 4.95 and 5.95 and that was it. But they said when you order you check something which I do not remember checking and then you are just charged a crazy amount of 89.95 and 86.95. When these charges were charged my credit card contacted me and ask if I knew if the company which goes by a name like sexysomething was authorized to charge this amount. I told them I did not authorize these charges as I didn't know who this company was. If he said PH Essence I would have known and I would have called them immediately. My credit card tried to dispute the charges and my membership was cancelled on 10/27 which is only 1 day over the 14 which is crazy because any good company would refund those charges and I would send the items back to them if they wanted them. At the time I had my credit card dispute because of a family situation I was in at the time with my husband being very ill and not having the time to call. I purchased the trial just to give it a try and it was a little treat for me during a difficult time and not having funds to splurge and now turned into a hassel for me. Also a cost which I can not afford at this time with medical bills. I would have never ordered if I knew this was going to happen. My credit card company is still looking into the situation but not sure of the outcome as this is not what I though I was ordering but I seemed to sign up for something I have no relocation of doing so.

Desired Outcome

I am hoping that the company will understand my situation and credit this amount back to my card as I feel everything was just a little shady from the beginning and I should have known better. I did speak someone and offered to mail the products back. I am hoping the company will understand and do the right thing. I want to believe there is still some good out there and compassion.

The company leads one to believe that the only charges will be a shipping/delivery fee for a free trial sample but latter charges u a product fee.
I was led to believe that I was receiving a free product trial and was only being charged the delivery/shipping cost of 5.95 for the face cream and 4.95 for the eye serum. To my surprise 2 weeks later the company charged me 89.95 and 86.95 for the products they had led me to believe where free trial samples. The company uses misleading tactics to secure account information the purpose of setting up reoccurring charges on consumers.

I contacted them about the charges and explained to them that I was completely unaware of any additional cost and that I never agreed to any additional charges beyond the delivery/shipping fees.
I was told by the representative that I had checked a box that authorized them to make these additional charges.
I never checked any box at all and never saw anything that even hinted to charges of 89.95 and 86.95.
As a result of these unexpected and unauthorized charges I will also be penalized by my bank for additional fees and charges.

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund and the additional charges and fees that my bank is going to access for a checked that has not posted yet.

Customer Response • Dec 10, 2018

Yes, the company did give me my money back. Thank you for your help in this matter. My money was refunded in full. I am very satisfied with the results. I have considered the matter closed. Again thank you for your help.

This company is operating an online scam selling beauty cream. They hide their terms and conditions on their website.
On approx. Oct. 1, 2018, I signed up online for what was advertised as a trial offer of Instantly Vivid beauty cream. Their website makes the signing up process for this trial offer quick and easy, I'm sure on purpose. They use simple and quick sign up steps for entering your name/address, credit card info., etc. AT NO TIME DURING THIS PROCESS WAS I CLEARLY INFORMED OF OR SHOWN THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. THEY NEGLECTED TO CLEARLY INFORM ME THAT I WOULD EVENTUALLY BE BILLED $88.99 FOR THIS INITIAL TRIAL OFFER AND, IF I DID NOT CANCEL WITHIN 14 DAYS, I WOULD BE BILLED AGAIN AT $89.87 FOR ANOTHER ONE MONTH SUPPLY. I WAS NEVER INFORMED OF THIS POLICY! Had I been, I would NOT have signed up and I'm sure that's what they're banking on by purposely concealing this information from consumers. So far, I have paid this company two shipping and handling charges: $4.90 and $4.95. Also, they have just charged my credit card again for $88.99 (for initial trial offer), and $89.87 (for second shipment). I would like to have the two recent charges, $88.99 and $89.87 removed/refunded from my charge card since I was not clearly informed of their terms and conditions. This is a scam operation and companies like this should not be allowed to prey on the public like they are doing.

Desired Outcome

I want the billed credit card charges of $88.99 and $89.87 reversed from my credit card. I would be happy to return the unused portion of the Instantly Vivid beauty cream to the company. I also want confirmation that I am no longer enrolled in their program. In addition, this company should be required to PROMINENTLY post their terms and conditions on their website as part of their sign-up process.

This company has taken $178 from my account after I ordered a free trial. I cancelled the trial twice and they still stole my money and won't refund.
I ordered the free trial of the Essence pH Eye for my wife for $4.95 S&H. The day I received this product, I called and cancelled the trial. The woman told me to call back on the 19th, which I did and cancelled it for the second time. I was never a cancellation confirmation number and was told that my order was cancelled. Then my account was charged $89 one day and $88 the very next day. I have been disputing this charge and trying to get my money back since this took place. I have been going through my bank disputing this and have faced information to them twice. This company has been fighting my bank about giving my money back. I've been fighting this for over a month and a half.

Desired Outcome

This company needs to refund my $178 that they have stolen from me. I am not the only person that has been ripped off by this company.

Ordered trial size of skincare and now being charged monthly and can't cancel
As with many consumers I thought I was getting a free trial of skincare where I just had to pay shipping and handling of $4.95. I ordered the free sample of Beauty Replenish on 8/29 at 6:00 pm order #XXXXX. I received an email saying I had been charged for the shipping and handling and another email the following day saying my free sample was shipped. The phone number listed on the email is bogus. It goes to a recording that says it's disconnected. Also, there wasn't a company name or address in the email so I had no way to contact them to cancel my free trial. Three weeks later I receive my free trial in a box with no other paperwork just the cream. Again, no paperwork of how to reach the company and NOTHING to say I was now automatically enrolled and my credit card was now going to be charged. Yesterday10/2 I received another email saying my skincare order #XXXXXwas shipped. Again, phone number on email isn't working leaving me with no way to cancel or contact company. My credit card was charged $89.92 on September 11th and October 1 for $94.91. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute all charges. A legitimate company would provide in writing the terms of the "free trial" and would also provide a working phone number so that the consumer can cancel at anytime. A little investigating shows this is a scam with numerous complaints. Any ties to Bill Echelon???

Desired Outcome

Complete refund of first charge $89.92 and second charge $94.91 and immediate cancellation from this subscription scam.

I apologize I mistakenly sent this complaint to you on the wrong company so I am resubmitting it here.
I am requesting a refund please for 2 products I requested as COMPLIMENTARY TRAIL SAMPLES. I did NOT agree to pay the 2 charges billed to my credit card of $92.90 and 94.90 for a total of $187.80 on August 27, 2018. I have to talked to their employees Sonoya and Ayana on two separate calls the first the week of Aug. 28 and the order week and then September 11, 2018. They told me I could NOT cancel the order because this type of product is non returnable and refundable, regardless of the fact that I have NOT opened the products. These statements contradict their posted ad application page.

The following is the specific information you provided me to track my claims:

I stated I would return the unopened product when the approved a refund


Product_Or_Service: skin and eye cream
Order_Number: XXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund Refund please of the falsely charges $187.80. Thank you

Customer Response • Oct 19, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Ms *** I appreciate your follow-up and apologize for the late response. No the retailer Essenceph has not responded to me for the past total charge of $364.70 which I had already paid through my credit card company for July and August 2018 billings. They did credit, however with your help the $94.90 and $92.90 for Sept. That was before I checked the past credit statements for the $364.70. They actually seem to avoid communicating in hopes of wearing the customer down to avoid refunds. They take no responsibility for their deceptive marketing and subterfuge.

I had contacted Discover credit card company as soon as I I discovered the past billings and my payments, explained the situation and they are disputing the charges on my behaved.

My request is for a $364.70 refund. Please contact me if I have not clarified the specifics or if you need additional information.

Thank you,


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