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Bedrock Custom & Auto Repair

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Indeed, In mid January, Mr*** contacted me via phone conversation telling me that he had a set of headers that were designed for a Mopar A body car, and he was told by a 3rd party that they would fit his AMC Gremlin with a retrofitted Gen liter Hemi Engine He had installedHe asked
me if I could put the headers on this vehicle for him, as I instructed Mr*** that this type of work was indeed the type of work that we doI also instructed Mr*** that if they didn't fit the vehicle, there wasn't anything we could do because of the mere fact that we do not have a tubing bender on site and that we do not manufacture Headers, therefore we would not be able to modify or reform any tubes to make headers fit his vehicleMr*** was given an appointment date of weeks from the date of our conversation, to bring his vehicle in to have the instillation doneexactly days after the phone conversation, Mr*** brought his vehicle into our shop to have these headers he was supplying installed into the vehicledays prior to his appointmenthis vehicle remained on the property for to days prior to us starting the repairs on his vehicle, at which time Mr*** had already come by to check on the progress, and was beginning to show signs of being irate, even though his appointment wasn't for another days at this timeI decided to put Mr*** ahead of another customer to get his repairs started and an attempt to make him happyAfter disassembling his vehicle to the point where we could remove his factory exhaust manifolds, we attempted to install his "should Fit " headers into the vehicle, and to no surprise they would not fitthey were not designed for this vehicle with this engineI contacted Mr*** on the phone and told him that the Headers simply will not fit this vehicle, and offered to reinstall his factory exhaust manifolds back in placeMr*** proceeded to become pushy and asked if there was anything that could be done to modify the headers to make them fitagain I told him I do Not Have a tubing bender on site to do any modifications to the headersMr*** asked me if there was anything else we could do to make them fit his vehicle, and I told him that there was a company that manufactured a tubular front suspension system to fit his vehicle and that, installing it "may help" in getting the Headers to fitAt No Time Did I Assure Mr *** This would make his Headers FitThere Isnt Any Way I could Possibly do so due to I cannot forsee the future"Unfortunately"Mr, *** was eager to request an estimate to install the tubular front suspension systemAfter working up the estimate I phoned Mr*** back and proceeded to go over all the features and options and pricing with himMr *** was given an estimate to install the tubular front suspension system along with an estimate to install a Link rear suspension system he had mentioned he wanted to do in an earlier phone conversationMr*** was given an estimate of $plus tax to install both suspension systems and he agreed to have products installed into his vehicleMr *** Immediately dropped of a cash deposit of $10,to have parts ordered for the instillationI ordered Mr***s parts the following Monday morning, and was instructed by the supplier that there were orders ahead of ours and that they would do everything in their power to have them to us as soon as possible. This information was documented to Mr *** on his deposit receipt and that any unforeseen circumstances would delay his projectas it stands it took upwards of to weeks to get the parts, once work commenced on Mr ***s vehicle it stayed in our shop till the repairs were completed, Mr *** then added an additional repair of installing rear disc brakes onto his vehicle and was given an estimate to do soand he agreed to the additional repairsafter installing tubular front suspension the headers still would not fit his vehicleat this time I ordered a set of headers that would fit the vehicle at the tune of $1000.00 and offered them to Mr *** at no chargeAfter all repairs were made to Mr***s vehicle we subletted the vehicle to a local exhaust shop to have the exhaust replaced due to new rear suspension necessitated a need to have exhaust changedWe requested inch exhaust be installed, we were Billed $for this repair by the muffler shoponce we received the vehicle back Mr*** Discovered the exhaust was only inch and questioned us as to why, I mentioned that possibly the inch exhaust may not have fit his vehicle properly, but I would contact the muffler shop and question them as to why only inch exhaust was usedMr, *** does not understand that even though his vehicle had came in with inch exhaust, what was previously on the vehicle would not fit around the new rear suspension systemDuring the instillation of Mr***s suspension system, we discovered that the fuel supply lines were placed too close to hot components under the vehicle and were completely unsafe to have positioned so, we took an imitative to relocate fuel lines at an expense of approxMan hours At $per hour,in an attempt to make Mr***s Vehicle even more safer at no charge to Mr***, once the repairs were completed and the vehicle arrived back from the muffler shop, Mr*** was here to pick it up, I had mentioned to Mr*** that I didn’t care for the steering rack they sent me to install because it only took turns to go from lock to lock, Mr*** elected to leave his vehicle to have the steering rack changed out, and he instructed me that he didn’t care for the headers I installed onto his vehicle at no charge, and wanted us to do whatever it took to get his headers of lesser quality installedAnd I agreed to make an attempt to make Mr*** Happyagain I instructed Mr*** that we could not modify his headers because we do not have a tubing bender on hand but we would make an attempt to install them once againAfter removing the headers we gave Mr*** we attempted to fit his supplied Headers into the vehicle with a Cerfified Welder watching on to get an Idea as to what he needed to do to make headers fit vehicleUpon visual inspection the Welder had an Idea as to what he could do and took Mr.***s Headers back to his shop to make necessary cuts to make them fitAfter Me spending upwards of Man hours Normally at a rate of $per Hour and the welder charging us $ to relocate the tubes we installed the Headers into the vehicleUpon attempting to install the starter, we found that since the Headers were now modified to fit the vehicle, The starter Motor would no longer fit the engineI ordered in new starter motors of various fitments in an attempt to find that would fit this vehicle with no luck, I disassembled of the new starter motors in an attempt to make fit, still no luck, at this time I phoned Mr*** and told him what I was up againstAnd asked him to come by to look at what we were dealing with to see if he had any ideas as to what could be doneOnce Mr*** arrived he took a look at the interference causing the starter not to fit and asked if I could relocate of the header tubes completely, Once again I instructed Mr*** that I have no way of bending tubes and that to relocate tube completely would necessitate a replacement tube and be fabricated into place in Pieces to make the necessary turnsMr*** Agreed to have this done and I proceeded forward to remove this Header fro the vehicle yet again and send it to the certified welder along with a purchased header tube at the expense of $the welder fabricated the necessary turns by cutting the replacement tube in sections to make necessary turns and welded everything in placeThis was done at my expense of $for his laborDuring the entire process Mr*** was completely unnerved and very rude and arrogant even though we were doing everything in our power to meet his demandsOnce the header was installed into the vehicle for the final time, Mr*** elected to pick up his vehicle even though the exhaust was not reattached to the newly installed headers, and was not charged cent for the additional expenses and laborI have tried to reason common sense with Mr*** and all have been without any resolutionMr *** indicated he wanted a refund for what he spent on the exhaust due to it not being inches like we requestedI explained to Mr *** that looking at hard figures he was not charged the complete $for the exhaust, that I had reversed some of the labor to install his tubular suspension in an attempt to satisfy him and that in real money he only paid $for the exhaustThen I proceeded to ask him what did he think it would cost to have his exhisting exhaust repaired to fit around his new rear suspension, which would have had to be done anyway, and he still don’t comprehend just how much we bent over backwards to make an attempt to keep his estimate at what he was quoted and make every attempt to make him happy as wellMR*** then proceeded to talk bad about the morkmanship that we had performed even though every step of the way he came by to inspect and was at the time very happy with the work being performedHe proceeded to tell me that any shop should have been able to install this in to days, which if someone can throw a vehicle together in that time frame good for them, we check everything, double check measure double measure mock everything up and test before any welding is performedThis was explained to Mr*** that we would not throw his vehicle together but yet take the necessary time to make sure what work is performed will last and be trouble freeWe offer a quality service not a cookie cutter serviceAfter speaking with the muffler shop about the size of the exhaust installed on Mr***s vehicle, it was confirmed that due to the way Mr *** has fabricated a make shift way to install his cross member, that it was impossible to run a inch exhaust because it would hang too low under the vehicle, and I confirmed with the Muffler shop that the rear portion of his exhisting inch exhaust would in fact not fit due to the new revised rear suspension systemAt no point did Myself or any affiliate of Bedrock Customs tell Mr*** that if he replaced the front suspension his headers would fit,That’s impossible due to we do not have a crystal ball and cannot foresee the futureAt this point, every attempt has been made to make Mr *** happy, we have spent an enormous amount of time and money to accommodate a man who obviously is completely unhappy within his own exhistance in lifeI cannot refund Mr *** any money that was not spentI offered to refund the amount he actually paid which is around $and he told me to just keep itMr*** needs to look closer at his invoice and do simple math, he was quoted $plus tax,to do the complete job, Mr *** added $rear disc brake conversion which makes his total $plus tax, his completed repair order totaled $plus tax that’s a difference of $this is what he actually paid for the exhaust that was installed on his vehicle, and due to the fact that the rear portion of his exhaust was going to need to be changed anyway due to new rear suspension, I feel like Mr*** would have spent more then that to just have the rear portion changedMy Offer To Mr*** Still Stands, He has only spent $on exhaust plus tax, I am still Offering a refund in that amountI cannot refund $because he did not spend

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Address: 7547 US Highway 98 W, Sumrall, Mississippi, United States, 39482-4052


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