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Bell Smart Home

675 Garyray Dr, North York, Ontario, Canada, M9L 1R2

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• Nov 15, 2023

Failure to correctly identify home break-in
I became a Bell Home Security client after being a long-standing Bell client. I am writing to make the public aware of a failure of Bell Smart Home to address a home break-in incident. While I was away from home at the end of the summer, my house was broken into, and burglarized during overnight hours. My Bell home security system was armed, and at 12:24am on an August night, the alarm was triggered by motion inside the house and by the back door having been opened. Bell Home Security dispatched a guard at 12:26am. He arrived at my home at 12:41am. This guard failed to correctly verify the perimeter of my house. His report indicated that this was a false alarm - his report showed a picture of my front window in the section of the report detailing the back of my house.This was a misrepresentation of the actual state of facts. The forced entry into my house happened in the back, through a window. The guard probably never left his vehicle, just took pictures of the front and sides of my house, and falsified his report.
I woke up several time zones away to notification on my phone about the alarms being tripped. This was about an hour after the critical security breach message appeared on my phone. I texted my neighbour (even though it was the middle of the night) and asked her to verify if indeed everything was ok - when she awoke, she went into my backyard and could see that a window was broken open, and that my back door had obviously been tampered with. The police were called, and I had to do a video walk through my ransacked home with them to complete an official Police Report at the break-in and theft in my home. In the final analysis I suffered almost 6-figures in dollar value of theft and property damage in this incident, which Bell Smart Home FAILED TO PROPERLY ASSESS. In the 2.5 months following the incident, I spoke to 5 different Bell front-line employees - always my reaching out to them - by calling the 1-877 number left on my voicemail (all the Bell client care centre employees I reached refuse to give their full names). Never once did anyone in a decision making capacity at Bell Smart Home reach out to me to acknowledge their failure to me as a client. I called because I wanted to understand how this could have happened - how could one of their contractors falsify information, and no consequences ensue? I also wanted to know what the organization would do to address this so that it doesn't happen again. All of the client care employees took details of my case, stating that they will report to their seniors and "... get back to you next week." No one from Bell contacted me to address this situation. Yesterday, another alarm was tripped in my home, and I finally was contacted by a "technical support manager" who had to take on my complaints about the historic case that was never dealt with. Bell Smart Home are liars. Their policy is a lack of transparency regarding their internal procedures when dealing with their failures to their clients. I am tired of being lied to. There is no way to speak to anyone within the organization in a position to respond and provide real answers, and take responsibility for implementing change. They are patronizing and dishonest. "...we're sorry this happened to you" is their response. Bell Corporations bears responsibility for employee's falsification on their reports but they do not come forward to deal with anything. I called Ontario Consumer Protection, and they told me my only recourse would be to take Bell Smart Home to court. Which I would do if I had time and money to waste, because as an unregulated sector Bell Smart home has no consequence for their actions beyond legal action by those they fail. I encourage everyone who has been failed by Bell Smart Home to contact consumer protection agencies to file official complaints about this business. Bell Smart home's only response to my questions was a pat "... this is the first I'm hearing of this, and it's not really my responsibility" answer.
As consumers we should unite and take them to court collectively.
Please leave responses if you'd like to consider collective action against Bell Smart Home.
Failure to correctly identify home break-in

Alarm Force has the worst customer service. They will do anything to nickel and dime you and in the end, claim that you never sent them their equipment back.


I was with Alarm Force for 8 years. Had normal problems over the years but in last two years several problems. So I just canceled the service. I had to mail all of the equipment back to them at a cost of $20.00 and I have to pay for two more months of monitoring fees, And the two months don't start until after they receive the equipment.

Bell Smart Home Response • Sep 11, 2018

AlarmForce US division was acquired by *** on July 12 2017.
This review should be intended for ***, as AlarmForce was acquired by *** on Jan 2018.
Thank you


I have called alarm force six times since December to cancel my service. They confirmed that it was cancelled the second time I called in December, then continued to charge me. The next few times I called they told me they weren't able to cancel because it 'was a Sunday' 'their manager wasn't in' and we 'didn't have the account number.' I called again last month and they confirmed my service was cancelled again, and I have received yet another bill for a service that I cancelled in December. Actually, a service they are not even providing since the system has been completely disconnected since December and no one has noticed (an alarm system is no good if it can be disconnected without the company taking action).

Desired Outcome

I want my services cancelled like they were supposed to be in December. I also want any outstanding balance waved, which I think is more than fair since I've paid for December, January, February, March, AND April when I shouldn't have. Now I have another bill for May. I shouldn't have paid for the last 5 months and I will not be paying for any more.

Bell Smart Home Response • Jun 08, 2018

Ms. did not contact AlarmForce until May 4 2018 to cancel the service.
AlarmForce did receive cancellation request on two separate occasions by family members who did not have the authorization the cancel the account.
Ms. account is now cancelled and any outstanding balances have been waived. AlarmForce does apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thank you

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
This response is false. I have power of attorney and am legally authorized to speak on her behalf. You were advised of this in December. Everything since then just an attempt at stealing more money from a senior. I will be sharing this story every chance I can.

We requested to have our service moved to a different location and were told there would be no fee. Once the date came to move it we were told the services would have to be paid for... As a business owner I don't think its a good way to represent your company.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the company to move my services as i was told so that we can resume business

Bell Smart Home Response • May 02, 2018

On June 21 2017 AlarmForce US chapter was acquired by Select Security. AlarmForce has advised and forwarded Select Security Mr. complaint to resolve.
Thank you

In the last few months and since my upgrade to fiber optic, I have been having difficulty with my Alarm Force equipment. It is the app that is not working on a regular basis. I will call in, something will be re-set and like clockwork 1-2 weeks later my app will no longer connect to the control panel.

I have attempted to resolve this matter with the organization. To be fair, they have sent technicians to my home a few times to replace routers etc. Most of the customer service assistants and techs were professional and helpful except for the last loyalty customer service representative.

The last conversation I had with an individual at Alarm Force told me that I required a system upgrade and my costs would go up. In addition to paying for the upgrade, I was told I would have to extend the length of my contract another few years. I have just under a year left on my contract. To add insult to injury I came to find out that newer 'compatible' systems were installed in homes shortly after I signed up.

The app was the selling feature for me as it is the only convenient way to make the alarm system work for us.

Desired Outcome

We would like to receive an equipment upgrade which will allow the app to work at no additional cost. Failing that, I would like to have my contract cancelled without penalty so that I can work with another company.

Bell Smart Home Response • Apr 11, 2018

AlarmForce would like to apologize to Mrs.
for any inconvenience the app connection may have caused. A service call was completed on April 6th and AlarmForce replaced the control box, app connect card, plus a one month credit was applied to the account.AlarmForce can upgrade the service, which we will replace the current system Mrs. has with a new Alarm system, which has
features such as, no phone line required, self-check testing, no internet is required because the system is now cellular based and can
upgrade to Home Automation features including cameras at an additional cost. AlarmForce is willing to honor the last discount
offer by our Loyalty department regarding the upgrade to the service and waive the renewal of the contract. Mrs. can contact our
Technical Support department at *** to discuss the upgrade. Should Mrs. decided to cancel the service AlarmForce will waive the remainder of the contract as a goodwill gesture.
Cancellation procedures can be provided by calling Customer Care at ***.Thanks you

We were customers of Alarm Force for a good bit of time. We decided to cancel our service which we did in writing to them. Now over two years after the fact, having never receiving any communication from them, I get a letter from a collection agency indicating are looking to collect $566.90 from me for breaking my contract and for equipment. My letter to them asked what we needed to do with the equipment. Obviously, since I never heard from them, it is still sitting in a box at my house.

Having called the collection agency (Professional Debt Mediation), I was given an offer to settle the amount for half but had to do it on the phone right then. Before any proof was given to me that I actually owed this money. I was told that if I didn't take care of it they would post a negative rating on my credit report right away, etc.

Under duress, I chose to pay the settlement amount.

It seems pretty easy for Alarm Force to claim they didn't receive anything from me and then wait over 2 years before sending information to a collection agency without ever sending anything to me. This makes it more likely that I won't have any information any longer and my memory of the details will be a bit more vague. I truly believe this is a very dishonest business practice.

Desired Outcome

I believe Alarm Force should refund the money that was forced out of me today. They are welcome to come pick up their equipment any time.

Bell Smart Home Response • Feb 15, 2018

AlarmForce spoke with Mr. on December 3 2014, advising the customer that December payment declined and if Mr. was able to provide a new method of payment.
At the time Mr. advised our agent that he preferred to call back AlarmForce to discuss this matter so he can ensure he was speaking with an AlarmForce agent.
AlarmForce did not hear back from Mr..
AlarmForce continued to send reminder notices to the address on file from December 2014 to August 2015 and left voice mail messages for Mr. to return our call and did not receive any form of communication back from Mr..
Mr. account was sent to collections on August 15 2015.
AlarmForce will not be able to meet Mr. request to refund payments made to the collection agency.
Thank you

Customer Response • Feb 15, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If indeed Alarm Force had sent this account to collections in August of 2015, it would have to have been included in a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in November of 2015. I will be contacting my bankruptcy attorney to determine if Alarm Force, or their debt collection company have violated any federal law as it relates to collecting debts that were or should be a part of a bankruptcy case.

Just as I am not able to 'prove' I sent a request to cancel my account to Alarm Force, I know they can't 'prove' they sent anything to me. I have no record of receiving any certified mail from them related to this account. I also have no record of receiving any mailings from them.

Customer Response • Feb 21, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't really see a way that this issue is going to be resolved to anyone's satisfaction. I have said that I notified Alarm Force of my desire to discontinue service, which they claim to not have received. They are claiming that they sent me letters that I did not receive. It is not possible for either of us to really prove anything since Alarm Force and it's collection agency have decided to wait for so many years before actually taking any action. Interesting tactic on their part.

As I said, there is nothing Alarm Force will be able to tell me to satisfy this complaint as when it all comes down to it, they cannot prove that I received any correspondence from them. Simply saying that they did not get a letter back as being undeliverable is not the same as saying it WAS delivered.

Suffice it to say, Alarm Force has a dissatisfied customer and I will share my experience with them to all who will listen. I know that doesn't really mean anything to them but that is not my concern.

I believe that it is reasonable for a customer to believe that when they have sent a correspondence terminating and agreement, and they don't hear anything from the company for over 3 years or anyone acting on their behalf, it is reasonable for that customer to believe that the company has received their termination request. I guess that is not true for Alarm Force. I hope the extra $283 Alarm Force had their agents at *** extort from me is worth it to their companies bottom line. I can only say that I will NEVER entertain using Alarm Force again nor will I ever recommend their service to anyone.

Bell Smart Home Response • Feb 21, 2018

As per Mr. reply, all reminders notices were mailed to the address on file, and at no time did AlarmForce receive communication from the Post Office that reminder letters mailed have returned back to sender as undeliverable. AlarmForce can provide a copy of the Alarm agreement should Mr. require a copy.
Thank you

We called and cancelled our service with them the beginning of August as we were selling our house and relocating out of state. We had to pay an early termination fee of over $900 in order to get out of the contract. We moved out of our house the 15th of August. The service was supposed to be turned off on the 5th of August . However apparently never turned off the MONITORING AS WE HAD BEEN CALLED SEVERAL times in September for the alarm going off when we didn't even have the service NOT to mention having to pay a huge termination fee. We had to explain to them EVERY TIME they called that we no longer OWED THE HOUSE OR THE ALARM. Now we are getting a whole new *** being billed for a false alarm in the middle of September when the service once again was to be discontinued in August and are being told we have to pay our city a false alarm fee. Still can not get any satisfaction for these continued issues.

Desired Outcome

To stop being contacted and *** for services that are not ours since they failed to close out the monitoring service as we were getting alarm going off calls so that meant that the service was not taken care of like we were told. Would be nice to get some reinbusment especially the false alarm bill that we are told we have to pay in the amount of $40 if they will not give us any credit for the constant *** we have gone through since we closed our account.

Bell Smart Home Response

AlarmForce sold our US business to ***. In the process of this exchange from AlarmForce to ***, there was a missed communication regarding the status of Mr. account. AlarmForce apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused and will reimburse Mr. for the false alarm charge of $ 40.00. Mr. can send a copy of the paid false alarm charge to *** and reference Case XXXXXXX.Thank you

I've been a customer of Alarmforce for 7 yrs now,
My first alarm system with Alarmforce seemed to always stop working at times which is very frustrating so Alarmforce suggested I upgrade to their new system which I did at extra cost to me and it's been a nightmare ever since, this system is worse then the last one and continues to stop working, my repeated attempts to have Alarmforce come and remove their faulty system is fruitless as supposedly when I upgraded at their suggestion it automatically put me back in a contract for 3 yrs , this was not mentioned when they offered to upgrade to fix the problem so know I'm stuck with a faulty alarm and a contract. I had the technician out 2 days ago to fix a camera, I had to wait 2 and a half weeks for an appointment, the technician fixed the one camera again and now the other camera is not working at all again.
I did this in plenty of time as I was going away for vacation for 3 weeks and wanted to make sure it was all working while I am away.
Now I have no security while I'm away. Great job alarmforce.
When I needed the alarm to work last month when I was alone with the kids and there was an intruder on my property the cameras again were down so the police had no evidence that he was on my property.
I just want you to come and get the alarm and be done with it.
I don't need the extra frustration, I got the alarm in 2010 for protection as I'm a single parent and on a budget and now I'm still paying for it and it doesn't work properly.
Well Alarmforce came to fix my front camera and after it was installed ithe trchnician showed me the camera pic and it was all shaded and dark with a purple lens over it, the technician said the purple picture it was showing would go away in half an hour or so after it adjusted to the light which of course it didn't, they came out again and changed the camera twice again before it worked properly, they informed me as I was concerned that when the doorbell was rung it no longer ringed to my phone so I could talk to the person at my door,that option was no longer available and now it would send a notification to my phone but it takes 2. 1/2 minutes before I get the alert and by then the person has left as their was no answer. I called into the office about this and they told me they would correct it remotely, they sure did as now when there is motion at any of the cameras it sends me 12 notifications for each motion which kills my phone battery in a very short time. I called Alarmforce again today to try to fix this problem and was told the new cameras has some defects that they are working on and hope to fix it soon.
Please don't get caught up in the conversation with them that they would come out and replace the faulty equipment with up to date ones then they don't tell you they just got you with another 3 year contract.
After being with this company as a client for 7 years and many days off of work to stay home and wait for repeated repairs they offer to cancel if I pay them 1236.00 plus tax??

Desired Outcome

I would like Alarmforce to provide me with a working alarm system but it seems that's not an option so I'd like them after 7 years as a loyal customer to come and take their equipment and cancel my contract that I wasn't aware I was signing as they require a signature every time they come for service but failed to tell me it involved another contract to fix my alarm to working order.

Bell Smart Home Response

Contact Name and Title: ***Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXX ext***Contact Email: ***@alarmforce.comAlarmForce would like to thank Ms. for being a long-time customer and we are hoping to make this right. AlarmForce is willing to remove the cameras, at no expense and would like to discuss several options for the Alarm service. Ms. can either keep the current Alarm system or replace the system entirely with the previous Alarm /Video service package Ms. once had. Both offers will come with a lower monthly rate. Ms. can contact a Technical Support supervisor regarding this offer at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX.Thank you

I called in September to cancel my service. They told me to "call back on October 6th, you are still in contract". I called back on October 6th. It took me 3 HOURS to cancel my contract. I had to continually call and call to get to speak to someone. Once I mentioned the word cancellation, they transferred me and put me on hold, only to have the call dropped. I finally spoke to Gina M. She proceeded to tell me that I was "way out of contract, hon'". Way out of contract!!!??? I just called the previous month. Gina then told me that because I called to cancel "in the middle of the month", that I would be charged for the month. She also said there was "no documentation" of any prior call telling me to call back on October 6th. H

The other day my alarm went off (ALARM FORCE) and they have dispatched the guards without telling me additional information (i.e.: procedures if the alarm goes off, the guards time of arrival, what is the guard company, etc.). I've arrived home, checked the perimeter and the guards were still not there. I've asked to provide me a camera at no extra charge to provide me some comfort if these happens again (as the procedure will be the same in the future); however, they have refused it. I've asked how they will rectify the issue in the future and they have only offered me one month of credit. However, I've told that that this wont rectify the issue (no information about the guards, procedures) and if a solution is not provided I'll cancel my service. They said that is no problem; however, I will need to pay for the reminder of the term. I find that they have not come up with the right solution, neither the fee charged for cancellation is fair.

Desired Outcome

Additional camera at no charge or able to cancel the service at no additional costs.

Bell Smart Home Response

AlarmForce received an Alarm signal from Mr. address on July 20th 2017 at 2:23 pm. At 2:25 pm Private guards were dispatched. Mr. called to cancel the private guard dispatch while they were enroute at 2:50 pm. AlarmForce does not guarantee response time. Alarm can provide a copy of the contract term to Mr. for further review our Policy in reference to Signal receiving and Notification service. As a good will gesture AlarmForce will waive the installation charge for the service package upgrade which includes video surveillance. Upgrading the service will also increase the monthly monitoring fee rate. Mr. can contact our Tech Support department at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX to discuss this offer.Thank you

Unable to read contract, serial or account number. I just recently moved from a condo @ Unit 18, *** Rd, Ancaster, ON *** (where my alarm system was). Around the first of August 2017, l moved to Apt. *** Ave. E, Hamilton, ON *** One of the main reasons, l moved here, because of the security system in place and don't need Alarm Force. also, the apartment management told they don't allow alarm systems in my own unit /apartment. Am a senior, living by myself on a low pension, trying to save some money. Alarm Force WOULDN'T LET ME CANCEL MY SERVICE. I BEEN WITH THME SINCE 2011

Desired Outcome

I wish to cancel my service

Bell Smart Home Response

Mr. contacted AlarmForce on September 1 2016 to relocate his service. Mr. explained to our Technician that his new address will not have a home phone and what are his options. Our Technician explained that AlarmForce can install cellular service with new equipment that does not require a land line. AlarmForce will waive the installation cost, however with the upgrade in service Mr. will be renewing his contract terms for 36 months and the monthly monitoring fees will increase by an additional $5.00 a month plus tax.. AlarmForce can provide a copy of the renewal agreement. Furthermore AlarmForce understands Mr. is not permitted to have an alarm system at his new address. AlarmForce is willing to reach an amicable resolution regarding this matter. AlarmForce will invoice Mr. for the cost of the new equipment only and waive the remaining monthly monitoring fees on the renewal contract.
Thank you

Customer Response

I will accept their offer, that is l will purchase the equipment, at a reasonable cost. What is the cost of the equipment?

Bell Smart Home Response

As per Mr. reply the cost for the Alarm system is $ 300.00. Mr. can contact AlarmForce Customer Service at X XXX XXX XXXX, to make payments for the equipment charges. Once payment has been received AlarmForce will terminate Mr. contract at no penalty.
Thank you

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Address: 675 Garyray Dr, North York, Ontario, Canada, M9L 1R2


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