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Ben's Fix It Right Construction, LLC

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Dear ***, Complaint ID ***
First, I have been serious sick and two weeks at hospitalFor that reason I just received the first letter from you saying that *** *** made
a complaint
Here are the reasons that she is lying about the thingsFirst she did not pay me fully for the contract because we did not paint feet high a little paint at one corner was not painted about 1" and out of $1900, I got $to settle for the same paint at the corner of edge of roofAround window is cedar wood 4" around her windowShe was told the paint she is selecting is for Hardie plank siding and not cedar woodShe asked us to paint them no matter what and we did paintNow, a little and very little paint came out right on side of her window that also effected with foundation issue right below is the sliding door
Her house has a big issue and no one can help until she pays a professional foundation contractor to fix itThe issue came up that she does not have $25,or $32,to fix the foundation issueWhen we work there, she had 2' drop near the sliding door back of her house, one corner 2' dropIn June first week she texted me to go back there and there are several issue
We did fix the problem of water going to inside of the house from corner of sliding door (2" drop foundation)We fixed the problem by putting black paper that water proof for under her sidingNow when I went there she asked me to install another black paper for water stop for some white chalky stuff that is called efflorescence on the siding near drop of sliding doorBy the way, when I went there now the drop of the house was 4" drop ans it is getting worst
She already has black paper on the side we put that goes near sliding door, to prevent water going inside the houseMarket does not sell double side black paper and that is what she is askingI told her we have to remove some siding to install double black paper if she likes to pay me, I do itBut that will not help her situation until she fixed her foundation problem and becoming dangerous to live in that houseAnd she declines to pay me to do put black paper there
Thanks, Ben

Dear ***, Complaint #***I accept about the checks she wrote for me and the amount she paidBut still she didn'tpay fully for the contract she signedThe contract she signed was for $and she paidme $The job ended year agoShe texted me weeks ago that she wanted to seemeI went there and she asked why there are white things around water valve hose bib.What we did a year ago it is listed belowWe installed flashing on top of two windows in the back of house and on top of slidingdoor since rain water was getting in and needed flashing on top of windows and sliding doorand builder forgot to do itWe replaced siding sections of James Hardie plankShe had many of these planks infront of her houseWe picked of themWe had to buy pieces siding of feet planks forchanging the ones that were badWe also had to install tar paper or felt paper behind thesiding we changedSince the house has foundation issues, it seems she has to changethem again and this time, she has to do all of the sidingPlease go to her house and seethe sliding door and look at top and one side is inches higher.She asked us to change the ones in the back middle feet high and lower section, but 8pieces of siding is not that muchThere were other issues from builder that did not installthe right tar paper behind siding and we did show them to her when we did install right tarpaper for siding we changedWe painted the back and front of the house and the entire job for $We also powerwashed the whole front and back of the houseShe still did not pay me fully and now wantsto pay some other company $for half the job of what we did.She texted me to go there and showed me that there was no water getting inside thehouse, but there is water behind the siding near the hose bibs and around itShe asked meif I can install double tar paper that water does not get behind the siding as wellShe saidmy job was not OK from the start and it should be freeI told her she has foundationsinking one side of the house and no matter what, she will not be satisfied.So, if she wants to change the whole siding, it is not my issueIf she wants the special tarpaper or Tyvek papers that have both side of felt paper, we can do that for the wholehouseBut again she did not want to pay meShe wants to pay some other company$just for paintShe complained about the paintPlease go to the house and she willshow you one half-inch size paint loose on the wood frame around the top left window.When she chose paint color and paint, we told her that this paint is for only siding of JamesHardie planksShe asked us to get the cheaper paintI guess she forgot all about this.Thanks, Ben- - -- -------------------------------------

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
What I am concerning are,
The molding area and molding spots growingBecause I believes Ben's did not clean out the water damage vapors underneath before put new siding
The paint is peelingBecause I believes the old paint was not stripped off
The new caulking is failing and cracking
The siding is waving-looking Because I believe lacking of proper hardy plank siding monunting space
5.Poured painting waste into lawn and back patio which ended up damaging my law by chemicals and, smear my back patio
According to the contract Ben's agreed to reduce discount $paid $2,by check #1143,1142,For he can't finish the job correctly.Sincerely,*** ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
The whole project total amount from contract 8-12-and 8-14-are $
Contract 8-12- Total $
.Fix the siding around window , metal flashing around window and sliding door
Contract 8-24- Total $650
.Back of the house paint dark green
Addenda 8-28- (in the bottom right side of contract 8-12-15)
Subtract discount $325
I have here attached check to ***'s Fix Right total amount is 2350.00
# $ #$ #1144$1000.00
and Beaverton Gutter Cleaning check #to finish his job
To kill the mold and repaint the siding I have a bid From A Team Services LLC the amount is $
The house was built in single family home by one of the reliable builder *** *** ***And I also have house inspection report from I he must stop saying my house has foundation problems to devalue the community.its dishonorable
Sincerely,*** ***

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Address: 10940 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97225-5368


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