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Benjamin Carpentry, Inc.

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Thank you for letting me know about the complaint. I will address each concern mentioned by Mr*** 1. The change machine does not make change - We do not have a change machine at their location, so this issue does not actually exist 2. The prices are
not what we agreed on - We have a contract that states lowest price possible. There is no written price structure. No customer has written price structure due to the fluctuation in cost of goods by manufacturers 3. If an employee gets sick because of the cold food machine is not working properly - NEVER has an employee become ill due to product from our machine. This statement is near defamation. We have a service log in which every single call that comes into our office gets logged, and there is no record of cold food machine issues. EVER 4. Issuing a day out request - We asked him to provide proof of request to cancel contract on numerous occasions the week this contract was filed. He stated he sent a letter via certified mail to both myself and the President of our company. When Mr*** was requested to provide proof of certified letter, he admitted he lied and never sent it certified mail. As a matter of fact, today I actually received a certified letter requesting to cancel service. This letter is dated November 12, 2015. This is not in accordance with the contract terms of days prior notice which he hand wrote into the contract 5. Said he would call me on Wednesday with a result. He never called - This again is an untruth. I personally called Mr*** in addition to Sean requesting a copy of the certified letter to provide to the Attorney to see about coming to a resolution for the contract. I personally left messages for Mr*** with no return call 6. I asked if we could get a copy of the contract and *** said no - This again is another untruth. I sent him a copy of the contract via email and have proof of the email Mr*** has a contract with our company (copy attached). He failed to maintain his part of the agreement which is to notify us days prior to the end of the contract. Even though our contract states that he receives lowest prices in lieu of commissions, I have cut monthly commission checks made payable to him PERSONALLY not the business in the amount of $2,over the course of our business relationship. IF our service has been so terrible, why has he accepted and personally cashed over $worth of funds. Thanks to this complaint, I personally have read the contract and found this oversight. I will be notifying Modern Senior Living of this error. Perhaps they will need to pursue reimbursement of these funds from him
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.We have did as instructed and given SPG vending a day notice that was sent via US mail with a confirmationThey received it this time but previously they said they did not since it was not certifiedThis even though it was mailed to the same placeNow they send me an e-mail stating that the letter will not be honored because it was not sent prior to November and we are automatically renewed to next November This is not good businessI do not understand why a company will use such tactics for an inferior productAll they have to do is come and remove the machines and all will be wellPlease help us out and stop SPG from bulling usI have several employees that have voiced complaints to me and want our company to switchWhy do they not just come get their machines and move onThat is all we are asking.P.SThe reason we take the checks is because that is money that is oursEven though they have decreased we still use the money for petty cashI cash them and bring them back to the business officeWhy would that be their complaint I do not know.
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Address: 13100 Wright Road, Red Creek, New York, United States, 13143


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