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Bennett Used Appliances

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I purchased a used Roper Washing Machine from "[redacted] Used Appliances" on December 16th. It was delivered and used several times the day of delivery and the following morning. When I, personally, went to use the washing machine I noticed several rust areas in the bottom of the wash tub. I called [redacted] Bennett (919/XXX-XXXX)to tell him there was rust in the bottom of the wash tub. He accused me of making the rust stains. That was ridiculous; it was the next day after delivery. We continued on with our conversation. He refused to accept there was a 90-day warranty as a reason to return the machine for another one. He asked for pictures. I told him I did not have a phone that took pictures and from which I could send them to him. I did take pictures with my digital camera, but I would have to get the picture printed at a store. Within the hour of talking with [redacted] Bennett my great-niece arrived at my home and she took pictures and sent them to [redacted] Bennett's phone (XXX)XXX-XXXX. I called to see if he got the pictures, he did, but was still refusing to exchange the washing machine. We continued about the 90-day warranty, but he said the warranty didn't c problem. Eventually he agreed to make an exchange of machines. On Saturday, 3 days following the purchase, I called [redacted] Bennett. His phone number was not in service. So I called the alternate phone number listed in the Craigslist ad (XXX-XXX-XXXX). The number was answered by [redacted] Bennett, [redacted] father, and owner of the company. He told me [redacted] was still in bed, asked what the problem was with the washing machine. I explained everything to him and asked that he tell [redacted] that I called. He also told me they were out of town for the weekend and return on Monday. I called [redacted] on Monday afternoon. We started the discussion csuchagain. He kept telling me he would deliver another machine. He ever told me at one point he had it loaded in the truck and would deliver it after another delivery. He did not show up that day.Product_Or_Service: Roper Washing MachineOrder_Number: XXXXXXDesired SettlementA similar cost and type of washing machine to be exchanged for the rusted one. I get to choose the washing machine to make sure it is in good condition. And delivery of the new machine and pick up of the original machine without any charge. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] BENNETTContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@bellsouth.netTHE CUSTOMER PICKED OUT THE WASHER HERSELF AND HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXAMINE THE WASHER. THESE ARE USED MACHINES IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER. THE PRICE INCLUDED 90 DAY WARRANTY AND FREE DELIVERY.WARRANTY IS REPAIR OR REPLACE. DUE TO THE CUSTOMER PICKING OUT THE WASHER AND HAVING OPPORTUNITY TO EXAMINE IT BEFORE PURCHASING I INFORMED [redacted] MY HELPER AND SON TO ADVISE HER THAT DUE TO THE MACHINE IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER, AND SHE PICKED IT OUT, THERE WOULD BE A DELIVERY FEE FOR ANOTHER MACHINE. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE ONE SHE BOUGHT IS COSMETIC AND DOES NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MACHINE.Consumer Response We were sold a machine that was in good working order. The idea is the rusty tub degrades the quality of their warranty. I did pick the washing machine, but did not examine it thoroughly because the machine was in a barn area where it was blocked by at least 10 other machines surrounding it. Based on the cleanliness of the other machines we had looked at we had thought that they would not sell us a machine with a rusty tub. The thought never crossed our minds that they would do that. Of course, it is Buyer Beware. I am not satisfied that they say they are warranting the machine for repair or replace but do not honor that commitment. I feel I should not have to pay a delivery fee for this warranty issue. I am not happy with Mr. Bennett's response. The right thing to do is to replace the machine with a machine that does not already have a warranty issue at delivery. Unfortunately what started as a good experience has turned into one that finds the Bennetts in a light of bad business practice. A business that Mr. Bennett's father started. The integrity of their business has diminished. Further the son, [redacted] maybe through his father, [redacted], had the nerve to tell me that I had put the rust in the tub. At that time I had owned the machine less than one day. How much is the integrity of the Bennett's business to them to risk it for the price of a few gallons of gas. They aren't focused on good business practice but how to scam someone.Final Business Response ONCE AGAIN, THE MACHINE COMES WITH A 90 DAY WARRANY. SHE STATES THE MACHINE IS IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER. THERE IS NOTHING TO FIX. CUSTOMER STATES THERE ARE 2 SMALL RUST SPOTS IN BOTTOM OF TUB. IM SURE EVERY "USED" MACHINE HAS A SCRATCH,DENT,SPOT OR SOME KIND OF FLAW. THESE MACHINES ARE NOT NEW. CUSTOMER HAD EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO CHECK OUT THE MACHINE. I HAVE OVER 30 TO CHOOSE FROM. I EVEN WILL HOOK THEM UP AT THE SHOP TO RUN IF THE CUSTOMER REQUEST IT. OF COURSE "BUYER BEWARE", AS CUSTOMER STATES, FOR ANY USED ANYTHING AND SOMETIMES NEW.THIS IS WHY I PUT 90 DAY WARRANTIES ON ALL MY APPLIANCES.THEY ARE USED. IN NO WAY NEW OR PERFECT. PRICE CAME ALSO WITH FREE DELIVERY AND EVEN HAULED OFF HER OLD MACHINE FOR FREE. THOSE 2 RUST SPOTS CAN EASLIY BE RUBBED OUT WITH A BRILLO PAD. I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT REPLACE A MACHINE WITH A COSMETIC FLAW AFTER A CUSOMER INSPECTS AND CHOOSES IT.A USED CAR DEALER WONT TAKE A CAR BACK BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER NOTICED A SCRATCH AFTER PURCHASE OF IT.IF MACHINE LEAKED OR DIDNT WORK PROPERLY IT WOULD BE FIRST PRIORITY TO FIX OR REPLACE. CUSTOMER IS REQUESTING TO CHANGE IT OUT WITH NO FEE. DUE TO NOTHING WRONG WITH MACHINE OTHER THAN CUSTOMERS DISLIKE OF 2 RUST SPOTS AND MACHINE IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER I WILL NOT REPLACE WITHOUT A DELIVERY FEE OF $25. ALREADY ADVISED CUSTOMER THAT SHE IS WELCOME TO RETURN MACHINE FOR EQUAL REPLACEMENT FREE OF CHARGE.IT IS UP TO A CUSTOMER TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT TO SPEND THEIR MONEY ON AS DO I WHEN BUYING SOMETHING.

I would like my dryer fixed,which he stated had a 90 day warranty on it.It has been two weeks,I talked to him yesterday about coming today payed $150.00 cash used dryer[redacted]Desired SettlementI would like my dryer fixed!Business Response Dryer is fixed

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Description: Appliances - Used

Address: 111 Wolf Ln, Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States, 27530-9756


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