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917 Main St # 200, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45202-1352

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The company told me I would receive an accredited nutrition technician certificate and training for this new position with ***. I gave a $1000 check to the person Jordan M on Oct 16, 2018. The check was returned NSF Feb 12, 2019. The trainer aka: Keena A could not answer any of my questions from day one of the training. She was a third party trainer so she stated. She said the company was going through transition lost the lead Dietician and trainer so she did not have everything she needed to train the cohort. I would sit in the conference room for almost an hour texting Keena where are you? She did not answer my text when the other 2 in the class came back Keena told me I should have been at the meeting I missed alot of valuable information given by another nutrition technician. I told her I text her and she confirmed I did text her she did not respond to that said text. Keena refused to answer any of my questions. She called me unprofessional because I questioned the value of the training. This company is now trying to charge me $3600 for this so called training. There was no accredited certificate and this companies background is questionable.
Product_Or_Service: nutrition technician training tuition

Besomebody Response time Mar 11, 2019

was a Nutrition Technician candidate in our job training & placement service, where we partner with industry-leading companies to provide a valuable talent pipeline. We leverage industry experts with 10+ years of experience as instructors for the training. Every candidate who successfully completes the job-specific skills training is guaranteed a job with the partner employer. In this case, *** graduated from the 4-week training and immediately started working full-time as a Nutrition Technician at the employer.
As many of our candidates do, *** signed a monthly payment plan agreement to finance her tuition. She provided a $1000 check as down payment to us on October 16, 2018, which we unsuccessfully tried to deposit on February 12, 2019 (the check bounced). We emailed her on February 14, 2019 to contact us so we could get this resolved. She refused to pay, stating she "does not agree to this plan", despite us showing her the contract she signed. Although we delivered on our end of the agreement (job training that led to full-time employment for ***), we have not received any payment from her.
*** completed the training on December 17th with two other cohort graduates. All three graduates were placed in full-time jobs with The *** Co. that month in various stores across Cincinnati, Ohio. Ms. was the lowest rated graduate and received clear feedback from her instructor and Besomebody personnel about correcting some of her unprofessional behaviors. Ms. instructor, Ms., is a Registered Dietitian with nearly 15 years of industry experience, including with leading retailers and hospitals throughout the region. Ms. received more than two months of full-time pay from The *** Co. due to the training she received via our Besomebody Paths program, and the subsequent job we secured for her. Our team stays in close contact with our Employer Partners, including The *** Co., to help monitor and manage the success of our trained/placed graduates. Ms. received multiple employment reprimands and warnings while working at The *** Co, including "no call, no show" offenses at work, tardiness, and verbal altercations with both store management and customers. Ms. did not satisfy the requirements of The *** Co.'s 90-day probationary period and was instructed by her *** manager to meet to discuss a potential performance improvement plan. On that day, Ms. informed her *** manager that she had secured another job, and would not be coming back to work. She never returned to her store. She was marked within The *** Co. HR list as "quit for a new job."
Per our Candidate Agreement, *** is responsible for her full tuition of roughly $3600. She did not make any valid payments. Her initial check bounced, and she failed to make any of her monthly payments, even while making $640/week (before taxes) while employed by The *** Co. for roughly 8 weeks ($5120). While we routinely work with our candidates and graduates to modify and extend payment plans to help ease any financial distress, Ms. was not amenable to any modified plan. Our tuition is roughly 10x less expensive than traditional alternatives in the city/country, and our program is the only one in the country that guarantees graduates jobs. We have a 20% acceptance rate, a 99% graduation rate, and 100% job placement rate. Ms. represents a small minority (less than 5%) of graduates who were terminated and/or quit before their 90-day mark with their new employer.As an extension of our candidate-focused and service-driven approach, we will waive Ms. outstanding tuition fees of roughly $2600. However, she is required to pay her initial $1000 down payment, which is several months past due. She received our certified training, she received access to our training software portal and *** training materials, and she received full-time employment for more than eight weeks. If we do not receive the $1000 payment within 30 days, we will be turning this matter over to a Collections Agency.We are happy to provide both Ms. and the a copy of her signed Candidate Agreement, if helpful. We are also happy to provide references from The *** Co., including Ms. supervisor and program director, as well as references from other Nutrition Tech graduates. We value our reputation, and we do not take false accusations like this one lightly. Thank you for your time and stewardship.Kiran KSenior Director, Finance & ComplianceBesomebody, Inc.

Customer Response time Mar 18, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This information is falsified. The information given to you by Kiran, who I never spoke with until the end. This is upsetting that this company would do this type of ungodly work. I continued working for *** which was not in this store the disconnect is wide. I never recieved warnings or corrective counceling because I was only late due to stopping to help a customer asking a question as I was trying to get to the offices to log in and My absense was due to going to the emergengy room several times for sever gluten allergy I was not aware of. The store managers knew what happened. I asked *** if I could be placed in another store. *** did an investigation and it was positive. The Store manager *** asked me to come back to that store. *** knew all along that I was struggling with a severe Gluten allergy the only reason I left was because some of the employees showed lack of respect towards my position when I came back they began stealing, first my medication and then other things such as the creative and signs I ordered on *** also including perishaable food items I was required to E40 to sample dept to use in making my recipes. This company are destroying my finances and did not deliver the proper training the instructor Keena A was told to me by the CEO, *** "under Review" and that no one other than besomebody could access the path details. I had a meeting with *** after I reported to her the theft and continual verbal abuse from the disenchanted employees and customers and asked that she could come to the store so we could talk. When I went in to meet with her she had already spoke with the store manager without me then when I spoke to her she advised me that we should agree that the position was not a good fit. I told her if she felt that I was not a good fit she would have to terminate me. She told me it was in my best interest to agree that this position was not a good fit. I refused and she terminated me. The store was having theft is***s told to me by the store HR ***, when I had reported the theft that had me concerned because I am required by law to do so and as a Christain to report theft as well as the abuse I was enduring. I told the HR manager of the is***s with the employess. I asked *** the store manager if I was successful and he said I was. The OSAT scores prove it. This company has destroyed my fiancees as well as my peace of mind. I was lied to in the beginning and they lied to me as they pushed me out. I did not quit and I am just happy to know how they marked my record. I also made a complaint to the *** complaint department yet have enever hear the results as the representative who recorded my complaint told me I would hear back in 5 days. It is not correct to say I quit for another job. I was terminated by *** because I told her if she felt I was not a good fit she would have to terminate me. This is the precise reason why I am reporting them. They placed me in a store without *** The ***. *** told me as we walked out the door that she told them to stop placing people in stores without a little clinic which of course I am proof that they did. I still succeeded due to my culinary and customer service experience. I stuck it out with this company because I thought it was worth the risk and now they are not only impacting my finances but my record of employment is falsified as well.


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Address: 917 Main St # 200, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45202-1352


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